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Who is: Yahweh Hushua, or Yahshua - whom Most Christians [ unknowingly ] refer to as Jesus?

Who is Yahshua, our savior, Really?
The Single Greatest Question Of All Time can be summed up as: " Who is Yahshua, our savior, Really? " After all, there are many different beliefs currently raging over Yahshua... and there are actually some fairly serious theological disagreements about ' His True Spiritual Nature '. While the majority of His [ self-proclaimed ] followers are decidedly Trinitarians, still others are traditional Monotheists... and even smaller segments, hold to all sorts of scripturally-based theological beliefs. Who, exactly, is right?

For Instance:
  1. Is He, Yahshua, The Son Of Yahweh?
  2. Is He, Yahshua, The Archangel Of Yahweh - known by the heavenly host as: " Michael ".
  3. Is He, Yahshua, The First Creation Of Yahweh?
  4. Is He, Yahshua, The Only Creation Of Yahweh?
  5. Or, Is He, Yahshua, Actually Yahweh Himself In Just Another Form?
All of these various questions, surrounding The True Nature Of Yahshua, are in dire need of some definitive spiritual answers. Why? Because, the proper relationship between: Yahweh [ The Mighty One ] and His Own Spiritual Children [ Us True Believers ] might just hang in the balance of properly answering this one single question!

Now, bear in mind, that there are both: Scriptural and Non-Scriptural Evidences - to this highly charged theological argument. For instance, The Trinitarians are likely to claim that this issue has long ago been settled - in their favor - by:  
  • The Edicts Of Rome.
  • Their Own Church Councils.
  • Their Catholic Tradition.
  • The Statements Of Their Pope.
  • The Protestant Adoption Of Their Own Theological Position.
  • And/Or Their Previous Destruction Of The: Arians, Albigenses, Waldenses, and Cathars.
But, The Monotheists [ and others ] can just as readily point at the very same anecdotal evidences as ' Actual Proof For Their Own Theological Position '... after all, one can quite-easily argue that no other group in world history has been so [ decidedly ]: " Anti-Christian " - in establishing their own theological positions, as The Roman Catholic Papacy! Thus, it can be very logically reasoned, that virtually anything ' Anti-Catholic In Its Overall Dogmatic Nature ' is most-likely correct. However, we shall stick - very carefully - to The Holy Scriptures.

{ *** NOTE: I have no intention of even responding to such: Ill-Conceived, Naturally Divisive, Highly Combatative, and Non-Conclusive Commentaries... so don't, even bother posting them! Most educated human beings are already very well aware of these over-utilized rhetorical and/or defamatory arguments, any way... and those who aren't, can easily infer as much - from what I've already summarized. Moreover, " Spiritual Babylon " - consists of far more than just Roman Catholicism... all of the: Churches, Synagogues, Temples, and Other Fellowships - are, indeed, fallen! }

While there are many New Testament Scriptures, that very clearly attest to His own divine nature, ' The Words Spoken By Yahshua Himself ' are actually somewhat problematical. For instance, there were His constant references to Himself as: " The Son Of Man " - which [ merely ] denoted His Physical Nature as a fellow human being... but, He [ Himself ] actually made no references at all to being: " The Son Of God ". Exactly, why is that, do you think? He could have answered this one very simple question quite easily, by just [ once ] making: One Short and Concise Statement....

Meanwhile, His other references to: " Our Father ", " Our Heavenly Father ", " The Father ", " Yahweh The Father ", and [ even ]: " My Father ", or " My Heavenly Father " - cannot be taken as definitive proof of anything... other than, A Proper Spiritual Relationship between: Yahweh [ Everyone's Father ] and One Of His Many Spiritual Children [ Who, Truly, Believe In Him ]! Moreover, His own reference to Psalm 82 - in defense of Himself - only shows that He was, indeed, very well grounded in The Scriptures... because, Psalm 82 Actually Declares, That All Of Us Are [ Indeed ] His Own Children.

Consequently, we then find ourselves relying upon one single passage of scripture - found in Mathew Chapter 16 - upon which to base this profound theological assumption, that Yahshua is [ actually ]: " The Son Of Yahweh "... and, indeed, there is a very serious problem with it! Yahshua, still, didn't actually confirm it... He, merely, responded: " Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jonah, for flesh and blood [ Myself Included ] has not revealed this to you, but My Father who is in heaven. "; and that still isn't ' A Definitive Answer '!

Remember, it was Yahshua Himself who said: " Let your Yes be yes, and your No be no! "... but, He never did that, when it came to ' His Exact Paternal Relationship To Yahweh '. Why not? Could He have been hiding something extremely profound; and merely dodging all of the questions, rather than to outright lie, either: one way or the other? And, why would He even bother to do that, without an extremely good reason? For example, perhaps we lacked the prerequisite: True Spiritual Understanding, and/or Actual Scientific Knowledge - to properly understand what He might [ factually ] have to tell us....

