Monday, June 25, 2012

The Time Of My Own Long Prophesied Silence has finally begun... let me know, when you're [ factually ] ready to move forward!

Jeshurun - " The Truthful One ".
While, up until now, I have provided you a great deal of: Well-Researched, Painstakingly-Verified, and Highly-Useful Information - at absolutely no cost to you... I can no longer survive financially without some very serious employment! Just as I [ factually ] knew would inevitably happen, based entirely upon The Scriptures Regarding Me [ found, very plainly, spelled out: In Hosea Chapter 4 ]:
  • My Own Wife Has Now Finally Left Me...
  • My Unemployment Is Completely Exhausted...
  • You Continually Refuse To Wake Up...
  • And, Only One Of You, Has Ever Provided Any Type Of Assistance!

Consequently, therefore, My Own Personal Writings are [ also ] now going to diminish - just as, The Scriptures have truthfully forewarned you. After all, if I have to properly support myself - by this point - then, you honestly aren't ready yet... and, your own: Spiritual and Physical Troubles -  are obviously: Very Well-Deserved and [ indeed ] Very Much-Needed! In essence: " I can lead a horse to water; but I cannot make him drink it "; nor, would I be so foolish as to ignorantly try....

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The True Meaning of: " Willie Wonka And The Chocolate Factory " - is that, Charlie Bucket has been selected as The Prince Of His Covenant!

Willie Wonka - 1971.
In The Popular 1971 Film: " Willie Wonka And The Chocolate Factory " - written by Roald Dahl and directed by Mel Stuart - we are being provided a glimpse into far more than just An Imaginary Chocolate Factory... and, indeed, we are witnessing A Spectacular And Historic Event! Because, Charlie Bucket - which literally means: " The Free Man Who Was An Empty And Highly-Useful Vessel " - Passed The Real Test; that was so craftily administered by Mr. Willie Wonka... and, he has [ factually ] won, The Entire Chocolate Factory....

Peter Ostrum - " The Stone From Austria ".
You see, dear brothers and sisters, Willie Wonka [ actually ] refers to: " The Very Astute And Hardworking One - Who Possesses: The Will, Desire, And Helmet Of Protection ", or " The True Candy Man " - Our Own Human Creator...  and, The Real Competition was over precisely who would get to physically inherit All Of His Numerous Creations. Consequently: The Sole Remaining Child, with A Golden Ticket - will, ultimately, inherit everything... for, He has been [ very-carefully ] chosen - by The One True Mighty One - as: " The Prince Of His Covenant "!

If you don't believe me, then why not watch The Final Few Minutes from within: " Willie Wonka And The Chocolate Factory " - starring: Gene Wilder, Jack Albertson, and Peter Ostrum... and then, we'll prove it, from The Biblical Scriptures....

America In Prophecy

Wille Wonka and The Chocolate Factory - by: Mel Stuart.

{ *** NOTE: Please forgive me, that this video clip no longer matches all of the following text! I had to use a slightly different one, since the one previous is no longer currently available. The text, however, is still entirely accurate. }

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Trumpeting Sounds, that you've now been hearing worldwide, are Apocalyptic Trumpets providing A Message For Israel!

Angels Trumpeting - The End Is Now Near....
Since March Of 2011, the extremely strange phenomenon of Apocalyptic Trumpeting Sounds have been occurring worldwide: In Various and Diverse Physical Locations... and, as to be expected, Our Own Scientific Community has offered us numerous Natural Explanations for these ongoing and factual occurrences. Not so surprisingly, however, An Impending Judgment Upon The Nations Of Earth just isn't one of them....

They Have Equally Blamed:
  • The Aurora Borealis - around the earth's physical equator...
  • Radio Towers - where there, actually, aren't any within hundreds of miles...
  • Background Radiation - that has, apparently, never occurred prior to March Of 2011...

Unexplained Animal Extinctions....
In Fact, it is now quite obvious from their own pathetic responses to these Ongoing Trumpeting Sounds, that they're actually Not Interested In Finding The Truth... but rather, they are merely fixated upon: Perpetuating Their Delusions Of Atheism - despite, all of the Rapidly Accumulating Evidence Otherwise! Meanwhile, of course, the very same can be said, for those: Mysterious Animal Deaths Occurring Worldwide - which [ quite honestly ], began around the exact same time. Obviously, True Objectivity Is Now Dead; and " Their Flat Earth Society " - is, once again, totally in charge.... 

