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What does Revelation Chapter 12 have to tell us about Our Own Human History? [ part 1 ]

Mysterious Book Of Revelation.
Since The Prophet John first put pen to paper, and wrote The Book Of Revelation;  numerous: Biblical Scholars, Religious Theologians, and other, Students Of Prophecy - have attempted to unlock its mysterious and hidden secrets... and yet, very few of them have been [ even moderately ] successful. Meanwhile, The Mystery Of: The Woman, The Child, And The Dragon - found in Revelation Chapter 12 - is just such an example of this, seemingly difficult, ' Illustrative Prophetical Symbolism '.

Upon the surface of it, it seems very simple... but, as you begin to conceptualize it, The Deep and Hidden Meanings grow increasingly complex... and, the imagery of Revelation Chapter 12 ultimately generates far more questions than answers - for many of us. Indeed, this one prophetical vision about: " The Woman, The Child, and The Dragon " - goes far beyond our own natural abilities toward human comprehension! But, is it incomprehensible... is Revelation Chapter 12 [ therefore ]: " A Closed Book " - as so many would have us to believe? Or, is it possible to unlock all of its Deeply Hidden Mysteries, after all?

In this Two Part Series upon Revelation Chapter 12, I fully intend to explain all of its: Imagery, Symbolism, and [ even ] Hidden Secrets - for the benefit of my own rapidly growing readership. Because, I [ Jeshurun ] don't believe in: " Closed Books "... I have never taken: " The Easy Way Out "... and, I absolutely refuse to write down anything, that I cannot ' Irrefutably Prove ' from The Scriptures, alone! Why not, follow along with me, while we thoroughly explore these prophetical mysteries....

{ *** Question: What is it about Biblical Prophecy, that continues to baffle humanly led minds, while equally offering up: New Understanding and Heightened Insight - to those led by His Spirit? }

Revelation Chapter 12, Opens By Saying:
" Now A Great Sign appeared in heaven: A Woman clothed with the sun, and with the moon under her feet, and on her head a garland of twelve stars.
Then Being With child, she cried out in labor and in pain to give birth. " - Revelation 12:1-2.

Yahweh's Own Bride.
The very first thing that we should notice, within this particular passage of The Scriptures, is [ precisely ] where this: " Great Sign " - factually appeared... it appeared: " Up In Heaven ". And, why is that important? Because, the actual recipients of ' This Remarkable Vision ' were The Angels Of Heaven '! The Prophet John was actually watching The Angels - as they, themselves, were experiencing this particular vision. Yahweh was revealing His own long-term plans to The Angels Of Heaven... and He did so, by providing them: " A Prophetical Vision ". In fact, this was only The First Of Two Such Visions - being given to The Heavenly Host - at this particular period of time.

The Woman, referenced in Revelation Chapter 12, was The Mighty One's Own Bride that He had: Carefully Chosen and Openly Cultivated for Himself. Meanwhile, the beautiful imagery upon open display was [ actually ] quite simple to comprehend....
  • The Garland Of Twelve Stars [ above her head ] - represented The Twelve Tribes Of Israel, that formed the genesis of her image. Just as: " The Head Of Gold " - represented the beginning of The Glorious Statue within the vision shown to King Nebuchadnezzar.
  • She Was Clothed With The Sun - because, she was emanating ' A Very Bright Light ' to all of those around her, while substantially witnessing to His Scriptural Testimonies.
  • She Had The Moon Under Her Feet - because, she had already taken ' The Very First Spiritual Steps ' towards her relationship with Yahweh her husband.
  • And She Was With Child - to denote that Yahweh fully intended to produce ' His Newly Obtained Offspring ' through her - in the near foreseeable future.

To The Angelic Host, this was [ indeed ]: " A Very Great Sign " - since, it meant that many things were now changing. The Mighty One fully intended to produce: " Many More, Mighty One(s) "... and, The Angelic Host: " His Own Ministering Servants " - would have many more mighty ones, to minister to! To Yahweh, this was ' The Blessed Announcement Of His Own Spiritual Betrothal '... but, to many of The Angels, it symbolized something entirely different. To Them, it meant that, they had been clearly passed over [ or, snubbed ] for these: " Lesser Beings " - in The Overall Grand Scheme Of Things....

When this Prophetical Vision - referenced in Revelation 12:1&2 - was given to The Angelic Host, Lucifer was extremely angry; and, ' He Began Immediately Plotting Against It ', within his own mind. But, Yahweh was already well-ahead of him... and, He then provided, The Very Next Vision - that immediately follows The First One.

