Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Does Yahweh, The Mighty One, have a sense of Humor? Of course, He does....

Many people often wonder, " Does Yahweh, The Mighty One, have a sense of humor? "... and, it's quite obvious that ' Hollywood ' honestly thinks so... but, does He really? Certainly, He does! Take for instance, the following photograph, that fully demonstrates The Awesome Military Power wielded by The United States of America.

Original Defense Dept. Photo of: A Nuclear Demonstration.

Be Sure and Examine It Very Closely - for what I am about to Spiritually Show You - regarding Yahweh's own Sense Of Humor... and then, proceed to the very next page.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

America In Prophecy - A pictorial representation of The Prophecy Of Obadiah.

The following posting is fairly self-explanatory. I only hope, that you'll see what it's truly telling you!
- The Watchman.  
  The Prophecy Of Obadiah
" Behold, I will make you...
The Populated City Of New York - only one, among thousands.
" small among the nations; "


" You shall be greatly despised. "

Rev. Jeremiah Wright - one of her numerous despisers.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

What is The Abomination Of Desolation? Is it An End Time Sacrifice Of Pork, or Sunday / Baal Worship?

A prohibition against Swine's Flesh?
Throughout the centuries there have been many different theories about: " The Abomination Of Desolation " - spoken of by Daniel The Prophet... and, strangely enough, most of them revolve around ' The Sacrifice Of Swine's Flesh Upon The Altar Of Yahweh '. And, why do I say, " Strangely Enough "? Because, the very same Self-Proclaimed Christians who generally believe in this Half-Baked Theory - based upon the numerous scriptural injunctions against: " Eating Swine's Flesh " - don't even think twice about actually eating it themselves! But, of course, The Abomination Of Desolation has absolutely nothing to do with ' The Sacrifice Of Pork Upon Yahweh's Own Altar '.

So, what is: " The Abomination Of Desolation "... what does it have to do, with: " The Daily Sacrifices [ To Yahweh ] "... and why does it, factually, continue for: " 1290 [ Prophetic ] Days " - before ending? After all, The Answers - to all of these spiritual questions - must be Highly Important To Yahweh; or His scriptures wouldn't have [ factually ] recorded them! And, if they're important to Yahweh, then it logically follows: " That They Should Be Important To Us, Also "....

Saturday, November 26, 2011

We all must make A Conscious Choice - for either: Freedom, or Slavery!

The abject image of Bondage.
Although it might not seem Politically Correct to say it, there is absolutely No Fundamental Difference Between: Freedom and Bondage. In fact, our entire human history has never [ factually ] recorded ' One Single Instance Of True Freedom '. Everyone, since Adam and Eve were first created - within: " The Garden Of Eden " - has always had: " A Master "... and, any illusions to the contrary have been purely self-delusional! While some serve Righteousness [ The Mighty One's Sheep ]; others serve Wickedness [ Lucifer's Own Goats ]; but everyone serves somebody....

Take, For Instance:
  • The Poor Man is servant to The Rich Man.
  • The Rich Man is servant to The Powerful Man.
  • The Powerful Man is servant to The One Who Controls The Source Of His Power.
  • The Renter is servant to The Landlord.
  • The Mortgage Holder is servant to The Banker.
  • The Property Owner is servant to The Government.
  • The Employee is servant to The Company Owner.
  • The Company Owner is servant to His Investors.
  • The Righteous Man is servant to The Mighty One.
  • And, The Wicked Man is servant to The Devil.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What does Revelation Chapter 12 have to tell us about Our Own Human History? [ part 2 ]

Prophet John upon the isle of Patmos.
In our previous posting, entitled, " What does Revelation Chapter 12 have to tell us about Our Own Human History? [ part 1 ] " - we discussed: The Dragon [ Satan ], The Woman [ Israel ], and Her Child [ Yahshua ]. Having thoroughly unlocked these other mysteries of Revelation Chapter 12, it's time to finally address the symbolism of: Her Flight From The Dragon, The Wilderness, The 1260 Day Period, and The Land Prepared For Her In Advance.

After all, every single word of the prophecy - In Revelation Chapter 12 - was given to us for a reason. If Yahweh Himself never intended for us to understand these things, then His Servant John wouldn't have written them... and, of that, I'm absolutely certain! Bear in mind, however, that: Lucifer and His Other Angelic Enemies - could read these passages as well... consequently, therefore, certain necessary contexts had to be intentionally left out; and only to be revealed later - through our own unfolding world history... otherwise, The Woman would have nowhere to hide until ' The Time Of The End '.

