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America In Prophecy offers Free Prophetical Information for The End Time Biblical Prophecies....

America In Prophecy - Free Prophetical Information.
While very few things in life are actually ' Free '... Timely And Accurate Prophetical Information shouldn't cost anyone anything - to actually obtain it. In fact, if you have to: Join A Church, Belong To Any Religious Organization, Buy A Book, or Pay A Membership Fee - in order to properly obtain it - then, I can fully assure you, you're not honestly getting ' The Truth ' from Yahweh's Own Scriptures!

How can I, truthfully, claim this? Because, Yahweh Has Never Charged For The Truth... and, those that are [ honestly ] working for Him, wouldn't even dare! Simply put, if you have to pay for it, then isn't The Truth. The Scriptures fully declare: " You Cannot Serve Both: Yahweh And Money " - not truthfully, anyway. To expound upon this Clear Biblical Statement, then just read Yahshua's Own Words....

For Mathew Chapter 6, Clearly Says:
" No one [ From: The Carefully Cultivated Prophet - Down To: The Lowliest Servant Of Them All ] can serve two masters [ It Is Entirely Impossible ]; for either: he [ The One So Foolishly Attempting It ] will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other [ As It Has Already Been Written ]. You Cannot Serve Both: Yahweh and Money! " - Mathew 6:24.

All True Prophetical Information: Is Free

Robert Tilton is A False Prophet!
While a very great number of: " Evil Shepherds, False Prophets, and Empty Oracles " - have clearly forgotten these teachings - America In Prophecy has not! Everything at America In Prophecy is Free. It is both: Freely Given By Jeshurun The Watchman, and Freely Accepted By Those Who Will Honestly Listen. I care absolutely nothing about: Building More Babylonian Churches, Forming New Religious Organizations, Selling My Own Personal Books, or Charging You Any Fees For My Own Services. After all, Yahweh truly provides all of my own needs!

Jeshurun - The Truthful One.
My own [ personal ]: Love, Admiration, Reverence, Devotion, and Service To Yahweh - is wholly unconditional upon anything He may, or [ even ] may not, do for me. He has already done far more - for me personally - than anyone else, in my entire lifetime... and, in fact, far more than I have often deserved. He has saved my life, a large number of times... He has helped me work through the consequences of my own personal mistakes, even more frequently... and He has never abandoned me, while I cannot [ honestly ] say the same!

Like The Prophet Jonah, I [ too ] ran away from His Own Personal Calling. Except, I actually did it - for a significant number of years - hoping that instead, He might choose yet another watchman More To His Own Personal Liking. But, it is now Glaringly Obvious That He Didn't... for, to my own personal knowledge, ' The End Time Truth ' may be found at Only One Prophetical Informational Source - America In Prophecy!

We Care About The Sheep!
Consequently, The Prophetical Information at America In Prophecy shall always remain Completely Free Of Charge - even if it personally bankrupts me! You see, Brothers and Sisters, Yahweh has proven Himself - time and time again - to me personally... even while I, myself, let Him down - year after year - as He [ so patiently ] waited for me to grow up both: Physically, and Spiritually.

As His Servant Job, so eloquently put it:   
" Though He [ Yahweh ] slays me [ For Whatever Reason ], yet I will [ Unswervingly ] trust in Him [ Forever ]. " - Job 13:15.

He: " Always Knew, From The Very Beginning " - that my own personal conscience would seriously afflict me... and rend my own heart to His Personal Service. And like, The Apostle Paul [ who so clearly noted ]: " It is extremely difficult to kick against the pricks " - I too was being substantially: Formed, Shaped, and Molded - by The True Potter, through these very same Types Of Personal Experiences. Those, in fact, being: ' The Pricks ', or [ even ] ' Goads ' - of one's own Spiritual Consciousness - just in case, you didn't already know this....

