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2011 has been A Year Of Severe Judgments against The United States of America.

2011's massive Alabama Tornadoes.
In 2011, we witnessed ' The Single Largest Outbreak Of Tornadoes In United States History '... with an alarming: 1836 Reported Tornadoes [ 1,560 Have Been Confirmed ], 23 Of Them EF4/5, and 552 Deaths. Meanwhile, The State Of Alabama - which, In Hebrew, means: " Ala [ Exalted ] Bama [ High Place ] " - was struck exceptionally hard during the course of these ongoing storms. Consequently, we can readily interpret these historical events as: " The Exalted High Place Of America's Bible Belt " - being struck a most terrible blow... and, indeed, 2011 has been A Year Of Severe Judgments against The United States of America.

Alabama Storm Map - 4/27/11.
To provide you with a useful frame of historical reference, An Average Year Consists Of: 1270 Reported Tornadoes [ Approx. 1000 Confirmed ], Around 5 Of Them Class EF4, and A Statistical 53 Deaths Will Inevitably Result. As of this date, Only 8 EF5 Tornadoes have ever occurred in our entire history, and 5 Of Them were actually in 2011! In fact, 80 Percent Of All Reported Tornadoes are normally Class EF1, or less.

But, do The Scriptures actually mention Such Severe Judgments upon any particular Latter Day Nation; and if so, then ' Which One '? Let's, examine these prophecies; and see if we can [ actually ] find one....

The American Confederacy.
According to The Biblical Prophets, there is: " A Confederated Nation ", " Created By The Aryans ", that has been founded upon: " A Covenant Of Brotherhood " - in Earth's Latter Day Time Period. It is: " A Nation Powerful And Treading Down " and: " One Terrible From Its Very Beginnings ". But, strangely enough, we know that nation as simply ' The United States of America '. I know what you're probably thinking: " Facts Are Stranger Than Fiction " - Am I Right?

And, while The United States started out as a pretty good nation overall, In The Last 100 Years it has swiftly degenerated into something that no one [ even ] recognizes as, ' That Very Same Nation '! Its government, has become: All Powerful, All Consuming, and Grossly Dysfunctional... its overall society, has become: Immoral, Unethical, and Dangerously Corrupted... its own people, have become: Largely Ignorant, Narrowly Focused, and Spiritually Debased... and, the way that it [ now ] conducts itself, Is Merely Begging For Judgment!

Alabama Community - after the storm.
Meanwhile: whether we are prepared for it, or not, ' That Long Overdue Judgment ' has indeed already begun. As A Composite Nation - made up of Five Distinct Peoples: Tyre, Moab, Ammon, Edom, and Israel - it is now suffering from Each Of Their Own Personal Judgments... plus, All Of The Additional Ones, that are now clearly attributable to their Republican Styled Union!

Meanwhile, The Scriptures have very clearly stated:
" In That Day Of Judgment, I shall begin first with The Members Of My Own House! "
- that, of course, being: Israel [ In America ], Joseph [ In Egypt ], and Judah [ In The Promised Land ]....

The Judgment Upon Israel:
" In That Day [ The Time Of Tyre's Final Destruction ] sing to Her [ My Daughter Israel ], ' A vineyard of red wine [ She Is Quite Beautiful To Look Upon ]! I, The Mighty One, keep it [ Protect It ], I water it every moment [ And I Care For It ]; Lest any hurt it [ Ensuring Her New Spiritual Crops ], I keep it night and day [ O, Yes, I Constantly Watch Over It ].
Fury is not in Me [ I Have Not Dealt With Her Angrily ]. Who would set briers and thorns Against Me in battle [ All Of Your Weapons Cannot Harm Me ]? I would go through them [ Nor, Would They Hinder Me One Moment ], I would burn them together [ All Of Your Weapons And Everyone Who Wields Them ].
Or let him [ My Own Adversary ] take hold of My strength [ Join Himself To Me Spiritually ], That he [ My Own Adversary ] may make peace with Me [ Come, Let Us Reason Together ]; And he [ My Own Adversary ] shall make peace with Me [ For I Am, Indeed, Merciful ]. '
Those who come [ The Ones Who Will Listen And Produce Fruit ] He shall cause to take root in Jacob [ The Sons Of My Covenant ]; Israel shall blossom and bud [ And Many Shall Join Them ], And they shall fill the face of the world [ When I Have Completed My Work ] with much fruit [ That Has Always Been My Own Plan ].
Has He [ Yahweh ] struck Israel [ America's Bible Belt ] as He struck those who struck Him [ The Rest Of Their Nation ]? Or has He [ My Son Israel ] been slain according to the slaughter [ The Utter Ferocity And Severity ] of those who were slain by Him [ In The Rest Of That Nation ]?
In measure [ In Proportion ], by sending it away [ By Rebuilding Those High Places ], You have contended with it [ You Have Fought Against My Open Rebuke ]. He [ The Mighty One ] Removes It [ The Exalted High Place ] by His Rough Wind - In The Day Of The Eastward Wind [ The Day Of Storms That He Has Sent To You ].
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Therefore [ Listen Up ], By This [ Their Own Human Action ] The Iniquity Of Jacob [ The Sins Of Those Within The Bible Belt ] Will Be Covered [ Will Be Atoned For ]; And this Is all the fruit of taking away his sin [ These Events Have Been Happening To Wake All Of You Up ]:
When He [ Israel - Does The Following ] makes all the stones of the altar [ His Places Of False Spiritual Sacrifice ] Like chalk stones that are beaten to dust [ Totally Destroying Them ], When wooden images [ Those Images To Baal Worship ] and incense altars [ Their Own Exalted High Places ] do not stand up [ Then, I Shall Accept Them ]. " - Isaiah 27:2-9.