Monday, November 21, 2011

What does Revelation Chapter 12 have to tell us about Our Own Human History? [ part 1 ]

Mysterious Book Of Revelation.
Since The Prophet John first put pen to paper, and wrote The Book Of Revelation;  numerous: Biblical Scholars, Religious Theologians, and other, Students Of Prophecy - have attempted to unlock its mysterious and hidden secrets... and yet, very few of them have been [ even moderately ] successful. Meanwhile, The Mystery Of: The Woman, The Child, And The Dragon - found in Revelation Chapter 12 - is just such an example of this, seemingly difficult, ' Illustrative Prophetical Symbolism '.

Upon the surface of it, it seems very simple... but, as you begin to conceptualize it, The Deep and Hidden Meanings grow increasingly complex... and, the imagery of Revelation Chapter 12 ultimately generates far more questions than answers - for many of us. Indeed, this one prophetical vision about: " The Woman, The Child, and The Dragon " - goes far beyond our own natural abilities toward human comprehension! But, is it incomprehensible... is Revelation Chapter 12 [ therefore ]: " A Closed Book " - as so many would have us to believe? Or, is it possible to unlock all of its Deeply Hidden Mysteries, after all?

In this Two Part Series upon Revelation Chapter 12, I fully intend to explain all of its: Imagery, Symbolism, and [ even ] Hidden Secrets - for the benefit of my own rapidly growing readership. Because, I [ Jeshurun ] don't believe in: " Closed Books "... I have never taken: " The Easy Way Out "... and, I absolutely refuse to write down anything, that I cannot ' Irrefutably Prove ' from The Scriptures, alone! Why not, follow along with me, while we thoroughly explore these prophetical mysteries....

{ *** Question: What is it about Biblical Prophecy, that continues to baffle humanly led minds, while equally offering up: New Understanding and Heightened Insight - to those led by His Spirit? }

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Why do The Scriptures declare: " The Axe Lies At The Base Of The Trees "?

2011 Occupy Wall Street Protesters.
With our: Financial Markets Tumbling, Banking Systems Insolvent, Currencies De-Valuated, Governments Unstable, and Societies Coming Unglued - many of us are [ finally ] asking ourselves, " What on earth, is now going on... and how can: so many different problems, in so many different countries, all be happening at once? ". After all, The Entire Western World seems to be completely crumbling, all at one single time; and how is that even possible - without: Significant Pre-Planning, Obvious International Coordination, and/or Blatant Political Collusion?

Meanwhile, according to The Scriptures: " The Axe Lies At The Base Of The Trees....  "

The 2011 Tea Party Protesters.
Consequently, " The Tea Partiers [ Of The Right ] ", and " The Occupy Wall Street Protesters" [ Of The Left ] - have begun to finally vocalize ' The Guardedly Unspoken Thoughts ' of millions of our politically frustrated citizens... and, each of them, has framed their own personal arguments based upon ' The Carefully Scripted Worldview ' subtly and subconsciously foisted upon them - by their own leaderships. Therefore, The Tea Partiers view everything as: " A Socialist Conspiracy "... and The Occupiers view everything as: " The Inevitable Results Of Unrestrained Capitalism "; and yet, neither of them is factually correct!

Meanwhile, according to The Scriptures: " The Axe Lies At The Base Of The Trees.... "

So, what [ exactly ] is going on... and, precisely, where are All Of These Current Historical Events now headed? And, more importantly, what do The Sacred Scriptures have to tell us about it?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Where In The Scriptures can we find: King Genseric Of The Vandals and The Sacking Of Rome?

A map of: Genseric's Vandal Empire.
Are King Genseric [ Ruler Of: The Alans And Vandals ] and The Sacking Of Rome [ That Occurred In 455 AD ] ever mentioned within The Sacred Scriptures? After all, if The Bible is ' Truly A Book Of Prophecy '... and if, it factually references The Major Historical Events... then, The Sacking Of Rome By The Vandals - by the people for whom " Vandalism " was actually coined - would have undoubtedly been recorded somewhere within its prophetical pages. Don't you think so? I sure do....

So, Where In The Scriptures does it actually mention: Genseric The Vandal and The Sacking Of Rome?

Where In The Scriptures can we find: Xerxes II Of Medo-Persia and The City-States Of Greece?

Xerxes II - The Great - of Medo-Persia.
Are Xerxes II Of Medo-Persia [ the fourth and most powerful of All The Persian Emperors ] and His War With The City-States Of Greece [ including those 300 Spartans At Thermopylae ] ever mentioned within The Scriptures? After all, if The Bible is ' Truly A Book Of Prophecy '... and if, it factually references The Major Historical Events... then, the attempted subjugation of The Greek City-States - the greatest merchants and sea traders of their time - should have clearly been recorded within its prophetical pages. Don't you think so? I sure do....

