Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Prophecy Of Daniel Chapter 11 - is scripturally verifiable proof of ' The End Times ' being already upon us! [ Part 2 ]

The Prophet Daniel - in the lion's den....
This is a continuation of The Previous Posting: " The Prophecy Of Daniel Chapter 11 [ Part 1 ] " - which recounts how Daniel The Prophet was actually shown 2500 Years Of Human History, before it ever actually happened. Due to the obvious length of this prophecy, and the exacting details so thoroughly involved, I couldn't [ actually ] fit it into one single posting. Moreover, such a startling revelation does, in fact, take some time for us to readily digest. So, I suppose that it was, indeed, a good thing to ultimately break it up.

{ *** NOTE: For the first part of Daniel's Prophetical Vision - The First 1000 Years of this: " 2500 Year Long Prophecy " - just click on the link that I have provided above. }

- We shall begin with ' The Last 1500 Years ' of Daniel's Prophetic Vision Of Chapter 11 upon the very next page....

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jeremiah Chapter 25 is The Fourth Seal of Revelation [ Part 2 ].

The Prophet Jeremiah - in mid vision.
In the last posting, entitled: Jeremiah Chapter 25 is The Fourth Seal of Revelation [ Part 1 ] - I covered the first eleven verses of Jeremiah Chapter 25; and The 70 Year [ Or 2520 Day ] Prophecy, which brought us to ' The Calendar Year Of 1945 AD '. The point at which: " The Yoke Of Babylon " - was broken from off of the necks of: Judah, Israel, Tyre, Edom, Moab, and Ammon. Subsequently, Two Great Nations [ The United States of America and Israel ] arose to world power within their own respective regions of political dominance.

In this posting we shall delve deeply into Jeremiah Chapter 25 - from verses 12 through 38 - to gain even greater spiritual insight into: " The Fourth Seal Of Revelation " - from The Prophet Jeremiah's Perspective

Monday, October 24, 2011

Jeremiah Chapter 25 is The Fourth Seal of Revelation - having been viewed through The Prophet Jeremiah's own human eyes....

The Prophet Jeremiah - in mid vision.
While The Prophet John wrote ' The Fourth Seal Of Revelation ', upon the isle of Patmos around 30 to 50 AD, The Prophet Jeremiah actually spoke about it - in certain considerable detail - around 500 years earlier. In The Book Of Jeremiah [ chapter 25 ], the first eleven verses provide the ultimate causation for The House Of Judah's 2520 Year Captivity To The Babylonians [ The Modern Day Nations Of Europe ]... while Verses 12-38 reference The Final 70 Year Period Beginning In 1945 AD - in which The Second Beast: " Made Fire Come Down From Heaven [ At: Hiroshima and Nagasaki ] " - and then clearly details The Numerous Judgments that will very soon follow ' In The Winter Of 2015 '.

{ *** NOTE:  For contextual purposes, I shall provide the first eleven verses of Jeremiah Chapter 25 - which shows you why The First 70 [ prophetic ] Year Prophecy will bring us down to The Exact Date of 1945 AD; while, The Second 70 [ literal ] Year Prophecy arrives at The Winter Of 2015 AD. }

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The True Correlation Between Prophecy and World History can be quite readily understood....

End Time Prophecy = Latter Day History.
While The Biblical Scriptures are not a series of books specifically written upon world history, they do [ in fact ] encapsulate a tremendous amount of Historical Information in the form of its very exacting Biblical Prophecies! Meanwhile, we continue to ignore all of these prophecies at our own peril. After all, they were clearly given to us for a reason... and that reason, was to honestly wake us up - to what is [ factually ] now happening. Yahweh shall [ very soon ] begin winnowing His Own Spiritual Harvest - of: The Wheat from The Tares , The Sheep from The Goats, and His True Servants from The Ba'al Worshipers Of Babylon!

