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Blogging from Abbeville, South Carolina - from within ' America's Bible Belt '.

As A Philosophical Purist, I fashioned myself with the title of: "The Real American". Since, I could truly and deeply relate to the magnificent ideals of America's First Founding Fathers... even if they, themselves, couldn't honestly live up to them - over the course of two highly-turbulent centuries. As an inspired student of American History, I attempted to: First Unlock and Then Understand - exactly what went wrong within: "The Great American Experiment". And yet, the deeper I dug, the more questions that I ultimately ended up with! Something - Some Secret Ingredient - was missing, which I didn't then grasp or understand....

The Truth About America.
Meanwhile, as A Highly-Spiritual Believer, I patently considered myself to be "A True Believer" - in: Yahweh, His Son Yahshua, and the sanctity of their scriptures. Time and time again, they proved themselves to be: Wholly True, Powerfully Effective, and Spiritually Reliable! Moreover, I - Francis R. Barbour - have witnessed: "The Power Of Yahweh's Precious Promises" - acting consistently throughout my own personal life. Not, in the choices which I have always foolishly made; but rather, in: "The Tender Mercies" - which He has consistently shown me, despite all of my own human efforts, working almost exclusively against Him....

At Age 11, I spoke with an angel... and to this very day, I cannot remember what he truthfully told me. Four Times, if not more, I nearly died - earlier in life. In My Twenties, I had The Same Recurring Dream [ or Vision ] - over the entire ten years. Call me crazy, but I thought that it might be somewhat significant... and everywhere I went, I'd ask the: Preachers, Evangelists, Deacons, and Elders - what it possibly meant... and yet, none of them - not even one - could tell me!

The Truth About God.
Meanwhile, I traveled a great deal within these ' Traditional Churches '. I've studied with: Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Episcopals, Catholics, Jehovah Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, etc... and each of them, does in fact teach ' Some Of The Truth '... albeit, not enough of it, to meet my own personal expectations or standards - from those, honestly, calling themselves: "His One And Only True Church" - which, of course, they all factually do claim! However, I was very dogmatic and determined; and I continually sought after, greater and greater, Spiritual Understanding....

In The SC National Guard, they called me [ either ]: "The Professor", or "The Preacher" - depending upon the subject at hand - for I have always been both: A Thinker, and A Talker... and my two favorite subjects of all, have always been: History and Religion! Just imagine, ' Ten Contractual Years ' - in a unit with someone like me? lol If nothing else, these discussions were always educational.

The Real American Truth.
Two Years Ago, I started my very first blog site: "The Truth About America" - in order to assist others with what I had learned from American History. While just Three Months Later, I started my second blog site: "The Truth About God" - to do the same for my understandings into The Sacred Scriptures. Moreover, I did a great deal of praying, that Yahweh would lead me into ' The True Knowledge Of His Scriptures ' - lest I myself become just another: "Stone Of Stumbling", or "Rock Of Offense" along the way, for so many others!

And Once Again, I Had That Same Previous Dream... but this time, something was different. I received An Explanation, as well... and America In Prophecy, is the ultimate result of that dream! Since That Day, however, other dream and visions have inexorably followed... and each, with The Necessary Scriptures, to conclusively prove them. Subsequently, I - Francis R. Barbour - am providing this information to you, as best I honestly understand it.

What You do with that, is entirely up to You?

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace be upon you!

Jeshurun - aka, Francis R. Barbour - Watchman to The Bible Belt.