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Isaiah Chapter 1: An End Time Message for Judah [ The Jews ] and Israel [ The Christians ].

Isaiah Chapter 1.
While most Judeo-Christian Believers have yet to realize it, Isaiah Chapter 1 is ' An End Time Message ' to both: Judah [ The Jews ] and Israel [ The Christians ]! Like many of the things that are written within The Old Testament, Christianity continues to blatantly ignore it... with the sole exception of Verse 18, which says:
" Come now, and let us reason together, Says The Mighty One, Though your sins are like scarlet, They shall be white as snow, Though they are red like crimson, They shall be as wool. " - Isaiah 1:18.
 After all, everyone likes to hear these: " Smooth Things " - from the scriptures... and The: " Evil Shepherds, False Prophets, and Empty Oracles [ of Spiritual Babylon ] " - have a magnificent propensity for efficiently finding them; and then selectively removing them, from all of their surrounding Spiritual Contexts. Like their counterparts - The Politicians Of Political Babylon - they too, understand The Miracle Of Selective Editing! Meanwhile, the prophet Isaiah is only one of these numerous casualties.

Our Mighty One never intended to create ' A Feel Good System of Religion '; but rather, to effect a: Real, Inward, and Spiritual Change - from deep within us. Consequently, by editing out The True Context from these Highly Important Scriptural Passages, they have allowed us to perpetuate Our Own Ongoing Lies. In essence, they have butchered The Word Of Yahweh for mere pursuit of profit; and the result - all around us - is what All The Prophets have referred to, as: " Spiritual Babylon [ Religious Confusion ] "!

But what does Isaiah Chapter 1, truly, have to teach us? Shouldn't we, all, honestly desire to know? Let's just study it, and see....

The Scribe Introduces, The Prophet Isaiah, By Saying:
" The vision of Isaiah the son of Amoz, which he saw concerning Judah [ The Jews ] and Jerusalem [ The Israelite Christians ] in the days of: Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah - the kings of Judah. " - Isaiah 1:1.

Bear in mind, that his vision doesn't concern the days of: Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah... but rather, he merely received this vision during that time period! Just as I myself received the very same ' Repeating Vision ' - for well over ten years of my own life - Isaiah the prophet received this vision, repeatedly for many years, as well.... You see, A Single Dream - no matter how interesting - is of Little and Passing Consequence to the one who dreams it... and, how much more so, to those who will - only much later - hear indirectly of it?

Moreover, ' The True Test Of Any Vision ' is whether - or not - it properly fits within The Wider Context of All Other Scriptures... If not, then it isn't from Yahweh! In fact, we are commanded to: " Test All Things ", " Whether Or Not, They Be Of The Mighty One ", and to: " Hold Fast, To That Which Is True "... are we not? Meanwhile, before putting pen to paper, Isaiah the prophet - like the others before him - did just that... and Praise Yahweh, that he did!

Isaiah Chapter 1, Then Continues:
" Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth! For The Mighty One has spoken:
' I have nourished and brought up children [ Judah, Joseph, and Israel ], And they have rebelled against Me; The Ox knows its owner and the donkey its master's crib; But Israel [ The Complete House Of Jacob ] does not know [ Who I Am ], And My people do not consider [ My Own Ways ].
Alas, sinful nation, A people laden with iniquity, A brood of evildoers, Children who are corrupters! They have foresaken The Mighty One, They have provoked to anger The Holy One of Israel, They have turned away backward. " - Isaiah 1:2-4.

As you can see, from This First Three Verses, The Mighty One isn't speaking: " Smooth Things " - to His children. In fact, He seems to be ' Very Upset With Them '! He's rebuking them, for ignoring Him... and admonishing them, for moving substantially backwards. What father, of ours, accepts: Continuing Disobedience and Open Rebellion - from his own children? Isn't ' Our Heavenly Father ' entitled to the very same levels of commonly accepted respect? Of course, He is! Thus, He's speaking to us accordingly....

