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Jeremiah Chapter 25 is The Fourth Seal of Revelation - having been viewed through The Prophet Jeremiah's own human eyes....

The Prophet Jeremiah - in mid vision.
While The Prophet John wrote ' The Fourth Seal Of Revelation ', upon the isle of Patmos around 30 to 50 AD, The Prophet Jeremiah actually spoke about it - in certain considerable detail - around 500 years earlier. In The Book Of Jeremiah [ chapter 25 ], the first eleven verses provide the ultimate causation for The House Of Judah's 2520 Year Captivity To The Babylonians [ The Modern Day Nations Of Europe ]... while Verses 12-38 reference The Final 70 Year Period Beginning In 1945 AD - in which The Second Beast: " Made Fire Come Down From Heaven [ At: Hiroshima and Nagasaki ] " - and then clearly details The Numerous Judgments that will very soon follow ' In The Winter Of 2015 '.

{ *** NOTE:  For contextual purposes, I shall provide the first eleven verses of Jeremiah Chapter 25 - which shows you why The First 70 [ prophetic ] Year Prophecy will bring us down to The Exact Date of 1945 AD; while, The Second 70 [ literal ] Year Prophecy arrives at The Winter Of 2015 AD. }

Jeremiah Chapter 25, Begins:
" The word that came to Jeremiah [ From Yahweh The Mighty One ] concerning all the people of Judah [ The Southern Kingdom, Which Had Not Yet Fallen ], in the fourth year of Jehoiakim the son of Josiah, king of Judah ( which was in the first year of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon )
- which Jeremiah The Prophet spoke to all of the people of Judah and to all the inhabitants of Jerusalem , saying:
From the thirteenth year of Josiah, the son of Amon, king of Judah, even to this day.
{ *** The Admonishment From The Prophet Jeremiah. }
This is the twenty third year in which the word of The Mighty One has come to me; and I have spoken to you - rising early and speaking - but you have not listened.
And The Mighty One has sent to you All Of His Servants The Prophets - rising early and sending them - but you have not listened [ To What They Have Warned You ], nor inclined your ear to hear [ The True Words From Yahweh ].
They [ These Other True Prophets ] said, ' Repent now everyone of his evil way [ In Pursuing After The Ba'alim ] and his evil doings [ Doing Great Harm Towards One Another ], and dwell [ Peacefully ] in the land [ Of Yahweh's Promises ] that The Mighty One has given to you and your fathers [ Through An Eternal Covenant ] forever and ever.
Do not go after other gods [ Like The Gentiles Do ] to serve them and worship them [ Like The Pagans Around You ], and do not provoke Me to anger [ Through Doing Such Things ] with the works of your hands [ In Pursuing That Pre-Flood Technology ]; and I will not harm you. '
' Yet you have not listened to Me ', says The Mighty One, ' that you might provoke Me to anger with the works of your hands [ In Always Serving After The Ba'alim ] to your own hurt [ Thereby Breaking My Own Covenant With You ]. '
{ *** The Judgment Rendered By Yahweh. }
Therefore [ Since You Have Repeatedly Ignored Me ], thus says The Mighty One Of Heaven: ' Because you have not heard My words [ But, Choosing Instead To Ignore Them ], behold [ I Tell You The Truth ], I will send [ My Heavenly Messengers ] and gather All The Families Of The North [ Greece, Sidon, Assyria, And The Seacoasts Of Phillistia ] ', says The Mighty One, and Nebuchadnezzar The King Of Babylon - My servant - and will bring them [ All Of Them ] against this land [ The Remaining Nation Of Judah ], against its inhabitants [ The Jews Who Live There ], and against these nations all around [ Tyre, Edom, Moab, And Ammon ], and will utterly destroy them [ Either Kill, Or Take Them Into Babylon As Slaves ], and make them [ Judah, Tyre, Edom, Moab, And Ammon ] an astonishment [ By Leaving Their Nations Totally Desolate ], a hissing [ By Others Muttering Under Their Breath ], and perpetual desolations [ Until The Time Of The End ]. '
' Moreover [ I Tell You This Also ], I will take from them [ The Jews, The Men Of Tyre, The Edomites, The Moabites, and The Ammonites ] the voice of mirth [ Their Own Pagan Celebrations ] and the voice of gladness [ The Happiness Of Their Blessings ], the voice of the bridegroom [ Who Has Finally Found A Mate ] and the voice of the bride [ Who Has Finally Snared Her Own Man ], the sound of the millstones [ Grinding Food For The Eaters ] and the light of the lamp [ Shining, So Brightly, Through Your Own Comfortable Windows ]. '
' And this whole land [ Stretching From Phillistia To The Borders Of Egypt ] shall be a desolation [ For The Ba'alim You Worshiped ] and an astonishment [ For Your Own Unholy Actions ], and these nations [ Judah, Tyre, Edom, Moab, And Ammon ] shall serve The King Of Babylon [ The Babylonian Nations ] for Seventy [ Prophetic ] Years [ 2520 Days ]. " - Jeremiah 25:1-11.

