Sunday, June 12, 2016

What is ( actually ) so different about The 2016 Presidential Primary? And, why there won't be just another Presidential Election....

What is wrong with these Presidential Candidates?
By now, most of you are probably noticing that: ' The Current 2016 Presidential Race Isn't Anything Like Those From the Past '... even though, most of us still can't seem to figure out why.

In fact, we must now ( quite truthfully ) begin asking ourselves A Few Very Simple But Remarkably Relevant Questions....

For instance, we should honestly be asking ourselves:
  • Why would both political parties nominate presidential candidates that are now Pending Legal Charges Upon Felonies?
  • How is it that neither presidential candidate seems to be the least bit interested in courting The Majority Of Our Voters who have always existed somewhere in the middle?
  • What is the real purpose behind all of their own Seriously Inflammatory And Socially Divisive Political Language?

Back in 1972, Don McLean had already warned you.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Another Message from The Watchman....

The New All-Seeing Eye - blog page.
Having not published any more articles upon America In Prophecy, since May 13th of 2014; many of my readers have probably been wondering: " Whatever Truthfully Happened To The Author Of This Blog? ".

Indeed, it just might seem that to many of you, that: " I Am Indeed A Curiously Wandering Vine " - since, for a time, I'll write over here; only to ( much later ) write over there. And, I quite honestly admit it... because, for all practical purposes That Is Actually The Truth About Me!

Oh, we do ( indeed ): " Test All Things " .
However, there are very simple reasons for everything that I do... and, whether you yourselves understand it or not, ' I Needed A Place To More Fully Explore The Biblical Claim That God Himself Has Been Providing Us All Of Our Own Visions And Dreams '... and, in the meantime, a blog about: " America In Prophecy " - at that particular moment, Just Didn't Fit The Bill.