Isaiah Chapter 1, Section 2:
" Why should you be stricken again [ For Your Continuing Iniquities ]? You will revolt [ Against Me ] more and more. The Whole Head Is Sick [ All Of Your Shepherds Are Worthless ], And The Whole Heart [ The Entire Congregation ] Faints [ Pulls Backwards ].
From The Sole Of The Foot [ The Very Least Among Them ] even to The Head [ The Greatest Of Their Leaders ], There Is No Soundness In It [ The Entire Spiritual Body Is Corrupted ], But Wounds [ Their Current Bloodletting ] and Bruises [ Their Past Spiritual Trauma ] and Putrefying Sores [ Their Own Festering Contempt Towards Others ]; They have not been Closed [ Wholly Healed ] or Bound Up [ Spiritually Stabilized ], Or Soothed With Ointment [ Nor, Have They Accepted My Own Holy Spirit ].
Your country is desolate [ Babylon Is Devoid Of Any Real Fruit ], Your cities are burned with fire [ Violence Consumes Your Societies ]; Strangers devour your land in your presence [ You, Ignorantly, Let Others Control And Defile It ]; And it is desolate [ Possessing Nothing Of True Value ], as overthrown by strangers [ As If, It Were Already Destroyed ].
So The Daughter Of Zion [ The Spiritual Ones Of Yahweh ] is left as A Booth [ A Simple Lean To ] in A Vineyard [ A Valuable Garden ], As A Hut [ A Ramshackle Building ] in A Garden Of Cucumbers [ A Very Fruitful Place ], As A Besieged City [ A City Suffering From Famine ].
Unless The Mighty One Of Heaven had left us A Very Small Remnant [ To Continue The Spiritual Leavening ], We would have become like Sodom [ Without Any Inhabitants At All ], We would have been made like Gomorrah [ Totally Destroyed From The Earth ].
Hear The Word of The Mighty One, You rulers of Sodom [ You Leaders Of Spiritual Dissipation ]; Give ear to The Law of our Creator, You people of Gomorrah [ You Disobedient Ones ]:
 ' To what purpose is the multitude of your Sacrifices [ Your Own Meaningless Supplications ] to Me? ', Says The Mighty One. ' I have had enough of Burnt Offerings Of Rams [ Others Paying Your Price ] And The Fat Of Fed Cattle [ Your Own Worthless Statements Of Repentance ]. I do not delight in The Blood Of Bulls [ Your Futile Works ], Or of Lambs [ Your Half-Hearted Sacrifices ] or Goats [ Your Own Ongoing Excuses ].
When you Come To Appear Before Me [ As My Own Personal Children ], Who has required this from your hand [ Your Own Sinful Behavior Is Responsible ], To Trample My Courts [ So That, I Do Not Utterly Destroy You ]?
Bring no more Futile Sacrifices [ They Have Done You No Good ]; Incense [ Your Own Prayer ] is An Abomination To Me [ I Will No Longer Accept It ]. The New Moons [ Your Own Holy Day Celebrations ], The Sabbaths [ Your Keeping Of Rest Days ], and The Calling Of Assemblies [ Your Spiritually Deadened Worship Services ] - I Cannot Endure Iniquity and The Sacred Meeting [ This Combination Of Things Is Wholly Unacceptable To Me ].
Your New Moons [ Holy Days ] and Your Appointed Feasts [ Sacred Assemblies ] My Soul Hates [ My Spirit Must Withdraw From ]; They are A Trouble to Me [ They Provoke Me To Great Anger ], I am Weary Of Hearing Them [ For You Never Truly Change ].
When You Spread Out Your Hands [ Give Praise To Me ], I will Hide My Eyes From You [ Look Away From You ]; Even though You Make Many Prayers [ Praying Incessantly ], I Will Not Hear [ I Will Not Listen To Them ]. Your Hands [ Your Continuing Human Actions ] are Full Of Blood [ Filled With Wrongdoing ].
Wash Yourselves [ Clean Up Your Personal Actions ], Make Yourselves Clean [ Before Even Approaching Me ]; Put Away The Evil Of Your Doings [ Start Walking Like Yahshua ] From Before My Eyes [ That I Might Seriously Accept You ]. Cease To Do Evil [ That You Will Not Provoke Me ], Learn To Do Good [ Sanctify Yourselves With True Holiness ];
Seek Justice [ For Those Who Honestly Deserve It ], Reprove The Oppressor [ That He Might Be More Respectful ]; Defend The Fatherless [ Who Has No Helper ], Plead For The Widow [ Who Has No Support ].
Come Now [ Take Action Today ], And Let Us Reason Together [ Let's Work These Things Out Between Us ] ', Says The Mighty One, ' Though Your Sins Are Like Scarlet [ Your Past Mistakes Are Exceptionally Numerous ], They Shall Be As White As Snow [ I Shall Forgive Them Completely ]; Though They Are Red Like Crimson [ Though They Have Been Built Upon Spilled Blood ], They Shall Be As Wool [ They Shall Be Thoroughly Forgotten ].
If you are Willing [ If You Will Accept This Agreement Between Us ] and Obedient [ Put Forth An Effort To Obey Its Reasonable Requirements ], You Shall Eat The Good Of The Land [ The Earth Will Provide Abundantly For You ];
But if you Refuse [ Reject Its Reasonable Covenant Between Us ] and Rebel [ Blatantly And Foolishly Ignore It ], You Shall Be Devoured By The Sword [ I Will, Surely, Bring It About ]; For The Mouth of The Mighty One has spoken [ For Yahshua, My Word, Has Already Told You All This ]. " - Isaiah 1:5-20.

