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The Baptism By Fire is The Impending Judgment, which shall come upon The Nations of this Earth.

The Water Baptism: is A Profession Of Faith.
While most Judeo-Christian Believers accept the concept of: " A Water Baptism " - for the symbolic profession of their own simple faith - very few of them realize that Yahweh, The Mighty One, fully intends to forge that faith into something far greater and even stronger within: " The Furnace Of Spiritual Affliction. " In fact, according to All Of The Prophets, the people of Earth are going to undergo: " A Baptism By Fire " - just prior to Yahshua's Imminent Return.

For Instance, In Zechariah Chapter 13, We Read:
" 'Awake, O sword, against My Shepherd [ Yahshua, The Messiah ], Against The Man [ The Body, That I Have Provided Myself ] who is My Companion ', Says The Mighty One of Heaven. ' Strike The Shepherd [ Whom I Have Given To Them ], And The Sheep will be scattered [ By Those Wolves, That I Warned Them About ]; Then I will turn My Hand against These Little Ones [ To Strike and To Heal Them ].
' And it shall come to pass [ Just As I Have Spoken ] in all the land [ Within Every Nation Of The Earth ] ', says Yahweh, ' That two-thirds [ Of The Human Population ] in it shall be cut off [ Winnowed From Out Of The Fields ] and die [ Within The Fires, That I Myself Have Kindled ], But one-third [ My Own Spiritual Wheat ] shall be left in it:
I will bring [ Protect ] the one-third [ These Spiritual Ones ] through The Fire [ The Maelstrom Which Is Now Coming ], Will refine them [ I Will Purify Them ] as Silver [ Israel ] is refined [ By Removing The Dross ], And test them [ By These Prophesied Circumstances ] as Gold [ Judah ] is tested [ By The Harshness Of Acid ].
They [ That Holy Remnant ] will call upon My Name [ Shall Pray Only To Yahweh ], And I will answer Them [ My Own Faithful Ones ]. I will say, ' This is My People '; And each one will say, ' Yahweh is My Mighty One. '" - Zechariah 13:7-9.

But, what does this honestly mean? What can it be truthfully referring to? Is this: " The Day Of Judgment " - as referenced elsewhere within The Scriptures... or is it, perhaps, something else entirely: " A Day Of Judgment For The Nations Of Earth ", a period of 1000 years prior to: ' The Final Judgment Upon All Of Humanity '? What do these prophecies tell us... and shouldn't we try to find out?

Likewise, In Zephaniah Chapter 3, It Is Written:
" Therefore wait for Me, says Yahweh, Until ' The Day I Rise Up For Plunder '; My determination is to gather [ All Of ] the nations to My Assembly Of Kingdoms [ At My Own Valley Of Decision ], To pour upon them [ All Of Them ] My indignation  [ For Their Blatant Disobedience ], All My fierce anger [ Will Be Poured Out Upon Them ]; All the earth [ The Entire World ] shall be devoured with [ Consumed By ] The Fire Of My Jealousy [ For Their Own Service To Lucifer ].
For Then [ At That Time ] I will restore to The Peoples [ All The People Of Earth ] A Pure Language [ The Original Language Of Their Fathers ], That they all [ The Remnant That I Have Spared ] may call upon [ Pray Only To ] The Name Of Yahweh [ The Only True Mighty One ], To serve Him [ Obediently: In Spirit And In Truth ] with one accord [ And, In Proper Spiritual Unity ].
From Beyond The Rivers of Ethiopia [ The Wilderness of Canaan ] My Worshipers [ The Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel ], The Daughter Of My Dispersed Ones [ Whom Your Own Wise Men Cannot Seem To Find ], Shall bring My Offering  [ The Tithe, That Has Been Stored Up, By That Harlot Of Tyre ].
In That Day [ When I: Strike You And Heal You ] you shall not be ashamed [ Any Longer ] for any of your deeds [ The Results Of Your Own Wicked Companions ] In which you transgressed against Me [ In Serving Those Sun Gods Of Babylon ]; For Then [ At That Time ] I will take away from your midst [ I Will Remove From You ] Those who rejoice in your pride [ The Ones Who Have Led You Astray ], And you shall no longer be haughty [ Looking Towards Your Own Foolish Wisdom ] In My Holy Mountain [ Concerning, That Which Is Mine, By Right ].
I will leave [ Spare ] in your midst [ Upon The Earth ] A Meek [ A Truly Obedient ] and Humble People [ Reverent Population ], And They [ These, Now, Humbled Ones ] shall trust in The Name of Yahweh [ For, I Shall Be Their Mighty One ].
The Remnant Of Israel [ From Among All The Tribes Of Earth ] shall do no unrighteousness [ Shall Be Obedient ] and speak no lies [ Being Completely: Honest, Forthright, And Truthful ], Nor shall a deceitful tongue be found in their mouth [ They Shall Rejoice In The Telling Of Truth ]; For They [ The Remnant, That I Shall Spare ] shall feed their flocks [ Shall Do That Which Is Good Towards One Another ] and lie down [ Properly Resting From Their Efforts ], And no one shall make them afraid [ For, The Oppressors Will Have All Been Removed ]. " - Zephaniah 3:8-13.

