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The movie: " NEXT " - by Lee Tamahori - is a highly valuable piece of prophetical allegory, to The Children Of Israel!

NEXT 2007 - movie poster.
While most of us are Continually Focused Upon The Present, millions of others are getting paid gargantuan sums to just speculate upon our own near distant futures. In fact, there are now entire agencies, that factually do nothing else to support themselves. Meanwhile, of course, Their Own Best Efforts Are Still Just Educated Guesses! Oh, what most of us wouldn't pay, just to [ truthfully ] know: " What Happens Next ". But alas, That's Completely Impossible... or, Is It?

Michael is an angel... not, a saint!
According to The Biblical Scriptures: " God Knew The End, From The Very Beginning "; and: " The Archangel Michael Provided These Very Same Messages To All Of His Prophets "... after all, Michael was the privileged angel known in Hebrew as Cal El: " קל-אל - The Voice Of Yahweh "... and, more importantly, angels have been documented as having previously taken human form! Meanwhile, in The Popular Movie: " NEXT " - produced in 2007 by Nicholas Cage and directed by Lee Tamahori - we are observing just such an interesting person....

In fact, Cris Johnson [ which means: " The: Bearer Of Christ And Son Gifted From God " ] - also known by his public persona of: Frank Cadillac [ " The: Free Man, Frenchman, And Finest Of His Kind " ] - is, obviously, Some Form Of Hybrid Human Being... but, exactly, What Is He? He's actually: " Michael The Archangel "... and, interestingly enough, I Can Prove It! If you don't believe it, then just watch The Following Movie Trailer for: " NEXT " - to see, exactly, what I'm talking about....

America In Prophecy

NEXT [ 2007 ] - by: Lee Tamahori.

NEXT: Is A Prophetical Allegory

Before we actually examine The Text Of This Trailer, I thought it might be somewhat helpful to examine The Character Names of some other Key People... for instance, just consider: The Detective Attempting To Manipulate Him and The Girlfriend Whom He Factually Loves. After all, This Allegory Revolves Entirely Around Them... and, they both Play Very Key Parts In This Story!

Callie Ferris is The United States Of America....
As a symbolical character, Detective: " Callie Ferris " - is far more than she seems! Just consider, The True Meaning Of Her Own Name - " The One Who Shoes Horses [ The Industrious Aryan Nation ] Amidst The Large Forest [ All Of The World's Other Great Nations ] " - which symbolically tells us, that she metaphorically represents The United States Of America. Which, of course, she also does literally in her occupation of Federal Agent... but, indeed, The Metaphorical Meaning will become very important - in our eventual discussion of this trailer.

Liz Cooper - is just another name for Israel....
Meanwhile, of course, we cannot forget His Beautiful Girlfriend: " Liz Cooper " - who is, quite honestly, symbolical as well. You see, dear brothers and sisters, The True Meaning Of Her Name - " God's Daughter: The Consecrated And Promised One [ Collectively Referred To As Israel ] - Who Is The Actual Progeny Of A Highly Skilled Carpenter [ Yahshua Himself ] " - is also very informative! After all, The Ten Tribes Of Israel are extremely important to Michael - " The Angel Who, Constantly, Watches Over Them "....

NEXT: We'll Look At Its Trailer

Tell Me, What Just Happened [ He Witnessed A Nuclear Attack ]?
If I Do What You Want [ By Providing You A Tactical Conduit Into Your Future ]...
You'll Keep Me In This Chair Forever [ I'll, Merely, Become Your Own Insurance Policy ]!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Cris Johnson

Has The Unique Ability

To See Things, Before They Happen

And, If You Can See The Future

You Can Change The Present.

But, That Kind Of Power

Has A Price!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Before They Happen [ You've Got To Be Kidding Me ]?
Except With You [ However, You're Different... Because, I Love You! ]...  
I've Seen Far Beyond Anything [ And, You Amplify My Own Natural Abilities ]
That I've Ever Seen Before [ I Will Be Able To See Everything... Even, More Clearly ]!
{ *** NOTE: I need you to come to me, NEXT... in order to, factually, be successful! *** }

You Need To Get Away From Here [ America Is Fixing To Be Destroyed ]!

