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The Modern Day Nation Of Israel is merely The House Of Judah - The Banner Set On A Hill.

The Palestine Post - May 14th, 1948.
While The Modern Day Nation Of Israel was officially formed upon May 14th 1948, virtually all of its 7 million inhabitants are factually: " Jews " - or, The Physical Descendants Of Judah. Nor, does it even include All Of The World's Jews; but rather, it is predominantly comprised of merely those from within: Eastern and Western Europe - the now combined nations of: " Babylon The Great ". In fact, within America alone, The World's Jewish Population numbers equally as many.

While many would readily label This Physical Restoration as a modern fulfillment to The End Time Prophecies, the question then raised [ must be ]: " Which One Of Them? "... after all, there are ' Two Such Restorations ' - being prophesied from within The Biblical Scriptures. Meanwhile, The First Of Them is described as [ merely ]: " A Banner Having Been Set Upon A Hill [ The Token, to confirm His Covenant ] "... and, The Second is then described as: " The Whole Gathering Of Israel [ or, The Eternal Covenant Itself ] ". Therefore, which one of these ' Two Prophesied Gatherings ' does this: Extremely Limited and Only Partial Return - actually represent?

In Isaiah Chapter 66, We Read:
" Before she [ My Daughter Of Judah ] travailed [ Had To Fight For Her Own Independence ], she gave birth [ She Produced For Herself A New Nation ]; Before her pain [ The Trouble With Her Neighbors ] came, She delivered a male child [ A New Independent Nation ].
Who has heard such a thing [ Nations Are Always Born, Through The Fighting Of Battles ]? Who has seen such things [ Battles Are Not Born, Through The Rising Of Nations ]? Shall The Earth be made to give birth in one day [ By The World Recognition Of A Political Charter ]? Or, shall a nation be born at once [ Arriving Upon The World's Stage Fully Functional ]?
For as soon as Zion [ My Holy Land ] travailed [ Spiritually And Politically ], She gave birth to her children [ Without Any True Labor ].
' Shall I [ Yahweh, The Mighty One, Myself ] bring to The Time Of Birth [ That My Own Prophets Have Already Told You Of ], and [ Then ] not cause delivery [ As I Have Long-Ago Told Them ]? ', says The Mighty One.
' Shall I [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ] Who Cause Delivery [ Then Change My Own Personal Direction And ] shut up the womb [ Like One Of You Double-Minded Ones ]? ', says Yahweh [ Indeed Not, I Am Not Like You Spiritually Conflicted Ones ].
Rejoice With Jerusalem [ Celebrate This Factual Occurrence ], And be glad with her [ For It Has All Been The Workings Of Yahweh ], all you who love her [ And The Covenant That She Fully Represents ]; Rejoice for joy with her [ At The Time Of This Happening ], all you who mourn for her [ In Longing For Her Final Restoration ];
That you may feed [ Upon These Great Spiritual Signs ] and be satisfied [ Knowing That My Promises Are All True ] With the consolation of her bosom [ Living Within Her Own Physical Presence ], That you may drink deeply [ Of That Which Came Before Her ] and be delighted [ Your Own Eyes Now Opening ] With the abundance of her glory [ The Proper Understanding Of Your Already Now Past Events ]. " - Isaiah 66:7-11.

