Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hell Boy is The Archangel Michael [ aka, " The Angel Of Death " ]; and, this is actually his story....

Hellboy 2004 - movie poster.
In The 2004 Movie: " Hellboy " - by Guillermo Del Toro [ which means: " The One With: The Will, Desire, And Helmet Of Protection - The Powerful Oxen " ] -  we have been provided Yet Another Prophetical Allegory about: " Michael, The Archangel ", aka " The Angel Of Death "... and, while he is being merely portrayed as a demon, His Own True Nature Is Constantly Being Revealed! After all, he isn't - in the least bit - harmful to humanity; but, rather, He's Actually Protecting It From A Far Greater Evil....

Hellboy - " He's, The Good Guy! "
But, of course, To The Spiritually Ignorant none of that really matters - since, they can't even get past His Own Physical Appearance. In fact, they've been pre-conditioned - by Spiritual Babylon - to perceive: Him As Their Own Mortal Enemy, and Their Own True Enemies As The Closest Of Friends! Consequently, therefore, they've religiously avoided: " Hellboy "; and Most Of The Other Allegories About Him.

Don't believe me, then why not watch The 2004 Movie Trailer for: " Hellboy " - starring Ron Perlman [ which actually means: " The Mighty Counselor / Ruler; And The Man Of Great Value " ] - while, listening closely to everything that is being said... and, then we'll examine it much closer!

America In Prophecy

Hellboy [ 2004 ] - by: Guillermo Del Toro.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The 1978 Movie: " Convoy " - starring Kris Kristofferson - is a prophetical allegory about our own upcoming events, In The Land Of Edom And Israel!

Convoy 1978 - movie poster.
In The Popular 1978 Movie: " Convoy " - starring Kris Kristofferson [ that means: " The Beloved One - The Son Of Christof And Bearer Of Christ " ] and directed by Sam Peckinpah [ which simply translates: " He Who Listens To God - The True Head Of Our Pecking Order " ] - we are watching, Far More Than Just An Interesting Story... believe it or not, it's yet another Prophetical Allegory! In fact, the story's own main character: " Martin Penwald " - is [ both ]: The One From Mars [ Michael, The Archangel ], and The Writer Amidst The Forest [ Jeshurun, The Prophet ]....

Our Convoy: " Back To Israel "!
Meanwhile, his own special love interest named: " Melissa " - and, portrayed by Ali MacGraw [ which means: " The: Exalted Ones, Or Cousins Of Mohammed; And Sons Of Out-Poured Wrath " ] - is honestly The True Servant Of Jesus [ His Spiritual Ones From Israel ]... and, as their own exciting theme song will so blatantly tell you: " Ain't Nothing Gonna Stand In Their Way! " After all, We Got Us A Convoy....

America In Prophecy

Convoy [ 1978 ] - by: Sam Peckinpah.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

In the popular movie: " Meet Joe Black " - we are actually witnessing America In Prophecy!

Meet Joe Black 1998 - movie poster.
In The Popular Movie: " Meet Joe Black " - directed by Martin Brest [ which simply means: " From The God Of Mars; And Of His Own Heart " ] - we witness a very touching portrayal of A True Spiritual Love Story! In fact, in this exciting Prophetical Allegory, there is a tremendous amount of highly useful information. Just consider: It's Own Unique Cast Of Characters and The Subject That It's Actually Covering. After all, Their Names Are Exceptionally Descriptive - to anyone who'll, actively, investigate their own hidden meanings. For, instance...

The Main Characters [ Include ]:
  • Joe " Death " Black - which simply means: " He Who Will Enlarge The Kingdom - Michael, The Archangel - The Dark Countenanced One " { The Prince Of The Covenant and His Own Helmet Of Protection }.
  • William " Bill " Parrish - which refers to: " The Currently Protected One - Who Is Charged With Guarding Over - The Spiritually Dedicated Ones " { The United States Of America }.
  • Allison Parrish - " The Noble Woman Who Is Sacred To Me - The Spiritually Dedicated One " { The Now Perishing Nation Of Israel }.
  • Susan Parrish - " My: Graceful White Lily And The Consecrated Princess - The Spiritually Dedicated One " { The Virgin Daughter Of Israel [ aka: Sylvia Weis, or Snow White ] - who'll soon be returning to The Promised Land }.