Dear brothers and sisters, as you can see from ' The True Context ' - of this particular passage - Isaiah Chapter 1 and Verse 18 isn't a blanket covering for: Ongoing, Non-Stop, and Perpetual Sin... like, those: " Evil Shepherds Of Babylon " - have taught you! What it ' Truly Represents ' is Yahweh's Thinning Patience with our ongoing Evil; and His Last Minute Attempt at honestly getting through to His Own Children - before Their Inevitable Destruction at: " The Time Of The End.... "

The Section that comes next, is greatly disturbing... because, so few have been: Honestly Reading and Actively Listening to His Own Words. But instead, they have chosen another way... listening to those: " Evil Shepherds, False Prophets, and Empty Oracles [ of Spiritual Babylon ] " - who have continually lied to them, and spoken smooth things! Even after, repeated warnings - All Throughout The Scriptures - to the contrary.

Isaiah Chapter 1, Its Conclusion:
" How The Faithful City [ The Spiritual Movement That I Long Ago Started ] has become A Harlot [ A Spiritual Adulterer ]! It was Full Of Justice [ It Started Out Well ]; Righteousness Lodged In It [ Its Adherents Tried To Do Good ], But Now Murderers [ But Evil Has Overcome Them ].
Your Silver [ Your Magnificent Fellowship ] Has Become Dross [ Is Now Filled With The Wicked ], Your Wine [ True Spiritual Teachings ] Mixed With Water [ Are Diluted By Paganism ].
Your Princes [ Your Political Leaders ] Are Rebellious [ Up To No Good ], And Companions Of Thieves [ Assisting The Oppressors ]; Everyone Loves Bribes [ They Vote For Their Own Pocketbooks ] And Follow After Rewards [ They Elevate The Most Vile To Office ], They Do Not Defend The Fatherless [ Don't Protect Those Who Are Powerless ], Nor Does The Cause Of The Widow [ The Truly Desperate And Needy ] Come Before Them [ Ever Come Into Their Mind ].
Therefore The Mighty One says, The Mighty One of Heaven and The Mighty One of Israel: ' Ah, I will rid Myself of My Adversaries [ Who Continually Oppose Me ], And take vengeance upon My Enemies [ Who Entirely Reject Me ].
I will turn My Hand [ My Own Actions ] against You [ O': Judah and Israel ], And Thoroughly Purge Away Your Dross [ Completely Remove The Wicked From Among You ], And Take Away All Your Alloy [ And Remove, The Pagan Influence, That Isn't Of My Own Silver ].
I Will Restore Your Judges [ Set The Prophet Over You ] As At The First [ Like Before Those Babylonian Churches ], And Your Counselors [ The Spiritual Elders ] As At The Beginning [ When You Served Me In The Desert ]. Afterward [ When I Have Done This ] You shall be called The City Of Righteousness [ A People Of Spirit And Truth ], The Faithful City [ The Obedient Ones Of Yahweh ].
Zion [ The Land Of Your Fathers ] shall be Redeemed [ Shall Be Given Back To You ] with Justice [ With The Laws Of Liberty To Govern It ], And Her Penitents [ A Now Humbled People ] with Righteousness [ Who Shall Actually Do Good Works ].
The destruction of Transgressors [ The Double-Minded Ones ] and of Sinners [ The Wholly Wicked ] Shall Be Together [ Shall Occur All At One Time ], And Those Who Forsake The Mighty One [ Who Ignore His Often Repeated Messages ] Shall Be Consumed [ Shall Not Escape ].
