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Who Watches Over The Watchmen? This allegory makes it perfectly clear... that, Doctor Manhattan does!

Watchmen 2009 - movie poster.
Sometimes, while studying these Numerous Prophetical Allegories, you'll encounter an exceptionally good one... and yet, Its Own Movie Trailers are virtually useless for obtaining Any Valuable Information. Consequently, therefore, you just have to watch the movie to properly understand it. Meanwhile, such is the true case with The Highly Popular Movie: " Watchmen " - a 2009 classic, directed by Zach Snyder [ whose own name, literally, means: " In The Remembrance Of God, It Is He Who Tailors The Cloth " ]. You see, whoever edited These Trailers For Watchmen was [ factually ] attempting to conceal its: Highly Spiritual Nature and Carefully Devised Messages!

In fact, The Three Movie Trailers to: " Watchmen " - are intentionally focused around All Of Its Negative Messages of: Indiscriminate Sex, Utter Contempt, Outright Hatred, Ongoing Violence, and Spiritual Non-Belief... while, eschewing Every Spiritual Counterpoint - found within, and completely interwoven throughout, this very interesting movie! Ergo, The Obvious Intention Of These Trailers is to factually discourage The True Spiritual Believer from ever viewing this movie... and, Why? Because, it will [ actually ] Answer A Great Many Important Questions!

Please, Remember:
" Lucifer's Own Goal Is To Educate His Own Children, Into These Upcoming Events; But, Not Yahweh's... After All, That Would Be Counter-Productive! "

Consequently, therefore, I've Selected Certain Movie Clips from within: " Watchmen " - directed by Zach Snyder - where each one of them, will provide us Some Highly-Valuable Information about it. I hope that you'll truthfully understand....

Watchmen: Is An Allegory About Politics And Religion

Ozymandias - is Adrian Werther Veidt!
Each of The Seven Original Watchmen are representative of: Humanly Led and Spiritual Bodies - having been given true charge over all of humanity... and, The Wisest Of All These Human Agents - at least, in his own mind - is Ozymandias [ or, Adrian Werther Veidt III - which literally means: " The Venerable Army And Faith Of The Mediterranean - Its Third Incarnation { or, Roman Catholicism and The Empire Of Babylon The Great } " ].

The European Union is Babylon The Great!
I know, that it's factually hard to believe, anyone would be stupid enough to actually encode That Much Dangerous Information into one movie character's own name... and yet, they most certainly did it! Mainly, because, You Really Are: Too Stupid and Factually Lazy - To Even Notice It Upon Your Own... and, more importantly, you would undoubtedly continue to deny it - Even As Their Own Bullets Are Riddling Your Bodies! For some odd reason, " You Can't Handle The Truth "....

Just consider, The Following Video Clip, which displays The Chess Playing Skills of: " Adrian Werther Veidt III "....

America In Prophecy

Ozymandias [ Adrian Werther Veidt III ] - from: Watchmen.

Who Is Edward Blake: The Comedian?

The Comedian - is Edward Morgan Blake.
Meanwhile, Edward Morgan Blake - which means: " The Protector Of Wealth - Who Lives Amidst The Seas - The White And Fair One " - is a very clear reference to The United States Of America, that was originally founded by The Aryans! The fact that this particular character has also been referred to as: The Shield and The Peacemaker - in his previous characterizations - ought to be both: Highly Informative and Spiritually Instructive. Moreover, his own depiction In Vietnam is [ quite candidly ] that of: " The Ugly American ". But, of course, your own eyes aren't entirely opened....

Just consider, The Following Video Clip, which displays The True Conceited Pride And Arrogance of: " Edward Morgan Blake "....

America In Prophecy

The Comedian [ Edward Morgan Blake ] - from: Watchmen.

Who Is Laurie Juspeczyk: Silk Spectre II?

Silk Spectre II - will be stronger than her mother.
The actual meaning of Laurie Juspeczyk is: " The One Wrapped In Laurel From The People Of The Furnace "... and, symbolically refers to, The Fully Refined: Ten Tribes Of Israel and [ those ] Wild Olive Branches - of North America; that have invariably resulted from ' The Comedian's [ America's ] Repeated Raping Of Sally Jupiter [ The Princess Dedicated To The Mighty One ] '! And, because of this simple fact, Silk Spectre is: Extremely Strong [ like her father ], Extremely Well-Focused [ like her mother ], and Extremely Cautious [ due to, all of her baggage ]....

A Match Truthfully Made In Heaven....
Meanwhile, of course, she's passionately in love with Doctor Manhattan... but, she's got considerable: Trust Issues With All Watchmen In General, A Tremendous Fear Of The Unknown, and A Poor Concept Of Love! In fact, Doctor Manhattan's own: Seemingly Analytical Nature, God-Like Abilities, and Uncanny Knowledge Of The Future - actually scares her considerably... since, it is so vastly different, from anything that she has ever known before.

However, she'll soon understand, that Doctor Manhattan's Own Love is: Total, Complete, and Unshakeable! Just watch The Following Video Clip, that truly displays The Depth Of His Love - as He shatters The True Glass Ceiling, that is currently surrounding Her Own Narrowly Minded Thinking....

America In Prophecy

Silk Spectre II [ Laurie Juspeczik ] - from: Watchmen.

Who Is Jonathan Osterman: Doctor Manhattan?