It's just like Tony Liar says: " Voilla...! "
I know, It All Seems So Far Fetched... but, hey, why not just humor me... and, actually watch the movie trailer for: " Meet Joe Black "? You just might, be glad that you did! And then afterward, of course, we can truthfully examine Its Own Hidden Messages....

America In Prophecy

Meet Joe Black [ 1998 ] - by: Martin Brest.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

In the movie: " Ghost Rider " - Johnny Blaze physically represents The Signal Fire and Trail Marker that God has so graciously provided.

Ghost Rider 2007 - movie poster.
In The Blockbuster Movie: " Ghost Rider " - directed by Mark Steven Johnson - we are witnessing An Allegorical Love Story between: Johnny Blaze [ which means: " The: Signal Fire Or Trail Marker - That God Has So Graciously Provided " ] and Roxanne Simpson [ meaning: " The New Breaking Dawn And Those Sons Who Will Listen " ]! You see, dear brothers and sisters, while you still haven't figured it out yet: Johnny Blaze Is The Prince Of The Covenant, while Ghost Rider Is The Angel Of Death... and, Both Of Them Are Actually Living In One Human Body. Perhaps, you should simply watch: Meet Joe Black, Hell Boy, or [ if, you simply enjoy old movies, then why not try ] Death Takes A Holiday... in fact, It's All Very Enlightening!

It's just like Tony Liar says: " Voilla...! "
I know, as always, You Simply Won't Believe It... but, indeed, it's actually All True. So, why not watch The following movie trailer for: " Ghost Rider [ 2007 ] " - starring Nicholas Cage [ meaning: " A Victory To The People Over The Prison House " ] and directed by Mark Steven Johnson [ which means: " The Angel Of Mars; The Crowned One; And The Son Whom God Has Graciously Provided " ] - to honestly see, exactly what I'm talking about? After all, whether you believe it or not, you are already completely surrounded by: " The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus "....

America In Prophecy

Ghost Rider [ 2007 ] - by: Mark Steven Johnson.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jerusalem is The City Of The Future... and, Zechariah Chapter 8 [ among numerous others ] actually proves it!

Jerusalem - The City Of The Future.
While most of you are [ factually ]: Still Looking For Your Own Rapture, and then, Immediately Going Up To Heaven - The Scriptures, themselves, are Very Clear Upon The Whole Subject... and, neither of these things are: Honestly Biblical, or even Prophetically Supportable. In fact, despite all of: " Those Evil Shepherds "- that, are currently endorsing it - The Entire Book Refutes That Erroneous Concept! For instance, just consider Zechariah Chapter 8 - which [ in, The New King James Version ]  is simply entitled: " Jerusalem, The Holy City Of The Future ".

And, why does Zechariah Chapter 8, factually, bear such an interesting title? Because, according to these scriptures, It's Honestly True! In fact, let's just read it for ourselves....

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Popular Cartoon Film: " Rango " - is far more, than just a family friendly movie... in fact, it's A Prophetical Allegory!

Rango 2011 - movie poster.
While most people will undoubtedly consider it: " Just Another Family Cartoon " - The Popular Movie, known as: " Rango " [ which literally means: " The One Elevated, Or Exalted, In Social Position " ] - is actually a very cleverly devised: Prophetical and Spiritual Allegory! Sometimes, A Movie Is Truly More Than It Seems... and, this one - written by John Logan and directed by Gore Verbinski - definitely, falls within that very interesting category. Meanwhile, before you just dismiss this entire opening statement, why not just open-minded-ly consider...

The Following Illustrative Keys:
  • The Name Of The Town: " Dirt " - is completely interchangeable with our own term of: " Earth [ aka, The Third Rock From The Sun ] "...
  • The Town's Villain: " Rattlesnake Jake " - is equally synonymous with: " Lucifer [ That Old Serpent, The Devil ] "...
  • Deserts can equally be: Literal [ Physical Ones ], or Figurative [ Spiritual Ones ] - can, they not? In this case, It's Actually Figurative!
  • And, The Spirit Of The West - very plainly tells Rango, that: He Cannot Escape His Own Destiny, and/or Walk Out Upon His Own Pre-Destined Story.

