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The Best Survival Strategy has always been: " Worship In Spirit And In Truth " - while, truthfully, Motivated By Love!

A Doomsday Shelter - inside view.
While much of the world is relatively oblivious To What Is Now Coming, there are a very large number of people That Sense The True Dangers Ahead... and, indeed, many of them are Now Scrambling To Prepare For It. In fact, many have begun: Acquiring Real Money, Stockpiling Food Products, Buying Much-Needed Weapons, and/or Building Doomsday Shelters... and, invariably: " Self-Sufficiency " - has become The Buzzword Of The Day! But, is that [ really ] The Best Overall Survival Strategy?

Ironically, The Majority Of These Survival Strategies will only assure The Exact Opposite Outcome - since, Our Upcoming Battles will be primarily of A Spiritually Oriented Nature. After all, what's coming is merely The Result Of Our Own Spiritual Failure, to [ honestly ] complete The True Reformation; and  the ultimate overall severity of: " Our Baptism By Fire " - which is also known as: " The Time Of Jacob's Own Trouble " - will revolve [ entirely ] around Our Ability To Display Yahweh's Own Love!

The Prophet Hosea, Wrote:
" Sow for yourselves Righteousness [ True Obedience To Yahweh ], Reap in Mercy [ And Receive Abundant Compassion ]; Break up your Fallow Ground [ Open Your Hearts To The Spirit Of Yahweh ], For It Is time To Seek The Mighty One [ By Cultivating His Ways, Rather Than Your Own ] - Until: He Comes [ To Set You Completely Free ] and Rains Righteousness Upon You [ As The Result Of Right Action ].
You have plowed Wickedness [ Up To This Particular Point ]; And you have reaped Iniquity [ Because, That Is Its Fruit ]. You have eaten The Fruit Of Lies [ Your Own Spiritual Delusions ], Because you trusted in Your Own Way [ Rather Than Following Me ] And In The Multitude Of Your Mighty Men [ Basing Your Security Upon: Sheer And Brutal Force ].
Therefore [ Because Of These Things ], Tumult Shall Arise Among Your People [ As The Inescapable Result Of Your Own Wrong Actions ], And All Your Fortresses [ Your Own Powerful Nations Of: America, Israel, and Egypt ] Shall Be Plundered [ As Punishment For These Things ].... " - Hosea 10:12-14.

The Best Survival Strategy

Food Stockpiling has become popular.
Therefore, considering what is actually now coming, What Is The Best Survival Strategy?

Since Our Problems Are Spiritual In Nature, our single greatest emphasis should be upon The True Spiritual Issues Involved! And, what are these issues, That Are Truly Necessary - for our own Personal Survival?

They Factually Include:
  1. Our Understanding Of Yahweh.
  2. The Acknowledgment Of Him.
  3. An Earnest Desire For The Truth.
  4. Practicing True Spiritual Worship.
  5. Ongoing Love For Each Other.
In fact, Absolutely Everything that we shall soon be going through revolves around These Five: Important and Spiritual Issues... and, nothing that we may do otherwise, will honestly benefit us - until, We Get These Five Right. Consequently, The Best Survival Strategy will necessarily highlight that which is entirely spiritual; while substantially decreasing our own valuation of the flesh.

A Weapons Cache - for what?
More importantly, however, Many Of Our Own Natural Preparations will [ honestly ] move us In The Wrong Spiritual Direction... since: " Self-Reliance " and " Self-Sufficiency " - are All About: " Self-Centeredness "; and [ indeed ] Further Cultivate: " Our Own Inherent Nature Of Self-Worship ". As always, it's not about The Preparations That We Make... but, it's about What Actually Motivates Them! The real war is Raging Inside Of Us....

Why Are We Acquiring Food?
  • To Merely Feed Ourselves...
  • Or, To Help The Others Around Us?
Why Are We Purchasing Guns?
  • To Shoot Those: Who Are Starving And In Need Of Our Own Personal Assistance...
  • Or, To Reasonably Protect Our Own Local Communities?
{ *** NOTE: Be Truthful With Yourself, because those who will earnestly lie to themselves ' Have Already Lost The True Battle! ' ***

Gold and Silver aren't the problem.
You see, brothers and sisters, Yahweh Judges By The Condition Of Our Hearts... and not, The Physical Actions, that most others will often - so narrowly - perceive. And, Why Do They Judge Others So Harshly? Because, They Are Evil... and, Evil People automatically assume The Worst... since, that is [ truthfully ] What They Would Do! In fact, they cannot even Comprehend Love - because, the whole concept is Entirely Alien To Them.

Indeed, there are terrible times currently coming; and we have [ very truthfully ] brought it upon our own selves. But, The True Spiritual Issues will now revolve around: ' How Do We Respond To It '. Consequently, The Best Survival Strategy will invariably be: " Our Spiritual Path Forward " - rather than, The Further Hardening Of Our Own Jaded Hearts!

