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The American Bible Belt will not always be A Disappointing Vineyard to Yahweh.

The Lush And Green Vineyard Of Yahweh.
In Isaiah Chapter 5, we read about: " The Disappointing Vineyard Of Yahweh " - The Genetic And Spiritual Descendants Of Ancient Israel - gathered from all the nations of Earth. It has been described as: " The Choicest Of All Fruitful Vines "; and yet, it brings forth [merely]: " Wild Grapes " - rather than ' The Good Fruits ', that He Himself has so clearly expected. Who is this nation, that has so clearly benefited from All Of His Own Personal Attentions? It is The United States of America as referenced in Biblical Prophecy; and: " The American Bible Belt " is ' His Very Own Vineyard '!

Don't believe it? Then, let's just read Isaiah Chapter 5 for ourselves....

Isaiah Chapter 5, Tells Of His Vineyard:
" Now let me sing to my well-beloved [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ], A song of my beloved regarding His Vineyard [ The Work Of His Own Hands ]:
My well-beloved [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ] has A Vineyard [ A Nation Of Worshipers ] On A Very Fruitful Hill [ A Mountain Amongst The Other Nations ].
He dug it up [ In Preparation For Its Spiritual Planting ] and cleared out its stones [ By Removing The Colonial Powers Of Europe ], And planted it with the choicest vine [ The Most Spiritual Ones Of All The Earth ].
He built a tower [ A Great Lighthouse ] in its midst [ The United States Constitution ], And also made a winepress in it [ Established It Upon The Way Of Truth ]; So He expected it to bring forth good grapes [ A Great Spiritual Reformation ], But it brought forth wild grapes [ Something Neither: False, Nor True ].
And now, O Inhabitants Of Jerusalem [ You 11 Tribes Of Israel ] and Men Of Judah [ You Jews ], Judge, please, between Me [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ] and My Vineyard [ My Own Ten Tribes Of North America ],
What more could have been done to My Vineyard [ America's Own Bible Belt ], That I have not done in it [ Through Over 200 Years Of My Own Personal Blessings ]? Why then [ After All Of This Effort ], when I expected it to bring forth good grapes [ As It Properly Should Have ], Did it bring forth Wild Grapes [ In Apparent Service To The Ba'alim ]?
And now [ After Having Witnessed My Own Personal Experiment ], please let Me tell you what I will do to My Vineyard [ That So-Called Bible Belt ]: I will take away its hedge [ That I Myself Have Provided It ], and it shall be burned [ In " My Baptism By Fire " ]; And break down its wall [ For As Much As I Love Them ], and it shall be trampled down [ For A Certain Amount Of Time ].
I will lay it waste [ In Punishment For Ignoring Me ]; It shall not be pruned or dug [ Like I, Myself, Did Previously ], But there shall come up briers and thorns [ Among Them As My Own Chastisement ]. I will also command the clouds That they rain no rain upon it [ During This Time Period ].
For The Vineyard Of The Mighty One Of Heaven is The House Of Israel [ My Ten Spiritual Tribes ], And The Men Of Judah are His Pleasant Plant [ Now Living In The Promised Land ]. He [ Yahweh ] looked [ Upon Both Of Them ] for justice, but behold, oppression [ Is All That He Found ]; For righteousness [ To Be Upon Open Display ], but behold, weeping [ Has Been Their Invariable Result ]. " - Isaiah 5:1-7.

You see, brothers and sisters, " The American Bible Belt " is indeed ' His Own Vineyard '; and, " The Restoration Of Judah To The Promised Land " has been ' The Work Of His Hands '... and neither of them have born The Magnificent Fruits, that He has been fully-expecting from them. Consequently, both of them are now going under ' The Promised Curses ' that He has so clearly warned us about - well in advance - via The Prophetical Scriptures! Moreover, The House Of Joseph [ Ephraim and Manasseh ] - currently living in Egypt - shall, also, be suffering as well....