So, Where In The Scriptures does it mention: Xerxes II Of Medo-Persia and The City-States Of Greece?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Where In The Scriptures can we find: Julius Caesar and Princess Cleopatra?

A statue of Julius Caesar.
Are Julius Caesar [ the very first emperor of Rome ] and Princess Cleopatra [ the daughter of Pharoah Ptolemy XII Auletes ] mentioned within The Sacred Scriptures? After all, if The Bible is ' Truly A Book Of Prophecy '... and if, it factually references The Major Historical Events... then, the attempted marital alliance between: Egypt and Rome - the two greatest kingdoms of their time - should have clearly been recorded  within its pages. Don't you think so? I sure do....

So, Where In The Scriptures does it mention: Julius Caesar and Princess Cleopatra?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A [ reasonably short ] 44 minute video providing The Scientific Proof For Divine Creation.

Adam and Eve in The Garden Of Eden.
Having found this amazing 44 Minute Video upon ' The Scientific Proof For Divine Creation ', I thought that I might upload it on America In Prophecy, for the apparent benefit of my own well-educated readership. The video clearly explains The Important Informational Argument that so clearly refutes The Evolutionary Theory being both so: Religiously and Dogmatically - pontificated upon by these hard-core Atheists. For a group of people that constantly claim that they aren't [ in any way ] religious, they sure do exhibit all of the classic: Philosophical and Theological Symptoms... very strange, isn't it?

Anyway, here's The 44 Minute Video - ' Proving The Absolute Necessity Of Creation ' - that I was telling you about. Please, enjoy it!

America In Prophecy

The Scientific Proof For Divine Creation - based upon The Informational Argument.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What is The Truth about those: FEMA Deathcamps, Guillotines, and RFID Chips - that we've been hearing so much about?

FEMA Prisons, or Deathcamps?
While " The Evil Shepherds, False Prophets, and Empty Oracles " of Spiritual Babylon are saying: " Peace and Safety ", and preaching their own: " Gospels Of Greed ", and " Blatant Licentiousness "- I'm not anything like them. Why, you ask? Because, they are - flat out - lying to you! Take, for instance, those increasing rumors of: " FEMA Deathcamps ", " RFID Chips ", and " Governmental Guillotines " - that are now all over The Internet... and: " The Ongoing Preparations For Martial Law " - that most of us are now increasingly aware of - thanks, mainly, to CSPAN. Are these rumors, in fact, true... and, even more importantly, are they referenced somewhere within The Scriptures themselves?

As much as it pains me to say it, " Yes, these rumors are True; and are, indeed, quite scriptural! " In fact, those: FEMA Deathcamps, RFID Chips, and Governmental Guillotines - are fully intended for those who would stand in the way of their One World Government Agenda... and, that includes: All True Believers [ Both: Israelite and Jew ], All Militia Members [ Veterans, Or Otherwise ], All Constitutionalists [ Law Abiding, Or Not ], and Anyone Else Who'll Stand In Their Way [ Those Untermensch And Social Undesirables ]. These aren't just ' Conspiracy Theories '... they are ' Conspiracy Facts '!

Monday, November 14, 2011

The real historical events of: Hiroshima and Nagasaki - are clearly found within Revelation Chapter 13.

Nagasaki, Japan - August 9th, 1945.
One of the things that I am frequently asked is whether Real Historical Events - such as: " Hiroshima " and " Nagasaki " - can be actually found within The Biblical Scriptures.... After all, if The Bible is an accurate book of prophecy, then: Most Major and Worldwide Events - should be quite-easily found there... shouldn't they? And, more importantly, if Jeshurun [ himself ] is truly ' A Prophet ' then he ought to be able to show us these things... shouldn't he? Indeed, I must fully agree with both of these Two Very-Logical Premises!

For Instance, you might phrase this question: " Where can we find any mention of The Nuclear Detonations At 5000 Feet Above Hiroshima And Nagasaki Japan - during World War II "? Something of such great: Political and Historical Consequence - which led to: The Cold War and The Totally Insane Concept Of Mutually Assured Destruction - should undoubtedly be mentioned somewhere... and, indeed, it was! So, where can we find: Hiroshima and Nagasaki - mentioned within The Biblical Scriptures? Please turn with me now, to Revelation Chapter 13, and let's read it together....

