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World War I was The First Seal Of Revelation - whether you believe it, or not....

World War I was The First Seal Of Revelation.
While many ' End Time Prophecy ' sites have accurately understood The Significance Of Israel's Re-Establishment within: " The Promised Land [ *** SEE: The Parable of The Fig Tree - Mathew 24:32-35. ] ", none of them have properly understood the prophetical reference : " You Know That Summer Is Near. " This Biblical Signpost or Mile-Marker clearly tells us that certain ' Springtime Events ' have already faithfully occurred... and among these Earlier Prophetical Events, was The First Seal Of Revelation - that we [ ourselves ] still commonly refer to as: " World War I. "

In Revelation Chapter 6, We Read:
" Now I saw when The Lamb [ Yahshua ] opened One Of The Seals [ This First Seal Of Revelation ]; and I heard One Of The Four Living Creatures [ Who Reside Before The Throne Of Yahweh ] saying with a voice like thunder, ' Come and See. '
And I [ John ] looked, and behold [ I Saw ], A White Horse [ The Lipizanner Stallion ]. And he who sat upon it Held A Bow [ A Far Ranging Weapon ]; and A Crown [ The Symbol Of Authority ] was Given To Him [ By Others Who Determined To Do So ], and he rode out Conquering [ Many Other Nations ] and To Conquer [ With The Intention Of Expanding His Own Empire ]. " - Revelation 6:1-2.

Meanwhile, this very same event was referenced by Yahshua - in Mathew Chapter 24 - when He, Himself, said:
" And you will hear of: Wars [ World War I and World War II ] and Rumors Of Wars [ The Cold War and The War On Terror ]. See that you are not troubled [ When These Particular Events Happen ]; for All Of These Things [ Mentioned By The Prophets ] must come to pass [ Before That Time Comes ], but The End [ The End Time Judgment Upon The Nations ] is Not Yet [ Must Come After These Things ].
For nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom [ Extremely Great Wars Will Factually Occur ]. And there will be: Famines [ Shortages Of Food ], Pestilences [ Rampant Diseases And Plagues ], and Earthquakes [ Natural Devastations ] in various places.
All Of These [ Referenced And Prophesied Events ] are ' The Beginning Of Sorrows ' [ Spoken Of By All Of The Prophets ]. " - Mathew 24:6-8.

As you can readily see, these are: Parallel and Concurrent Prophecies - that speak of The Very Same End Time Events. In fact, Yahshua's statements in Mathew Chapter 24 are merely ' The Compressed Summarization ' of that, which has been written about by All Of The Prophets. Mathew Chapter 24 was intended to be ' A Prophetical Key ', with which, to unlock The Highly Numerous Writings Of All The Prophets; not the prophecy itself. Meanwhile, The First Seal Of Revelation is found at the beginning of The End Time Prophetical Time-Line... and ' The Clock ' started ticking with: " World War I " - as its starting point!

You see, its not [ just ] ' The Highly-Accurate Symbology Of Each Specifically Prophesied Event ' that irrefutably proves itself; but rather, The Entire and Overall Sequence Of These Ongoing Events that does so... and Each Prophetical Seal must follow the next, in the exact stated sequence, for it to be considered truly valid. Consequently, The Two World Wars had to occur prior to: " Israel's Re-Establishment "; and The Worldwide Financial Collapse had to equally occur after: " The Two Rumored Wars ", " The Rising Of The European Union ", " The Call To A New World Order ", and " The Message Of Peace And Safety. "

But, I [ seemingly ] digress... therefore, let's explore The Prophetical Symbology within The First Seal Of Revelation; and how it was so accurately fulfilled in The Historical Events of World War I.

The White Horse, That He Rode:

The Royal Lipizzaner Stallions.
There are two entirely different meanings clearly ascribed to The White Horse. The literal one, being: " The Lipizanner Stallions Of Austria-Hungary " - which were their ' National Symbols Of Power And Authority ' for the many centuries of Hapsburg Ruler-Ship. The metaphorical one, being: " The Legitimate Justification For Austria's Invasion Of Serbia " - which ultimately started the war. Acts Of Terrorism - such as, Francis Ferdinand's Assassination - are rightly considered: Immoral, Unethical, and Highly-Illegal. Austria was well-within its own rights, in punishing these ungodly conspirators.

The Bow, That He Held:

World War I Map - interlocking treaties.
There are two different meanings clearly ascribed to The Bow [ or, Far Ranging Weapon ]. World War I was the very first war in world history to utilize both: Aircraft, and Extremely-Long Range Artillery - in carrying the battle far over the heads of the enemy. Meanwhile, ' The Interlocking Treaties Of The Central Powers ' ensured that The Scale Of This War would be thoroughly unprecedented. In both ways, He indeed wielded: " A Far Ranging Weapon! "

The Crown, Given To Him: 

Crowned-Prince Francis Ferdinand.
There are also two different meanings for The Crown Being Given To Him. First of all, Emperor Franz Joseph had already ceded The Austrian Throne to his nephew: " The Crowned Prince " - Francis Ferdinand... and no longer held, The Mantle Of Political Authority. In order to retake The Throne, a meeting of The Grand Council Of Dukes had to be held - before he could once again retake his position of political authority over The Austrian Empire. Metaphorically, however, he was given ' Political Carte Blanche ' by The Nation Of Germany - to do as he saw fit, in this matter.

His Intentions, To Conquer:

Meanwhile, His Intentions To Conquer must almost seem as a given, under the circumstances... however, that's not why it is being mentioned. You see, The First Seal Of Revelation is being contrasted against The Second Seal which soon follows it... and the express purpose of The Second Ruler is merely: " To Take Peace From The Earth " - that is also symbolized by The Blood-Soaked Horse - to forward a specific political agenda in Its Eventual Aftermath! World War II was a carefully scripted and choreographed war of gargantuan proportions - in which the unknowing masses on both sides were violently butchering each other for secret political purposes.

This is ' The Truth ' revealed within The Prophetical Scriptures! Whether, or not, you choose to believe it is up to you....

{ *** Note: For more information upon this subject, see: Our Prophetic Time-Line, or check out: What Happens Next In The Prophecies. }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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