Wednesday, October 5, 2011

At America In Prophecy, we take Prophecy Reviews very seriously.

Some people may ask, " Why is America In Prophecy so hard on other Biblical Prophecy Sites, when evaluating them? " The answer, of course, is really very simple. I, personally, " Desire Justice For The Truth Above All Else [ Isaiah 42:1-4 ]... " and: I Cannot and Will Not allow others to wholly corrupt and/or pervert it - for their own nefarious purposes!

As A True Watchman For Israel, I recognize ' The Fact ' that:
  1. The Time Is [ Now ] Extremely Short For Everyone.
  2. End Time Prophecy Is [ Honestly ] Life And Death Information.
  3. Yahweh's Own People Are [ Actually ]: " Perishing For The Lack Of Knowledge ".
  4. These [ Non-Comprehending ] Others Are Merely: " Muddying The Crystal Clear Waters, That He Has Given To Us ".
  5. And ' The Truth ' Is The Greatest Asset Of All Time.

You will probably notice, that I don't judge ' The Conspiracy Sites ' quite as harshly... and, that's simply,  because they [ themselves ] don't make any claim to speak for Yahweh, or His Scriptures. They are merely what they [ themselves ] claim to be: " Secular Information Sources About The Truth As They Themselves Have Been Given To Comprehend It... " and, for that, I cannot fault them one bit! In fact, many of them are far more informative than ' The So-Called Religious Sites '. Don't laugh, because [ sadly ] its true....

Moreover, I will never take payment for offering this service to my own readers. I ' Freely Give These Honest Evaluations ' based upon their own: Scriptural and Theological Merits... and considering their past track records, I highly doubt that anyone would pay for these Personal Reviews anyway! Just read some of them below, and see....

Past Prophecy Reviews:

If they want a glowing review from this particular watchman, then they had better possess ' The Spirit Of Truth. ' Personally, I have remained silent far too long, while others have openly butchered The Clear Words Of Yahweh. Their own: Utter Ignorance, Half-Truths, and Outright Lies [ In Yahweh's Own Name ] have done far damage to His True Message, than any such efforts by the very numerous: Atheists, Free Masons, and Satanists!

And, yes, I do take it personally... since I, myself, had to [ literally ]: " Re-Invent The Wheel " - in order to find out The Truth About Yahweh....While people should gladly: " Search The Scriptures Daily, To See Whether It Is So " - they shouldn't have deal with The Ignorant Spiritual Baggage Given To Them By: " Those Evil Shepherds, False Prophets, and Empty Oracles of Spiritual Babylon "!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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