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The Truth About: Modern Technology, The Illuminati, Hidden Knowledge, and Idol Worship....

The Apple Computer corporate logo.
Having [ personally ] discovered ' The Dirty Truth About Modern Technology ' some time ago, I have long desired the opportunity to write upon: " The True Correlation Between Modern Technology And Idol Worship. " However, I have seldom had the necessary time to factually do so... thanks to the numerous other  more immediate messages of unfolding Biblical Prophecy. Fortunately, however, I seem to be substantially up to date at the moment. Therefore, I have decided to undertake This Particular and Highly-Controversial Task!

Bear in mind, that this posting may significantly alter Your Own Personal Worldview. If you aren't truly open-minded to such concepts, I would advise you to [ honestly ] read something else. ' The Truth ' isn't always acceptable to everyone; and I am well-aware of this fact. Consequently, this particular discussion will begin upon the very next page....

{ *** NOTE: The Apple Corporate Logo to the left, should be a fairly good clue, as to what substantially follows.... }

In Jeremiah Chapter 16, It Says: 
" For My eyes are upon all of their ways; they are not hidden from My face, nor is their iniquity hidden from My eyes.
And first, I will repay them double for their iniquity and their sin [ Which They Have Practiced Before Me ] - because they have defiled My Land  [ The Promised Land ]; And they have filled My Inheritance [ The Entire Earth ] with The Carcasses [ The No Longer Working Refuse ] of their: Detestable and Abominable Idols [ All Of Their Non-Working And Technologically Marvelous Junk ]. "

Have you ever [ truly ] noticed That Apple Logo? Why is there ' A Byte ' missing from That Particular Apple? What is The True Symbolism being so effectively employed by this quite famous: Illuminati and Masonic Corporation?

While some have said:
" Alan Turing a Gay man who was persecuted for being Gay killed himself with A Poison Apple. Apple computer which is itself very much pro-homosexual used this icon to help promote their own sinful theologies.

Modern Technology in itself is not an Idol, however it can be for many who use this as their means of fulfillment other than our Elohim, blessed be He. "
And, still others, have earnestly replied:
Considering The Original Logo, and the fact that the company was created by Two Techno-Geeks In Their Garage, I suspect that the claim that it is Newton's Apple is much more likely.

However, The Truth is, actually, far more startling!  

Lucius Corp - 666 logo.
The Apple Corporate Logo - like all masonic corporate logos - is actually blatant ' Satanic Symbology '. Just as many may logically suspect, The Apple actually represents: " The Forbidden Fruit From The Garden Of Eden... " and The Bite Mark truthfully represents: " Adam And Eve Having Eaten It - To Substantially Gain New Knowledge... " but, what was that New Knowledge that they ultimately received? Was it: Magic Spells, Incantations, or The Ability Speak To, Or With, Other Beings? No, it wasn't! Not at all....

You see, Adam and Eve could already utilize what we [ ourselves ] would call Magic.

Genesis Chapter 1, Says:
" Then The Mighty One said [ To Yahweh-Hushua ] ' Let Us make man in Our Image, according to Our Likeness [ Read Psalm 82, For A Proper Understanding ]; Let Them Have Dominion [ Absolute And God-Like Authority ] over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, over the cattle, and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps over the earth [ Adam And Eve Were Created To Be The Gods Set Over The Earth ]. " - Genesis 1:26.

Complex And Scripted Incantations were totally unnecessary for doing anything. They needed merely speak it and it would factually happen - because they held: " A Righteous Relationship While Living Openly Before Yahweh... "  and nothing else was [ ever ] required! Moreover, they could already Speak With All Other Beings - if and when they consciously chose to. Did you notice any shock, or surprise, by Adam and Eve actually encountering: " A Talking Serpent In The Midst Of The Garden "?

If we met any animal that talked to us, would we dare to stick around to finish Such A Remarkable Conversation? Until The Holy Spirit showed me these things, it would've - personally - scared me out of my own wits! No, Brothers and Sisters... we have been carefully and painstakingly programmed to think of our own apparent reality completely backwards. What we would call: " Magic " - is the normal state of our relationship to: " The Macroverse Himself " - for He is Yahweh, The Mighty One... and Yahshua [ The Word ] is His Very Own Son!

Consider all of the examples from The Scriptures, how many of Yahweh's Own Servants utilized The Miraculous Tools of: Science and Technology - to accomplish their own miraculous work? And then, also consider, what Yahshua Himself [ honestly ] attempted to teach you!

In Mathew Chapter 17, It Clearly Says:

" For assuredly [ You Can Have My Own Word On This ], if you have faith [ In Yahweh The Mighty One And In Your Own Relationship To Him ] as a mustard seed [ The Smallest Seed Upon The Earth ], you will say to this mountain [ In Complete Confidence ], ' Move from here to there ', and it will move [ Because, You Already Have These God-Like Powers ]; and nothing will be impossible for you [ For The Mighty One Will Gladly Assist You ]. " - Mathew 17:20.