Dr. Manhattan is Jonathan Osterman!
Of all these primary movie characters, Doctor Manhattan Is Entirely Different... in fact, He Doesn't Represent A Nation [ or, Spiritually Confused Religious System ]. Instead, he is simply: One Truly Powerful Person/Being and The Only True Superhero - in the entire lot of them! After all, By His Own Self-Admitted Reckoning:
" We're All Merely Just Puppets... and yet, I Am The One Solitary Puppet: Who Sees The Strings and Who Can Manipulate All Of Them Accordingly! "
Dr. Manhattan - The Austrian provided by YHWH!
You see, dear brothers and sisters, Doctor Manhattan is: " The Spiritually Educated Mohican " - also known as, Jonathan Osterman: " The Austrian That The Mighty One Has Provided As His Gift To Humanity " - and, He Factually Cannot Be Destroyed! While you can kill him, He Refuses To Stay Dead... and, since: He's Far More Than Just Another Human - there's not a whole lot, that you can do about it. After all: He's Michael [ The Archangel Of Yahweh ] and He Was Sent Here For A Very Important Purpose!

Just see for yourself, by watching The Following Video Clip which truthfully reveals [ precisely who it is ]: " Who Is, Even Now, Watching Over The Watchmen "....

America In Prophecy

Dr. Manhattan [ Jonathan Osterman ] - from: Watchmen.

Remember: What Manhattan, Actually, Said
Re-Assembling Myself, Was The First Trick I Learned [ You, Truthfully, Cannot Kill Me ]...
It Didn't Kill Osterman [ My Other Self - Jeshurun, The Austrian ]...
Did You Really Think, It Would Kill Me [ Michael, The Archangel Of Yahweh ]?

I Have Walked Across The Surface Of The Sun [ I Have Faced Lucifer In Hand To Hand Combat ]...
I Have Witnessed Events So Tiny And So Fast [ I Fully Understand The Mitichlorians, Themselves ],
That They Can Hardly Be Said To Have Occurred At All [ Which You Can Neither: Distinguish, Comprehend, Nor Measure ]!

But, You Adrian [ O Antichrist In Rome ],
Are Just A Man [ Spiritually Possessed By A Demon ]....
The World's Smartest Man [ And Yet, Without The Actual Demon - Himself ],
Poses No More Threat To Me [ On The Other Hand, I Truly Am Michael ],
Than Does Its Smartest Termite [ And, I Can Exercise All Of My Own Powers ]!
Just as The Allegory: " Blade " - has previously told you, Eric Brooks [ " The Eternal Ruler And Son Of The Brook "has: All Of Their Own Strengths [ Which They Obtained Through Demonic Possession ], but None Of Their Weaknesses [ Since, He Is Factually The Archangel Himself ]... in fact: Jeshurun and Michael - are now Completely One And The Same! After all, it's just as Kwato says [ in the original 1990 movie, for Total Recall ]:
" What Does It Matter [ About Your Own Past ] Mr. Quaid [ You Cannot Move Backwards ]...? You Are, What You Do [ You Are My Army Commander ]!
Open Your Own Mind, Mr. Quaid [ Accept It, Michael, I've Made: The One Necessary And Truly Correct Decision ].
Open Your Mind [ Jeshurun Needs Your Abilities ] ...
Open Your Mind
[ You Must Work Together ]...
Open Your Mind
[ You Have A Mission To Do ]! "
For better, or worse, Jeshurun and Michael - can never be separated from each other... They Have Been Made Into One - by The Mighty One Himself... To Serve His Own Specific Purposes! Just as, There Is Only One King Over Heaven And Earth [ who possesses two entirely different manifested bodies: Yahweh and Yahweh-Hushua ]... He has, equally, determined: That There Shall Only Be One Crowned Prince [ to physically govern over both of them ]... and, He Can Manifest Himself In Two Different Forms As Well!

What Is The Ultimate Weapon: Of Ozymandias?

Ozymandias - utilizing His Own Propaganda....
Which, of course, brings us to: " The Ultimate Weapon Of Ozymandias " - known by countless human generations as [ merely ]: Political Propaganda, Spiritual Deception, and Character Assassination! In the end: That's All He Has To Work With... We're Already Functionally Aware Of It... and, while there are those who'll factually believe it [ predominantly, Satan's Own Thoroughly Confused Children ], I Honestly Don't Care:
" Because: The Truth Will Always Bear Out, And I'm Only Here To Protect The Truly Loving Ones Belonging To Yahweh! "

The Utter Foolishness of: Satan's Own Followers.
What Lucifer Does To His Own Spiritual Children, really, isn't any of my own business... since, They're Not Part Of My Father's Covenant. Meanwhile, those that are expecting me: Will Be Wearing Their Wedding Garments, Be Prepared For An Arduous Journey, Possess Sufficient Oil In Their Own Lamps, and Gladly Come Running When I Call To Them - after all, it has been [ very truthfully ] written:
" Here am I and the children whom The Mighty One has given to me! We are for signs and wonders in Israel From The Mighty One of heaven, Who dwells in Mount Zion. " - Isaiah 8:18.

You see, The Prince Of The Covenant is providing a necessary escort to The True Spiritual Brides of his only sworn Mighty One... and, when that time comes, Absolutely Nothing Shall Remain Physically Standing - in his way! After all, he's been [ truthfully ] called: " Conan, The Barbarian " - for a reason....
{ *** NOTE: You can, very likely, now understand why I [ myself ] find it so very useful ' To Study The True Meanings Of All Those Tedious Names '! *** }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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