Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why not let The True Spirit Of Yahweh lead you into All Truth? After all, He is not going to drag you....

The Bible was meant to be read....
The Scripture tells us that: " When The Spirit Of Yahweh Comes, He Shall Lead Us Into All Truth ". Amazingly, however, there are [ actually ] very few of us following The True Spirit Of Yahweh! How do I know this? It's, honestly, quite simple. You cannot be led by anyone, until you are first truthfully willing to: Open Your Own Mind and Factually Be Led! Meanwhile, the vast majority of Self-Proclaimed Believers are truthfully even more ' Closed-Minded ' than those: Pagans and Satanists....

It has always seemed very strange to me, that this is actually The True Case. Personally, I have always been open-minded about all of these Spiritual Matters! In fact, that's how I learned almost everything that I currently know... and, I can't even imagine living my own life otherwise. If I had merely waited upon those lackadaisical churches of: " Spiritual Babylon " - I doubt, that I would know Much Of Anything Truly Important. But, of course, I'm not your average believer. Nothing will [ honestly ] satisfy me, but The Entire Truth!

You see, according to my own scriptural understanding, The True Spirit Of Yahweh can never be satisfied with:
  • Blinded Spiritual Observance
  • Spiritually Deadened Believers
  • And Our Own Futile Half Measures

The True Spirit Of Yahweh - Our Sole Mighty One - desires that each of us actually achieve to: " The Fullness And Stature Of Yahshua Himself "... and that, cannot possibly come about, through Lackadaisical Acceptance of whatever is readily available! In fact, according to my own understanding, that's exactly why The Mighty One so clearly stated: " My People Perish, For Their Own Lack Of Knowledge "... and, simply put, It's Factually True.

Berea Was Better, Than Thessalonica

In The Book of Acts [ chapter 17 ], we can read:
" Then the bretheren immediately sent Paul and Silas away by night to Berea. And when they arrived, they went into The Synagogue Of The Jews.
These were more Fair-Minded [ Open To Proper Instruction ] than those in Thessalonica, in that they received The Word [ Being Given To Them ] with all readiness [ Having Previously Prepared Themselves Through Their Own Study ], and searched The Scriptures daily [ Afterward ] to find out whether these things were so.
Therefore [ As A Positive Result ], many of them believed [ The Truth Having Been Given ], and also not a few of The Greeks [ Who Had Studied These Things With Them ], prominent women as well as men.
But when The Jews From Thessalonica [ Who Had Rejected These Very Clear Teachings, Without Proper Study ] learned that The Word Of Yahweh [ The True Gospel ] was preached by Paul at Berea [ And Had Begun To Take Root ], they came there also [ Having Their Own Evil Intentions ] and stirred up the crowds [ Lest, The Truth Be Made Known ]. " - Acts 17:10-13.
 You see, dear brothers and sisters, The True Spirit Of Yahweh is made manifested by our: Spiritual Open-mindedness, Readiness To Study The Scriptures, and Diligence To Follow Through Upon It! Meanwhile, those at Berea had properly displayed All These Spiritual Characteristics... and, those at Thessalonica had followed The Spirit Within Them as well. So it goes, even today. If you're ' Personally Closed-Minded ', then you're not properly displaying The True Spirit Of Yahweh! Don't, even, try to fool yourselves....

Be Ye, Wise As Serpents

In Fact, Yahshua Himself said:
" Behold [ Pay Attention ], I send you out [ Into The World ] as Sheep [ Lazy, Inattentative, and Lackadaisical Creatures ] in the midst of Wolves [ Cold, Clever, and Calculating Animals Of Prey ]. Therefore [ You Absolutely Must ], be as wise as Serpents [ Lucifer's Own Children ] and harmless as Doves [ This Well-Known Symbol Of Peace ].
But beware of men [ Those Wolves, That I Have Told You Of ], for they will deliver you up to Councils [ Religious Inquisitions ] and scourge you in their Synagogues [ They, Themselves, Being The Children Of Darkness ].
And you will be brought before Governors and Kings [ Your Own Political Rulers ], as a testimony to them [ Who Would Not Learn These Things, Otherwise ] and to The Gentiles [ Who, Still, Have Not Learned These Truths ]. " - Mathew 10:16-18.
It is obvious from This One Simple Statement, regarding The True Spirit Of Yahweh, that we have absolutely nothing to fear from The Proper Accumulation Of Knowledge... and even, dare I say it, The Writings Of These Satanists themselves! After all, you cannot possibly be: " As Wise As A Serpent " - without truthfully knowing, what The Serpent Himself Is Actually Reading. Can you? I wouldn't think so....

Meanwhile, I've never asked anyone To Trust Me... and, in fact, I would [ truthfully ] recommend That You Don't! I'm merely human, like you and everyone else. Who would I be, to expect ' Blind Trust ' from anyone? But, I can expect you to listen... since, The True Spirit Of Yahweh speaks for Himself, wherever you may Truthfully Find Him! Ultimately, The Holy Spirit - living within all of us - recognizes His Own Voice, whenever [ and wherever ] He hears it....

Rather than trusting in me: Study Those Scriptures For Yourselves, Examine The Evidences Being Presented, and Question Absolutely Everything That I Say... and then, when you're sure of ' What You Yourself Believe In ', move on to the very next topic. You might be surprised, at what you'll factually learn. Because, The True Spirit Of Yahweh has been truthfully guiding me!

Ahava and Shalom. 

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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