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What is The Abomination Of Desolation? Is it An End Time Sacrifice Of Pork, or Sunday / Baal Worship?

A prohibition against Swine's Flesh?
Throughout the centuries there have been many different theories about: " The Abomination Of Desolation " - spoken of by Daniel The Prophet... and, strangely enough, most of them revolve around ' The Sacrifice Of Swine's Flesh Upon The Altar Of Yahweh '. And, why do I say, " Strangely Enough "? Because, the very same Self-Proclaimed Christians who generally believe in this Half-Baked Theory - based upon the numerous scriptural injunctions against: " Eating Swine's Flesh " - don't even think twice about actually eating it themselves! But, of course, The Abomination Of Desolation has absolutely nothing to do with ' The Sacrifice Of Pork Upon Yahweh's Own Altar '.

So, what is: " The Abomination Of Desolation "... what does it have to do, with: " The Daily Sacrifices [ To Yahweh ] "... and why does it, factually, continue for: " 1290 [ Prophetic ] Days " - before ending? After all, The Answers - to all of these spiritual questions - must be Highly Important To Yahweh; or His scriptures wouldn't have [ factually ] recorded them! And, if they're important to Yahweh, then it logically follows: " That They Should Be Important To Us, Also "....

In Daniel Chapter 12, It Says:
" And from the time that: [ #1 ] ' The Daily Sacrifice Is Taken Away ' and [ #2 ] ' The Abomination Of Desolation Is Set Up ' - there shall be one thousand two hundred and ninety [ Prophetical ] days [ or, 1290 Actual Years ].
Blessed is he who waits [ For The Restoration Of Yahweh's Daily Sacrifices ], and comes to ' The One Thousand Three Hundred And Thirty Five [ Prophetical ] Days ' [ When His Sanctuary Is Cleansed Of All Such Spiritual Abominations ]. " - Daniel 12:11-12.

The Pope wearing Tiara.
As we can clearly see, from this particular passage of scripture: The Daily Sacrifice Is Taken Away, and The Abomination Of Desolation Replaces It! Moreover, it [ factually ] does so, For A Period Of 1290 Years; and it [ actually ] takes 45 More Years before ' His Sanctuary Is Finally Cleansed Of These Ongoing Spiritual Abominations '! What can this be, honestly, referring to? Meanwhile, The Keys must be found in these Clearly Referenced Historical Dates....

Based upon, All Of The 1260 Year Prophecies, as given within The Sacred Scriptures, we can quite-readily extrapolate The Period From: " 538 AD To 1798 AD " - as our: Prophetical Baseline and The Starting Point Of Reference - for this ' Abomination Of Desolation '. After all, In Revelation Chapter 12, we can read of this very same: " 1260 Year Time Period ": 
" Now when The Dragon [ Lucifer Himself ] saw that he had been cast to the Earth [ In His Battle Against Michael ], He persecuted The Woman [ Yahweh's Israelite People ] - who gave birth to The Male Child [ Yahweh Hushua ].
But The Woman [ These Israelite People ] was given two wings of a great eagle [ To Make Her Travel Swift And Above The Reach Of The Dragon ], that she might fly into The Wilderness [ The, Then, Undeveloped Lands Of Northern Europe ] to her place [ Among The Aryan Nations Who Would Protect Her There ], where she is nourished [ By Those Very Same Aryans ] for: A Time [ 360 Years, Until The Viking Invasion ], And Times [ 720 More Years, Until The 30 Years War Against Protestantism ], And Half A Time [ 180 More Years, Until America Has Been Finally Constructed ], from The Presence Of The Serpent [ Roman Catholicism ]. " - Revelation 12:13-14.

The: Purple and Scarlet - of Rome.
What did The Roman-Catholic Church [ actually ] do between The Years ' 538 AD And 1798 AD ', that could have already fulfilled this prophecy? In fact, According To Them: " They Fully Transferred The Solemnity Of The Sabbath From Saturday To Sunday "; and that: " By The Keeping Of Sunday, The Protestants - Themselves - Show Their Own Spiritual Deference To The Mother Of All Churches "... and they [ factually ] claim this as, ' Their Own Verifiable Mark Of Ecclesiastical Authority '!

But, could Yahweh's Own Sabbath Days actually be: " The Daily Sacrifices " - that are being replaced, by The Abomination Of Desolation, within these clearly-related prophetical scriptures... and, could ' These Parallel Prophesies Of Daniel And Revelation ' actually be that-closely interconnected? Let's, just see....

