Thursday, June 30, 2011

"The Straight And Narrow Path" - a Prophetical Formula for Spiritual Success.

Straight & Narrow. Northlands footbridge looki...Image via Wikipedia
The Straight and Narrow Way to salvation.
Of all The Teachings Of Yahshua, His frequent references to: " The Straight and Narrow Path ", " The Narrow Way ", and/or " The Middle Path " - are arguably the most important; while consistently being the most ignored of them all! On the surface, they seem to be Very Simple and Self-Explanatory... as if, even, a child might fully understand them.... But, are they really? Or, is there a: Deeper, More Profound, and Even Hidden Meaning behind them?

And while Yahshua [ Yahweh's Own Son ] was far more than just any prophet, or messenger, of Yahweh; He most certainly wasn't the first one to reference these Proper Scriptural Teachings. In fact, all of Yahweh's Prophets have borne the very same messages... and, the message of: " Making One's Path Straight For Yahweh " - is The Most Consistent and Commonly Expressed Theme throughout all of their collected writings! But, what does it really mean? The answer will most likely: Come as a shock to you, Violate your personal sensibilities, and/or Deeply offend you - upon many Spiritual Levels... but, it must be addressed.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Ezekiel 13: A Message to The False Prophets of Israel.

Creflo Dollar's lavishly detailed mansion.
Since the beginning of history there have always been two types of prophets in the world: ' The True Prophets ' [ those who serve Yahweh The Mighty One ], and ' The False Prophets ' [ those who serve only themselves ]... and whether for: Money, Power, Prestige, or Material Advantage - the majority of them have always chosen knowingly to serve the latter. Moreover, they have done exceptionally well for themselves! After all, The Gospels of: " Peace and Safety ", " Greed ", " Materialism ", " Licentiousness ", and " Hedonism " - are exceptionally popular among The Fallen Ones.

The Difficult Life Of A Shepherd!
And yet, as the saying goes, " The Times, They Are a-Changing... " for Yahweh has determined: " To Make An End Of All False Systems Of Worship ", and: " To Do A New Thing In The Land! " In essence, He's decided to shake things up a little - quite literally. To His Children, He has said: " Come Out Of Babylon, My People, Lest You Share In Her Plagues; For Her Sins Have Risen Up Unto Heaven... " and, To Those False Shepherds Of Babylon, He has written thusly....

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Obadiah, The Prophet for: Canaan, Edom, and Israel....

An End Time Map Of: Canaan or Tyre.
While The Book Of Obadiah is only one short chapter, in length; its information rich prophesy contains dynamite in a truly small package. Moreover, The Writings Of Obadiah focus almost exclusively upon the two End Time Nations of: Edom [ The Children of Esau ] and Israel [ The Children of Jacob ]... and indirectly, The National Confederacy that they both currently belong to.

And while ' The Judgment Upon Edom ' is the stated focus of this End Time Prophesy, it is very important to clearly understand that Edom is also: The Capital Of Canaan and The Physical Head Of Its Confederacy.  Moreover, " The Last King Of Tyre [ or, Canaan ] " is clearly described - in Ezekiel Chapter 28 - as being An Edomite, who foolishly and rashly mocks Yahweh! Meanwhile, of course, Barack Hussein Obama is the very first United States President to properly fit this true biblical description. But, that's yet another story....

Friday, June 24, 2011

The False Doctrine of: " Once Saved, Always Saved " - is very dangerous to everyone.

A "Get Out Of Jail Free Card" from Monopoly.
Among the most dangerous of All ' False Doctrines ',  is the incorrect teaching of: " Once Saved, Always Saved. " Although it sounds great, to those who have no real intentions toward Spiritual Repentance, it is a worthless teaching; and founded upon a multitude of Scriptural Errors, or Outright Lies! Even before, we begin this scriptural study [ in our own hearts ] we already know this to be true... and yet, we'll grasp at anything to continue believing in it. For, as The Scriptures clearly relate: " The heart is deceitful above all things; and who can honestly know it? "

In Truth, ' Once Saved, Always Saved ' is The Spiritual Doctrine of: " Unrestrained Licentiousness " - acting within our physical bodies; while subduing our own Spiritual Conscience - through the blatant misuse of emotional sophistry. Otherwise, such critical scriptures - as, The Following One - wouldn't make any sense....

In Revelation 3, It Says:
" He Who Overcomes [ He Who Completes The Race For Spiritual Salvation ] shall be clothed In White Garments [ The Fullness And Stature Of Yahshua ], and I will Not Blot Out his name from The Book Of Life [ Which Is Always Within The Sight Of My Father ]; but I will confess his name [ Assigning Him Spiritual Kinship ] before My Father [ Yahweh, The Mighty One ] and before His angels. " - Revelation 3:5.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What is the real meaning behind The Number 322 - to The Illuminati

Covenant with Death.
During The Election Of 2004, President George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry were asked numerous questions about their membership within ' The Skull And Bones Society ' - to which they both jokingly responded: " It's A Secret, I can't tell you anything more "; and from the grins on both of their faces, they considered this entire field of questioning to be quite humorous! Meanwhile, the most interesting question put forth was: " What is The Meaning Of 322, which is referenced in all of their organization's symbology ?"