For They [ The Entire Earth ] shall be ashamed of The Terebinth Trees [ The Evergreen Trees ] Which You [ O' Israel ] Have Desired [ Lusted After, In Your Pagan Celebrations ]; And You [ O' Israel ] shall be Embarrassed [ Greatly Ashamed And Humbled ] because of The Gardens [ The Fields That You've Sown ] Which You [ O' Israel ] Have Chosen [ To Cultivate With Your Own Poor Quality Seed ].
For You [ O' Israel ] shall be as A Terebinth [ Like An Evergreen Tree ] Whose Leaf Fades [ That Turns Brown And Then Dies ], And as A Garden [ A Place Of Sowing ] That Has No Water [ That Cannot Produce Any Good Crop ].
The Strong [ Your Supposedly Spiritual Ones ] Shall Be As Tinder [ Easily Set Afire In Your Midst ], And The Work Of It [ Your Own Churches ] As A Spark [ That Shall Rapidly Ignite Them ]; Both [ These Evil Shepherds And Their Churches ] Will Burn Together [ For I Have Commanded It ], And No One [ Not Even Your Own Political Governments ] Shall Quench Them [ Will Be Able To Stop It ]. ' " - Isaiah 1:21-31.

The Classic Evergreen of Christmas.
Bear in mind, that's Yahweh talking... and not me. If what you've read honestly offends you, then maybe you're in need of ' True Repentance '? I know, I was, when I finally figured it out! Why do you think, I don't celebrate Christmas, or any other of: " The Pagan Holi-Days "? But, then again, that's a different subject; and will be thoroughly addressed at another time.

The point is, that Yahweh is ' Preparing To Act '... and if you're factually observant, you've probably already noticed, what is now happening. The Final Message of Isaiah Chapter 1 - to both: Judah and Israel - has undoubtedly begun....

" So what is a terebinth or,  more correctly,  pistacia?
Two species occur in the Middle East,  the Atlantic pistacia,  Pistacia atlantica and the Palestine pistacia, P. palaestina.
Atlantic pistacia is the larger of  the two and therefore assumed to be the one referred to in the Scriptures although it is not possible to precisely label the species.  When undisturbed (a rare occurrence in the Middle East) the trees reach a very large size and can live up to one thousand years.  The Atlantic pistacia is recorded as the largest tree in Israel in recent history.  Pistacia develops a very deep and extensive root system and therefore remains green even in years of drought.  It often sprouts from the stump after being cut, as noted in Isaiah 6:13.
Additional references to pistacia are found in Genesis 35:4, Judges 6:11, I Chronicles 10:12, Isaiah 6:13 and 44:14. Because of  its large size and great age,  pistacia trees were well-known landmarks and were used as memorials for the dead,  a practice followed until recently in some Arab villages.  But the pistacia trees also became the object of idolatry (See: Jeremiah 10:3-5 and Hosea 4:13). "
- The Above Quoted Information, has been provided by: Old Dominion University.

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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