Our long- prophesied period of trouble - known as, " The Time Of Jacob's Trouble " - is now coming rapidly upon us, and The Entire World is still largely unaware of it. The Heads Of Our Nations are crying out for: " Peace And Safety " - while Sudden Destruction is now coming upon us... and fully: " Half Of The Earth's Ten Spiritual Virgins " - do not possess ' The Much-Needed Oil ', that is necessary to [ honestly ] perceive this... " The Midnight Cry " - is going out, from The Mouth Of His Herald [ or Watchman ]; and " The World Hears It Not "! All is vanity, upon the earth, and the grasping at wind....

Isaiah Chapter 5, Then Explains Our Problem:
" Woe to those who join house to house [ Building Up Their Material Treasures ], Who add field to field [ By Swindling Their Own Human Brothers ], Until there is no place [ Anywhere Upon The Earth ] Where they [ These Foolish Ones ] may dwell alone [ Apart From Their Oppressors ] in the midst of the land [ Upon The Earth ]!
In my hearing [ Says Isaiah, The Prophet ], The Mighty One Of Heaven , said: ' Truly many houses [ Upon The Entire Earth ] shall be desolate [ And Left Totally Un-Lived In ], Great and beautiful ones [ Luxuriously Appointed ], without inhabitant [ After My Threshing ].
For Ten Acres Of Vineyard [ In North America, The Land Of Judah, The Kingdoms Of Egypt, and ( Later ) Even Worldwide ] shall yield one bath [ After My Spiritual Winnowing ], And a homer of seed [ These Spiritual Ones ] shall yield one ephah [ After I Have Removed Their Chaff From Amongst Them ].
Woe to those who rise early in the morning [ Rushing Back To Their Sins ], That they may follow intoxicating drink [ The Spirit Of Licentiousness ]; Who continue until night [ The Spiritual Darkness Fully Descends Upon Them ], and until the wine [ Their Own False Teaching ] inflames them [ In The Preparation For My Judgment ]!
The harp and the strings, The tambourine and flute, And wine are in their feasts [ They Enjoy All Of Their Worshipful Pagan Activities ]; But they do not regard The Work Of The Mighty One [ In Any Of Them ], Nor consider The Operation Of His Hands [ That His Judgment Is Now Coming ]. " - Isaiah 5:8-12.

As you can see, " The Threshing Of Yahweh " - will be highly selective in ' The Prophesied Time Period ' that is now so rapidly approaching. He shall debase: The Rich and The Fat Ones; while removing: The Foolish and Wicked Ones - who are now living among us... and though ' His Plantings ' shall be much smaller, they shall eventually bear ' The Much-Needed Spiritual Fruits ' that are fully required of them! " The meek and humbled ones shall inherit the earth " - just as Yahweh Himself has so long ago promised....

{ *** NOTE: Bear in mind, however, that: " Even The Very Elect Ones will not escape ' His Out-Poured Fury ' without some form of actual chastisement... " for, they too have fallen short of His Reasonable Expectations. Upon this point, The Scriptures are very clear! }

Isaiah Chapter 5, Judgment Upon The House Of Israel:
" Therefore [ Because Of All These Abominable Things ], My People have gone into captivity [ At The Hands Of My Very Own Enemies ], Because they [ These Foolish Ones ] have no knowledge [ Spiritual Understanding ]; Their honorable men [ Their Own Political Leaders ] are famished [ Without Anyone To Properly Teach Them ], And their multitude [ Their Civic Population ] is dried up with thirst [ For My Very Own Knowledge ].
Therefore [ They Have Sown To The Winds ], Sheol [ The Grave ] has enlarged itself and opened its mouth beyond measure [ For The Whirlwind, That They Themselves Shall Soon Reap ]; Their glory [ Their Own Harlot Churches ] and their multitude [ Their Non-Comprehending Populations ] and their pomp [ Those Great Nations, That They Fully Place Their Trust In ], And he who is jubilant [ Believing Himself To Be Safe ], shall descend into it [ Awaiting My Resurrection To Destruction ].
People shall be brought down [ In The Day That I Do This ], Each man shall be humbled [ As They Come To See It ], And the eyes of the lofty [ These Arrogant Ones ] shall be humbled [ When I, Myself, Shall Rise Up ].
But The Mighty One Of Heaven [ Yahweh, Whom You Do Not Know ] shall be exalted in judgment [ Before The Gentile Nations Of Earth ], And Yahweh who is holy [ Unlike His Arrogant Children ] shall be hallowed [ Shown Reverence ] in righteousness [ In True Obedience To His Commandments ].
Then [ After I Have Done This Unusual Action ], the lambs [ The Young Ones Of My Flock ] shall feed in their pasture [ As I Long Ago Promised Them ], And in the waste places of the fat ones [ The Residue That They Have Left Behind ] strangers shall eat [ My Wild Olive Branches Shall Also Be Elevated ]. " - Isaiah 5:13-17.