Friday, November 11, 2011

Isaiah Chapter 10 - speaks about The End Time Restoration of Israel.

Israel Shall Be Restored as promised!
In my last posting, entitled: " Isaiah Chapter 10 - The Judgment Against The Aryans within The Fourth Seal Of Revelation. " - I wrote about ' The Impending Judgments Upon Assyria [ The Aryan Nations Of The West ] '; among whom, " The Ten Tribes Of Israel " - had been previously scattered, approximately 2600 years before. Therefore, when discussing The Destruction Of The Aryans, we shouldn't be surprised that fully one half of Isaiah Chapter 10 [ also ] discusses these very same Ten Tribes Of Israel; and The Holy Remnant that shall then be regathered from among them, at that particular time. In fact, if The Prophet Isaiah had [ actually ] not referenced them within These End Time Prophecies, then that would have been the true oddity!

{ *** NOTE: For further insight into ' The Proclamation Made Against The Aryans ', be sure and read the first article upon Isaiah Chapter 10 - referenced above. And, for even more insight into: " The Fourth Seal Of Revelation " - you can also read, the following related articles: 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Isaiah Chapter 10 - The Judgment Against The Aryans within The Fourth Seal Of Revelation.

A medieval Aryan Knight.
Having been given ' The True Identities Of The Latter Day Nations ' by The Mighty One, I truly stand in awe regarding the appropriate nature of His End Time Prophecies! He truly intends to: " Debase The Haughty ", and: " Raise Up The Humbled Ones "... and such is the case, with The Latter Day Descendants Of The Assyrians [ The Aryan Peoples Of The Earth ]. In Isaiah Chapter 10, we can read all about His End Time Judgments Against Them....

{ *** NOTE: The Name: " Aryan ", or " Arian " - is derived from The More Ancient Name of:  " Assyrian " - which means: " An Original Inhabitant Of Assyria, Or Lebanon ". They are ' A Semitic People ' characterized by: Paleness Of Skin Color, Tall Physical Stature, An Affinity For Horses, and Historically Fierce Militaristic Abilities - with respect towards all other peoples and nations... and, they have [ always ] historically sworn their own services to The Ancient Babylonians and/or actively lived amongst them. }

Let's just see, what The Prophet Isaiah had to say about ' The End Time Judgment Upon The Aryans ' - known [ elsewhere in the scriptures ] as merely: " The Fourth Seal Of Revelation "....

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Who is: Yahweh Hushua, or Yahshua - whom Most Christians [ unknowingly ] refer to as Jesus?

Who is Yahshua, our savior, Really?
The Single Greatest Question Of All Time can be summed up as: " Who is Yahshua, our savior, Really? " After all, there are many different beliefs currently raging over Yahshua... and there are actually some fairly serious theological disagreements about ' His True Spiritual Nature '. While the majority of His [ self-proclaimed ] followers are decidedly Trinitarians, still others are traditional Monotheists... and even smaller segments, hold to all sorts of scripturally-based theological beliefs. Who, exactly, is right?

For Instance:
  1. Is He, Yahshua, The Son Of Yahweh?
  2. Is He, Yahshua, The Archangel Of Yahweh - known by the heavenly host as: " Michael ".
  3. Is He, Yahshua, The First Creation Of Yahweh?
  4. Is He, Yahshua, The Only Creation Of Yahweh?
  5. Or, Is He, Yahshua, Actually Yahweh Himself In Just Another Form?
All of these various questions, surrounding The True Nature Of Yahshua, are in dire need of some definitive spiritual answers. Why? Because, the proper relationship between: Yahweh [ The Mighty One ] and His Own Spiritual Children [ Us True Believers ] might just hang in the balance of properly answering this one single question!

Now, bear in mind, that there are both: Scriptural and Non-Scriptural Evidences - to this highly charged theological argument. For instance, The Trinitarians are likely to claim that this issue has long ago been settled - in their favor - by:  
  • The Edicts Of Rome.
  • Their Own Church Councils.
  • Their Catholic Tradition.
  • The Statements Of Their Pope.
  • The Protestant Adoption Of Their Own Theological Position.
  • And/Or Their Previous Destruction Of The: Arians, Albigenses, Waldenses, and Cathars.
But, The Monotheists [ and others ] can just as readily point at the very same anecdotal evidences as ' Actual Proof For Their Own Theological Position '... after all, one can quite-easily argue that no other group in world history has been so [ decidedly ]: " Anti-Christian " - in establishing their own theological positions, as The Roman Catholic Papacy! Thus, it can be very logically reasoned, that virtually anything ' Anti-Catholic In Its Overall Dogmatic Nature ' is most-likely correct. However, we shall stick - very carefully - to The Holy Scriptures.