For instance:
  • The Prophecies Of Daniel Chapter 11 - were written for the sole purpose of verifying Yahweh's Own True Words to those living down at ' The Time Of The End '... and thus, fully document An Exacting Historical Time Line - from: The Rise Of Cyrus [ Darius I Of Medo-Persia ], until: The Protestant Reformation Within Europe
  • The Prophecies Of Revelation Chapters 2 And 3 - clearly give us The Prophetical History Of Yahshua's Own Churches from: His Ascension To The Father, until: They No Longer Speak For Him - Around 1900 AD - beginning in chapter 4. 
  • The Prophecies Of Revelation Chapter 6 - were given as A Prophetical Time Line For ' The End Times Period ' - and, within which, certain other clearly related prophecies might be more readily perceived.  

A wise man once noted ' The True Correlation Between Our Own Historians And The Prophets ', when he [ himself ] stated:
" Our Own Historians are merely Prophets who are simply recording everything backwards! What The Prophet declares in advance of its factual occurrence [ as it properly should be ], The Historian merely declares after the fact of its actual occurrence [ when it may do no one any good at all ]. Nor, does anyone [ ever ] benefit from The Work Of The Historian... for, their own eyes are always firmly set upon The Future [ without any beneficial consideration of their own: True and Un-Errant Guidance ]. "

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Truth About: Modern Technology, The Illuminati, Hidden Knowledge, and Idol Worship....

The Apple Computer corporate logo.
Having [ personally ] discovered ' The Dirty Truth About Modern Technology ' some time ago, I have long desired the opportunity to write upon: " The True Correlation Between Modern Technology And Idol Worship. " However, I have seldom had the necessary time to factually do so... thanks to the numerous other  more immediate messages of unfolding Biblical Prophecy. Fortunately, however, I seem to be substantially up to date at the moment. Therefore, I have decided to undertake This Particular and Highly-Controversial Task!

Bear in mind, that this posting may significantly alter Your Own Personal Worldview. If you aren't truly open-minded to such concepts, I would advise you to [ honestly ] read something else. ' The Truth ' isn't always acceptable to everyone; and I am well-aware of this fact. Consequently, this particular discussion will begin upon the very next page....

{ *** NOTE: The Apple Corporate Logo to the left, should be a fairly good clue, as to what substantially follows.... }

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Prophecy Of Daniel Chapter 11 - is scripturally verifiable proof of ' The End Times ' being already upon us! [ Part 1 ]

The Prophet Daniel, in The Lion's Den.
Religious Theologians and Historical Scholars have puzzled over: " The Prophecy Of Daniel Chapter 11 " - for almost three thousand years. The Length Of This Prophecy [ spanning over 2500 years ], Its Truthfully Complex Structure [ involving thousands of political and historical events ], and Its Lines Of Royal Ascension [ encompassing the alternating leaders of two great empires ] - make it, ' The Single Most Complicated Prophecy Within The Entire Biblical Scriptures '!

Moreover, The Angel From Yahweh - having so faithfully given it - stated very clearly: 
" But you, Daniel [ Have Been Commanded ], Shut Up The Words and Seal The Book [ By Explaining These Things To No One ] Until The Time Of The End [ When All May Understand These Things From A Historical Perspective ];
Many shall run to and fro [ In That Future Time Period ], And their knowledge shall greatly increase [ Providing Some Of Them Proper Understanding ]. " - Daniel 12:4.

Which invariably leads us to...

The Obvious Question: 
 Are We [ Now ] Living, " In That Prophesied End Times Period "?
- Why don't we just see....
{ *** NOTE: Due to the length of Daniel's Prophecy In Chapter 11, I shall keep my own personal commentary to the bare minimum! The text within brackets are just The Historically Documented and Well-Established Facts - having been properly collected. }

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

America In Prophecy offers Free Prophetical Information for The End Time Biblical Prophecies....

