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The Prophecy Of Daniel Chapter 11 - is scripturally verifiable proof of ' The End Times ' being already upon us! [ Part 3 ]

The Prophet Daniel In The Lion's Den.
Having already written two postings upon The Prophecy Of Daniel Chapter 11, I have already expended far more time upon this one book of biblical prophecy than I originally intended to. It isn't that Daniel Chapter 11 is somehow less important than other books of Biblical Prophecy, but it merely tells us what has already historically happened and simply strengthens our faith... ' A Faith ' that should already be strong enough, given the continuously amazing world we [ now ] find all around us! However, The Last Six Verses Of Daniel Chapter 11 are altogether different from ' The First 39 Historical Verses '.

In The Last Six Verses Of Daniel Chapter 11, we read about: " The Fourth Seal Of Revelation " - The Time Of Jacob's Trouble - from the perspective of The Prophet Daniel... a very important End Time Prophetical Subject, which we have already previously studied from Isaiah Chapter 25! Consequently, these ' Last Six Verses Of Daniel Chapter 11 ' are: Very Timely, Quite Relevant, and Highly Important - to us, who are now living within The Specified End Times. And while Daniel's Prophecy Of This Particular Time Period is [ indeed ]: Very Short and Relatively Abbreviated - it does provide some considerable overall detail that The Other Prophets clearly do not!

{ *** NOTE: If you haven't read The First Two Articles upon: " The Prophecy Of Daniel Chapter 11 "; then just click here: Daniel Chapter 11 [ Part 1 ], or Daniel Chapter 11 [ Part 2 ] - for whichever one you've actually missed. Without reading The First Two Articles, you cannot truly appreciate the actual timing of These Last Six Verses In Daniel Chapter 11. }

Daniel Chapter 11 And Verse 40, Begins:
" At The Time Of The End [ When Yahweh Himself Shall Judge The Earth's Nations ], The king of the South [ The Restored Pharoah Within Egypt ] shall attack him [ The King Of The North ]; And the king of the North [ The Restored Nation Of Ancient Babylon ] shall come against him [ That End Time Ruler Within Egypt ] like a whirlwind [ With Very Great Destructive Power ], with chariots [ Mechanized Units ], horsemen [ Deeply Penetrating Aircraft - Our Modern Cavalry ], and with many ships [ The Combined European Navies ]; and he shall enter the countries [ The Many Nations Then Controlled By Egypt ], overwhelm them [ By His Own Sheer Power ], and pass through [ As If Pharoah's Own Forces Were Made Of Absolutely Nothing ].
He [ The King Of The North ] shall also enter The Glorious Land [ The Modern Day Nation Of Israel ], and many countries shall be overthrown [ Throughout The Entire Earth ]; but these shall escape from his hand: Edom [ America's Central Heartland ], Moab [ America's Desert Southwest ], and the prominent people of Ammon [ Who Dwell In America's Far West ]. "
{ *** NOTE: If you're thinking that: Edom, Moab, and Ammon - have actually escaped ' Yahweh's Own Judgment Upon The Nations Of Earth ' then you are clearly mistaken! According to The Other Prophets, there's [ indeed ] a very good reason that The King Of The North doesn't bother to conquer these peoples... but, that subject is for another time. }
 " He [ The King Of The North ] shall stretch out his hand against the countries [ Even Conquering One-Fourth Of The Planet ], and The Land Of Egypt [ The King Of The South ] shall not escape [ Its Long Prophesied Destruction Of 40 Years ].
He [ The King Of The North ] shall have power over the treasures of Gold and Silver [ Then Vastly Accumulated By Pharoah ], and over all of the precious things of Egypt [ Its: Hidden Knowledge, Secret Technology, and Vast Amounts Of Oil ]; also The Libyans and Ethiopians shall follow at his heels [ To Serve Under Him Within His Own Great Armies ].
But news from The East [ The Asian Pacific Union ] and The North [ The Russian Confederation ] shall trouble him [ Because They Are Far Stronger Than He ]; therefore he [ The King Of The North ] shall go out with great fury [ Moving Militarily Against Many Others ] to destroy and annihilate many [ Attempting To Secure His World Dominant Position ].
And he [ The King Of The North ] shall plant the tents of his palace [ His Military Command Center ] between the seas and the glorious holy mountain [ Upon The Continent Of Africa ]; yet he [ The King Of The North ] shall come to his end [ When The Chinese And Russians Invade His Own Continent ], and no one [ Of All The Earth's Other Nations ] shall help him [ To Fight Against His Numerous Enemies ]. " - Daniel 11:40-45.    

The King Of The North.
While The King Of The North [ Babylon The Great, or The European Union ] is, indeed, exceptionally strong: Financially, Politically, and Militarily - he shall be no match for the forces then being arrayed against him...  for, All Of His: Exceptional Wealth, Modern Technology, Abundant Material Resources, and Rapidly Conquered Peoples - will not save him against, ' A Modern And Well-Equipped Army Of More Than 200 Million Soldiers '... nor, can his Vast Naval Assets be effectively brought to bear against, ' Predominantly Land Controlling Armies '!

It shall then turn out, that his destruction of: " The Latter Day Nation Of Tyre [ The United States Of America] " - has led to his own military's undoing... for, without ' That Considerable American Threat ', there is absolutely nothing to prevent The Eventual Chinese Expansion Into His Own Stronghold Of Europe! Nor, without controlling All Of North America, can he effectively utilize his own powerful navies against China's Pacific Mainland.... In the end, The King Of The North has effectively painted himself into a very small political corner.

Consequently, " Babylon The Great [ aka, The European Union and The King Of The North ] " - will end up once again militarily devastated... bear in mind, however, that: " The Fourth Seal Of Revelation [ or World War III ] "- won't be anything like: World War I and/or World War II. The: Chinese, Russian, and Asian Forces - militarily arrayed against them, shall show them absolutely no mercy... they shall destroy everyone and everything that they [ invariably ] find there! It won't be a war of simple military conquest.

In fact, this time, The Centrally Located Nations Of Europe - that fully comprise: " The Latter Day Descendants Of Ancient Babylon " - will be totally destroyed! The only ones who will ultimately survive shall be those: Who have been gathered to Yahshua [ Europe's Own Wild Olive Branches ], and Those industrious foreigners who have faithfully returned to their own nations of origin - as The Scriptures [ themselves ] have so clearly commanded them....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Peace and Love - be upon you!


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