Just watch The Following Video, entitled: " Apocalyptic Trumpets " - by The Jim Paris Show - to see, what I'm factually talking about....

America In Prophecy

Apocalyptic Trumpets - by: The Jim Paris Show.

{ *** NOTE: Please disregard Pastor Jim Paris's own personal religious delusions. In fact, he teaches many things - such as: " A Pretribulational Rapture " - that, simply, aren't so. However, these Apocalyptic Trumpeting Sounds are - indeed - quite factual! *** }

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Popular: Comic Book Character and Video Game Hero: " Mega Man X " - is now [ also ] A Prophetical Movie!

Mega Man X - movie poster.
While the mainstream movie studios have not been able to produce films for all of these prophetical allegories; thanks to modern computer systems, several low budget films have been truthfully made for many of them. Meanwhile, of course, The Fan Made Movie for: " Mega Man X " - is among the truly better ones in this particular genre! In fact, the actual film quality for Mega Man X is [ honestly ] about as good as An Early 1970's Movie... and, it remains remarkably true to the original story involved. Amazingly: Blue Core Studios and Eddie Lebron [ the film's director ] - have carefully carved out an exciting niche for themselves, by taking upon some of these often neglected film projects... and, with virtually no budget at all, they have produced several of these reasonably good films!

The Coming Eclipse Of The Sun....
For those of you who aren't aware of it: " Mega Man X " - is a Japanese Allegory, found in the form of: Their Own Cartoons and Video Games... and, was originally created by Keiji Inafune - which literally means: " To Lead Cautiously, While Following The God Of The Moon "... and, considering all of these other prophetical allegories - In Relation To Ongoing Moon Symbology - I personally find that to be remarkably interesting... but, of course, my own eyes have long ago been opened upon that particular subject!

Just watch The Following Movie Trailer for: " Mega Man X " - created by Keiji Inafune and directed by Eddie Lebron - to see what I'm talking about. You might just learn something by listening to Doctor Light Himself....

America In Prophecy

Mega Man X  [  ] - by: Eddie Lebron.

{ *** NOTE: To watch the entire movie of: " Mega Man X " - just  follow this link ---> Mega Man X - The Complete Film <--- to Blue Core Studios. *** }

Friday, June 15, 2012

The movie: " NEXT " - by Lee Tamahori - is a highly valuable piece of prophetical allegory, to The Children Of Israel!

NEXT 2007 - movie poster.
While most of us are Continually Focused Upon The Present, millions of others are getting paid gargantuan sums to just speculate upon our own near distant futures. In fact, there are now entire agencies, that factually do nothing else to support themselves. Meanwhile, of course, Their Own Best Efforts Are Still Just Educated Guesses! Oh, what most of us wouldn't pay, just to [ truthfully ] know: " What Happens Next ". But alas, That's Completely Impossible... or, Is It?

Michael is an angel... not, a saint!
According to The Biblical Scriptures: " God Knew The End, From The Very Beginning "; and: " The Archangel Michael Provided These Very Same Messages To All Of His Prophets "... after all, Michael was the privileged angel known in Hebrew as Cal El: " קל-אל - The Voice Of Yahweh "... and, more importantly, angels have been documented as having previously taken human form! Meanwhile, in The Popular Movie: " NEXT " - produced in 2007 by Nicholas Cage and directed by Lee Tamahori - we are observing just such an interesting person....

In fact, Cris Johnson [ which means: " The: Bearer Of Christ And Son Gifted From God " ] - also known by his public persona of: Frank Cadillac [ " The: Free Man, Frenchman, And Finest Of His Kind " ] - is, obviously, Some Form Of Hybrid Human Being... but, exactly, What Is He? He's actually: " Michael The Archangel "... and, interestingly enough, I Can Prove It! If you don't believe it, then just watch The Following Movie Trailer for: " NEXT " - to see, exactly, what I'm talking about....