Satanic Symbolism in The Original Apple Logo.
So what, then, did: Adam and Eve - learn in The Garden Of Eden? They learned ' The Hidden Knowledge ' of: " How Yahweh Himself Actually Governs " - The Universal Laws Which Control The Unseen Functions Of Our Ongoing Reality - they had obtained: The Rules Of Science and The Ultimate Foundation For Our Modern Technology! I know, it sounds completely crazy. Why would anyone even care about such [ seemingly ] Trivial Knowledge, when you can honestly build a perfect world by merely: Thinking It, Sincerely Desiring It, or Just Speaking It - into Factual Existence?

However, The Rules Of His Own Magic are very clear. A Proper Spiritual Relationship is absolutely required, in order to physically exercise it... but, The Illusionary Magic of: Science and Technology - doesn't come with any of these very same restrictions... it can even be used against Yahweh Himself! More over, " The Illuminated Ones [ or, The Illuminati and Their Freemasons ] " - are very well aware of this fact. In fact, it is their own personal desire to: " Chain The Lion, And Fully Enslave Him, To Their Very Own Personal Tasks ".

The Illuminati Creed may be found written within The Book Of Genesis.

 Genesis 3:22, Says:
" Then Yahweh The Mighty One said: ' Behold, the man has become like one of Us [ His Eyes Are Now Fully Opened ], to know: Good And Evil [ How Everything Actually Works ]. And now, lest he put out his hand and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever - " - Genesis 3:22.
{ *** NOTE: The Illuminati and Their Freemasons do not care to read the struck through words of this actual passage. You will also notice that Genesis 3:22 is actually an incomplete passage. The rest of the verse is found in Genesis 3:23. Their own biblical numbering system was secretly designed to avoid the utilization of such offensive and distastefully unnecessary writings. }

This is The True Hidden Knowledge, which they have [ so carefully ] concealed from the rest of us... The True Occult Secret, that they have hidden right in front of our own eyes... and while we ourselves continue to bow down to their Modern Technological Marvels: " The True Ba'alim Of Material Babylon " - they're [ honestly ] laughing at us! After all, they have blinded us through all of their: Made Up Fables and Cleverly Fabricated Stories.

{ *** NOTE: Have you ever wondered who burned down The Great Library Of Alexandria, or why? Many of its books predated Egypt itself; and spoke of things from deep into humanity's long past. In fact, a very large percentage of them were entirely irreplaceable! Some of them [ even ] offered us clues into The Truths Of The Sacred Scriptures.... }

The Scriptures fully declare: " If we'll ask anything in His Name [ That Of Yahweh ], then it shall be given to us " - but, this has always been predicated upon a proper relationship with respect towards: Yahweh The Mighty One and Our Own Fellow Human Beings... and that is precisely what all of those scriptures have been telling us! But, we currently live in An Age Of Non-Belief.... We don't [ truly ] believe in Yahweh... we don't [ truly ] believe in His Promises... we don't [ truly ] believe in Yahshua - His Son... we don't [ truly ] believe in Miracles... and, just as importantly, we don't [ truly ] believe in Our Own Immense Value To Yahweh!

Our Enemies are currently winning against us, because of ' All Of This Non-Belief ' that is so deeply ingrained within us. Moreover, they are the ones who have [ so cleverly ] stolen it from us. This is The True Birthright Of All Of Yahweh's Children! We have to wake up....

The 82nd Psalm, Says:
" The Mighty One stands in the congregation of the mighty [ He Is Everywhere That We Are ]; He judges amongst the mighty one(s) [ The People Of Earth ].
How long will you [ My Own Spiritual Children ] judge unjustly, and show partiality to the wicked [ And Remain Effectively Powerless Before Your Own Enemies ]?
Defend the poor [ Who Have No Helpers ] and the fatherless [ Who Have No One Else To Protect Them ]; Do justice to the afflicted and needy [ Who Are Now All Around You ].
Deliver the poor and the needy [ From The Ones Who Do Them Great Harm ]; Free them from the hand of the wicked [ And I Will Restore You To Your Original Estate ].
They do not know [ Who They Really Are ], Nor do they understand [ That They Are My Own Children ]; They walk about in darkness [ Spiritually Blinded To The Truth ], All the foundations of the earth are unstable [ Because Of This Fact ].
I said: ' YOU ARE MIGHTY ONES, And All Of You Are Children Of The Most High '.
But you shall die like men [ Because You Refuse To Spiritually Grow Up ], And fall like one of the princes [ The Angels Who Forgot Their Own Spiritual Estate ].
Arise, O Yahweh, judge the earth [ And All Of Its Inhabitants ]; For You [ The Mighty One ] shall inherit all of the nations. " - Psalm 82. 

Our Modern Technology Has Existed Since Before The Flood.

" Under Every Spreading Tree "
Yes, brothers and sisters, it's true! What we all think of as: " Our Own Modern Technology " - was already in human hands and [ even ] functioning quite well, ' Prior To The Biblical Flood. ' Television, Radio, Cell Phones, Computers, and [ yes ] even Space Satellites: were the norm - before the Earth was totally destroyed the last time!

