Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Contrary to certain erroneous teachings, The Bible Is Not A Flat Earth Book!

A Photo Of Earth - from space....
While there have been lots of erroneous teachings with respect towards The Bible, over the last 2,000 years, ' The Flat Earth Theory Shall Be Perhaps The Most Damaging Of All '... and, indeed, the perpetrators of This Ongoing Hoax couldn't be ( quite honestly ) much happier! After all, it has always been far easier to manipulate and control the ignorant; than to deceive anyone that is honestly and spiritually observant.

Nor, does it even ( quite honestly ) surprise me, that ' The Primary Perpetrators Of These Utterly False Teachings Have Always Been Those Sun-Worshiping Christians '... since, whether you now comprehend it or not, They Have Always Stood Directly In The Way Of His Truth!

In fact, throughout most of human history, it is primarily they: Who Have Labelled His True Followers As Heretics, Confiscated And Burned Copies Of The Scripture, Persecuted Anyone Different From Themselves, Tortured Recantations From Those Far More Diligent, and ( even ) Publicly Executed Those Who Wouldn't Go Along With Their Deception. All of which, is by its very own definition: " Anti-Christian " - in, its own spiritual nature.

In fact, The Very Book That They All Claim To Believe makes numerous Astrological References; to certain things that no-one could know at the time they were, quite truthfully, being written.

For instance, The Prophet Isaiah ( very clearly ) wrote:
" It is He Who Sits Above The Circle Of The Earthand its inhabitants are like grasshoppers [ Thus, Making Your Own Planet Out To Be A Globe ]Who Stretches Out The Heavens Like A Curtain [ Creating Clusters Of Stars Within Galaxies ]and Spreads Them Out Like A Tent To Dwell In [ And, Indeed, Expanding The Universe ]. " - Isaiah 40:22.
And, in The Book Of Job, we can also ( very clearly ) read:
" He Stretches Out The North Over Empty Space [ The Void That Is Found In Outer Space ]; and He Hangs The Earth Upon Nothing [ There Isn't Anything Now Holding It Up ]. " - Job 26:7.
And, indeed, way back in The Book Of Genesis we can also ( very clearly ) read:
" Then, He brought him outside and said: ' Look Now Toward Heaven, And Count The Stars If You Are Able To Number Them Which, In Fact, In 2018 We Still Haven't Been Able To Do ]. ' 
And, He said to him: ' So Shall Your Descendants Be. ' " - Genesis 15:5.

Indeed Our Knowledge has Greatly Increased....
All of which, Has Now Been Scientifically Confirmed - over, The Last Several Thousand Of Those Years... and, indeed, The Biblical Scriptures ( again ) put it this way:
" But you, Daniel, Shut Up The Words and Seal The Book Until The Time Of The End; when many shall run to and fro; and, indeed, Their Own Knowledge Shall Greatly Increase. " - Daniel 12:4.