America In Prophecy

NEXT [ 2007 ] - by: Lee Tamahori.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Who Watches Over The Watchmen? This allegory makes it perfectly clear... that, Doctor Manhattan does!

Watchmen 2009 - movie poster.
Sometimes, while studying these Numerous Prophetical Allegories, you'll encounter an exceptionally good one... and yet, Its Own Movie Trailers are virtually useless for obtaining Any Valuable Information. Consequently, therefore, you just have to watch the movie to properly understand it. Meanwhile, such is the true case with The Highly Popular Movie: " Watchmen " - a 2009 classic, directed by Zach Snyder [ whose own name, literally, means: " In The Remembrance Of God, It Is He Who Tailors The Cloth " ]. You see, whoever edited These Trailers For Watchmen was [ factually ] attempting to conceal its: Highly Spiritual Nature and Carefully Devised Messages!

In fact, The Three Movie Trailers to: " Watchmen " - are intentionally focused around All Of Its Negative Messages of: Indiscriminate Sex, Utter Contempt, Outright Hatred, Ongoing Violence, and Spiritual Non-Belief... while, eschewing Every Spiritual Counterpoint - found within, and completely interwoven throughout, this very interesting movie! Ergo, The Obvious Intention Of These Trailers is to factually discourage The True Spiritual Believer from ever viewing this movie... and, Why? Because, it will [ actually ] Answer A Great Many Important Questions!

Please, Remember:
" Lucifer's Own Goal Is To Educate His Own Children, Into These Upcoming Events; But, Not Yahweh's... After All, That Would Be Counter-Productive! "

Consequently, therefore, I've Selected Certain Movie Clips from within: " Watchmen " - directed by Zach Snyder - where each one of them, will provide us Some Highly-Valuable Information about it. I hope that you'll truthfully understand....

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dragon Ball Evolution is a prophetical movie - written and directed by James Wong - for the overall benefit of TAO.

Dragon Ball Evolution - 2009.
The Popular 2009 Movie: " Dragon Ball Evolution " - is a prophetical allegory from The Nation Of Japan, which explains Our Own Impending Historical Events, within the overall: Spiritual Framework and Truly Disciplined Teachings - of Taoism [ aka: TAO, DAO, or YAO ]! And, let's face it, whether we refer to Him as: " The Alpha And Omega ", " Divine Alpha And Omega ", or [ even ] " Your Alpha And Omega " - is functionally irrelevant... after all, when everything else is said and done, He Still Remains Our One And Only: " Alpha And Omega ". It's just like, the scripture very plainly says:
" Now, Hear O' Israel, Our God Is One! "

Goku [ Michael ] and Piccolo [ Lucifer ].
Meanwhile, of course, Our Two Main Characters of: " Goku [ aka: The Son Of The Sky, The Son From Heaven, or Michael ] ", and " Piccolo [ aka: Pan, Bacchus, or Lucifer ] " - are now waging an ongoing war over The Seven Dragon Balls [ or, The Mufaba - designed to encapsulate and restrain The World's Evil Forces within them ]. In essence, therefore, these are The Very Same 7 Horcruxes that: Harry Potter [ The Army Commander Of Yahweh ] and Voldemorte [ He Who Flees Death ] - are fighting over. In fact, these are actually The Seven Religious Systems Comprising Spiritual Babylon - upon which Lucifer's Own Kingdom [ these: Different Forms Of Sun Worship ] are now primarily reliant!

What... you, don't believe me? Then why not watch The Following 2009 Movie Trailer for: " Dragon Ball Evolution " - written and directed by James Wong - to see, exactly, what I'm talking about. You might, just learn something important....

America In Prophecy

Dragon Ball Evolution [ 2009 ] - by: James Wong.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus is a very interesting Prophetical Allegory having been provided by writer and director Terry Gilliam.

The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus.
Of all the Prophetical Allegories, that I have taken the necessary time to review: " The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus " - directed by Terry Gilliam in 2009 - has to be The Most Interesting Of Them All... and, not just for: The Story It's Telling; but, also for: The Illuminati Symbolism Being Effectively Employed! In fact, from the very beginning of this seemingly Fantastical Tale, we notice: Many Interesting Parallels and Highly-Spiritual Allusions. Nor, can any of it be honestly described as An Unintended Coincidence!