Just watch some of this 21 Minutes Of Video Footage, upon these Amazing Storms In Alabama; and then just try to tell me, that this isn't [ honestly ] The Initial Fulfillment to these long awaited prophecies.... 

America In Prophecy

Unprecedented Storms Striking The Bible Belt!
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The sheer amount of This Physical Destruction, within America's Bible Belt, has been simply incredible. But, no place more so, than Its Original Confederate Capital Of Alabama. The aptly named: " Exalted - High Place " - long ago settled by Many Of These Israelites. Meanwhile, The Message Is Now Perfectly Clear: " It's time for Israel to finally awaken, and begin living like Yahweh's True People "!

Our Much-Needed Message:
  • It Is [ Finally ] Time To Spiritually Awaken.
  • Come Out Of: Political And Spiritual Babylon.
  • Complete Your Spiritual Reformation.
  • Make Your Paths Straight For Yahweh.
  • Prepare To Meet Your Mighty One.
  • For, He Shall Soon Send His Threshers To Judge Amongst You.
  • And, He Will Bring Us Home, As So Long Ago Promised!

A Final Judgment Upon America:
" Yet The Fortified City [ The Rest Of That Great Nation ] will be desolate [ At The Time Of My Severe Judgment ], The Habitation Forsaken [ It Shall Never Again Be Inhabited ] and left like a wilderness [ Just As It Was In The Beginning ]; There the calf will feed [ The Young Bison ] and there it will lie down [ Unafraid Of Being Disturbed ] and consume its branches [ Like It Did Previously ].
When Its [ America's ] Boughs [ Numerous States ] Are Withered [ Left Destitute By Their Own National Government ], They [ These Individual States ] will be broken off [ Shall Finally Separate Themselves ]; The Women [ The Other Nations ] come and set them on fire [ Utterly Destroy Their Habitation ].
For It [ That Nation Of Americans ] is a people of no understanding [ They Can't Even Care For Their Own Children ]; Therefore [ Because Of This Fact ] He [ Yahweh ] who made them [ Even, The Mighty One Himself ] will not have mercy upon them [ Upon The Day That He Does This ], And He [ Yahweh ] who formed them [ By Bringing Them Together ] will show them no favor [ For, They Are Past Merely Correcting ].
And It Shall Come To Pass [ When All Of These Things Happen ] In That Day [ The Hour Of My Own Severe Judgment ] That The Mighty One will thresh [ Judging Among All Of Them ], From the channel of The Great River [ The Mighty Mississippi ] to The Brook Of Egypt [ The Nile ]; and You [ My Chosen Ones ] will be gathered one by one [ As My Own Servant Shall, Once Again, Lead You ], O You Children Of Israel [ Abraham's Physical And Spiritual Descendants ].
So It Shall Be [ My Own Decision Is Final ] In That Day [ When I Shall Do All Of These Things ].
The Great Trumpet Will Be Blown [ This Message Of My Own Regathering Shall Be Proclaimed ]; They [ These Spiritual Ones ] will come [ When My Own Chosen Watchman Calls To Them ], who are about to perish [ At The Hands Of Their Own Centralized Government ] in That Land Of Assyria [ That Aryan Nation Of America ], And They [ Ephraim And Manasseh ] who are outcasts [ No Longer Being Found Acceptable ] in The Land Of Egypt [ The Rest Of My Own Children ], And shall worship The Mighty One [ In Spirit And In Truth ] in The Holy Mount [ Mount Zion ] at Jerusalem [ My City Of Rest ]. " - Isaiah 27:10-13.

Since The List Of Judgments Now Falling Upon America is so scripturally extensive, I cannot even hope to include all of them in one single posting. Therefore, I have listed numerous links to The 2011 American Judgments below....
{ *** NOTE: As always, if there isn't a link yet, then please check back periodically. While This Site's Information is: 100 Percent Correct, and [ indeed ] Scripturally Verifiable - I haven't written all of the articles yet. After all, I'm only one man! }
Meanwhile, however, America's Final Judgment consists in Two Different Parts:
  • Its Separation And Internal Civil War - which begins in The Summer Of 2012.
  • Its Foreign Invasion - by: Europe and Asia - which happens [ either: two, or three years later ] In The Winter.

{ *** NOTE: The reason that you won't get [ or, hear ] this very same message in any of those Millions Of Churches is actually quite simple. Every last one of them is already working for The Other Team... and, the scriptures have [ indeed ] already warned you, saying: " Come Out Of Babylon, My People, Lest You Share In Her Plagues! "}

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


  1. If our Lord God chose to punish Israel harshly in the past, he wouldn't think twice about the U.S.

    The U.S. has lost its moral ways. Look at all the Christian attacks on Tebow, making fun of him, because he knelt to thank the Lord on a TD. That's exactly why this country will be done soon.

    God is no longer watching us....


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