Contrary to The Popular Opinion, being taught by those: " Ravenous Wolves " - Yahweh is extremely angry with The Inhabitants Of The Earth; and there is ' A Great Deal Of Stored-Up Wrath ' now [ surely ] headed our way... and The Disappointing Vineyard of our: " American Bible Belt " - is going to receive just as much ' Threshing ', as those Three Other Houses Of Jacob. In fact, The United States of America will no longer even exist after ' His Own Work ' has been fully completed! Moreover, The Scriptures clearly tell us these things in some considerable detail....

Isaiah Chapter 5, Judgment Upon Spiritual Babylon:
" Woe to those who draw iniquity [ From Within Others, Around Them ] with cords of vanity [ Through Meaningless Judgments ], And sin [ Becomes Elevated ] as if with a cart rope [ That Has Been Pulling It Upward ];
That say, ' Let Him [ The Mighty One ] make speed and hasten His work, That we might see it [ Upon Open Display ], And let the counsel of The Holy One Of Israel [ Yahweh, Our Creator ] draw near and come [ Unto Us ], That we may know it [ They Mockingly Sneer ] '.
Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil [ By Persecuting My Own Set-Aside Servants ]; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness [ By Preaching Lies In My Name ]; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter [ By Describing Me As Unrighteous And Even Unfair ]!
Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes [ Trusting In Their Own Personal Judgment ], And prudent in their own sight [ Rather Than Trusting In Me ]!
Woe to men mighty at drinking wine [ Those Who Accept Every New Doctrine ], Woe to men valiant for mixing intoxicating drink [ Those Who Mix My Scriptures With Paganism ], Who justify the wicked for a bribe [ In Their Ongoing Effort To Serve Money ], And take away justice from the righteous man [ By Siding Continually Against Him ]!
Therefore [ The Following Will Certainly Occur ], as the fire devours the stubble [ During Your Own Spiritual Baptism ], And the flame consumes the chaff [ In The Events That Will Certainly Follow ], So their root [ Pagan-Christianity ] will be as rottenness [ Unfit For Any Useful Purpose ], And their blossom [ Which Cannot Bear Any Fruit ] will ascend like dust [ In the Smoke Of My Flames ]; Because they [ These Totally Ignorant Ones ] have rejected The Law of The Mighty One Of Heaven, And despised the word of The Holy One Of Israel [ For Yahweh Is My Name ].
Therefore the anger of The Mighty One is aroused against His People; He has stretched out His hand against them and stricken them [ For All Of These Transgressions ], And the hills trembled [ With His Out Poured Anger ]. Their carcasses were as refuse in the midst of the streets [ For No One Even Dared To Bury Them ].
For all this [ That He Shall Do To Spiritual Babylon ], His anger is not turned away [ From The People Of The Earth ], But His hand is stretched out still [ For There Are Still Others In Greater Need Of Punishment ]. " - Isaiah 5:18-25.

While The Judgment On The House Of Israel - living within: The Promised Land, The American Bible Belt, and The Kingdom Of Egypt - shall be terrible, The Judgments Upon Spiritual Babylon shall be poured out beyond all of our own human ability to measure! I cannot even begin to imagine the horror of what is now coming upon some of you - who, so strongly, refuse to open your eyes.... But, open them, you will... one way, or the other... and that choice, has been left up to you. Why not, open them now; before it's too late?

