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Those Mysterious Animal Deaths are not All That Mysterious, in fact Hosea Chapter 4 - clearly documents them over 3000 Years Ago!

Mysterious Animal Deaths.
Since 2011, The Same Year That America's Judgments Began, there have been numerous occurrences of: " Mysterious Animal Deaths " - reported from all over our entire planet! But, there isn't any ' Real Mystery ' as to what has been happening. In Hosea Chapter 4, we can factually read about These Ongoing Events - as they were so very clearly written about, Well Over 3000 Years Ago.

The Hunger Games....
Not so surprisingly, however, we could also just watch: " The Hunger Games ", " Soylent Green ", and " Logan's Run "; or numerous other related Illuminati Movies  - which all [ equally reference ] What's Most Certainly Now Coming - each, in their own allegorical forms. Since, Lucifer [ himself ] Knows The Scriptures; and [ indeed ] he loves to factually brag about it!

Don't believe me, about: These Mysterious Animal Deaths and The Food Shortages That Are Now Coming? Then why not read more. Hosea Chapter 4 begins upon the very next page....

In Hosea Chapter 4, We Read:
" Hear The Word of The Mighty One, You Children Of Israel [ You People Of Zion ], For The Mighty One brings A CHARGE against The Inhabitants Of The Land  [ The Entire Earth ]:
There is no: Truth, Mercy, or Knowledge Of Yahweh - in the land [ You Have Failed To Instruct Even Your Own Children ].
By Swearing [ Falsely ] and Lying [ About Me ], Killing [ The Innocent ] and Stealing [ The Labors From One Another ] and Committing Adultery [ Throughout All Of The Lands ], They [ These People Of Earth ] Break All Restraint [ There Is Nothing They Will Not Do ], With Bloodshed [ Murder, Genocide, And War ] after Bloodshed [ Each Of Them Greater Than The Last ].
Therefore [ Because Of These Things ], The Land Will Mourn [ The Earth Shall Suffer For It ]; And everyone who dwells there [ Its Human Inhabitants ] will waste away [ Suffer Increasing Physical Hunger And Starvation ] - With: The Beasts Of The Field [ Your Own Cattle ] And The Birds Of The Air [ Your Migratory Harvest ]; And even The Fish Of The Sea [ That Which Fills Your Own Nets ] will be taken away [ Because, You Have Rejected My Own Wisdom ]. " - Hosea 4:1-3.

Since: " The True Charge " - Being Scripturally Presented - is now Verifiably Quite Accurate; if The Mighty One factually exists, then we should certainly expect those: Very Clear, Extremely Precise, and Properly Recorded Consequences to begin [ factually occurring ] worldwide. After all, by this point, we've already experienced: World War I, World War II, The Nazi Holocaust, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, An Intentional Financial Collapse, and [ now ] The Completed Beginning Of Sorrows; and [ indeed ] Those FEMA Camps are now just around the corner. Let's just see, What Is Currently Happening Worldwide - regarding Mysterious Animal Deaths....