America In Prophecy - Free Prophetical Information.
While very few things in life are actually ' Free '... Timely And Accurate Prophetical Information shouldn't cost anyone anything - to actually obtain it. In fact, if you have to: Join A Church, Belong To Any Religious Organization, Buy A Book, or Pay A Membership Fee - in order to properly obtain it - then, I can fully assure you, you're not honestly getting ' The Truth ' from Yahweh's Own Scriptures!

How can I, truthfully, claim this? Because, Yahweh Has Never Charged For The Truth... and, those that are [ honestly ] working for Him, wouldn't even dare! Simply put, if you have to pay for it, then isn't The Truth. The Scriptures fully declare: " You Cannot Serve Both: Yahweh And Money " - not truthfully, anyway. To expound upon this Clear Biblical Statement, then just read Yahshua's Own Words....

For Mathew Chapter 6, Clearly Says:
" No one [ From: The Carefully Cultivated Prophet - Down To: The Lowliest Servant Of Them All ] can serve two masters [ It Is Entirely Impossible ]; for either: he [ The One So Foolishly Attempting It ] will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other [ As It Has Already Been Written ]. You Cannot Serve Both: Yahweh and Money! " - Mathew 6:24.

A Prophetical Review of: " " - just another mouthpiece for Seventh Day Adventism.

The ' America-In-Prophecy.Com ' Logo.
While searching under the terms: " America In Prophecy "  - at Yahoo Search - I recently came across ' America-In-Prophecy.Com '. Like many Seventh Day Adventist Informational Sources, it does factually contain some: Very Limited and New Testament Information - upon the actual topic of America In Prophecy! Therefore, I would [ honestly ] rank them far higher than the previous sources having been substantially reviewed.

However, The Prophetical Information that they themselves factually possess is severely limited... and [ even ] crippled by the fact, that they refuse to access the resources so substantially provided within The Old Testament Prophecies - regarding Our End Times Period. In other words:
While they know that The United States of America is: " The Second Beast Of Revelation, that factually serves The Harlot Of Babylon... [ The False Prophet Nation ] " - They don't have any real prophetical clue:
  1. As To Its True Significance Within The Prophetical Scriptures.
  2. About The Peoples Who Currently Live Here.
  3. What Is Now Coming Upon America.
  4. Or The Prophetical Results Thereof....

Saturday, October 8, 2011

You can now [ also ] find me, Jeshurun, on Nazarene Space - The Hebraic Roots Social Network.

The Nazarene Corporate Logo.
For those of you who can't get enough of my own personal writings, I'll let you in on ' A Not So Very Well Kept Secret '... I spend a few hours a day upon Nazarene Space - A Hebraic Roots Social Network, that I [ personally ] joined about a month ago. The idea, of course, was to find certain others with whom I could just blend in; and enjoy some very relaxing but spiritual discussions. And I must say, that we have had some Spiritual Discussions... but, it certainly hasn't been very relaxing!

While you guys, hardly even drop a comment - after having read at least 40 articles a day [ between you ] - The Spirited Believers At Nazarene Space, argue every insignificant thing presented to them; and frequently publish ' Entire Volumes ' even longer, than the chapters of scripture being [ quite honestly ] referenced. Bear in mind, however, they like to quote people - like: Justinian, Josephus, Tertullian, John Darby, and [ especially ] The World Famous Rabbi's - even more, than The Scriptures... just so you know, before joining in [ or posting ].

Like any such religious organizational site, there are those of every: Color, Stripe, or Spiritual Persuasion. Thus, I cannot guarantee to you any particular quality within their obviously diverse belief structures. In fact, it's often, more like An Open Discussion, than a place to go for any valuable instruction! However, I can factually attest to the scriptural accuracy of my own personal responses - as The Holy Spirit Of Yahweh has so frequently led me to interject. If you're up for it, then hop right in... and if not, then just leave a comment around here - once in awhile.

And, don't worry, the articles at America In Prophecy will definitely keep coming....

