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The Keys to: Spiritual Insight and Prophetical Understanding.

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While Most Educated Christians and Biblical Scholars can't seem to find The United States of America - or any other modern nation - mentioned within the biblical scriptures, A Very Select Few Of Us can readily see these ongoing references throughout both: The Old and New Testaments. So, where's ' The Great Disconnect ', between these two diametrically opposed Theological Positions? What is it, that some of us can so clearly see, while so many others simply cannot?

The Biblical Scriptures weren't written for: ' Casual Believers '... or for people, who might occasionally read a short selection of writing - amidst vast and deep droughts of Spiritual Inactivity. Nor, was it written to benefit: ' The Scholar '... one, who would study these things, with The Natural Mindset Of A Man - scrutinizing every minutest detail of its individual verses. It was written for: " The Sanctified Edification and Spiritual Enlightenment of Yahweh's Own Children " - also known as, ' His Remnant ' - or, those: " Who would Keep His Commandments and Bear The Testimony Of Yahshua. "

In Fact, neither Yahweh [ The Father ], or Yahshua [ His Son ] - intended for: ' Wicked Men ', or ' Self-Serving Ones ' - to understand any of it, until it was far too late, for their own Spiritual Repentance! Just, read what The Biblical Scriptures say about it....

In The Old Testament, We Read:
"And He [ Yahweh ] said, ' Go, and tell this people:
' Keep on hearing [ The Words Of This Book ], but do not understand [ Just Marvel At My Words ]; Keep on seeing [ The Events All Around You ], but do not perceive [ Precisely What These All Mean ]. '
Make the heart of this people dull [ That They Are Slow To Accept The Truth ], And their ears heavy [ That They Cannot Long Listen To It ], And shut their eyes [ Those Which Are Spiritually Opened ]
Lest they see with their eyes [ What Is Truly Happening Around Them ], And hear with their ears [ The Message That They Personally Detest ], And understand with their heart [ That Obedience Has Always Been Required ], And return [ For The Most Unacceptable Of Reasons ] and be healed [ Though They Are Unworthy Of Such A Valuable Gift ]." - Isaiah 6:9-10.

While, In The New Testament, We Read:
 "And He [ Yahshua, The Son Of Yahweh ] said to them:
To you [ My Apostles ] it has been given to know ' The Mystery ' of the kingdom of Yahweh [ My Father ]; but to those who are outside [ This Inner Circle ], All Things come in parables [ In Spiritually Discerned Illustrations ], so that:
Seeing they may see [ Only, That Which Is In Front Of Them ] and not perceive [ That, Which Has Been Truthfully Alluded To ], And hearing they may hear [ Those Matters Of Lesser Spiritual Consequence ] and not understand [ The Deep And Meaningful Things, Of Which I Have Told You ]; Lest they should turn [ Away From Their Own Personal Wickedness ], And their sins [ These Unbearable Things, Which They Truthfully Long To Do ] be forgiven them [ Though My Kingdom Was Never Meant To Be Burdensome, To Anyone ]." - Mark 4:11-12.

The Fact, that Yahweh [ The Father ] and Yahshua [ His Son] are in complete agreement over this matter isn't really so surprising. The Holy Scriptures clearly state that: " The Father and The Son Are One" - in: Spirit, Mindset, and Purpose. In other words, they are always in total agreement! Isn't that what it says? You tell me....

But when you do, " Study All Of The Scriptures " - before responding, to my statement... because that is ' The Real Problem ' within both: Christianity [ A Religion Of Blatant Defiance ] and Judaism [ A Legalistic And Dead Theology ]. The Ongoing Failures, that neither of you will humbly admit... " Behold,  Israel [ those, who cannot obey ] and Judah [ those, who cannot understand love ] - both of them are surely a vanity. "

Everyone claims, that ' Only They ' Have All The Right Answers... and yet, none of them factually do! Even I, A Watchman Of Yahweh, know very little of The Truth.... And yet, I have a distinct advantage that many others don't possess. Yahweh both: Speaks and Shows Me Things - which others are either: Unwilling, or Unable To Hear. Does that make me better than you? Most Certainly Not! For, I believe that anyone could be like me - if they'd so choose to be.... But, Will They make that choice... and, more importantly, Will You?

I'll tell you this, " It's Not An Easy Path... " for in the moment that you'll set your foot upon it, even your own family will turn against you! This why is was written, within The Biblical Scriptures:
"But Yahshua [ The Son Of Yahweh ] said to them,
A Prophet is not without honor except: In his own country, Among his own relatives, and In his own house." - Mark 6:4.

You see, Total Strangers - fully realize that: " They Don't Truly Know You ", " They Can't Adequately Judge You ", and " That The Message Is Their Only True Key! " While: Your Next-Door Neighbors, Self-Described Friends, and [ even ] Close Family Members - can't get past their own: Foolish Assumptions and Personal Judgments about you - long enough to hear and comprehend ' The True Message ' that you are so diligently attempting to show them....

Consequently, as the scriptures relate: " True Wisdom comes with much suffering.... " Yahshua was: " A Man Of Great Sorrows " - like all of the other prophets, which came before Him. And those, who'll take up His Cross, are destined to inherit the very same Spiritual Affliction. But, it isn't without Its Own Personal Rewards!

{ *** Note: If you still believe, that America is: " Babylon The Great " - then you are Just As Blind as the rest of them... and I would personally caution you, to:
"Buy from Me [ Yahshua ] gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich; and white garments, that you may be clothed, that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed; and anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see." - Revelation 3:18.
For, you are still living, within: " The Church Of Laodicea. "}
Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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