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"The Straight And Narrow Path" - a Prophetical Formula for Spiritual Success.

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The Straight and Narrow Way to salvation.
Of all The Teachings Of Yahshua, His frequent references to: " The Straight and Narrow Path ", " The Narrow Way ", and/or " The Middle Path " - are arguably the most important; while consistently being the most ignored of them all! On the surface, they seem to be Very Simple and Self-Explanatory... as if, even, a child might fully understand them.... But, are they really? Or, is there a: Deeper, More Profound, and Even Hidden Meaning behind them?

And while Yahshua [ Yahweh's Own Son ] was far more than just any prophet, or messenger, of Yahweh; He most certainly wasn't the first one to reference these Proper Scriptural Teachings. In fact, all of Yahweh's Prophets have borne the very same messages... and, the message of: " Making One's Path Straight For Yahweh " - is The Most Consistent and Commonly Expressed Theme throughout all of their collected writings! But, what does it really mean? The answer will most likely: Come as a shock to you, Violate your personal sensibilities, and/or Deeply offend you - upon many Spiritual Levels... but, it must be addressed.

In order to better understand: " The Narrow Way ", or " Middle Path " - spoken of by Yahshua and The Prophets - let us, first, look at some of these Scriptural References. There are many of them... however, we'll examine just a few.

In Proverbs Chapter 4, It Says:
" My son, give attention to my words [ Listen Up ]; Incline your ear to my sayings [ This Is Important ]. Do not let them depart from your eyes [ Focus Clearly Upon What I Am Saying ]; Keep them in the midst of your heart [ Internalize These Things Within Yourself ]; For they are life to those who find them [ This Is The Formula For Spiritual Success ], And health to all of their flesh [ It Shall Factually Save Your Own Life ].
Keep your heart with all diligence [ Be Careful What You Dwell Upon ], For out of it spring the issues of life [ That Which You Dwell Upon, Motivates Your Own Action ]. Put away from you a deceitful mouth [ Don't Get Caught Up In Lying To Yourself And Others ], And put perverse lips far from you [ Be Exceptionally Honest And Truthful ]. Let your eyes look straight ahead [ Focus Upon Where You Are Going ], And your eyelids look right before you [ Because, There Are Many Interesting And Dangerous Distractions ].
Ponder the path of your feet [ Carefully And Painstakingly Place Them One In Front Of The Other ], And let all your ways be established [ Let Yahweh Have Control Over You ]. Do not turn to The Right or The Left [ Be Neither: Zealous Towards Others, Nor Licentious With Regards To Yourself ]; And remove your foot from evil [ In This Way: Sin And Death - May Be Truthfully Defeated ]. " - Proverbs 4:20-27.

Wow, folks! This one little proverb can be ' The Most Powerful Scripture ' in The Bible - once  properly examined within It's True Spiritual Context.... I don't know about you, but I'm overwhelmed by what it honestly appears to be saying! By diligently following Ten Simple Steps, Sin may be truly overcome by anyone.... Can this be true? I mean, " Can ' The Answer ' really be that easy? " Is that ' The Spiritual Formula ' that Yahshua Himself practiced from birth... or, that: Enoch and Elijah figured out - over the courses of their own human lifetime? If so, then this: " Eye Opening Observation " - is truly incredible!

Just think about it.... When writing about ' The End Time Churches ' of: " Laodicea ", and " Spiritual Babylon " - The Apostle Paul wrote that they would have: " A form of godliness, but would deny The Power Thereof. " Could this, be what he was writing about... ' The Power To Overcome Sin ' - within their own spiritual lives?

Be honest with yourselves, how many: " Powerful Christians [ or Power Filled Christians ] " - have you ever met? And how many, when honestly confronted, will simply tell you: " It's just impossible for anyone to be perfect! Only Yahshua, could do that. "? And yet, we have Two Glaring Examples from within The Scriptures - that our sins may be actually overcome, later in life.... For, that's [ precisely ] what Enoch and Elijah truly represented - within the pages of The Bible... they, themselves, took: " The Middle Path ", or " Narrow Way "... and we all know it's true!