I Believe, That The Urgency Of The Situation [ Considering What Happens Next ]...
Compels The Use Of: Any And All Resources - To Obtain Cris Johnson [ The American Government Will Be Coming - For You, Next ]!

I've Seen Every Possible Ending [ I Spent Several Years Of My Own Life Figuring It All Out ]...
None Of Them Are Good For You [ The United States Will Definitely Be Destroyed ]!
Millions Of Lives Are At Risk [ What Are You Saying ]...
You Can Prevent A Major Catastrophe [ With Your Help, Can't We Somehow Survive This ]?

I Don't Want You To Die [ Take Care Of Yourself, I Need You ]!
It Happened [ America Is Already Destroyed ]...

She Still Ends Up Dead [ She Simply Won't Listen ].
She's Still Alive [ Try Something Different ]...
We All Are [ Nothing Is Final, Yet ]...
Let's Just Try, To Keep It That Way [ Why Not, Look Out For Both Of Us ]....

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You May Think You Know

What The Future Holds 

But, Nothing Can Prepare You

For What Happens 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I Made A Mistake [ I Shouldn't Have Attempted To Save Both Of You ]...
It's Happening Now [ I Won't, Ever, Do That Again ]!

{ *** NOTE: America's Own Judgment Is Final! Yahweh has already spoken.... *** }

NEXT: Is A Real Dilemma For Frank Cadillac

You see, dear brothers and sisters, Frank Cadillac [ or, Jeshurun - Your Own Prophet ] is: " The Real American " - in every ' True Meaning Of The Term '! As a Patriotic American, he firmly believes in The Actual Philosophical Ideals - upon which his own nation was originally founded... and, he would like nothing more, than to factually save it from Its Own Physical Destruction. But, it's already Far Beyond: " That Spiritual Point Of No Return "... and, there's absolutely nothing, that he can do about it! The Mighty One Has Already Made Up His Mind....

On the other hand, however, He Can Save The Ten Tribes Of Israel... if, only, they'll finally: " Wake Up And Factually Begin Listening To Him "... because, the moment that they do, Michael Will Factually Take Over! That's why, In The Movie Avatar, Col. Miles Quaritch stated:
" A Marine In An Avatar Body [ An Angelic Soldier In A Human Body ]... Now, That's A Potent Mix [ He Could, Factually, Do Almost Anything ]....
You Get Me [ Your Own Mighty One ] What I Want [ By Doing My Own Personally Expressed Will ]... And, I'll See That You Get Your Legs Back [ You'll Be Physically Restored From Your Own Back Problems, At That Time ]...
Your Real Legs [ The Rest Of Your Own Angelic Powers, Also ]! "

Can You, Hear Me Now...? When everything is said and done, Absolutely Everything Hinges Upon You! What You Do: " NEXT " - is far more important, than anything, that I can do....

While Frank Cadillac [ Jeshurun The Prophet ] can quite honestly Unlock Israel's Next True Potential... only she, can unlock his own! You see, Cris Johnson [ The Archangel Michael ] has factually known Liz Cooper [ Yahweh's Own Daughter ]  - in: " The Truest Biblical Sense Of The Term " - all of his own, Very Long Life... and, indeed, though she can't seem to remember it: They're Already Betrothed In The Eyes Of The Mighty One. Consequently, therefore, He's Not Doing Anything Without Liz Cooper... not, for: America or Anyone Else!

{ *** NOTE: For some: Very Strange and Highly Coincidental Reason - Nicholas Cage [ which means: " Victory To The People Over The Prison House " ] - seems to find himself, The Main Character in a great number of Prophetical Allegories. In fact, call me completely crazy... but, it's almost, as if: " Divine Hands Were Carefully Scripting His Own Personal Career "! It's really a shame, that Hollywood Is Already Broken... because, now we'll never know, what he might have done NEXT...? }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!

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