Saturday, October 8, 2011

You can now [ also ] find me, Jeshurun, on Nazarene Space - The Hebraic Roots Social Network.

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For those of you who can't get enough of my own personal writings, I'll let you in on ' A Not So Very Well Kept Secret '... I spend a few hours a day upon Nazarene Space - A Hebraic Roots Social Network, that I [ personally ] joined about a month ago. The idea, of course, was to find certain others with whom I could just blend in; and enjoy some very relaxing but spiritual discussions. And I must say, that we have had some Spiritual Discussions... but, it certainly hasn't been very relaxing!

While you guys, hardly even drop a comment - after having read at least 40 articles a day [ between you ] - The Spirited Believers At Nazarene Space, argue every insignificant thing presented to them; and frequently publish ' Entire Volumes ' even longer, than the chapters of scripture being [ quite honestly ] referenced. Bear in mind, however, they like to quote people - like: Justinian, Josephus, Tertullian, John Darby, and [ especially ] The World Famous Rabbi's - even more, than The Scriptures... just so you know, before joining in [ or posting ].

Like any such religious organizational site, there are those of every: Color, Stripe, or Spiritual Persuasion. Thus, I cannot guarantee to you any particular quality within their obviously diverse belief structures. In fact, it's often, more like An Open Discussion, than a place to go for any valuable instruction! However, I can factually attest to the scriptural accuracy of my own personal responses - as The Holy Spirit Of Yahweh has so frequently led me to interject. If you're up for it, then hop right in... and if not, then just leave a comment around here - once in awhile.

And, don't worry, the articles at America In Prophecy will definitely keep coming....

{ *** NOTE: By the way, there's at least one believer at Nazarene Space that would call this simple message: " A Shameless Promotion Of Their Own Site " - believe it, or not... and this guy honestly isn't kidding! Apparently, The Entire Concept Of The Internet [ in general ] violates his own moral sensibilities, because: You [ the reader ] can go seamlessly wherever you want; and whenever you, yourself, see fit. ;@) }

Ahava and Shalom.

And, as always, may Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


  1. Have you ever read the Torah? It is quite different than the Old Testament.

  2. If your question is whether I personally have ever read The Torah in the original Hebrew, then the answer is [ very sadly ]'No'. I am functionally illiterate in Hebrew. However, Yahweh has given me: Certain Spiritual Gifts, and Personal Character Traits - which does, in fact, make up for this failing quite nicely.

    Moreover, all of the language skills in the entire universe will not benefit: The Spiritually Closed-Minded Individual, or The Ones Who Are Unwilling To Do What He Says....

  3. What spiritual gifts?


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