Monday, June 25, 2012

The Time Of My Own Long Prophesied Silence has finally begun... let me know, when you're [ factually ] ready to move forward!

Jeshurun - " The Truthful One ".
While, up until now, I have provided you a great deal of: Well-Researched, Painstakingly-Verified, and Highly-Useful Information - at absolutely no cost to you... I can no longer survive financially without some very serious employment! Just as I [ factually ] knew would inevitably happen, based entirely upon The Scriptures Regarding Me [ found, very plainly, spelled out: In Hosea Chapter 4 ]:
  • My Own Wife Has Now Finally Left Me...
  • My Unemployment Is Completely Exhausted...
  • You Continually Refuse To Wake Up...
  • And, Only One Of You, Has Ever Provided Any Type Of Assistance!

Consequently, therefore, My Own Personal Writings are [ also ] now going to diminish - just as, The Scriptures have truthfully forewarned you. After all, if I have to properly support myself - by this point - then, you honestly aren't ready yet... and, your own: Spiritual and Physical Troubles -  are obviously: Very Well-Deserved and [ indeed ] Very Much-Needed! In essence: " I can lead a horse to water; but I cannot make him drink it "; nor, would I be so foolish as to ignorantly try....

You Have, Honestly, Failed To Assist Me

Watch Your Own Steps!
All that it would have truthfully taken, is enough factual interest to: Stumble, Digg, or [ even ] Facebook - some of these messages... so that others, besides your own selves, Might Find A Valuable Pathway To These Truths... and yet, you wouldn't even lift a finger to factually assist me. Therefore, since: I Cannot Stop The Events That Are Now Coming, nor [ even ] Slow Them Down To Grant You More Time - as a nation, You Shall All Equally Suffer For It! While your own shepherds don't honestly care, It breaks my own heart to know what is [ now ] Most Assuredly Coming....

Any Personal Suffering, that you may honestly experience from this particular point forward, is only occurring: " For Your Own Spiritual Chastening " - just as, My Own Father Has Scripturally Assured You! Just, Remember The Following Scriptural Passage, as these troubles [ now ] physically come upon you....

Revelation Chapter 3:18-20
" I [ Your Own Mighty One ] counsel You [ The Ones Who Lack A True Knowledge ] to buy from Me [ Rather Than, Those False Churches Of Babylon ] gold refined in the fire [ The Truth Proven By Your Own Personal Afflictions ], that You [ O Ignorant Ones ] may be rich [ In Possessing All Of My Much-Needed Truths ];
and White Garments [ Wearing My Own Wedding Clothes, Rather Than Lucifer's ], that You [ O Spiritually Blinded Ones ] may be clothed [ When My Own Judgment Comes ], that the shame of Your Nakedness [ In Pursuing The Deceiver Of Many Nations ] may not be revealed [ Upon The Day Of My Wrath ]; and anoint Your Eyes [ The Spiritual Ones Inside Of You ] with eye salve [ These Truths All Around You ], that You May See [ That Which Has Always Been Testified About Me ].
As many as I love [ Among All Of The Earth's Highly-Numerous Children ] I rebuke and chasten [ Utilizing Your Own Life Experiences To Do So ]. Therefore [ Understanding These Things ], be zealous [ For Your Own Spiritual Lives ] and repent [ That I Might, Factually, Restore You ].
Behold [ I Haven't Hidden Myself ], I stand at the door [ Calling Out To You, That I Might Factually Enter ] and knock [ Through The Effective Use Of Every Available Resource ]. If anyone hears My Voice [ My Son Michael - The True Voice Of Yahweh ] and opens the door [ Unto Him ] I [ Also ] will come in to Him [ The Watchman Whom I, Myself, Have Truthfully Provided ] and dine with Him [ As He Leads You, To The Promised Land ], and He [ The Prince Of My Own Covenant ] with Me [ Providing Your Own Safety Before Him ]. " - Revelation 3:18-20.

" You aren't afraid of the dark, are you? "
As The True Watchman Of Yahweh, I have done everything within my own power To Wake All Of You Up... and, your own blood is not upon my hands. In fact, it rests squarely upon Your Own Very Filthy Ones! You've reaped what you've sown... and, you've sown to: " The Whirlwind " - now, so fully surrounding you. Since, you've [ truthfully ] chosen your own: " Sun Gods [ The Ba'als ] ", " Preflood Technologies [ The Original Baalim ] ", and " Humanly Led Governments [ Political Babylon ] " - let them save you, from what is now honestly coming... just as, Isaiah Chapter 8:19-22 has so long ago prophesied!

Since you don't want The Truth, I shall no longer be providing it. When you're actually ready to hear it, I'll start seeing Some Valuable Cooperation upon your own part! And, until then...

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Rebuke and Chastisement - weigh heavily upon you!

{ *** NOTE: In the meantime, I'll be doing just fine... since, Yahweh-Hushua is my own only reliable provider! Unlike you, He Values The Faithful Ones - Who Shall Truthfully Do His Own Bidding*** }


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