However, there shall be A Remnant Of: " Wild Olive Branches " - gathered from out of ' Spiritual Babylon ' as well... and some of them, shall barely escape, the full wrath which is soon coming. But, as it was prophetically written, they will: " Share In Her Own Plagues " - most dearly - before receiving Their Own Spiritual Respite.

Isaiah Chapter 5, Concludes With His Eventual Calling:
" He [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ] will lift up a banner to the nations from afar [ At Mount Zion, In The Promised Land ], And will whistle to them [ All Of His Holy Remnant ] from the end of the earth [ And They Shall Hear This Call To Them ]; Surely they shall come with speed and swiftly [ And All Of Them Shall Be Properly Accounted For ].
No one will be weary [ From These Spiritual Afflictions ] or stumble among them [ Or Fail To Arrive In Good Measure ], No one will slumber or sleep [ For They Shall All Understand Their Own Marching Orders ]; Nor will the belt on their loins be loosed [ They Shall All Be In Full Preparation ], Nor the strap of their sandals be broken [ They Are All Carefully-Equipped For The Upcoming Battle ];

Whose arrows are sharp [ To Magnificent Perfection ], And all their bows bent [ And Prepared To Loose Their Own Volley ]; Their horses' hooves will seem like flint [ To Those Who Shall Now Come Against Them ], And their wheels like a whirlwind [ Conveying Them Everywhere In The Soon Coming Battle ].

Their roaring will be like a lion [ Who Instills Fear In His Own Prey ], They will roar like young lions [ With The Vigor Of Their Own Vibrant Youth ]; Yes [ This Shall Happen ], they will roar and lay hold of the prey [ And No One Shall Stop Them ]; They will carry it away safely [ For I Shall Greatly Assist Them ], And no one will deliver [ From My Hands ].

In That Day [ In The Valley Of Jehoshaphat ], they will roar against them [ All The Armies Of The World's Nations ] Like the roaring of the sea [ Which No One Can Hear Over ]. And if one looks to the land [ In The Day Of That Battle ], Behold [ They Shall Certainly Witness ], darkness and sorrow [ For Their Own Doom Has Come Swiftly Upon Them ]; And the light is darkened by the clouds [ As I, Myself, Shall Lead In This Fight ]. " - Isaiah 5:26-30.

You see, brothers and sisters, The American Bible Belt may very well be ' A Disappointing Vineyard To Yahweh ' - but, He isn't done with us yet! He has planned, from the very beginning, to remove our Spiritual Dross - from among us - in the fires of Our Long-Prophesied Affliction. Moreover, we are [ merely ] One Of Four Actual Houses - undergoing our own ' Spiritual Transformation ' into: " A Kingdom Far Greater ". These Four Physical Branches shall be gathered into ' The Two Physical Sticks ' spoken of at: " The Wedding Feast Of Yahweh... " but, after ' The Wedding ', these Two Sticks shall be made into only One Budding Staff.

We shall then be: One Nation [ Yisrael ], With One King [ Yahshua ], and One Mighty One [ Yahweh Himself ]... in fact, we shall: Think As One, Act As One, and Fight As One [ through His Holy Spirit dwelling within us ]... for that is the entire purpose of: " Spiritual Atonement. " After all, it isn't by accident that He Himself called it: " At-One-Ment " - We shall be ' Spiritually Of One Mentality [ To The Glory of Yahweh ] ' just as it was so long ago prophesied!

{ *** NOTE: In Isaiah Chapter 27, you can read once again about Yahweh's Own Vineyard: " A Vineyard Of Red Wine " -  in The Latter Day Wilderness Of Canaan... in Isaiah Chapter 18:7, you can read about ' Latter Day Tyre's Gift [ Of Israel ] To Yahweh '... and in Isaiah 23:18, you can read about ' The Wealth ' being turned over to them - to give them a new start, in: " The Promised Land ". However, there are dozens of other such prophesies - regarding The Ten Tribes Of Israel. }

 Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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