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What does Revelation Chapter 12 have to tell us about Our Own Human History? [ part 2 ]

Prophet John upon the isle of Patmos.
In our previous posting, entitled, " What does Revelation Chapter 12 have to tell us about Our Own Human History? [ part 1 ] " - we discussed: The Dragon [ Satan ], The Woman [ Israel ], and Her Child [ Yahshua ]. Having thoroughly unlocked these other mysteries of Revelation Chapter 12, it's time to finally address the symbolism of: Her Flight From The Dragon, The Wilderness, The 1260 Day Period, and The Land Prepared For Her In Advance.

After all, every single word of the prophecy - In Revelation Chapter 12 - was given to us for a reason. If Yahweh Himself never intended for us to understand these things, then His Servant John wouldn't have written them... and, of that, I'm absolutely certain! Bear in mind, however, that: Lucifer and His Other Angelic Enemies - could read these passages as well... consequently, therefore, certain necessary contexts had to be intentionally left out; and only to be revealed later - through our own unfolding world history... otherwise, The Woman would have nowhere to hide until ' The Time Of The End '.

Revelation Chapter 12, Then Continues:
" Now when The Dragon [ Lucifer Himself ] saw that he had been cast to the Earth [ In His Battle Against Michael ], He persecuted The Woman [ The Israelite People ] - who gave birth to The Male Child [ Yahweh Hushua ].
But The Woman [ The Israelite People ] was given two wings of a great eagle [ To Make Her Travel Swift And Out Of The Reach Of The Dragon ], that she might fly into The Wilderness [ The, Then, Undeveloped Lands Of Northern Europe ] to her place [ Among The Aryan Nations Who Would Protect Her There As Prophesied ], where she is nourished [ By Those Very Same Aryans ] for: A Time [ 360 Years, Until The Viking Invasion ], And Times [ 720 More Years, Until The 30 Years War Against Protestantism ], And Half A Time [ And 180 More Years, Until America Has Been Finally Constructed ], from The Presence Of The Serpent [ His Babylonian/Roman Authority ].
So The Serpent [ He Who Twists, Or Alters, The Words Of Yahweh ] spewed water [ Many Of His Own People ] out of his mouth [ By Preaching Destruction Against Them As Heretics ] like a flood [ In Unending Waves Of Political Destruction ] after The Woman [ Wherever She Went ], that he might cause her to be carried away by the flood [ And Thereby To Destroy Her ].
But The Earth [ Its Great Size And Difficult Geography ] helped The Woman [ By Making These Ongoing Persecutions Extremely Difficult ], and The Earth opened its mouth [ At Strategic Times And Political Junctures ] and swallowed up the flood [ Of These Numerous Peoples ] which The Dragon [ Lucifer Himself ] had spewed out of his mouth [ While Controlling The Papacy ].
And The Dragon [ Lucifer, The Devil ] was enraged with The Woman [ That Continually Eluded Him ], And he went to make war with The Rest Of Her Offspring [ Her Wild Olive Branches ], who: Keep The Commandments Of The Mighty One [ Every Word Which Proceeds From Out Of The Mouth Of Yahweh ] and Have The Testimony Of Yahshua The Messiah. " - Revelation 12:13-17.

Now, let's actually consider the: " 1260 Year Long Prophecy [ as referenced in Revelation 12:6 ] " - that has been actually divided into Its Three Constituent Parts: " A Time, Times, And Half A Time [ in Revelation 12:14 ] ".

We can all agree upon the commonly established dates of: " 538 AD To 1798 AD " - being this Factual 1260 Year Period - which began, with ' The Establishment Of The Papacy In 538 ', and ended with, ' The Destruction Of Their Catholic Political Sovereignty In 1798 '. These particular dates aren't even in question. In fact, The Entire Protestant World understands them quite well! However, for the benefit of the very few: " Truly Open-Minded Catholics " - I will gladly provide an article upon that particular topic at some future period in time.

The First [ 360 Year ] Period - of Revelation Chapter 12 - began in 538 AD; and then physically ended in 898 AD; when The Vikings invaded: " The Wilderness [ or, Those Undeveloped Places ] " - of Northern and Western Europe. Consequently, for: " A Time " - she dwelt uninterrupted and safely in: " The Wilderness " of Northern and Western Europe, before she had to once again move in search of her own physical safety. 

The Second [ 720 Year ] Period - of Revelation Chapter 12 - began in 898 AD; and then physically ended in 1618 AD; when The Roman Catholics invaded: " The Wilderness [ or, Those Undeveloped Places ] " - of Northern and Eastern Europe - during The 30 Years War [ against, Protestantism ]. Thus, for: " Times " - she dwelt uninterrupted and safely in: " The Wilderness " of Northern and Eastern Europe, before she had to to move [ yet ] A Third Time in search of her own physical safety.

Meanwhile, at This Same Historical Juncture: " The New World [ or, The Wilderness Of North America ] " - was then being settled by these very same Aryan Nations, in preparation for building ' An Entirely New Nation '... and, we can read about this long prophesied: " Aryan Nation Building " - in The Book Of Isaiah.

Isaiah Chapter 23, Says:
" Behold, The Land Of The Chaldeans [ That Nation Belonging To Babylon ], this people which was not [ Before They Had Been Brought Together By The Others ]; Assyria [ The Aryan Nations ] founded it [ In 1618 AD ] for Wild Beasts Of The Desert [ The Descendant Nations Of: Tyre, Ammon, Moab, Jacob, and Esau ].
They [ The Aryan People ] set up its Towers [ Founded Its New Cities ], They [ The Aryan Peoples ] raised up its Palaces [ Controlled All Of Its Governments ], And They [ The Aryan Peoples ] brought it To Ruin [ As Rome Commanded Them To, In The End Time ].
Wail [ Cry Out Very Mightily ], you ships of Tarshish [ O, Great Traders Of The Earth ]! For your strength [ That Mighty Nation Of Consumers ] Is Laid Waste [ When This Prophecy Has Been Finally Fulfilled ]. " - Isaiah 23:13-14.
Prophesied Land Of: Jacob And Esau.
As you can see, from these scriptures, The Continent Of North America was specifically founded  for these: " Wild Beasts Of The Desert " - during ' A 180 Year Preparatory Period [ or, " Half A Time " ] ' - between its start in 1618 AD; and its political birth of 1798 AD. And, what ' Nation ' was that? It Was: " America In Prophecy "!

The Immigrants headed for America.
Following 1618 AD, an: Unequaled and Massive Migration of Yahweh's More Spiritually-Minded People largely took place from every farthest corner of Europe. And, where did they go? The United States of America! Once again, These People Of Jacob had escaped from the clutches of The Dragon... and The Dragon then took out his wrath upon: " Those Spiritual Olive Branches " - still remaining within Europe - just as these prophecies had actually predicted. Moreover, these increasing: Political and Spiritual Persecutions continually fueled This Ever-Expanding Exodus From Europe.

In 1798 AD, however, The Papacy Was Soundly Defeated - by General Berthier of France; and Its then current Pope was taken hostage. Thus, finally ending its 1260 Year Reign of: Political and Spiritual Terror. Meanwhile, for a very short time, The United States Of America finally became that long-prophesied: " Light Set Upon A Hill " - that it so boldly proclaimed itself to be! In fact, that was the primary purpose of: " The American Experiment ". But, this - too - would come to an end....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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