Monday, March 5, 2012

The Popular Movie: " Sin City " - by Frank Miller - is Their Own Satanic Vision of the approaching Kingdom Of Lucifer.

Frank Miller's Sin City.
The Popular Movie: " Sin City " - by satanic cartoonist Frank Miller - is the most graphic depiction possible of ' Hell On Earth '! In this visionary tale of a fictitious American town [ named ]: " Basin City " - we can see the kind of unrestrained lifestyle that These Satanists: Actively Promote, Fully Advocate, and [ even ] Expectantly Look Forward To - both: In The Underworld and [ later ] Upon The Earth. In fact, to call it: " A Darwinian Nightmare " - would be to utilize far too tame of language. Every single person inhabiting its local environs is inherently Evil... and, there are no other words to describe them.

Don't believe it, then why not watch this Short Theatrical Preview for: " Sin City " - their own Satanic Prototype for: " The Greatest Place To Live Ever ". If there's any decency left within you, then you might not agree.... 

America In Prophecy

Sin City - by: Frank Miller

{ *** NOTE: This: Movie Trailer and Its Following Article - have been included for your own Spiritual Edification into exactly who we are up against. If you are easily offended, then don't watch this particular trailer! The Scriptures clearly say: " Be Ye As Wise As Serpents " - in understanding your own adversaries... and that's, The Reason Why It Was Included. }

While these depictions of Sin City are quite sick, to a mentally balanced group of human beings, they are [ indeed ] indicative of These Satanists Own Vision! Just: Read Their Song Lyrics, Examine Their Movies, and Read Their Own Literature - if, in fact, you don't honestly believe me....

You had better Start Waking Up... and, pretty quickly too! Because, as the popular band Phish will clearly tell you in their hit song Crowd Control: " It's Already Getting Crowded In The Lowland "... and Sin City is strictly their own vision of Utopia; and most-certainly not yours. In fact, there's no room for: " The Meek " - in Sin City!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace be upon you!


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