In Mathew Chapter 7, Yahshua Said:
" Enter by The Narrow Gate [ The One Not Easily Recognized, Or Noticed ]; For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction [ The Most Recognized Path Leads To Spiritual Separation From Yahweh ], and there are many who go in by it [ The Majority Is Always Wrong ].
Because Narrow is The Gate [ It Is Spiritually Discerned And Not Obvious To Naturally-Minded Men ] and difficult is The Way which leads to life [ You Shall Suffer Persecution, Each Time That You Follow It ], and there are few who find it [ Therefore, Most Of Us Just Follow The Crowd ]. " - Mathew 7:13-14.

In this scriptural passage, Yahshua is pointing out [ yet ] another ' Key Understanding. ' The Majority Is Always Wrong! And before you idly dismiss this statement as a mere truism, or take significant offense to it; remember that I warned you in advance, this particular study would: " Come as a shock to you, Violate your personal sensibilities, and/or Deeply offend you - upon many Spiritual Levels... " and it does, doesn't it? After all, many of the things that you yourself believe, may be: " Commonly Held Understandings ". Isn't that, itself, correct?

There are many of these beliefs, that ' All Of Christianity ' commonly shares - because we all study The Very Same Book... and in those instances of Total Agreement, I'm not saying [ or implying ] anything. However, there are numerous disagreements within Our Biblical Theology; and upon these: " The Majority Has Always Been Wrong... " and I can prove it, from The Scriptures. In fact, Yahshua and The Prophets wouldn't have said it, or alluded to it, if it wasn't true!

In the time of Enoch, how many listened to his teachings... in the time of Noah, how many entered the ark... and in the time of Moses, how many waited for him to come down from the mountain? In the days of Elijah, how many prophets served: " The Lord " - Baal... while in the days of Isaiah, how many bended their knees to: " Yahweh " - The Mighty One? How many followed Yahshua; and how many would place Him upon the cross? I really needn't go any further, do I?

Throughout Our Entire Human History: " The Majority Has Always Been Wrong! "  From: " The Crusades ", to: " Electing Hitler As Chancellor In Germany ", to: " Our Current Worldwide Financial Crisis " - only a few people seem to get it right; while The Majority continues to follow The Wrong: Financial, Spiritual, and Political Paths consistently throughout history. Meanwhile, Our Human Societies: Scoff At The Visionaries, Laugh At The Inventors, Mock The Responsible Ones, and Ridicule The Morally Upright! Isn't this true... You tell me?

But, what does this have to do with: " The Straight and Narrow ", " The Narrow Path ", or " The Middle Way "? Actually, quite alot... because, if: " The Majority Is Always Wrong ", then we should be: Exceptionally Wary, Extremely Mindful, and Deeply Questioning - of any teachings that are commonly accepted by others! That's why Yahshua and The Prophets took the time to warn us of these things.  

" The Straight and Narrow Path " - isn't just another interesting truism; It's The Prophetic Formula for Spiritual Success in our daily walk with Yahweh [ The Father ]  and Yahshua [ His Son ]! As the scriptures, so aptly, put it: " This is The Path, now walk ye in it ", or: " Make all your paths straight for The Mighty One, and He shall be your defense... " and, as was also written: " We shall overcome this body of death ", to one day: " Walk in The Fullness and Stature of The Messiah " - with Yahweh's loving assistance!

The ' Keys To Obedience ' are: Self-Denial, Concentration, and Spiritual Focus... when in doubt, Study The Scriptures Yourself and Ignore Everyone Else [ especially The Mainstream Churches - after all, that's where the majority of them are ]... and Let The Spirit Of Yahweh Guide You - at each step of the way! It's really that simple....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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