In Daniel Chapter 8, We Read:
" Therefore, The Male Goat [ Alexander The Great Of Macedonia ] grew very great [ Establishing A Very Powerful Kingdom ]; but when he [ Alexander ] became strong [ In The Midst Of His Own Life ], The Large Horn [ Alexander Himself ] was broken [ Died At An Early Age ], and in place of it [ His Own Great Empire ] four notable ones [ The Seleucid Dynasties ] came up toward The Four Winds Of Heaven [ The: North, South, East, and West ].
And out of one of them [ The Roman Empire ] came A Little Horn [ The Vatican In Rome ] which grew exceedingly great [ Controlling Both: Churches And Kingdoms ] toward The South [ Africa ], toward The East [ Asia ], and toward The Glorious Land [ The Land Of North America ].
And it grew up [ Over A Period Of Time ] to The Host Of Heaven [ In Open Defiance Of Yahweh ]; and it [ This Spiritual Deception Of Lucifer ] cast down some of The Host [ The Angels Who Served Him ]; and some of The Stars [ Even A Few Of The Greatest Ones ] to The Ground [ When They Openly Rebelled Against Michael ], and Trampled Them [ By Causing Them To Lose Their Own Heavenly Authorities ].
He [ The Antichrist Pope ] even exalted himself [ By Accepting Lucifer's Own Spiritual Possession ] as high as The Prince Of The Host [ Yahshua Himself ]; and by Him [ This Antichrist In Rome ] The Daily Sacrifices [ Yahweh's Own Sacred Feasts ] were taken away [ By The Eradication Of All True Forms Of Worship ], and The Place Of His Sanctuary [ The Heart And Mind Of All Humanity ] was cast down [ Into Their Own Spiritual Debasement ].
Because Of Transgression [ Among Yahweh's Own People ], an army was given over to The Horn [ His Evil Inquisitors And Spiritually Ignorant Crusaders ] to oppose The Daily Sacrifices [ The Holy Sabbath And All Of Yahweh's Sacred Feasts ]; And He [ The Papal Authority In Rome ] cast The Truth [ From Within The Sacred Scriptures ] down to the ground [ Where No One Could Look Up At Them ]. He [ Lucifer, The Antichrist, And Pope ] did all this [ Everything Mentioned Here ] and prospered [ Because, No One Was Fully Aware Of It, Until Much Later ]. " - Daniel 8:8-12.

Inverted Cross on throne?
Not so surprisingly, The: " 1260 Year Prophecy [ From 538 AD Until 1798 AD ] "  -  actually coincides with: ' The Establishment Of Sun / Baal Worship ', and ' The Keeping Of Pagan Holy Days '. So, what happened in: 1828 [ After 1290 Years ], and then, yet again, in: 1873 [ Just 45 Years Later ]? In 1828, The Latter Day Protestant Reformers re-discovered The Biblical Sabbath... and, In 1873, The Millerite Remnant re-discovered The Sacred Feasts Of Yahweh... and: " The Sanctuary [ The Body Of All True Believers ] Has Been Cleansed [ Ever Since ] " - by this: New and Spiritually Obtained Knowledge.

The so-called: " Dark Ages Of Paganized-Christianity " - were now finally over... for anyone, willing to put forth the effort, to factually learn about it! However, with ' The Increase Of All Accumulated Knowledge ', also came: The Technological Wonders Of Modern Science, The Adopted Religion Of Atheism, Sweeping Social And Political Reforms, and The Rapid Increase Of Human Material Wealth... And, sadly, as Yahshua's own saying goes: " It is harder for a rich man to get into heaven, than for a camel to enter the eye of a needle! ".

The Bombing of Nagasaki.
Nor, did: " The Century Of Politically Driven Fear " - that so very quickly followed it; allow anyone much personal time for Necessary Spiritual Reflection. In essence, we've had: World War I, World War II, The NAZI Holocaust, The Invention Of Nuclear Weapons, The Cold War, and Their Combined Political And Economic Aftermaths - to constantly deal with... and All: " Such Threats To The Very Existence Of Humanity " - have thoroughly: Clouded and Obscured - Any Form Of Spiritually Obtained Judgment! Who can be any more Spiritually Blinded, than he who must live within A Constant State Of: Panic and Fear? Can anyone, really?

Yes, dear brothers and sisters, The Abomination Of Desolation is in fact : " Sunday [ or, Ba'al ] Worship "! It has always been ' An Abomination ' before Yahweh The Mighty One... it was: " Sun Worship ", or factually: " Worshiping The Lord [ Ba'al ] Of Heaven " - that got Israel kicked out of: " The Promised Land " - in the first place; and left that magnificent land Physically Desolate... and it leaves its own church bound adherents Spiritually Desolate by continually robbing them of their factual Salvation....

Whose: " Wedding Garment " ?
You see, brothers and sisters, Our Own Eternal Salvation may only be found, through: The Right and Proper Worship Of Yahweh Himself; and He doesn't accept: False Teachings, Half-Measures, and/or Double-Minded Forms Of Worship! Meanwhile, for the moment, ' The Message From Heaven ' still goes largely unheeded:  

" Come Out Of Babylon, My People! Lest You Share In Her Plagues... " 

and The Abomination Of Desolation still continues claiming, even more, Human Victims - for Lucifer himself... whose own Prophetical Symbol is coincidentally enough: " The Bright And Shining Star Of The Morning "! Hopefully, however, you aren't going to be one of them....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!

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  1. What about Romans 14 or Colossians 2:14-16? Can we eat anything or worship God on any day?


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