As we can very clearly see - from both of these prophecies: Zechariah Chapter 13, and Zephaniah Chapter 3 - it is speaking of ' A Judgment Upon The Nations Of Earth '; rather than ' The Final Judgment Upon All Flesh ' - which eventually happens, 1000 years into the future! The Fire Of Yahweh's Affliction is preparatory to ushering in Yahshua's Direct Political Rulership. For it is written:

In The 110th Psalm:
" The Mighty One said to My Mighty One [ Yahweh-Hushua ], ' Sit at My Right Hand [ Stay Up Here With Me ], Till I [ Your Own, Original Creator ] make Your Enemies [ Those: False Shepherds And Leaders Over The Earth ] Your Footstool [ Subject To Your Own Rulership ].
The Mighty One shall send The Rod Of Your Strength [ Your Own: Army Commander And His Prophesied Threshing Sledge ] out of Zion [ The Land Of My Promises ]. [ You Shall ] Rule [ Your Soon Coming Kingdom ] in the midst of Your Enemies [ All Of The Other Nations Of Earth ]!
Your People [ The Remnant, That I Shall Firmly Establish ] shall be volunteers [ Will Be Highly-Motivated To Serve You ] In The Day Of Your Power [ When I Provide The Earth, To Rule Over ]; In The Beauties Of Holiness [ With Thoroughly Perfected Characters ], from The Womb Of The Morning [ Born Of My Own Baptism By Fire ], You shall have The Dew [ The Early Morning Blessing ] Of Your Youth [ Which You, So Earnestly, Sought After ].
The Mighty One [ Yahweh ] has sworn [ Made A Promise ] And will not relent [ He Keeps All Of His Promises ], ' You are A Priest [ The True Intercessor, For All Of Humanity ] forever - according to The Order Of Melchizedek [ The Highest Of All Priests ].
Yahweh is at Your Right Hand [ To Prepare The Way For You ]; He shall execute Kings [ The Rulers Of The Nations ] in The Day Of His Wrath [ The Judgment Upon The Earth's Nations ].
He [ The Prince Of Your Covenant ] Shall Judge Among The Nations [ For, What They Have Done ], He [ Michael, Your Army Commander ] Shall Fill The Places [ Those Cities Of Earth ] with Dead Bodies [ The Flesh Of The Wicked ], He [ The Destroyer Of Nations ] shall execute The Heads Of Many Countries [ Whose Hearts Are, So Firmly, Set Against You ].
He [ Jeshurun, Your Own Watchman ] Shall Drink Of The Brook [ The Clear Stream Of My Own True Knowledge ] By The Wayside [ Here A Little And There A Little - As It Is Written ]; Therefore He [ The Truthful One  ] Shall Lift Up The Head [ Drawing Their Own Attention Back To You ]. " - Psalm 110:1-7.

However, if you [ sincerely ] doubt this Spiritual Truth, then feel free to read a few more of these prophecies.... Among numerous other places, the many references to: " Our Baptism By Fire " - can be found within The Books Of:
  • Isaiah 65:8-25.
  • Jeremiah Chapter 25.
  • Jeremiah Chapter 30.
  • Ezekiel 34:11-31.
  • Daniel 12:1-3.
  • Hosea 5:15 - 6:3.
  • Joel Chapter 3.
  • Amos Chapter 9.
  • Obadiah 15-21.
  • Micah Chapters 1-7.
  • Nahum Chapters 1-3.
  • Habakkuk Chapter 3.
  • Haggai 2: 20-23.
  • Malachi Chapter 3.
  • Mathew 3:11-12.

The Baptism By Fire is now rapidly approaching!
Meanwhile, Each Of These Prophets, offers us ' A Further Depth Of Detail ' into: " The Baptism By Fire " - which is [ by now ] quite rapidly approaching... and I would advise you, O Israel [ People Of Yahweh ], to study them most diligently! The Fact that, " Spiritual Babylon [ Those: ' Evil Shepherds, False Prophets, and Empty Oracles ' ] " - won't tell you these things, has already been clearly established....

While they, themselves, are teaching: " Pagan Sun Worship ", " A Gospel Of: Greed And Licentiousness ", and " The Message Of Peace And Safety " - rather than: " The Fires Of Our Impending Affliction " - These Real Historical Events are, even now, unfolding all around us. If you're going to Honestly Wake Up - with time enough to enter His Own Spiritual Kingdom - then, you had better start now... otherwise, I'm sad to report, You're Definitely Not Going To Make It! I can't put it any plainer than that....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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