The Banner Set On A Hill.
Dear brothers and sisters, The Modern Day Nation Of Israel only represents: " The Token [  Being Given ] ", " The Standard [ Being Unfurled ] ", and " The Banner [ Waving Brilliantly In The Breeze ] " - with, The True Battle Yet To Be Fought. It hasn't signified ' The Final Regathering Of All Israel '; but rather, The Mighty One Declaring His Own Presence! Consider, The Parable Of The Fig Tree - as spoken of, so clearly, by Yahshua:
" Now learn this parable from The Fig Tree [ My Own Tribal Nation Of Judah ]: when its branch [ Of Judaism ] has already become tender [ From My Own Spiritual Efforts ] and puts forth leaves [ Returns To My Promised Land And Physically Blossoms ], you know that Summer [ The Prophesied Halfway Point ] is near [ Almost 60 Years Of It Has Already Now Passed ].
So you also, when you see all of these things [ Having Looked Backwards To The Beginning Of Sorrows That Factually Preceded It ], know that It [ My Day Of Judgment Upon The Nations ] is near [ Oh, Yes ], at the very doors [ You Are Already Living Within The Last Days ].
Assuredly, I say to you, This Generation [ The Ones Living At This Time ] will by no means pass away [ The Majority Of Them Shall Still Be Living ] till all these things [ The Final Seals Of Revelation ] are fulfilled [ Entirely Completed ]. " - Mathew 24:32-34.

Judah - The Standard Bearers:

These Gates Shall Be Opening Soon....
See, what I mean - about, ' Its True Scriptural Significance '? The Modern Day Nation Of Israel was established by Yahweh Himself... and, it was created to provide us all with: A Biblical Signpost And Milemarker, A Spiritual Rallying Point To Gather Around, and A Much-Needed Spiritual Wake Up Call - since, ' The True Battle ' would be very soon in coming to pass!

Meanwhile, the ultimate purpose of Judah: " The Standard Bearers " - is to serve in separating ' His Sheep ' from ' The Goats ' - by drawing everyone's: Clear and Focused Attention - to these Long Neglected Spiritual Issues. The time for ' Playacting At Pagan/Christianity ' is now already long past; and we need to heed The Clear Instructions Of Yahweh.
" Come Out Of Babylon [ Both: Political And Spiritual ], My People [ Who Are Still Living Within It ], Lest You Share [ As Equal Partakers ] In Her Plagues [ That I Will Soon Be Sending Upon Her ].... " - Revelation 18:4.

Our World is in Labor.
Yes, brothers and sisters, there is indeed A Much Greater Contraction now coming; than either of The First Two Seals Of Revelation. World War I and World War II were only a part of: " The Beginning Of Sorrows "... The Early and False Labor that always precedes The Labor That Is True. Meanwhile, The Worldwide Financial Collapse is [ merely ]: " The Breaking Of Our Mother's Water "... and, The Fourth Seal represents: " The Beginning Of Her True Labor "!
{ *** NOTE: This Scripturally Provided Analogy also signifies The Fifth Seal as: " The Actual Birthing Process Itself ", and The Sixth Seal as: " The Post Birth Resting Period " - thankfully, being provided for. }