Well, I have ' The Answer To This Exact Question ', because Yahweh Himself gave it to me. Yahshua definitely wasn't: " Yahweh's Son " - but rather, He was [ actually ]: " Yahweh Himself "... or, more precisely, " The Body, Which He Had Created For Himself ". In fact, The Monotheists are, indeed, correct! Let me explain. Those Scriptures that [ seemingly ] reference ' Two Divine Beings ',
  • " In the beginning was The Word, and The Word was with Yahweh, and The Word was Yahweh. He was in the beginning with Yahweh. " - John 1:1.
  • " Then Yahweh said, ' Let US [ You And I ] make man in OUR [ Yours And Mine ] Image, and according to OUR [ Yours And My ] Likeness; " - Genesis 1:26.
- are factually correct; however, the conversation was between: Yahweh [ The Entire Macroverse Of All Space And Time ], and The Body Which He Had Created For Himself [ In His Very First Act Of Creation ]!

In Genesis Chapter 1, It Clearly Says:
" In the beginning Yahweh created the heavens and the earth [ It Was, Indeed, A Very Big Bang - When The Macroverse Actually Created Himself ].
The earth was without form, and void [ It consisted Solely Of Un-Organized Matter ]; and darkness was on the face of the deep [ And There Was Yet Much To Do ]. And The Spirit Of Yahweh [ His Connection To Everything That Exists Throughout All Of Space And Time ] was hovering over the face of the waters [ And The Macroverse Completely Surrounded It ].
Then Yahweh said, ' Let there be light [ A Body For Spiritual Understanding - A Point Of Physical Reference ] '; and there was light [ And His Own Bodily Presence Appeared ].
And Yahweh saw the light [ His Own Bodily Presence ], that it was good [ And He, Actually, Enjoyed This New Experience Immensely ]; And Yahweh divided the light [ His Own Bodily Presence ] from the darkness [ The Rest Of The Non-Organized: Space, Time, And Matter ]. " - Genesis 1:1-4.
{ *** Note: Bear in mind, that He couldn't have been referring to ' The Sun ' [ As That Particular Source Of Light ]; since it wasn't even created until The Fourth Actual Day! }

While many will undoubtedly call this ' A Theological Heresy ', based upon their own narrowly minded comprehension; it is [ indeed ] factually correct - for Yahweh Himself has shown it to me... and I can verifiably prove it from The Scriptures. In fact, I can even go as far as showing you where He Himself laments this: Particular Ruse, Spiritual Deception, or Intentional Miss-Direction - that He was actually forced into perpetrating out of obvious necessity, while invariably interacting with us - His Fellow Human Beings!

For Instance, In The Book Of Hosea, We Read:
" They sow the wind [ Teaching Each Other Falsehoods ], And reap the whirlwind [ Their Human Societies Begin To Collapse ]. The stalk [ Their Second-Hand Knowledge ] has no bud [ Has Nothing To Produce Its Own Fruit ]; It shall never produce a meal [ Because It Simply Cannot ]. If it [ This False System Of Religion ] should produce [ Were Able To Produce Any Valuable Fruit ], Aliens [ Outsiders ] would soon swallow it up [ And Completely Devour It ].
Israel [ My Child With Such Promise ] is swallowed up [ By The Other Nations ]; Now they [ My Own Spiritual Children ] are among The Gentiles [ The Ignorant Nations ], Like a vessel in which there is no pleasure [ For What Can Be Done With It? ].
For they [ These Very First Spiritual Ones ] have gone up to Assyria [ Following After Their Fruitless Understandings ], Like a wild donkey [ Extremely Ignorant And Stubborn ] and alone by itself [ Without Someone Else To Give It Proper Direction ]; Ephraim [ The House Of Joseph ] has hired lovers [ Pursued After Pharoah In Egypt ].
Yes [ I Tell You The Truth However ], though they have hired among the nations [ Foolishly Searching For Something Better ], Now I [ Yahweh ] Will Gather Them [ From Both Of Those Places ]; And They [ Israel And Ephraim: Those Christians ] Shall Sorrow A Little [ Being Somewhat Confused ], Because Of The Burden [ That Theological Stumbling Block ] Of The King Of Princes [ The Fact, That I Am ( Also ) Yahshua ]. " - Hosea 8:7-10.