Revelation Chapter 12, Continues:
" And Another Sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great, fiery red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems upon his heads.
His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth. And The Dragon stood before The Woman who was ready to give birth, to devour Her Child as soon as it was born.
And She [ The Woman ] bore A Male Child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron. And Her Child [ The One Born Unto Her ] was caught up to The Mighty One and to His throne [ At The Time Of This Prophesied Ascension ].
Then The Woman [ That Gave Birth To This Child ] fled into The Wilderness [ The Undeveloped Places Of The Earth ], where she has a place prepared by Yahweh [ To Protect Her From The Dragon ], that They [ The Aryans, Who Keep Her There, In Their Own Protective Custody ] should feed her there [ In Those Undeveloped Places ] one thousand two hundred and sixty days [ For 1260 Literal Years ]. " - Revelation 12:3-6.

The Fiery Red Dragon and The Woman.
In this particular vision, The Mighty One fully revealed Lucifer's own plans of: Angelic Subterfuge, Spiritual Duplicity, and Outright Insurrection - against Him! And, by doing so, He [ also ] provided an ample warning to All Of The Other Angels that would consciously choose to follow him ' In Their Open Rebellion Against Him '. Just as Yahshua [ Himself ] did before: Judas and The Other Eleven Apostles - within the chambers of The Upper Room - in the evening before His own death.

The Fiery Red Dragon, referenced in Revelation Chapter 12, was Lucifer himself. And, The Symbolic Imagery upon open display was [ actually ] quite simple to The Rest Of The Angels....
  • The Dragon - was Lucifer.
  • The Seven Heads - were The Seven Great Kingdoms [ or, World Empires ], that he [ effectively ] controlled throughout our entire human history.
  • The Ten Horns - were The Ten Great Nations [ or, Genetic Peoples ], that owed their own political allegiance to these seven physical kingdoms.
  • And When He Drew A Third Of The Stars - it symbolized ' The Third Of All The Angels ' that would follow him into Open Rebellion Against The Mighty One.

A Battle In Heaven - Rev. 12.
While The Majority Of The Angels were shocked to learn of These Future Unfolding Events, Satan wasn't in the least bit surprised by them... after all, he [ himself ] had just been in the process of devising them. Nor, did it worry him, that his own enemy already knew them well in advance. Since, he was: A Master Of Creating His Own Battlefields, and Carefully Scripting Events Long-Before They Physically Happened! In his own mind, he [ merely ] thought: " Let This Game Of Chess, Finally Begin... After All... I, Too, Am A God! "

Meanwhile, To Many Of The Lesser Angels, Lucifer's own: Previous Exploits and Obvious Boldness - with respect towards The Mighty One - seemed quite compelling... moreover, A Great Number Of Them rankled at their ' Obvious Heavenly Position ' as [ mere ]: " Servants To Yahweh "! What if, The Mighty One [ Himself ] could be, somehow, overthrown? Then, " We Could All Be Gods "... and, " Wouldn't That, Be A Good Thing? " Their own Speculative Logic was, actually, very simple. The Battle Lines were very swiftly being drawn: " Among The Stars Of Heaven "... and, A Very Great War was now, factually, brewing in heaven!

Revelation Chapter 12, Shows Us, The Great Battle:
" And War Broke Out In Heaven: Michael [ The Angel Of Yahweh ] and His Angels [ The Loyal Ones ] fought against The Dragon [ Lucifer ]; and The Dragon [ Satan ] and His Angels [ The Rebellious Ones ] fought [ A Very Great And Pitched Battle ],
but They [ These Rebellious Ones ], did not prevail, nor was a place found for them [ Anywhere ] in heaven any longer [ Thus, They Were All Cast Down ].
So The Great Dragon [ Lucifer, Himself ] was cast out [ From The Heavenly Sanctuary ], That Serpent Of Old [ Who Tempted Adam And Eve, In The Garden Of Eden ], called The Devil [ The Evil One ] and Satan [ The Manipulative One ], who deceives The Whole World [ By His Numerous Deceptions ]; he was cast to the earth [ And Permanently Barred From Returning ], and His Angels [ Those Openly Rebellious Ones ] were cast with him [ No Longer Possessing Their Own Ability To Return ]. " - Revelation 12:7-9.

America In Prophecy

Gods [ Angels ] verses Teitans [ Demons ] 
 - The Immortals 2011.

