Monday, September 19, 2011

The much-needed message of: What is True Worship, or Worship In Spirit And In Truth?

There shall be: " Wolves In Sheep's Clothing.... "
The message for today is True Worship... for, we have been honestly commanded to: " Worship The Mighty One In Spirit And In Truth "! But, what is True Worship? What is truly meant by: " Worship In Spirit And In Truth "... and how can we accomplish this seemingly-impossible task, while living in The Latter Days of earth's history, with Growing Darkness Now All Around Us? After all, there is far more to it, than just showing up in our churches upon the weekend!

Having just woken up from a fitful night of sleeping in which I [ myself ] had wrestled with Yahweh, I received a telephone call from A Local Meeting Place Of Worship... and it was from someone seeking information, upon how their own spiritual congregation could better serve: Yahweh [ The Mighty One ] and Yahshua [ His Son ]. *** Bear in mind, that he didn't utilize either of these True Names, since he'd never actually heard them before - at his own, all knowing church... but, that's an entirely different story!

I had only awakened perhaps ten minutes beforehand; and, there I was, simply dumbstruck. Here I am Yahweh's Own Watchman shouting from the rooftops - via The Worldwide Internet - and seeing somewhat limited results... while, Yahweh is working True Miracles all around me! Throughout my own life, I continue to see the tremendous outpouring of His: Magnificent and Beneficient Love... and, I am now at the point where nothing, any longer, surprises me.

Meanwhile, The Answer That I Gave Him is highly-relevant to All Of Yahweh's Flocks - wherever you might be living. It is relevant to: The House Of Judah [ living within, The Modern Nation Of Israel ], The Ten Lost Tribes [ living within, America's Bible Belt ], The House Of Joseph [ living within, The Kingdom Of Egypt ], and Those Wild Olive Branches [ scattered all over the earth ]... and somewhere, amidst These Four Physical Branches, are you!

It Has Been Written:
  • " Turn Back To My Scriptures. "
  • " Search Them Daily, To See Whether It Is So. "
  • " Test All Things And Hold Fast To That Which Is Good. "
  • " Flee Those Evil Shepherds. "
  • " Start Eating The Meat Of The Word, No Longer Relying Upon Just Milk. "
  • " Come Out Of Babylon, My People. "
  • " Take Care Of The Widows And Orphans. "
  • " Protect The Poor And The Down Trodden. "
  • " Stand Up For True Justice. "
  • " Stand In The Gaps. "
  • " Shore Up The Breeches In My Walls. "
  • " Be Holy, As I Am Holy. "
  • And Finally, " Wake Up, For You Have Been Sleeping Far Too Long! "

According to the word of prophecy, The Time Of The End is fully characterized by the entire world's many tradition oriented churches possessing: " A Form Of Faith, But Denying The Power Thereof ", and " A Great Falling Away, From The Faith, Once Given To All. " But, where does this Very Real Problem stem from? They no longer worship Him: " In Spirit And In Truth... " but rather, " They Have Broken The Everlasting Covenant " - which: Yahweh has clearly given to them, and Yahshua has given His own life for. In essence, therefore, They Lack Any Understanding of True Worship!

In Hosea 4:6, It Says Of Them:
" My People are destroyed for The Lack Of Knowledge [ The True Knowledge Of Me ]. Because You [ My Own People ] have rejected knowledge [ For The Sake Of Your Pagan Traditions ], I also will reject You from being priests for Me [ Personal Examples And Human Intercessors Upon The Behalf Of Yahweh ]; Because You have forgotten The Law Of Your Mighty One [ Serving, Instead, The Traditions Of Ba'al ], I also will forget Your Children [ Whom You Have So Foolishly Neglected ]. " - Hosea 4:6.

And The Prophet Isaiah, Wrote:
" Whom will He [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ] teach knowledge? And whom will He [ Yahshua, Your Savior ] make to understand the message?  Those just weaned from milk [ The Newly Born Believer ]? Those just drawn from the breasts [ The Spiritual Toddler ]?
[ NO! ]  For precept must be upon precept [ This Comes From True Spiritual Growth ], precept upon precept [ Building Oneself Thoroughly Up From All Of The Scriptures ], Line Upon line [ Studying Them Very Diligently ], Line upon line [ Double Checking Every Possible Teaching ], Here a little [ In This Particular Book ], and there a little [ And, In That One As Well ]. " - Isaiah 28:9-10.

But, what are ' His People ' now doing? Going back and forth within those spiritually deadened churches... listening to: " Those Ravenous Wolves ", " Who Masquerade Themselves As Angels Of Light "... and thoroughly ignoring: " The Midnight Cry " - which is now attempting to warn us of: " Jacob's Impending Trouble "! It is now, " The Time Of Yahweh's Own Watchman " - as spoken of by The Prophet Micah - when He [ Yahweh ] said:
" The best of them is like a brier [ That Snatches At One's Clothes ]; The most upright is sharper than a thorn hedge [ Which Causes Much Pain And Suffering To Occur ]; The Day Of Your Watchman and Your Punishment comes [ But, You Do Not Listen ]; Now shall be their perplexity [ For They Lack Any True Understanding ]. " - Hosea 7:4.

What a pity this is! For, it need not have happened. Since, it has always been written about within The Sacred Scriptures. Please understand, ' True Worship ' is what Yahweh [ Himself ] declares it to be; not the utter foolishness being perpetuated by The World's Churches! Meanwhile, ' Worship In Spirit ' requires the discernment to  even: " Test The Spirits, whether ( or not ) they be of Yahweh " - because many of them are most certainly not... and ' Worship In Truth ' absolutely requires The Physical Actions - which stem from True Faith... neither of which: Spiritual Babes, or [ even ] Stumbling Toddlers - are truly capable of.

This is ' The Truth ' behind: " The Parable Of The Narrow Path " - as spoken of by Yahshua - wherein, He stated:
" Enter by The Narrow Gate [ Found Only Within The Scriptures ]; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction [ It Is A Figurative Super-Highway ], and there are many who go in by it [ All Of The Earth's Numerous Harlots Gladly Provide It ].
Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life [ It Requires Great Personal Effort To Travel It ], and there are very few who ultimately find it [ And, Almost No One Pointing It Out ]. " - Mathew 7:13-14.

Which path are you upon... or, do you even know? You see, very few us actually do. Because, " There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death "; and The Vast Majority Of You Are Currently Following It!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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