Actually, however, The Meaning Of 322 to the Illuminati is very simple for us to accurately ascertain. While all of The World's Secret Societies are based upon: Satanism, The Kabbala, and Luciferian Teachings - they have always been, strangely enough, drawn to The Bible as their own personal code book! In fact, their affinity for utilizing The Bible - in this way - is actually a seemingly hilarious, exceptionally clever, and closely held insider joke.... All the more so, since they can utilize Yahweh's Prophetical Book against His own children - in these particular spiritual matters.

America In Prophecy

Know Your Enemy: " Skull And Bones " - The Vigilant Guardian.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Unravelled History of America: Latter Day Tyre, or Canaan....

The United States of America: aka, Canaan, or Tyre.
The United States of America [aka, Latter Day Tyre, or Canaan ] consists of five primary bloodlines. The physical descendants of: Tyre, Edom, Moab, Ammon, and Israel. Just as, The Biblical Scriptures have prophetically assured us. In the picture to the left, I have divided them up based upon: What I have been shown in my own visions, and What I [ myself ] have truly confirmed from The Scriptures.

In Isaiah 23, It Says:
" Behold, the land of The Chaldeans [ The Romans ], This people which was not [ until others brought them together ]; Assyria [ those Aryan Nations ] founded it [ provided its unsuspecting inhabitants ] for wild beasts of the desert [ for The Tribes living within Ancient Israel ]. They set up its towers [ Babylon and Rome funded its construction ], They raised up its palaces [ Babylon and Rome controlled its governments ], And they brought it to ruin [ Babylon and Rome destroyed it - right upon their own pre-planned timetable ]. " - Isaiah 23:13.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Is America: Babylon The Great, or Her False Prophet? The Answer is tremendously important.

America's Increasing Protests - historic.
Is The United States of America: " Babylon The Great " - as so many others will so quickly and easily tell you? Or, could it just be: Her False Prophet, Political Spokesman, and Military Champion - whom she is cleverly using to protect Her True Identity? While the majority will, rashly, label her the former - I [myself] cannot. The Truth, in this matter, is far too important to everyone. While both of these nations are indeed: " Harlots " - just like the church, that has corrupted them - Babylon is, by far, the more dangerous of the two!

What causes so much Spiritual Confusion - apart from the obvious deceptions, being so cleverly perpetuated by The Satanists fully in control - is that: " Babylon The Great " and " Her False Prophet " are both very similar nations. They are both: Confederated Nations - comprising numerous Constituent States. And whereas, Babylon The Great is a much older nation, its openly unified existence doesn't physically re-occur until: " The Very End ". See for yourself....
"But the angel said to me, ' Why did you marvel? I will tell you The Mystery Of The Woman [ The Church ] And Of The Beast [ The Nation ] That Carries Her, which has the seven heads [ The Seven Kings ] and the ten horns [ The Ten Foundational Kingdoms ].
The Beast [ The Nation ] that you saw: Was [ In Existence At The Very Beginning ], And Is Not [ During Most Of Earth's History ] And Will Ascend Out Of The Bottomless Pit [ From Its Grave ] And Will Go To Perdition [ At The Time Of The End ]
And those who dwell upon the earth will marvel, whose names are not written in The Book Of Life - from the foundation of the world - when they see The Beast that: Was, And Is Not, And Yet Is." - Revelation 17:7-8.

The Great Mississippi Flood of 2011 was prophesied in The Book of Isaiah.

FloodImage by Chris Wieland via Flickr
The Historic 2011Mississippi Flood.

While it may not seem politically correct to say it, The 2011 Mississippi Flood - which is still currently ongoing - is clearly referenced in The Biblical Scriptures! Moreover, it is only one of many prophesied events to have come to pass this year. These other historical events, include: The Current Difficulties Surrounding Egypt, The Japanese Earthquake And Tsunami, The Storms Across America's Bible Belt, and The Unseasonable Natural Devastation Throughout America In General.

In Isaiah Chapter 23, It Says:
"Overflow through your land like The Great River [ The Mighty Mississippi ], O daughter of Tarshish [ O Nation Of Tyre ]; There is no more strength." - Isaiah 23:10.

America In Prophecy

Historic Flooding all along The Mississippi River - Heartland News.

The Flooding In America's Heartland is already far beyond any previously recorded historical records. America's Most Productive Farmland is now being flooded - along its million of square acres - as The Army Corps Of Engineers has begun dynamiting many of Its Pre-Existent Levees. The hope is to reduce the apparent destruction in its centers of highest population... and yet, The World's Number 1 Exporter Of Grain - will [ likely ] be importing almost all of its food from elsewhere, for at least an entire year!

Meanwhile, This Historic Flooding Event, is only one of many prophesied proclamations [ or plagues ] made against The United States of America - for this particular time period! All of which, are fully intended to ' Break The Grip Of America ' - in preparation, for its long awaited downfall... and although none of them are individual death blows, this combined sequence of Natural Occurring Events will undoubtedly accomplish His Fully-Intended Effect.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Keys to: Spiritual Insight and Prophetical Understanding.