Rango - serenading Priscilla [ " The Princess " ].
In this highly-interesting allegory, Rango is: " The Classic Idiot Savant ", and " The Butt Of Everyone's Jokes "... and yet, quite remarkably, He Always Seems To Come Out On Top! In fact, it's almost, as if: The Entire Universe Were Factually Assisting Him To Win... and yet, we all know that Such A Concept Is Completely Insane! Now, isn't it? Watch The Following Movie Trailer for: " Rango "; and see what I'm talking about. Seriously, you just might be glad that you did....

America In Prophecy

Rango [ 2011 ] - by: Gore Verbinsky.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The popular movie: " In Time " - written and directed by Andrew Niccol - is a prophetical movie about America's Own Future!

In Time 2011 - movie poster.
In The Popular Movie: " In Time [ 2011 ] " - written and directed by Andrew Niccol [ " The Man/Warrior, Who Provides Victory To The People " ] -  we have been provided A Futuristic Version of the classical allegory Robin Hood... however, this particular one openly displays The Honestly True Relationship between: Our Own Personal Lifetime and The Necessary Money That It Factually Represents! You see, dear brothers and sisters: The World's Financial Elite [ The True Vampires Within Babylon ] have been very truthfully stealing your own personal lives, as their primary method for extending their own... and, you yourselves have been ignorantly complicit - in factually assisting them!

What... Don't Believe It? Then, just watch The Following Movie Trailer for: " In Time [ 2011 ] " - before, quite honestly, reading the rest of this posting. The Real Answers, just might surprise you! After all, It Is A Spiritual Allegory....

America In Prophecy

In Time [ 2011 ] - by: Andrew Niccol.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Tremendous Reaction to our article upon Enemy Of God is actual proof, that it is [ indeed ]: " Getting Crowded In The Lowland "!

Enemy Of God - is exactly what they claim to be!
With Over 500 Readers in a single hour, the article entitled: " The Hit Song: ' Enemy Of God ' - by Kreator - is a Hip Hop Prophecy honestly revealing Satan's Own True Plans " - posted February 20th 2012 - has fast become Our #1 Article! Meanwhile, of course, their own: Personal Comments and Points Of Origin - should be Highly Educational - for: " The Sheep ", who are Now Actively Listening. In fact, I've decided to post some of their comments below - within the main text of this article. Bear in mind, however, that if bad language honestly offends you; then you shouldn't read the rest of this article....

The Actual Members - of!
Just so, that we may [ honestly ] know who All Of These Anonymous Commenters factually are, I followed their own back links; and created a nifty collage from some of Their Own Avatars at I hope, that you'll fully understand Their Own Personally Chosen Symbology... after all, these are The Actual Readers, that are [ so vehemently ] denying My Own Highly-Truthful Interpretation!

{ *** NOTE: Their own comments follow upon The Very Next Page. You have already been warned, regarding its: Overall Language, and Spiritual Content! *** }

Thursday, August 2, 2012

In the violent picture: " Valhalla Rising " - starring Mads Mikkelson - we are witnessing A Spiritual Allegory, from a very darkened perspective.

Valhalla Rising - 2009.
In The Popular European Film: " Valhalla Rising " - directed by Nicholas Winding Refn [ which means: " A Victory To The People Of That Continually Crooked Vine " ] and starring Mads Mikkelson [ that translates: " As The Gift From God - He Sent Michael His Son " ] - we witness a prophetical allegory of The Archangel Michael, in his own eventual quest for The Holy Land! Meanwhile, of course, this: " One-Eyed Warrior " - is completely unstoppable upon the military battlefield; and powerfully driven, by his own overriding desire for some personally necessary vengeance. In fact, this movie isn't at all for the timid - despite its overall theme of Eventual Human Redemption.

Maarten Stevenson plays: " The Boy ".
Of course, The Number Two Character - known simply as: " The Boy "; and played by Maarten Stevenson [ which means: " From The Angel Of Mars - The Son, Who Wears The Crown " ] - is escorted, quite safely, upon His Own Journey To The Holy Land... while, The Experience Has Only Perfected His Own Character! You see, dear brothers and sisters: " Valhalla Rising " - is yet another Interesting Prophetical Movie - along the very same spiritual lines, as Solomon Kane. Just watch the following trailer; and see....

America In Prophecy

Valhalla Rising [ 2009 ] - by: Nicholas Winding Refn.