The 82nd Psalm, Says:
" Yahweh stands in The Congregation [ The: Assembly, Or Presence ] of The Mighty [ Those He Has Created In His Image ]; He [ Yahweh Himself ] judges among The Gods [ His Own Spiritual Children ]. { *** Wake Up, People! }
How long will You [ O People Of Earth ] Judge Unjustly [ Ignore My Proper Example ], And Show Partiality [ Undue: Respect, Deference, And Outright Favoritism ] to The Wicked [ Those Who Practice: Utter Selfishness And Unrestrained Lawlessness ]?
Defend [ Stand Up For ] The Poor [ Those Who Are Honestly Needy ] And The Fatherless [ Those Who Have No One Else To Protect Them ]; Do Justice To [ Look Out For ] The Afflicted [ The Socially Downtrodden ] And The Needy [ Those Who Have Nothing Else To Rely Upon ].
Deliver [ Rescue From Trouble ] The Poor [ Those Who Cannot Provide Benefit To You ] and The Needy [ Those In Need Of Your Assistance ]; Free Them [ Release Them ] from The Hand [ The: Physical Powers And Unlawful Constraints ] Of The Wicked [ Those Who Unjustly Dominate Them ]. " - Psalm 82:1-4.

And yet, We Still Do Not Listen to what The Mighty One Himself Has Been Saying All Along! And, why [ upon earth ] not: " What Is So Hard About Honestly Displaying Love ", and: " What Does It Truthfully Cost Us "?

Think About It:
  • By Piling Up Physical Wealth - we have already destroyed The World's Economic Engine!
  • By Cultivating Human Selfishness - we have ultimately reaped An Entirely Unmerciful World!
  • By Building Weapons Of Destruction - we have only generated: Fear, Resentment, and Hatred!
  • And, By Ignoring Those Scriptures - we have virtually assured Our Own Inevitable Destruction!

The Only Solid Foundation Is Love -  because, it desires all of us to: " Move Forward Together ". When Will We Learn... and, What Will It Take... to, Truthfully Wake Up? In fact, These Are The Real Issues [ now confronting us ]... and, we had better Begin To Properly Address Them... because, until we do: " The God-Given Laws Of: Cause And Effect " - will only escalate All Of These Inescapable Problems!

I. Our Understanding Of Yahweh

A Fear Of Yahweh is the very first key.
Inevitably, The Best Survival Strategy must factually include A Proper Understanding Of Yahweh Himself... and, that's why The Very First Proverb has always stated:
" To know Wisdom [ That Which Is Most Valuable ] and Instruction [ Proper Spiritual Knowledge ], To perceive The Words Of Understanding [ That Shall Unlock: What And Who - You Truthfully Are ], to receive The Instructions Of: Wisdom, Judgment, Justice, and Equity [ That Which Is Necessary For Spiritual Growth ];
To give Prudence [ Proper And Due Caution ] to The Simple [ The Impetuous Ones ], to The Young Man [ Who Is, As Yet, Devoid Of Personal Experience ] Knowledge [ A Solid Spiritual Foundation ] and Discretion [ A Necessarily Cautious Demeanor ] -
A Wise Man [ Who Is Always Open To The Truth ] Will Hear [ What Yahweh Is Now Telling Him ] and Increase Learning [ By Observing These Magnificent Principles ], And A Man Of Understanding [ The One Who Values Such Things ] Will Attain Wise Counsel [ Through Studying These Words ],
To Understand [ Truthfully Comprehend ] A Proverb [ A Philosophical Principle ] and An Enigma [ Its Ongoing Effect Upon The World ], The Words Of The Wise [ That Continually Elude You ] and Their Riddles [ Which They, Alone, Understand ].
The Fear [ Absolute Spiritual Reverence ] of The Mighty One [ Yahweh Himself ] is The Beginning Of Knowledge [ Its One True Starting Point ], But Fools [ Those Devoid Of Understanding ] despise: Wisdom and Instruction [ Despite All Of Its Obvious Benefits ]. " - Proverbs 1:2-7.

II. The Acknowledgment Of Him

He Is Yahweh - The Mighty One!
The Best Survival Strategy cannot help, but factually include, The Acknowledgment Of Him... and, that's why The Second Proverb says:
" My Son [ That I Have Created, In My Own Image ], if you will receive My Words [ The Ones, That I Have Provided You ] and treasure My Commands [ The Ones, That I Have Given You ] Within You [ By, Earnestly Internalizing Them ],
{ *** NOTE: He's not talking about: " Spiritual Babylon's Own Interpretations Of Them "; but rather His Own: Words and Commands - as provided from within The Scriptures [ that you still refuse to read, for yourselves ]! *** }
So that You: Incline Your Ear To Wisdom [ Open Your Mind To True Knowledge ], And Apply Your Your Heart To Understanding [ Accept The Truth Into Your Heart ];
Yes [ Indeed ], If You: Cry Out For Discernment [ Desire It Above Everything Else ], And Lift Up Your Voice For Understanding [ Implore This Knowledge From Me ],
If You Seek Her [ The Lady Of Wisdom ] as Silver [ A Measure Of Real Value ], And Search For Her [ That Spirit Of Love ] as for Hidden Treasures [ Something To Rightfully Covet ];
Then You Will Understand The Fear Of The Mighty One [ For, That Is MY NATURE ], And Find The Knowledge Of Yahweh [ I've Been Waiting For You, To Do So ]. " - Proverbs 2:1-5.