{ *** NOTE: By the way, there's at least one believer at Nazarene Space that would call this simple message: " A Shameless Promotion Of Their Own Site " - believe it, or not... and this guy honestly isn't kidding! Apparently, The Entire Concept Of The Internet [ in general ] violates his own moral sensibilities, because: You [ the reader ] can go seamlessly wherever you want; and whenever you, yourself, see fit. ;@) }

Ahava and Shalom.

And, as always, may Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!

The Birthrights Of Jacob And Esau are just one more mind-blowing instance of America In Biblical Prophecy.

Mountains Majesty and Amber Waves of Grain....
In Genesis Chapters 27 and 28, we read about The Two Sons Of Isaac: Jacob [ Israel ] and Esau [ Edom ] - both of whom, received their own father's personal blessings. While Jacob [ Israel ] received: The First and Greatest Blessing - his brother Esau [ Edom ] received one almost as good! Just consider, ' His Own Blessing ' from their father Isaac....

Genesis Chapter 27, Says:
" Behold [ I Can Assure You, With The Full Authority Of Yahweh The Mighty One ], your dwelling [ That Of Your Physical Descendants ] shall be [ In Earth's Latter Days ] of the fatness of the Earth, And of the dew of heaven from above [ Your Own Children, The Edomites, Shall Live In A: Rich, Fruitful, Abundant, Well Watered, and Well Drained Land ]. " - Genesis 27:39.
" By your sword you shall live [ Your Children Shall Be Very Great And Powerful Warriors ], And you shall serve your brother Jacob [ Through Your Own Contract, Or Covenant, Of Brotherhood ]; And it shall come to pass [ After Many Days ] when you become restless [ No Longer Desiring This Covenant ], That you shall break his yoke [ The United States Constitution ] from upon your own neck [ And Rise Up Against Him ]. " - Genesis 27:40.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

At America In Prophecy, we take Prophecy Reviews very seriously.

Some people may ask, " Why is America In Prophecy so hard on other Biblical Prophecy Sites, when evaluating them? " The answer, of course, is really very simple. I, personally, " Desire Justice For The Truth Above All Else [ Isaiah 42:1-4 ]... " and: I Cannot and Will Not allow others to wholly corrupt and/or pervert it - for their own nefarious purposes!

As A True Watchman For Israel, I recognize ' The Fact ' that:
  1. The Time Is [ Now ] Extremely Short For Everyone.
  2. End Time Prophecy Is [ Honestly ] Life And Death Information.
  3. Yahweh's Own People Are [ Actually ]: " Perishing For The Lack Of Knowledge ".
  4. These [ Non-Comprehending ] Others Are Merely: " Muddying The Crystal Clear Waters, That He Has Given To Us ".
  5. And ' The Truth ' Is The Greatest Asset Of All Time.

You will probably notice, that I don't judge ' The Conspiracy Sites ' quite as harshly... and, that's simply,  because they [ themselves ] don't make any claim to speak for Yahweh, or His Scriptures. They are merely what they [ themselves ] claim to be: " Secular Information Sources About The Truth As They Themselves Have Been Given To Comprehend It... " and, for that, I cannot fault them one bit! In fact, many of them are far more informative than ' The So-Called Religious Sites '. Don't laugh, because [ sadly ] its true....

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rapture Ready - A Prophecy Site Review by Jeshurun at America In Prophecy.

A modified version of the Rapture logo.
While searching among The Search Engine Listings for other ' End Time Prophecy ' Informational Sources to review for my own readers, I came across: " Rapture Ready ".  And since it seemed to be very professionally done - from a graphically designed perspective - I thought that I might as well just check it out scripturally. I know... I know... This Prophetical Information Source actively promotes ' The False Doctrine ' of: " The Rapture "... but, hey, it's possible that they [ honestly ] don't know any better. Aside from Yahweh's True Watchman, we must settle for gleaning the field amidst a whole lot of rotten tomatoes - in our search for: A Very Few and Carefully Chosen Fruit.