The Valuable Experience Of Raising Children.
While you might not [ factually ] know it, The Greatest Of All These Life Experiences is in having your own children. At first, they will: Love You, Be Amazed By You, Adore You, and [ even ] Worship You... but then, something quite terrible always invariably happens [ to some certain extent ]:  
  • They Begin To Grow Up.
  • They Start To Partially Understand Things.
  • They Become Increasingly Self-Reliant.
  • They Reject Your Own Leadership.
  • They Increasingly Resent Your Attention.

Meanwhile, You - Like All Parents - Will ultimately respond by: Allowing Them Their Own Freedom [ even though it hurts you to do so ], Offering Them Sound Advice Whenever You Can [ though they themselves will shout and curse at you ], Lovingly Coming To Their Aid [ though that is the only time you even get to see them ], and Waiting Very Patiently [ for them to truly grow up ]... and, throughout our entire world history, Our Own Heavenly Father has done the very same thing! Meanwhile, only ' A Parent ' can truthfully understand this Awe-Inspiring Spiritual Experience....

The Scripture Records, The Story Of Enoch:
" Enoch lived sixty-five years [ Like Any Other Man ], and [ Then ] begot Methuselah [ His Own First Born Son ].
After he begot Methuselah [ His Eyes Became Fully Opened ], And Enoch walked [ Perfectly ] with Yahweh [ From That Point Onward ] for three hundred years [ After This Truly Eye Opening Experience ], and he begot more sons and daughters [ As Yahweh Then Blessed Him ].
So all the days of Enoch [ While Living Upon The Earth ] were three hundred and sixty-five years [ In Complete Total ].
And Enoch walked [ Together ] with The Mighty One [ And Did So Properly ]; and he was not [ To Be Found Anywhere Upon The Earth ], for The Mighty One took him [ Upward Into Heaven ]. " - Genesis 5:21-24.

In fact, He utilized the very same methods to more fully instruct me... and, I can assure you, that I [ now ] truly get it. Each of us Freely Chooses our own Personal Life Experiences... But, His own hand subtly guides us through them... and The Lessons - which they invariably teach - Come Entirely Free. There is nothing, from within Our Own Personal Experiences, that The Mighty One didn't already know - far better than us - long before we were ever born! Which, invariably, brings us back to The End Time Biblical Prophecies....

What Our Own Spiritual Father has given to me: Freely and Without Any Charge - I cannot even conceive of asking any sort of payment for! Instead, I would simply ask you - as my own personal friend - to: Leave A Comment [ whenever it strikes you to lift up my own spirits ]... or, Post Your Own Links To America In Prophecy [ that this message will invariably get out ].... That's It! No other strings shall ever be attached, to this Totally Free Prophecy Information Source.

Meanwhile, That Donate Button is merely there For Your Own Personal Benefit... if you want to assist in my own work, then your own donation will be: Very Gratefully Received and [ truthfully ] Put To Good Use... but, absolutely no one is going to: Ask, Beg, or Emotionally Blackmail You Into It - like is so customary among those Spiritual Babylonians! Ultimately, however, if that cost is still too high... then, The Real Issue Can Only Be Yourself.

Of Jeshurun: It's Already Written
Thus says The Mighty One [ Yahweh ], The Holy One Of Israel [ Yahshua, The King ], And His Maker [ The Macroverse, Himself ]:
' Ask Me of things to come [ These End Time Events ] concerning My Sons [ These Future Children Of Yahweh ]; And concerning The Work Of My Hands [ All That I Have Done ], you command Me [ Ask Me, For Any Of It ].
I [ The Mighty One ] have made the earth, and created man upon it [ Just As The Scriptures Have Told You ]. It was I - My Own Hands that stretched out the heavens [ From The Very Beginning ], And all their host I have commanded [ Throughout All Of Time ].
I have raised Him [ My Own Chosen Prophet ] up in righteousness, And I will direct all of His ways [ Ensuring That, He Will Not Stumble ]; He [ Jeshurun ] shall build My City [ The New Habitation Of Jerusalem ] And let My Exiles go free [ From Spiritual Babylon ], Not for price or reward [ Like Your Own Evil Shepherds ] ', says The Mighty One Of Heaven. " - Isaiah 45:11-13.

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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