III. An Earnest Desire For The Truth

Notice The Garment?
Invariably, The Best Survival Strategy must always include Practicing True Spiritual Worship; since: " Half-Measures ", and " Empty Traditions " - have always been Unacceptable To The Mighty One! In fact, that's the very reason that, Revelation Chapter 18 clearly tells us The Following:
" After These Things [ At The Time Of The End ], I saw Another Angel [ A Messenger From Yahweh ] coming down from heaven [ To Speak Upon The Earth ], having Great Authority [ He Wasn't Any Ordinary Messenger ], and The Earth Was Illuminated With His Glory [ As He Broadcast His Message Worldwide ].
{ *** NOTE: Read Daniel Chapter 12 - to confirm This Messenger's Identity! }
And He [ The Archangel Michael ] Cried Mightily [ Utilizing Every Available Resource ] With A Loud Voice [ And, It Was Amplified That Everyone Might Hear ], saying:
' Babylon The Great Is Fallen [ It No Longer Speaks For The Mighty One ], Is Fallen [ It Can Offer You Nothing Of Value ], and has become: A Habitation Of Demons [ Fallen Angels Are Now Controlling It ], A Prison For Every Foul Spirit [ Including: Satanism, Greed, Corruption, And Lawlessness ], and A Cage For Every Unclean And Hated Bird [ Those Who Continuously Refuse To Heed The Spirit Of Yahweh ]!
For All Of The Nations [ Every Last One Of Them ] Have Drunk Of The Wine Of The Wrath Of Her Fornication [ Has Surrendered Their Own Sovereignty To Her ], The Kings Of The Earth [ All Of Its Political Rulers - aka, The Illuminati Bloodlines ] Have Committed Fornication With Her [ By Serving Her Own Interests ], and The Merchants Of Earth [ All Of Its Economic Leaders - aka, The Corporate Freemasons ] Have Become Rich [ By Monopolizing All Of The Earth's Resources ] Through The Abundance Of Her Luxury [ Her Own: Secret Knowledge And Vastly Accumulated Wealth ]. '
And I heard Another Voice From Heaven [ The Spirit Of Yahweh Himself ] saying:
' Come Out Of Her [ That Spiritual Confusion ], My People [ Who Still, So Foolishly, Remain There ], Lest You Share In Her Sins [ By Following After Her Own Abominations ], and Lest You Receive Of Her Plagues [ That, I Shall Soon Be Sending Upon Her ].
For Her Sins Have Reached Up To Heaven [ In The Prayers Of My Faithful ], and The Mighty One Has Remembered Her Iniquities [ And, The Time Of Her Judgment Is Here ]. ' " - Revelation 18:1-5.

IV. Practicing True Spiritual Worship

The Mighty One loves Forrest Gump!
Up to this point in our own particular history, The Majority Of Us have only been: Playacting At Religion and/or Providing Him Lip Service... and, that's never been acceptable to The Mighty One. Consequently, The Best Survival Strategy will [ honestly ] require us to be Practicing True Spiritual Worship! In fact, that's why The 15th Psalm plainly says:
" Mighty One, who may abide in Your Tabernacle [ The Kingdom That Is Coming ]? Who may dwell in Your Holy Hill [ Amidst Those Prophesied Trees Of Life ]?
He who: Walks Uprightly [ With A Clear Conscience Towards Everyone ], And Works Righteousness [ Motivated By The Proper Spirit ], And Speaks The Truth In His Heart [ Without Any Personal Agenda ];
He who: Does Not Backbite With His Tongue [ In Secret To Others ], Nor Does Evil To His Neighbor [ At Any Time ], Nor Does He Take Up A Reproach Against His Friend [ Who Places His Own Trust In Him ]; In Whose Eyes A Vile Person Is Despised [ For, Causing Spiritual Dissension ], But He Honors Those Who Fear The Mighty One [ Since, They Promote The Common Good For Everyone ];
He who: Swears To His Own Hurt [ His Own Integrity Matters ] and Does Not Change [ Despite Any Personal Consequences ];
He who: Does Not Put Out His Money At Usury [ But, Freely Assists Others ], Nor Does He Take A Bribe Against The Innocent [ Since, Justice Is Truthfully Valuable ].
He who: Does These Things [ Being Motivated By Love ] Shall Never Be Moved [ For, I Shall Strengthen Him Immeasurably ]. " - Psalm 15:1-5.

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!

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