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Who is The End Time Prophet known simply as: " Jeshurun "?

Milk is for small children...
While Most So-Called Believers never deviate from: " The Milk Of The Scriptures ", and: " Are Ever Learning, But Never Coming To A Firm Knowledge Of The Truth " - The Readers At America In Prophecy have been: " Eating Much Meat ", and: " Putting Pounds Of New Flesh Upon Their Long-Starved Bones ". Why is that... and [ precisely ] who is Jeshurun, The Prophet?

but, Meat is reserved for the adults.
According to The Sacred Scriptures, " Yahweh does absolutely nothing, without revealing it first to His servants The Prophets "... therefore we should [ honestly ] ask ourselves, Do the scriptures ever even mention A Prophet Named: " Jeshurun "? Has any such person ever been: Endorsed, Raised Up, Anointed, or [ even ] Factually Documented - from within The Scriptures... and if so, at what precise time period, does he arise?

Actually, There is a prophet named: " Jeshurun " - that has been mentioned within The Writings Of Isaiah... and he arises at precisely this time. In fact, Jeshurun has been clearly recorded as ' The Very Last Prophet To Yahweh '... and he arrives, within The Time Of The End!

In Isaiah Chapter 42, We May Clearly Read:
" Behold! My Servant [ Jeshurun ] whom I uphold, My Elect One [ Chosen Well In Advance Of His Own Physical Birth ] in whom My soul delights! I have put My Spirit upon him [ For No One Could Accomplish It Alone ]; And he will bring forth Justice [ The True Spiritual Pathway ] to The Gentiles [ The Spiritually Blinded Ones ].
He [ Jeshurun ] will not cry out [ As Others Do ], nor raise his own voice [ In Seeking Out His Own Following ], Nor cause his voice to be heard in the street [ As A Simple Leader Or Protester ].
A bruised reed he will not break [ For He Shall Keep Himself Entirely At Home ], And smoking flax he will not quench [ For These Fires Have Been Coming From Me ]; He will bring forth justice for truth [ As I, Alone, Have Solely Commanded Him To Do ].
He [ Jeshurun ] will not fail [ In This Great Spiritual Undertaking ], nor be discouraged [ By The Resentment Of The Others ], Until he has established justice [ A True Knowledge Of Yahweh ] in the earth [ As I Have, Long Ago, Ordained It ]; And The Coastlands [ My Own Tribes Of The Bible Belt ] shall wait for his law [ His Eventual Governance Over Israel ].
Thus says Yahweh The Mighty One, Who created the heavens and stretched them out, Who spread forth the Earth and that which comes from it, Who gives breath to the people upon it, And spirit to those who walk upon it:
I, The Mighty One, have called You [ Jeshurun, My Servant ] in [ My Own ] righteousness, And will hold your hand [ When Your Time Of Trouble Comes Upon You ]; I will keep You [ Jeshurun, My Servant ] and give You [ O, Jeshurun ] as a covenant to the people [ By Establishing All Of Your Words ], As A Light To The Gentiles [ Those Who Have Been Blinded By Spiritual Babylon ],
To open blind eyes [ That All Of My Children Might Clearly See ], To bring out prisoners [ These Slaves To Spiritual Babylon ] from the prison [ The System Of Subconscious Control, Which Has So Effectively Blinded Them ], Those who sit in darkness [ Of An Entirely Spiritual Nature ] from the prison house [ The Mother Of Harlots, Her Daughters, And Her Numerous Other Abominations ].
I Am Yahweh, That Is My Name [ Do Not Forget This ]; And My [ Singular ] Glory I will not give to another [ The Pagan Names Inserted Within My Own Scriptures ], Nor My [ Well-Deserved ] Praise to graven images [ Your Idols And Pre-Flood Technology ].
Behold, The Former Things [ My Earlier Prophecies ] have come to pass [ Just As I Have Told You Beforehand ], And New Things [ As Yet, Unwritten By Anyone ] I shall declare [ To My Own People Israel ]; Before they spring forth [ In The Current End Times ], I tell You [ Jeshurun, My Watchman ] of them. " - Isaiah 42:1-9.  

I know, you're thinking: " Hey, wait a minute... It was you that added the context of Jeshurun - in your own running commentary. "... and you know what, you're exactly right. I did, and [ yes ] I fully admit it! However, if you will read all of them, you will find out that Isaiah Chapters: 40-44  - are all referring to That Very Same Person... and Isaiah 44 Verse 2 clearly tells us his name, which is [ indeed ]: " Jeshurun ". Just read, The Scriptures....