While providing A Distinctly Buddhist Framework upon which to base this interesting Spiritual Allegory, the characters themselves are all found within The Pages Of Any Standard Bible.

After All, They Clearly Include:
  • Doctor Parnassus: Yahweh-Hushua Your Own Healer.
  • Mister Nick: Lucifer The Accuser And Deceiver.
  • Valentina: The Confused Daughter Of Israel.
  • Tony Liar: The One Who Provides For Her Atonement.

Before just dismissing, what I'm now telling to you, why not watch The Following Two Minute Trailer to: " The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus " - with all of these things in mind... and, just see what I'm factually talking about? In all honest reality, you just might be totally surprised....

America In Prophecy

Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus - by: Terry Gilliam.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Chronicles Of Riddick - by director David Twohy - is a futuristic tale depicting: Very Real and Unfolding Events!

Chronicles Of Riddick - 2004.
Since Lucifer and His Forces Of Darkness fully intend to, once again, Fully Dominate The Earth - just as they did, Prior To The Flood - they have invested a great deal of effort into The Ongoing Confusion known equally as: " The Matrix ", and " Spiritual Babylon "! After all, they want you to be: Pitiful, Weak, Powerless, Defenseless, and Individually Pathetic... because, it's [ truthfully ] much easier To Defeat A Demoralized Opponent. In fact, they'll continually tell you that: " You're Only One Person... And, One Person Means Absolutely Nothing In The Much-Larger Scheme Of Things! " - but, Is That Actually True? Just consider, The Visionary Tale Of: " Riddick ".

Riddick - Got His Eyes Shined While In Prison.
In: " The Chronicles Of Riddick " - A 2004 Film directed David Twohy and starring Vin Diesel - its main character, Richard B Riddick [ which means: " The Strong And Powerful Ruler - Became - The One Amidst The Reeds " ] clearly illustrates to everyone, that The Right Man Can Make A Very Big Difference! You see, dear brothers and sisters, that: " Strong and Powerful Ruler " - is none other than Michael The Archangel... and: " The One Amidst The Reeds " - is Your Own Long-Awaited Prophet, being referred to scripturally as Jeshurun. In fact, the truly fantastical tale of: " Riddick " - is yet another, very interesting, Prophetical Allegory.

I know, You Don't Believe Me... Right? Well then, why not just humor me; and, watch The Following Two Minute Trailer for: " The Chronicles Of Riddick " - while paying very close attention to everything that is being said....

America In Prophecy

The Chronicles Of Riddick [ 2004 ] - by: David Twohy.

Friday, June 1, 2012

In the prophetical allegory of: " Blade " - we receive a great deal of very useful information!

Blade 1998 - movie poster.
In The Popular Movie: " Blade " - starring Wesley Snipes as the main character Eric Brooks [ which literally translates: " The Eternal Ruler And Son Of The Brook " ] - we are witnessing A Prophetical Allegory about a very interesting avatar. While Eric Brooks Is Only One Person, he [ himself ] actually possesses: Two Entirely Different and Very Distinct Beings - Living Together Within Him! In fact, this information is clearly being presented to you in Its Original 1998 Theatrical Trailer.

Blade Trinity 2004 - movie poster.
Of course, his own character's name of: " Eric Brooks [ which refers to: " The Archangel Michael and Jeshurun The Prophet " ] " - should actually tip you off to The True Spiritual Nature of this particular allegory! But, then again, almost none of you [ actually ]: Study The Scriptures, Pay Attention To History, or even Scrutinize These Allegories... after all, it's very difficult To Make The Necessary Time - with so many other things to: WatchListen To, or Do.... Isn't, that [ honestly ] so?

Well, now that I've Brought It To Your Own Attention, let's see what I'm truthfully talking about. After all, it might just be important? So, For Your Own Personal Edification, I present you the theatrical trailer from The Popular 1998 Movie: " Blade " - written by David S. Goyer and scrupulously directed by Steven Norrington....

America In Prophecy

Blade [ 1998 ] - by: Stephen Norrington.