Listen carefully to what Yahshua Himself clearly told you:
" But of That Day And Hour [ The Time Of Our End Time Judgment ] no one knows [ For I Never Provided You A Date ], no [ I Didn't ], not even the angels of heaven [ Know It ], but My Father [ Yahweh ] only [ Does ].
But As The Days Of Noah Were [ Man Trusting In His Own Accumulated Knowledge ], so also will The Coming Of The Son Of Man Be [ Just As Technologically Advanced ].
For as in The Days Before The Flood [ So Many Thousands Of Years Ago ], they were Eating [ In Magnificent Restaurants ] and Drinking [ In Fashionable Taverns And Bars ], Marrying [ In Spiritually Deadened Churches ] and Giving In Marriage [ As If Nothing Had Ever Changed ], until The Day That Noah Entered The Ark [ Trusting In Their Own Great Scientists And Political Leaders ],
and did not know [ That Yahweh Can Alter His Own Physical Rules ] Until The Flood Came [ Quite Unexpectedly ] and took them all away [ In The World's Greatest Inundation ], So Also Will The Coming Of The Son Of Man Be. " - Mathew 24:36-39.

Or, do you honestly think that King Solomon - The Wisest Man Who Ever Lived - was lying to us, when he himself stated [ about our Modern Technology ]:
" That which has already been [ Prior To The Flood ] is what will eventually be [ At The Time Of The End ], That which has already been done [ By The Wisest Of The Ancients ] is what will again be done [ By Those In The Latter Days ], And There Is Nothing New Under The Sun [ Upon The Earth ].
Is there anything of which it might be said [ Among Everything That You Currently See All Around You ], ' See, This Is New '? [ Of Course Not ] It has already been done In Ancient Times [ Prior To The Flood ] Before Us [ Who Are Now Living ].
There is no remembrance of former things [ Because The Knowledge Has Been Carefully Removed By Others ], Nor will there be any remembrance of the things that are to come [ Since It Doesn't Suit Their Own Purposes ] By those who will come after [ The Servants Of The Ba'alim - The Illuminated Ones ]. " -  Ecclesiastes 1:9-11.

Our Modern Technology was ' The Secret Knowledge ' that was obtained by eating: " The Forbidden Fruit In The Garden Of Eden "... and that is [ exactly ] what has been so carefully hidden from you - for so many numerous centuries! It is, actually, that simple....

Technology has, indeed, become our god.
King Nimrod possessed ' The Knowledge Of How Things Actually Worked ' from before The Flood - and thus it was written of him: " He was A Mighty Man in all of the earth. " Moreover, he utilized this Pre-Flood Technology to build himself A Tower - that could withstand Another Flood; and be tall enough To Remain Above The Waters - in: Open and Blatant Defiance of The Mighty One! But, Yahweh confused their languages; and set them against one another....

This Battle is coming very soon....
Meanwhile, they have been quietly and secretly working ' To Rebuild The Necessary Infrastructure To Fully Resurrect It ' - for thousands of years, ever since. And that's why, We have [ so amazingly ] achieved such a Dramatic Technological Increase over The Past One Hundred Years! They are now - after centuries of laying the groundwork - openly preparing to wage war against The Mighty One Himself... and The Technology, to so foolishly do so, was already readily available - long before Its Necessary Infrastructure was ever even begun.

Didn't I tell you, that this posting would be Highly-Controversial? And why is it so controversial? Because almost everything that we have been taught to believe about ' The World Around Us ' is An Outright Lie

The Prophet Moses parting the sea.
In Point Of Fact: The Theory Of Evolution, Modern Technology, and Our Current Societal Progress - are ' The Actual Fairy Tales ' having been provided by others... while: Yahweh The Mighty One, True Miracles, and A Universe Of Infinite Possibilities are The True Reality of our own physical existence! It is [ now ], finally, The Time To Wake Up....

{ *** NOTE: I will be posting more upon this particular subject in the future. So please check back, whenever you can. } 

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


  1. I've been trying to tell people who challenged me about the Bible for a while now, all about this. Your understanding of it all is more than mine and thank you so much for typing these blogs.

    God bless you and peace be with you always.


    1. One of the greatest surprises, that I gained over my own lifetime, is that: Most [ Self-Proclaimed ] Believers Are Unwilling To Move Forward And Grow Up Spiritually!

      One cannot achieve to: " The Fullness And Stature Of Yahshua " - without actually following The Holy Spirit as: " He Leads You Into All Truth "... nor, would He be leading us into it, if we already truthfully possessed it!

      But, for most people, it appears that ' Ignorance Is Indeed Bliss '... and, sadly, that's why they're going to perish.

  2. victoria griffithsAugust 4, 2016 at 4:15 PM

    Wow ! The Holy Spirit has been on at me in terms of the apple logo for sometime now. I just knew it wasn't right. Thanks for everything.


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