For Instance, Isaiah Chapter 44, Says:
" Yet hear now, O Jacob My servant, And Israel whom I have chosen [ From Among All Of The World's People ],
Thus says The Mighty One who made you [ In The Very Beginning ] and formed you from the womb [ Of The World's Nations ], And who will help you [ When You Are Ready To Come Forth ]:
' Fear not, O Jacob My servant [ For You Are, Indeed, The Fruit Of Abraham ]; And you, Jeshurun [ My Elect One ], whom I [ Myself ] have chosen [ To Lead Them ].
For I will pour water [ My Own Holy Spirit ] upon him [ Jeshurun ] who is thirsty [ And He Shall Drink It With Great Rejoicing ], And great floods [ Of My Own True Understanding ] upon the dry ground [ Which Cries Out For Even A Very Small Drink ]; I will pour My Own Spirit [ Magnanimously ] upon your descendants [ The Natural Olive Branches Of Israel ], And My Blessing upon your offspring [ And Those Wild Olive Branches As Well ];
They will spring up among the grass [ Those Who Are Now Perishing For Their Own Lack Knowledge ], Like willows [ Those Water Nurtured Plants ] by the watercourses [ In The Shallows Of The River ]. '
One will say, ' I am The Mighty One's '; Another will call himself by the name of Jacob; And another will both: write with his hand ' The Mighty One's ', and name himself by the name of Israel [ Instead Of Me Seeking Them Out, They Shall Finally Desire Me ]. " - Isaiah 44:1-5.

Now that that's [ finally ] settled, let's get back to Isaiah Chapter 42... and learn some more about Jeshurun, that End Times Prophet... Shall we? For instance, ' The True Message ' to be: Explained, Elaborated Upon, and Clearly Taught - by The Prophet Jeshurun.

Isaiah Chapter 42, Then Continues:
" Sing to The Mighty One a new song [ For Your Own Circumstances Are Even Now Changing ], And His praise [ Magnify Him ] from the ends of the Earth [ Wherever You Are ], You who go down to the sea, and all that is in it, You coastlands and you inhabitants of them!
Let the wilderness [ North America ] and its cities lift up their voice, The villages that Kedar inhabits. Let the inhabitants of Sela sing, Let them shout from the top of the mountains.
Let them give glory to The Mighty One, And declare His Praise in the coastlands [ America's Own Bible Belt ].
Yahweh shall go forth [ Into The Battle Before Them ] like a mighty man [ He Shall Strike Them All Down ]; He shall stir up His zeal [ With A Very Great Fervor ] like a man of war [ Challenging All Of His Enemies To Dare Engage Him In Battle ]. He shall cry out [ Mightily Against Them ], yes, [ Even ] shout aloud [ Audibly, That Everyone Might Hear Him ]; And He shall prevail against His enemies [ For Against Him They Are Less Than Nothing ].
I have held My peace [ Without Interfering In Your Own Human Matters ] a very long time [ Indeed, You Are All My Witnesses ], I have been still and restrained Myself [ Lest I Strike You In My Own Well-Deserved Anger ]. [ But ] Now [ That The Time Has Come For It To Happen ] I will cry like a woman in labor [ As I Bring Forth My Own Children Into The Light ], I will pant and gasp at once [ As I Bring Them To Their Long Prophesied Spiritual Birth ].
I will lay wast to the mountains and the hills, And dry up all their vegetation; I will make the rivers coastlands, And I will dry up the pools [ There Shall Be Nothing Which The Wicked Man Might Truly Rely Upon ]
I will bring the blind [ Those In Great Spiritual Darkness ] by a way that they did not know [ Or Even Consider ]; I will lead them in paths that they have not known [ For I, Myself, Have Intentionally Blinded Them ]. I will make darkness light before them [ As I Begin To Open Their Eyes ], And crooked places straight [ As I Guide Their Own Feet For Them ]. These things I will do for them [ Out Of My Own Sincerest Love ], And not forsake them [ For They Are My Spiritual Inheritance ].
They shall be turned back [ To A True Understanding Of Yahweh ], They shall be greatly ashamed, who trust in carved images [ The Dead Idols Of Their Fathers ], And who say to the molded images [ That Pre-Flood Technology ], ' You are our gods. '
Hear, you deaf; And look, you blind, that you may see [ It Is Time For You All To Awaken ].
Who is blind but My servant [ Who Seeks Me No Matter Where I Ultimately Lead Him ], Or deaf as My messenger whom I send [ That Ignores All Other Voices For Me ]? Who is blind as he who is perfect [ Trusting In Yahweh Exclusively ], And blind as The Mighty One's servant [ Carrying Out His Own King's True Wishes ]?
Seeing many things [ All Around You ], but you do not observe them [ As He, My Servant Does ]; Opening the ears [ To All Of Your Protests ], but he does not hear [ As You, The People, Do ].
The Mighty One is well pleased for His Righteousness' Sake [ His Plans Have Come To Their Final Completion ]; He [ Yahweh ] will magnify The Law [ Given To All Of Humanity ] and make it honorable [ As He Always Intended It To Be ].
But this is a people robbed and plundered [ Living Under The Curse ]; All of them are snared in holes [ Dug By Their Own: Friends, Families, And Neighbors ], And they are hidden in prison houses [ Those Temples Of Spiritual Babylon ]; They are prey [ To The Hunters ], and no one delivers [ For All Of Them Are Blinded ]; For plunder [ To The Powerful And Wealthy Ones ], and no one says, ' Restore! '
Who among you [ O Israel ] will give ear to this? Who will listen and hear [ In Open Expectation ] for the time to come [ When I, Myself, Shall Save You ]?
Who gave Jacob for plunder [ To The Nations ], and Israel to the robbers [ Of Spiritual Babylon ]? Was it not The Mighty One [ Who Did It ], He [ Yahweh ] against whom we have sinned [ Continually ]? For they [ His Own Chosen People ] would not walk in His ways [ As He, Himself, Had Instructed Them To Do ], Nor were they obedient to His Law [ His: Commandments, Judgments, and Statutes ].
Therefore [ Because Of This Fact ], He has poured upon him the fury of His anger [ To Thoroughly Chastise Him ] And the strength of battle [ To Purge Him Of His Spiritual Wickedness ]; It [ This God-Given Judgment ] has set him on fire all around [ Wherever He Now Dwells ], Yet he [ Jacob ] did not know [ From Whence It Actually Came ]; And it burned him [ Terrifyingly To Experience It ], Yet he did not take it to heart [ For He Lacked All True Understanding ]. " - Isaiah 42:10-25.