Oh, You Dirty Sheep....
Just as The Mighty One always intended to separate: " His Human Sheep ", from: " Lucifer's [ Own ] Human Goats " - He fully utilized ' These Two Prophetic Visions ' to separate: " His Heavenly Sheep " from: " Lucifer's [ Own ] Heavenly Goats "; and everything happened according to His Own Heavenly Plan. The disobedient ones - Among The Heavenly Host - fell into His Trap! He, The Mighty One of heaven, had already: " Checked Lucifer " - in, His First Battle Of Chess....
{ *** Note: The score was now: Yahweh [ 1 ], and Lucifer [ 0 ]... but, The Game [ obviously ] wasn't entirely over! }
 Revelation Chapter 12, References This First Victory:
" Then I [ John The Revelator ] heard a loud voice saying in heaven, ' Now: Salvation, and Strength, and The Kingdom Of Our Mighty One, and The Power Of His Messiah - have come! For The Accuser Of Our Bretheren, who accused them before Our Mighty One day and night, has been cast down [ Upon The Earth ].
And They [ His Chosen Ones ] overcame him [ Satan, The Devil ] by The Blood Of The Lamb [ Yahweh Hushua ] and by The Word Of Their Testimony [ Their Own Witness To These Very Scriptures ], and They [ These Holy Ones Of Yahweh ] did not love their lives [ More Than Their Mighty One ] to the death [ But Trusted Completely, In Their Eventual Resurrection ].
Therefore [ Because Of These Things ], rejoice [ Give The Mighty One Praise ], O Heavens, and You [ The Angelic Host ] who dwell in them [ Having Remained: Firm, Obedient, And Faithful ]!  But, woe to The Inhabitants Of The Earth [ All Of Humanity ] and The Sea [ The Nations That They Have Built For Themselves ]! For The Devil has come down to you [ To Carry Out His Own Spiritual Plans ], having great wrath [ At Having Been Soundly Defeated ], And because He [ Lucifer ] knows that he has a short time [ Until His Own Personal Judgment ]. ' " - Revelation 12:10-12.

Having been: " Cast Down Upon The Earth " - Lucifer and His Angels immediately set about creating the very conditions that had been prophesied within The Second Vision Provided By Yahweh... and, these: " Forces Of Great Spiritual Darkness " - then became: " The Principalities And Powers " actively operating in opposition to The Mighty One!

Roman Empire in The Time Of Yahshua.
The Fourth Head Upon The Dragon known as The Empire Of Rome was strengthened by: Lucifer and His Angels - that it might be already waiting within The Promised Land of Israel. Thus, it: " Stood Before The Woman [ The Nation Of Israel ] ", to: " Devour Her Child [ Yahshua, Our Messiah ] " - just as these prophecies had already predicted. Lucifer's Own Plan was a brilliant stroke of seeming simplicity....
  1. Kill The Child At Birth - through manipulating another, King Herod, to do so.
  2. Or, Bribe Him To Join The Rebellion - when, He finally comes of age.
  3. Or, Murder Him Before He Is Crowned - through manipulating His own priesthood against Him.
After all, if ' His Own Plan ' is to be largely successful, then there's no need to turn: " The Fence Sitters " - if any [ from within heaven ] against him. Consequently, he must use: Great Stealth and Spiritual Subterfuge - to accomplish all of these tasks. Meanwhile, The Earth's: Carefully Controlled Nations and Easily Manipulated Priesthoods - provided a certain reasonable cloak of anonymity! In fact, he could always claim, that he had absolutely nothing to do with it....

Ultimately, However:
  • Herod Murdered All Of The Wrong Children - in his own political insecurities. { *** Check... }
  • Yahshua Resisted All Of His Offerings - during the 40 Days of his temptation. { *** Check... }
  • And, Yahshua's Eventual Murder - turned out to be: " The Actual Prophesied Sacrifice. " { *** Check... }
{ *** Note: The score was now: Yahweh [ 4 ], and Lucifer [ 0 ]... but, The Game wasn't over. He [ still ] controlled the Earth's highly numerous nations; and their billions of pawns had already proven themselves to be highly useful.... }

Human Chess is Lucifer's Pass-Time.
He, then, set about changing ' The Openly Visible Nature ' of his own Contrived Political Structures. First, by creating and then legalizing Institutionalized Christianity... Second, by adopting This New Religious Creation as the state imposed form of worship... and, Finally, by transferring all of his true political power to His Universal Religion. If he couldn't win, by using ' His Pawns and Rooks '... then, he'd just start a new offensive, by using ' His Knights and Bishops '... and, By 538 AD - The Beginning Of That 1260 Year Prophecy - he had completely redrawn the board.

I hope that you've found ' This First Installment Upon Revelation Chapter 12 ' to be: Personally Helpful and Spiritually Informative. While we only have 5 verses to go in the very next posting, the topics being covered are exceptionally complex; and the information obtained extremely important! Thus, I cannot do it justice, by just skipping merrily through it.... I hope, that you don't mind.
{ *** NOTE: For The Second Part To This Article, please read: " What does Revelation Chapter 12 have to tell us about Our Own Human History? [ part 2 ] ". }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Peace and Love - be upon you!


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