That's right, brothers and sisters, The Person Who Died For Your Sins Was Yahweh Himself! The body which He [ Yahweh ] created for Himself suffered all of the penalties for our sins.... No other sacrifice would have been acceptable for ' A True And Lawful Atonement '; and a non-physical [ or, disembodied ] God cannot produce Any True Offspring! But, He could - and even did - produce a body for Himself.  

Meanwhile, Isaiah Chapter 43 provides the clearest basis for this message; since it was, in fact, written for this one singular purpose. In fact, it is: " The Message To Be Proclaimed By Jeshurun [ The End Time Prophet ] Regarding Yahweh "; and I am [ undoubtedly ] That Particular Jeshurun....

Isaiah Chapter 43, Very Clearly States:
" But now [ At The Time Of The End ], thus says The Mighty One, who created you, O Jacob, And who formed you, O Israel:
Fear Not, For I [ Yahweh ] Have Redeemed You [ By Dying For Your Sins ]; I [ Yahweh ] Have Called You By Your Name [ Though You Knew It Not ]; You Are Mine.
When You Pass Through The Waters [ Of Your End Time Affliction ], I [ Yahweh ] Will Be With You [ As You Do So ]; And Through The Rivers [ Of The Judgment Being Poured Out ] They Shall Not Overflow You [ For I Shall Be Your Own Protection ]. When You Walk Through The Fire [ Which The Nations Shall Bring Forth Against Each Other ], You Shall Not Be Burned [ By Anything That They Do ], Nor Shall The Flame [ Which They Themselves Control ] Scorch You [ I Have Promised You This ].
For I Am Yahweh Your Mighty One [ Yahweh, The Father ], And The Holy One Of Israel [ Yahshua, The Redeemer ], Your Savior [ Your One And Only Protector ]; I [ Yahweh ] Gave Egypt For Your Ransom [ To Pay For Your Freedom ], Ethiopia And Seba In Your Place [ In Service To Babylon ].
Since You Were Precious In My Sight [ O Israel ], You Have Been Honored [ Continually By Me ], And I Have Loved You [ Above All Other Peoples ]; Therefore [ Because Of This Fact ], I Will Give Men [ Other Nations ] For You [ To Serve In Your Place ], And People [ Other Genetic Tribes ] For Your Life [ As Human Barter To Babylon ].
Fear Not, For I [ Yahweh ] Am With You [ No Matter What Happens Around You ]; I Will Bring Your Descendants [ Those Long Prophesied Children Of Abraham ] From The East [ Of The Great Mississippi River ], And Gather You From The West [ And From Even Beyond It ];
I Will Say To The North [ Tyre And Edom ], ' Give Them Up [ From Those FEMA Camps ]! ' And To The South [ Moab And Samaria ], ' Do Not Keep Them Back [ For They Are Mine ]! '
Bring My Sons [ The Genetic Children Of Israel ] From Afar [ The Land Where They Currently Sojourn ], And My Daughters [ Those Spiritual Children Of Abraham ] From The Ends Of The Earth [ Where They Are Now Scattered ] - Everyone Who Is Called By My Name [ My Obedient Yahhudiim ], Whom I [ Yahweh ] Have Created For My Glory [ Through My Own Actions ]; I Have Formed Him [ The Full Body Of Abraham ], Yes, I Have Made Him [ By Completing All Of This Work ]. " - Isaiah 43:1-7.
Dear brothers and sisters, if you will take the time to actually read it, you will find that Isaiah Chapter 43 makes it abundantly clear that: " Yahshua Is Yahweh "; and [ indeed ] always was! Moreover, a thorough study of All The Scriptures will undoubtedly fully confirm this True Fact.... There is no ' Scriptural Trinity '... nor, could there ever be... since: Yahweh Is The Mighty One, Yahshua Is The Mighty One, and The Holy Spirit Is Merely Their Factual Connection To Everything And Everyone That Fully Exists!

We don't worship: " Three Gods In One "... but, rather, we worship: " One God With Three Very Distinct Connections To Us "!
  1. Yahweh - I Am Everything That Factually Exists....
  2. Yahweh-Hushua - I Am Your Own Salvation.... 
  3. Yahweh-Ha-Kodesh - I Am Your Own Spiritual Connection....

Truthfully, The Scriptures Proclaim:
" Hear Now, O Israel, Yahweh Your God Is One! "
" I Am The Holy One Of Israel! "
" I And My Father Are One! "
" Yahweh, The Mighty One...." 

Perhaps, this very short 4 minute video will help you to comprehend, exactly, what I'm now telling you....

America In Prophecy

This Secret Is Also Found Within His Name!
Video Provided By: ppsimons

Do you get it now? I sure hope so... because the time is now growing very short! And that, dear brothers and sisters, is ' The Specific Message Prophesied For The Prophet Jeshurun To Give To You '!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!

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