Yes, dear Brothers and Sisters: " The Time Of Jacob's Trouble " - so long ago prophesied - is now, finally, upon you... and Jeshurun, is The Prophet currently proclaiming it! Can I confirm this from The Scriptures? Certainly, for Yahweh [ Himself ] already knew, that you wouldn't believe me... and has, therefore, ordered my own steps before me!

Where Does The Prophet Jeshurun Come From?

Isaiah 40:2, Says:
" Who has raised up one [ Jeshurun ] From The East [ The Atlantic Seacoast ]? Who in righteousness called him to his feet [ At The Appointed Time ]? Who gave the nations before him [ That He Might Know Them ], And made him rule over kings [ Through His Spiritually Obtained Knowledge ]? Who Gave them as the dust to his sword [ The Words Of His Mouth ], And as driven stubble to his bow [ His Far Ranging Prophetical Understanding ]? " - Isaiah 40:2.
{ *** Meanwhile: The Answer, Of Course, Is Yahweh. }

Isaiah 41:25, Then Says:
" I have raised up One From The North [ The States Of New England, Or Tyre ], and he [ Jeshurun ] shall come [ To The Bible Belt ]; From The Rising Of The Sun [ The Early Morning Hours ] he shall call upon My name [ The True Name Of Yahweh ]; And he [ My Servant Jeshurun ] shall come against princes [ The True Rulers Of Earth ] as through mortar [ For They Cannot Stand Against Him ], As The Potter [ Yahweh, Your Sole Creator ] treads the clay [ In Preparation For His Shaping Of It ]. " - Isaiah 41:25.

So, where was I born? I was born in Old Lyme, Connecticut... just ten minutes, from the city of New London! I'd say that was pretty accurate; but, indeed, it gets even better! I first came to Abbeville, South Carolina in 1972 with my parents [ at the age of 7 ]. In 1979, they moved us all to Overland Park, Kansas where I excelled at many things... but we returned again to Abbeville, South Carolina in The Summer Of 1982. In 1991, I moved back to Kansas searching for what I had lost... only to return in 1992, right back where I had started.

The Burt-Stark Mansion, Abbeville, SC.
What is it about Abbeville, SC - a town of less than ten thousand persons? Personally, I believe that nothing happens without a very strong reason. Oddly enough, Abbeville, was both: " The Birthplace And The Deathbed Of The Original Confederacy " - Israel's own ' First Attempt At Achieving Its Sovereignty '... and yet, according to the scriptures, Yahweh still isn't finished with them! What an interesting place in which to be personally drawn... at this particular period in time.

And, What Of Jeshurun's Own Character?