The infamous Nagasaki Bombing.
This ' 2520 Day For/A Year Prophecy ' began in 573 BC... and, thus, ended in 1945 AD... at which point, The Prophesied Confederacy of: Tyre, Edom, Israel, Moab, and Ammon - aka, The United States of America - officially announced its world presence by: " Making Fire Come Down From Heaven In The Sight Of All Other Nations [ at: Hiroshima and Nagasaki ] "; and The Jews Began Flocking To Israel - for its eventual rebirth - which officially happened, only 3 years later, in 1948 AD.

As a historically verifiable proof of this fact, we can read Jeremiah Chapter 29, wherein it clearly states:
" For thus says The Mighty One; After Seventy [ Prophetic ] Years Are Completed In Service To Babylon [ At The End Of This Prophesied Period ], I will visit you and perform My good words toward you [ Setting My Own Banner Upon My Hills ], and cause you to return to this place [ The Land Of My Promise ]. " - Jeremiah 29:10.   
- Meanwhile, This Long-Prophesied Mass Exodus From The Land Of Babylon [ The Continent Of Europe ] To The Promised Land [ The Modern Day Nation Of Israel ] began in 1945 AD; and was fully completed by their own: Autonomous and Sovereign Rule in May Of The Year 1948 AD....

In Isaiah Chapter 23 [ A Parallel Prophecy], We Also Read:
" Now it shall come to pass in that day [ The Time Of The Babylonian Captivity ] that Tyre will be forgotten for Seventy Years, according to the days of one king [ King Nebuchadnezzar ]. At The End Of Seventy [ Prophetic ] Years, it will happen to Tyre [ Amidst The Confederation Of His Brothers ] - as in the song of the harlot [ Whose Words Are Written ]:
' Take a harp, go about the city, You forgotten harlot [ Who Was Punished By Yahweh ]; Make sweet melody, sing many songs, that you may be remembered [ Once Again ]. '
And it shall be [ Just As In The Song ], at The End Of Seventy [ Prophetic ] Years [ or 2520 Days ], that The Mighty One will again visit Tyre [ To See Them Firmly Established ]. She [ The Nation Of Tyre ] will return to her pay [ In Service To The Nation Of Babylon ], and commit fornication with all the kingdoms of the world upon the face of the Earth.
[ The Marshall Plan, The United Nations, The Breton-Woods Agreement, NATO, SEATO, The Cold War, The International Monetary Fund, The World Bank, The Trilateral Commission, International Free Trade, GATT, NAFTA, SAFTA, American Corporate Globalism, The War On Terror, The Continental Unions, and The New World Order. ]
Her gain [ From Her Own Political Harlotry ] and her pay [ For Acting As Babylon's Own False Prophet ] will be set apart for The Mighty One [ As An End Time Tithing ]; it will not be treasured [ By These Descendants Of Tyre ] nor laid up [ As War Booty, By Any Other Nation ] - for her gain [ So Immorally Obtained From All Others ] will be for those [ Or Given To Those ] who dwell before The Mighty One [ In My Own Promised Land ], to eat sufficiently, and for fine clothing [ That They May, Then, Get A New Start - In Their Own Service To Me ]. " - Isaiah 23:15-18. 

The Descendants Of Babylon.
As you can [ now ] clearly see, These 70 Prophetic Year Prophecies were made respective towards: " All Of The Latter Day Descendants Of The Canaanites " - which are biblically defined as: The Modern Day Nation Of Israel [ Judah ], and The United States of America [ The Confederacy Of: Israel, Tyre, Edom, Moab, and Ammon ] - who were placed under subjection to ' The True People Of Babylon '. The fact, that The Babylonians had subsequently moved their empire to Europe, didn't in any way alter this 2520 Year Prophecy!

So, what happened in 1945 AD that severed these ' God-Given Bonds To Babylon '? After 5 Years Of Massive and Open Warfare - between them - The Babylonian People [ The Nations Of Europe ] were no longer capable of retaining their dominant hegemony over These Biblically Covenanted Peoples!

World War II - The Second Seal Of Revelation - was of such a devastating magnitude, that The Nations Of Europe Were Severely Broken: " A Tremendous Head Wound, Which Has Since Been Healed "! None of Europe's Great Nations could, once again, take up The Mantle Of World Leadership; and they became totally dependent upon utilizing: " Their Own False Prophet " - in order to fully complete their Unwavering Worldwide Agenda.

Meanwhile, The United States of America already possessed the necessary: Political Will, Military Strength, Industrial Capacity, Financial Resources, and Respected Political Position - in order to complete this ongoing worldwide process. After all, those: American Freemasons and Their Illuminati Handlers - had, long ago, very fully assured this... and The True Power Within Europe [ The Roman Papacy ] provided the necessary resources to politically strengthen them - for this Worldwide Transformative Task!

{ *** NOTE: For The Second Half Of This Article, click here: " Jeremiah Chapter 25 is The Fourth Seal of Revelation [ Part 2 ]. " }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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