Anyway, I thought that I'd give them A Fair Chance; lest they themselves grow jealous of just how charitably I have dealt with their very own select group of competitors. I'm sure that you'll remember My Own Personal Reviews of: " The Biblicist ", and " Prophecy News Watch " - two other ' Rapture Promoting ' Informational Sources upon The Internet. Sad to say, however, those two didn't fair too well from A Truly Prophetical Perspective! Nor, were their other Theological Positions of much help to them either. Those two were just some of: " Spiritual Babylon's Other Highly Confused Followers "! But, perhaps, Rapture Ready is somehow different.... Who knows?

In order to compare: " Apples to Apples " - I decided to maintain my own past yardstick of: " America In Prophecy ". Not this blog-site, of course, but rather ' Their Own Knowledge Of It ' from The Prophetical Scriptures. To make a long story short, here's what I personally found at Rapture

Monday, October 3, 2011

Ephesians Chapter 4 - explains The True Unity Of Faith, that is so fully expected from us by Yahweh Himself.

A Father and His Child - instruction along the way.
After my very last article, entitled: " The American Bible Belt will not always be A Disappointing Vineyard to Yahweh " - I thought that, The Message Of Ephesians Chapter 4 would be very appropriate! After all, that particular posting ended with our: " Spiritual Atonement " - in which we shall finally be ' Of One United Mentality [ Spiritually speaking ] '... and, along this very same line, Ephesians Chapter 4 is all about: " The Eventual Unity Of Our Faith ".

The fact, that: The Old and New Testaments are Substantially In Agreement shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone... they are, in fact, ' The Two Prophetical Testaments ' to: " Yahweh's One Everlasting Covenant With Abraham "... and, while Spiritual Babylon cannot perceive this Important Scriptural Truth, Yahweh's Own People are not without His Own Holy Spirit to faithfully instruct them. Consequently, we have all realized this fact for quite some time. Perfection is quite naturally symmetrical... and everything about Yahweh, The Mighty One, is clearly perfect!

For instance, everything within The Scriptures actually happens twice....
  • The Feasts Of Yahweh are symbolic of: Yahshua's Two Comings, His Two Habitations With Mankind, The Two Atonements, The Two Baptisms, The Two Rains Of His Holy Spirit, The Two Judgments, and The Two Earthly Kingdoms.
  • The Temple In Jerusalem is: Commanded By Yahweh Twice, Built By Israel Twice, and Physically Destroyed Twice - as Yahweh Himself commanded it to be.
  • Israel Itself is: Gathered From The Gentiles Twice, Led Into The Wilderness Twice, Rebels Against Him Twice, Smitten By Him Twice, Spiritually Healed By Him Twice, and Led Into The Promised Land Twice.
  • The Nations Of The Earth are: Allowed To Grow Corrupt Twice, Judged By Him Twice, and Destroyed By Him Twice - Before and After - The Flood.
  • Even Yahweh Himself has ' Two Actual Existences ' in the form of: The Physical Macroverse Itself [ " I Am All That Exists " ], and The Human Incarnation Of Yahshua His Self-Proclaimed Son [ " The Body, Which I Have Made For Myself " ].

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The American Bible Belt will not always be A Disappointing Vineyard to Yahweh.

The Lush And Green Vineyard Of Yahweh.
In Isaiah Chapter 5, we read about: " The Disappointing Vineyard Of Yahweh " - The Genetic And Spiritual Descendants Of Ancient Israel - gathered from all the nations of Earth. It has been described as: " The Choicest Of All Fruitful Vines "; and yet, it brings forth [merely]: " Wild Grapes " - rather than ' The Good Fruits ', that He Himself has so clearly expected. Who is this nation, that has so clearly benefited from All Of His Own Personal Attentions? It is The United States of America as referenced in Biblical Prophecy; and: " The American Bible Belt " is ' His Very Own Vineyard '!

Don't believe it? Then, let's just read Isaiah Chapter 5 for ourselves....