It says, " He [ Jeshurun ] will bring forth justice For Truth... " and what have I expended my own life personally doing? Seeking, Studying, and Thoroughly Researching: ' The Truth ' - for myself and for others! Why this apparent personal fixation upon The Truth? Because, I was very tired of All The Obvious Lies, that constantly surrounded me, wherever I turned.  Which, of course, ultimately led to two completed [ but, yet, unpublished ] books; and several online blog sites.

It Says:
" He [ Jeshurun ] will not fail [ In This Great Spiritual Undertaking ] nor be discouraged [ By: The Long Hours Spent In Writing And Study, The Lack Of Resources Or Any Others Actual Assistance, The Lack Of Comments To His Own Controversial Postings, And The Seemingly Dismal Results ], Until he has established justice [ The True Knowledge Of Yahweh ] in the Earth; and The Coastlands [ The Tribes Living Within The Bible Belt ] shall wait for his law [ After Yahweh Has Completely And Thoroughly Chastised Them ]. "

Has my own writing, in any way, been hindered or slowed down? When I Worked 50 hours A Week, for $8.00 an hour, my own output was quite steady... When I: Became Unemployed, Began Job Hunting, and Started Remodeling My Old House - my own output remained largely the same... and, while I have been: Completely Ignored, Openly Mocked, Verbally Insulted, and [ even ] Publicly Slandered - I still continue to write what Yahweh has been steadily providing me!

It Says: 
" Who is blind but My servant [ Who Seeks Me No Matter Where I Ultimately Lead Him ], Or deaf as My messenger whom I send [ That Ignores All Other Voices For Me ]? Who is blind as he who is perfect [ Trusting In Yahweh Exclusively ], And blind as The Mighty One's servant [ Carrying Out His Own King's True Wishes ]? "

And isn't that, indeed, my own case? Name The Ones [ Churches, Temples, Fellowships, or Organizations ] that I: " Jeshurun " - am in substantial agreement with... whether: Jewish, Christian, or [ even ] Any Other? I don't want to be accepted by: " Spiritual Babylon "... I, Jeshurun, fully desire to be acceptable ' Only To Yahweh '. Let's face it, folks: " Yahweh Is The Only One That Matters! "

There's Also The Matter Of, My Own Personal Vision.

Click here, for: " The Vision Given To Jeshurun. "  
{ *** NOTE: But even this, however, isn't any form of definitive proof! }

 And Then, There Are The Three Messages To Consider.
{ *** NOTE: These are ' The Three Stones ' that I [ Jeshurun ] have been prophesied to cast at the head of the serpent. But, then again, I could have just gotten lucky... after all, anyone can study The Scriptures! }

Am I [ Jeshurun ]: " The Prophet Jeshurun " - spoken of by The Prophet Isaiah? I believe that I am... but, what really matters is what Yahweh - Himself - thinks!

Undoubtedly, I [ Possibly ] Could Be:
- Now, let's just see if I continue to be right in ' The Summer Of 2012 ', and beyond? After all, nothing confirms A True Prophet any better than his own Accurate Prophetical Understandings! In the meantime, why not stay tuned....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


  1. Your on the right track for the most part, but I'm not sure about your parenthetical interpretation here: "And he will bring forth Justice [ The True Spiritual Pathway ]to The Gentiles [ The Spiritually Blinded Ones ]."

    The Bible clearly states that at the Apocalypse, there will be disastrous, cataclysmic events. For the people working against God, both by actually undermining the Church and through their evil conduct, "justice" will mean exactly what it says. And it will be "Biblical!"

    How did you come up with those exact borders within the U.S?

    1. In Isaiah 42:3-4, the scripture goes on to clearly define it's own true context for the previous passage in Isaiah 42:1.

      See, for yourself:

      " A bruised reed He will not break,
      And smoking flax He will not quench;
      He will bring forth justice for truth.

      He will not fail nor be discouraged,
      Till He has established justice in the earth;
      And the coastlands shall wait for His law. ”

      Indeed, however, you are equally correct in understanding that Jeshurun is also God's Own Personal Judge.

    2. The borders of the various nations are actually quite easy to define based upon an accurate scriptural knowledge of the peoples that are involved.

      Take for instance, The People Of Tyre, who are defined as: The World's Greatest Shipbuilders, and Who Make Their Own Living From The Sea.

      What part of this nation has always been noted for It's Own Shipbuilding Prowess?

      Who built: The Fastest Clipper Ships In The World, The Largest Whaling Fleet Ever Assembled, ( right on down to ) The Great Battleships Of Yesteryear, and The Nimitz Aircraft Carriers or Seawolf Submarines of today?


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