Isaiah Chapter 66, Then Continues:
" When You See This [ The Re-Establishment Of Judah Within The Promised Land ], your heart shall rejoice [ As The End Time Message Is Then To Be Preached ], And your bones shall flourish like grass [ The Spiritual Ones Shall Greatly Increase ]; The Hand Of The Mighty One [ In Doing This Great Thing ] shall be known to His Servants [ For, They Have Long Been Watching For It ], And His indignation to His enemies [ That Dwell Quietly And Secretly Among You ].
For Behold [ Listen Up You Simple Ones ], The Mighty One will come with Fire [ To Consume All Of These Double-Minded Ones ] And with His Chariots [ The World's Most Terrible Armies ], Like A Whirlwind [ Destroying Everything And Everyone That Isn't True ], To render His Anger [ Against All Of Them ] with fury poured out [ Upon Great And Open Display ], And His Rebuke [ Your Well-Deserved Chastening ] With Flames Of Fire [ The Most Destructive Of All Of Earth's Weapons ].
For By Fire [ These Highly Destructive Weapons ] and by His Sword [ The World's Great Armies ] The Mighty One Will Judge All Flesh [ As He Has Already Long-Ago Promised You ]; And The Slain Of The Mighty One [ Those Whom He Judges Among All Of You ] shall be many [ An Exceptionally Great Number ].
' Those who sanctify themselves and purify themselves [ According To The Teachings Of Spiritual Babylon ], To go to the gardens [ My New Kingdoms ] after an idol in the midst [ While Committing Such Spiritual Duplicity ], Eating Swine's Flesh [ Consuming Pork ], and The Abomination [ All Those Worshiping The Sun ] and The Mouse [ Those Servants Of The Rat ], Shall be consumed together [ In One Great Military Conflagration ] ', says The Mighty One.
' For I [ Yahweh ] know their works [ How They Have Continually Fought Against Me ] and their thoughts [ How They Spiritually Resent Me, For Who I Truly Am ]. It shall be that I will gather all nations and tongues [ In The Valley Of Decision, As I Have Already Told You ]; and they shall come and see My Glory [ Once And For All ]. '
' I will set A Sign Among Them [ By Destroying All Of Their Armies In One Final Battle ]; and those among them who escape [ The Spiritual Ones Of My Own Choosing ] I will send to the nations [ Back To Their Own Personal Homelands ]: to Tarshish and Pul and Lud, who draw the bow; and Tubal and Javan, to the coastlands afar off [ Living In The Orient ] who have not heard of My Fame [ Personally ] nor seen My Glory [ Upon Open Display ]. And They [ These Very Fortunate Ones ] shall declare My Glory [ Having Themselves Witnessed It ] among The Gentiles [ Those Who Have Not Yet Heard ]. '
' Then They [ These Previously Gentile Nations ] shall bring all of your bretheren [ Whom They Currently Hold Captive ] for An Offering [ Of Peace And An Eternal Covenant ] to The Mighty One [ Whom They Shall Finally Respect ] out of all of the nations [ In That Day, None Shall Be Left Behind ], on horses and in chariots [ They Shall Freely Ride ], and in litters [ They Shall Bring The: Weak, Sick, And Wounded Ones ], on mules and on camels [ They Shall Lead The Young Ones Along ], to My Holy Mountain [ Mount Zion ] Jerusalem [ My City Of Peace ] ', says The Mighty One,
' As The Children Of Israel [ Will Also Finally ] bring an offering In A Clean Vessel [ Without Your Own Human Corruptions In It ] into The House Of The Mighty One [ My New City Of Jerusalem ]. '
' And I will also [ In Addition To My Own People ] take Some Of Them [ These Once Gentile People ] for Priests [ As Spiritual Servants ] and for Levites [ To Serve Within My Own Temple ], says Yahweh. ' " - Isaiah 66:14-21.

Now, that's ' The Prophesied Regathering Of All Israel '... and, to believe otherwise, is merely to be subject to just another: " Strong Delusion " - [ once again ] provided by Spiritual Babylon! Meanwhile: The Modern Nation Of Israel and Judah - who now, largely, lives there - are destined for Their Own Period Of Spiritual Threshing... no different, than: Israel [ Now Living Within America's Bible Belt ], Joseph [ Now Living Within Egypt ], and Those Wild Olive Branches [ Now Living All Over The Earth ]. And, if you still haven't figured it out yet, There Isn't Going To Be Any Rapture!
{ *** Note: Besides, if there was going to be one, which of you: Kabbalists, Sun-Worshipers, or Otherwise Grossly Disobedient Ones - would be worthy of honestly benefiting from it? There's a reason that: Enoch and Elijah - were ' The Only Recorded Humans ' - to [ factually ] receive such an interesting physical outcome. Are any of you greater than Moses? }

Judah - The Wake Up Call:

As: The Standard Bearers Of Yahweh and His Tokens Of Promise -The House Of Judah has been strengthened for this exclusive and highly important purpose... just as, The House Of Israel - dwelling within The United States of America - was also utilized to greatly assist and strengthen His Continuous Worldwide Reformation... but, neither of them has completed ' Their Own Spiritual Transformation '; and neither of them shall escape His Own Spiritual Judgments, without very severe chastening.

Meanwhile, ' The Wake Up Call ' is now finally ending... and, The Judgment Shall Soon Begin: " Within His Own House ". As it was written... so, it shall be! As always, Praise Yahweh....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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