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All Of The Prophets wrote about: Latter Day Events and End Time Prophecy. So, why do we continually ignore them?

' End Time Prophecy ' in The Old Testament .
When studying ' End Time Prophecy ' it is important to understand that All Of The Prophets equally Wrote About and Referenced these: " Latter Day Events ". The New Testament didn't do away with any part of The Old Testament Scriptures... nor, in particular, their long-foreordained prophecies! That's why the scripture plainly says: " The Mighty One does nothing, without first revealing these matters to His servant(s) the prophet(s). "

The End Time Prophecies of both testaments are all: Equally Binding, Definitely Interlinked, and Frequently Concurrent - with respect towards one another. Even the prophet Enoch, wrote of these ' Latter Day Events. ' Meanwhile, the reasons for this, are simply that:
  • All Of The Prophets were looking forward towards: " The Future Fulfillment Of Yahweh's: Blessing, Covenant, and Promise ".
  • There Has Been Only: " One Everlasting Covenant " - made with all of humanity... It was created for: All People, and All Time!
  • There Has Been Only: " One Plan For Salvation " - offered to mankind - which was fully ratified by The Blood Of Yahshua.
  • And Yahweh's Stated Purpose Has Always Been To Make: " One End For All Sinful Behavior " - which shall complete our own transgressions for All Of Eternity."

It was for this reason, that The Scriptures have declared Yahshua to be: " The Lamb Slain From The Foundation Of The World. " Contrary to popular opinion, The New Testament and Old Testament Eras were not indicative of Separate Covenants; but rather, Two Separate Works Towards One Final Completion - in order to more fully accomplish, One Pre-Planned and Everlasting Covenant! It is important to remember that: " The Mighty One Has Revealed The End Of The Matter, From The Very Beginning... " and His Prophets [ all of them ] have always been a major part of His Plan!

When: Yahshua, His Apostles, and The Early New Testament Elders - spoke of The End Time Prophecies and Their Latter Day Events; they continually quoted The Old Testament Prophets. Why did they do this? Because, as Yahshua, Himself, said: " I did not come to abolish The Law or The Prophets; but rather, to fulfill them. " In fact, His entire life was ' The Fulfillment Of Old Testament Prophecy '!

There is more End Time Information, within The Book Of Isaiah [ alone ], then in The Entire New Testament. Moreover, the very same can be said for both: Jeremiah and Ezekiel... but, All The Old Testament Prophets wrote of ' These Latter Day Events ' in profound and significant detail. So, " Why do The Churches avoid them? " Because, they don't want you to know exactly who ' Spiritual Babylon ' is... and, The Old Testament Prophets fully reveal it!

You see, The New Testament Scriptures are ' The Spiritual Keys ' that fully unlock The Old Testament Prophecies. As the angel said to The Prophet Daniel, " But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book ' Until The Time Of The End '; [ at that time ] many shall run to and fro, and [ their ] knowledge shall greatly increase [ Daniel 12:4]. " Or, as The Prophet Jeremiah wrote: " In The Latter Days you will understand it perfectly. [ in Jeremiah 23:20] "; and then: " In The Latter Days you will consider it [ found at Jeremiah 30:24 ]. "
There are numerous of these: ' Latter Day Markers ' and ' End Time References ' - throughout all of The Old Testament Prophecies! Are we to just totally ignore them? Or, should pull out Our Biblical Concordances and search them diligently, for further clues, as to what is now happening? If Yahshua and His apostles quoted them, then why shouldn't we? After all, our desire should be: " The Fullness And Stature Of Yahshua. " Shouldn't It?

Ahava and Shalom

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!

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