{ *** NOTE: I have no intention of even responding to such: Ill-Conceived, Naturally Divisive, Highly Combatative, and Non-Conclusive Commentaries... so don't, even bother posting them! Most educated human beings are already very well aware of these over-utilized rhetorical and/or defamatory arguments, any way... and those who aren't, can easily infer as much - from what I've already summarized. Moreover, " Spiritual Babylon " - consists of far more than just Roman Catholicism... all of the: Churches, Synagogues, Temples, and Other Fellowships - are, indeed, fallen! }

Who is The End Time Prophet known simply as: " Jeshurun "?

Milk is for small children...
While Most So-Called Believers never deviate from: " The Milk Of The Scriptures ", and: " Are Ever Learning, But Never Coming To A Firm Knowledge Of The Truth " - The Readers At America In Prophecy have been: " Eating Much Meat ", and: " Putting Pounds Of New Flesh Upon Their Long-Starved Bones ". Why is that... and [ precisely ] who is Jeshurun, The Prophet?

but, Meat is reserved for the adults.
According to The Sacred Scriptures, " Yahweh does absolutely nothing, without revealing it first to His servants The Prophets "... therefore we should [ honestly ] ask ourselves, Do the scriptures ever even mention A Prophet Named: " Jeshurun "? Has any such person ever been: Endorsed, Raised Up, Anointed, or [ even ] Factually Documented - from within The Scriptures... and if so, at what precise time period, does he arise?

Actually, There is a prophet named: " Jeshurun " - that has been mentioned within The Writings Of Isaiah... and he arises at precisely this time. In fact, Jeshurun has been clearly recorded as ' The Very Last Prophet To Yahweh '... and he arrives, within The Time Of The End!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Prophecy Of Daniel Chapter 11 - is scripturally verifiable proof of ' The End Times ' being already upon us! [ Part 3 ]

The Prophet Daniel In The Lion's Den.
Having already written two postings upon The Prophecy Of Daniel Chapter 11, I have already expended far more time upon this one book of biblical prophecy than I originally intended to. It isn't that Daniel Chapter 11 is somehow less important than other books of Biblical Prophecy, but it merely tells us what has already historically happened and simply strengthens our faith... ' A Faith ' that should already be strong enough, given the continuously amazing world we [ now ] find all around us! However, The Last Six Verses Of Daniel Chapter 11 are altogether different from ' The First 39 Historical Verses '.

In The Last Six Verses Of Daniel Chapter 11, we read about: " The Fourth Seal Of Revelation " - The Time Of Jacob's Trouble - from the perspective of The Prophet Daniel... a very important End Time Prophetical Subject, which we have already previously studied from Isaiah Chapter 25! Consequently, these ' Last Six Verses Of Daniel Chapter 11 ' are: Very Timely, Quite Relevant, and Highly Important - to us, who are now living within The Specified End Times. And while Daniel's Prophecy Of This Particular Time Period is [ indeed ]: Very Short and Relatively Abbreviated - it does provide some considerable overall detail that The Other Prophets clearly do not!

{ *** NOTE: If you haven't read The First Two Articles upon: " The Prophecy Of Daniel Chapter 11 "; then just click here: Daniel Chapter 11 [ Part 1 ], or Daniel Chapter 11 [ Part 2 ] - for whichever one you've actually missed. Without reading The First Two Articles, you cannot truly appreciate the actual timing of These Last Six Verses In Daniel Chapter 11. }

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What is The Truth About Atheism... and why must its numerous adherents continually lie about it?

The Hadron Super-Collider at Cern.
What is ' The Truth About Atheism '? Is it really the product of: " Scientific Inquiry Into The Nature Of Our Universe " - or, is it [ perhaps ] something far more sinister... and, why must these self-proclaimed scientists constantly lie to us, if [ indeed ] their evidences are so factually strong? For instance, they constantly berate The Holy Scriptures for:
  1. Teaching A Flat Planet Earth.
  2. Or, Failing To Even Mention The Dinosaurs.

Inside The Hadron Collider.
And why, all of a sudden, have So Many Highly Qualified Physicists Become Real Believers In God just recently? Do they know something, that the rest of us don't... or, are they just spending too much time in those Really High Tech Laboratories - such as: The Super-Collider at Cern? I guess what I'm really saying is: " Could The Atheists Be Hiding Something From All Of Us? ", and if so, " Then, Why Would They Possibly Be Doing It? "