America In Prophecy

Mysterious Animal Deaths - by: Various News Sources

Hosea Chapter 4, Then Continues:
" Now let no man contend [ Start Quarrels ], or reprove another [ Based Upon Your Own Spiritual Ignorance ], For your people [ These Rebellious And Insolent Ones ] are like those who contend [ Continually Argue ] with The Priest [ The One Set Over You ].
Therefore [ Because, You Have Rejected Him ], You Shall Stumble [ Face Troubling Difficulties ] In The Day [ The Time Of Jacob's Own Prophesied Trouble ]; The Prophet [ The One, Whom I Have Chosen ] Shall Also Stumble [ Facing These Very Same Difficulties ] with you In The Night [ While Reasoning With You ]; And I Will Destroy Your Mother [ That Spiritual Abomination Before Me ].
My Own People [ The Ones Whom I've Planted ] are destroyed [ Among Their Paganized Churches ] for The Lack Of Knowledge [ So, Be It ]. Because You Have Rejected Knowledge [ That I, Myself, Have Painstakingly Given You ], I Will Also Reject You [ You Ignorant Ones ] From Being Priest For Me [ In Sharing My Truths To The World ]; Because You Have Forgotten The Law Of Your Mighty One [ That, Is So Plainly Written Down ], I Also Will Forget Your Children [ Blot Them Out Of My Own Book Of Life ].
The more that They Increased [ My Own Spiritual Children ], The more that They Sinned Against Me [ In Rejecting True Knowledge ]; I will change Their Glory [ The United States Of America ] Into Shame [ By Thoroughly Destroying It ].
They [ These Satanists ] Eat Up [ Fully Exult In ] The Sin Of My People [ In Following After Spiritual Babylon ]; They [ These Children Of Disobedience ] Set Their Heart [ Shall Fully Resolve Themselves ] Upon Their Iniquity [ These Coming Exterminations ].
And it shall be [ Among All Of These Sun Worshipers ]: Like People [ These Church Members ], Like Priest [ Their: Own Evil Shepherds And Goatherds ]. So [ In This Way ], I Will Punish Them [ Until, They Truly Repent ] for Their Ways [ In Serving After Babylon ], And Reward Them [ Their Full Due Measure ] for Their Deeds [ In Breaking My Own Laws ].
For they shall eat [ The Little That Is Available ], but not have enough [ To Properly Sustain Them ]; the shall commit harlotry [ Then, Doing So, In Secret ], but not increase [ While, Their Own Numbers Shall Increasingly Dwindle ]; Because, They Have Ceased Obeying The Mighty One [ By Not Following His Own Leading ]. " - Isaiah 4:4-10.

The Topic Of: Mysterious Animal Deaths

Satanic Song Lyrics are depressing.
Personally, I had grown tired of being a conduit for: Interpreting Satanic Song Lyrics [ since, it pains me to study them ] and Writing Things About Myself [ since, I'm not that self-centered or narrowly focused ]... so, I chose The Scriptural Topic Of Hosea Chapter 4 - knowing that it clearly spoke about These Mysterious Animal Deaths - currently being reported... but, once again, The Spirit Of Yahweh still got [ exactly ]: " What He Alone Wanted " - in Writing About Me, yet again.

You see, dear brothers and sisters, when The Scriptures plainly state that: " The Mighty One Is No Respecter Of Persons " - that [ even ] includes His Own True Prophets! In fact, I would dare to simply guess Even More So... since, I [ myself ] see things That You Factually Don't... but, that is neither: here, nor there; and such speculations aren't really of much value. Meanwhile, The Point Is, that I serve Yahweh alone; and He, Himself, doesn't serve me! I'm not going to: Knowingly Lie To You, or [ even ] Merely Guess At Things - like those: " Evil Shepherds, False Prophets, And Empty Oracles Of Spiritual Babylon ". In fact, The True Issues Are Far Too Important!

While All Of You are still looking for ' These Signs Of The End ', to one day eventually happen, I have been honestly reporting them - For Well Over Two Years Now - amidst all of my own blogs! In fact, these long prophesied Mysterious Animal Deaths are merely one of hundreds of Actual God-Given Signs, that I have correctly reported... but, I understand: It's Too Hard To Believe and You're Simply Not Ready Yet... still, It's Going To Cost You.

Click here, for The Second Part Of Hosea Chapter 4.....
{ *** NOTE: The Line: " Use The Force Luke " - found in The Movie Star Wars - was actually A Message To Me, to utilize all of these: Songs, Books, Movies, Poems, and Nursery Rhymes provided by The Matrix Of Spiritual Babylon... rather, than [ merely ] relying upon The Scriptures themselves. Which, I admit, I really didn't want to do... since, after all: I'm Still Worried About Trinity, She Doesn't Accept Anything But Scripture, and The Only Comments That I Seem To Get [ from the rest of you ] Are Mocking Ones... but, obviously, His Own Mind is made up! *** }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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