CIA map of the United StatesImage via Wikipedia
A Physical Map of The United States.
While Most Educated Christians and Biblical Scholars can't seem to find The United States of America - or any other modern nation - mentioned within the biblical scriptures, A Very Select Few Of Us can readily see these ongoing references throughout both: The Old and New Testaments. So, where's ' The Great Disconnect ', between these two diametrically opposed Theological Positions? What is it, that some of us can so clearly see, while so many others simply cannot?

The Biblical Scriptures weren't written for: ' Casual Believers '... or for people, who might occasionally read a short selection of writing - amidst vast and deep droughts of Spiritual Inactivity. Nor, was it written to benefit: ' The Scholar '... one, who would study these things, with The Natural Mindset Of A Man - scrutinizing every minutest detail of its individual verses. It was written for: " The Sanctified Edification and Spiritual Enlightenment of Yahweh's Own Children " - also known as, ' His Remnant ' - or, those: " Who would Keep His Commandments and Bear The Testimony Of Yahshua. "

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Isaiah 19: The Return of Pharoah and His Glory to Egypt.

Phaoh's maskImage via Wikipedia
Will Pharoah ' Rise Again ' over Egypt?

According to The Prophet Isaiah: "The Kingdom(s) Of Historical Egypt" - will again reunite into one physical nation, at ' The Time Of The End '. These kingdoms being: Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Ethiopia, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia, etc.... Or as, The Scripture says it: "All Of The Lands Of Pharoah". Moreover, they shall do this at: "The Time Of God's Judgment Against Tyre" - an event in ' The Latter Part ' of that long-prophesied End Times Period. 


In Isaiah 19, It Says:

"The Burden Against Egypt.
Behold, Yahweh rides on a swift cloud, And will come into Egypt; The idols of Egypt will totter at His presence, and the heart of Egypt will melt in its midst. 'I will set Egyptians against Egyptians; Everyone will fight against his brother, And everyone against his neighbor, City against city, kingdom against kingdom. The spirit of Egypt will fail in its midst; I will destroy their counsel, And they will consult the idols and the charmers, The mediums and the sorcerers. And the Egyptians I will give Into the hand of a cruel master, And a fierce king will rule over them,' Says Yahweh, The Ruler Over Heaven." - Isaiah 19:1-4.

    Meanwhile, with recent events in The Middle East: "Spiraling out of control" - a large number of Arab nations are growing increasingly unstable and violent - just as Isaiah predicted. From Tunisia [ in the west ], to the Arabian Peninsula [ in the east ]: ' The Kingdoms Of Ancient Egypt ' are in an uproar; and their tensions are now heating to a boil. After decades of: Government Corruption, Political Mismanagement, and High Unemployment their citizens have grown weary... and according to our media, it was: "High Unemployment and The Increasing Cost Of Food" - that invariably led to these political uprisings.

    In Isaiah 19, We Read About These Causes:
    "Surely The Prince(s) of Zoan [ the rulers of Africa ] are fools; Pharoah's wise counselors [ those working for the one yet to come ] give foolish counsel [ have intentionally misled their current rulers ]. How do you say to Pharoah, ' I am the son of the wise, The son of ancient kings? Where are they? Where are your wise men? Let them tell you now, And let them know what The Mighty One has purposed against Egypt. ' The Prince(s) of Zoan [ the rulers of Africa ] have become fools; The Prince(s) of Noph [ the rulers of Asia ] are deceived; They have also deluded Egypt, those who are the mainstay of its tribe(s). The Mighty One has mingled a perverse spirit in her midst; And they [ those with ' A Perverse Spirit ' ] have caused Egypt to err in all her work, As a drunken man staggers in his vomit."
    "Neither will there be any work for Egypt [ its unemployment will be very great ], Which The Head [ Educated Egyptians ] or Tail [ Common Workers ], Palm Branch [ Farmers ] or Bulrush [ Fishermen ], may do". - Isaiah 19:11-15.

    Call me crazy, but it's like The Prophet Isaiah, was quoting: " From Today's News Headlines ".

    America In Prophecy

    It was caused by: Corruption, Unemployment, and Food Costs.

    With One Exception, however... The Prophet Isaiah gave us: ' The Whole Story '. After all, These Developing Events have been carefully and calculatingly scripted by: " The Pharoah at the top of his political pyramid "... and Isaiah explains this, as well. Egypt will return to its former power, as ' A Political Super State '. Consequently, The Following Video is much closer to ' The Truth '.

    America In Prophecy

    The Middle Eastern Uprisings Were Intentional and Preplanned.

    But then again, Is it really that surprising - That, In Fact, The Bible Is Correct - considering everything else that I've already shown you, from The Scriptures? To Yahweh, The Mighty One: " Who knows The End, from The Very Beginning " - such ' True Knowledge ' comes naturally... and, according to Yahweh: " For Those Who'll Listen, even greater things shall be made known."

    For Instance, Isaiah 23, Says:
    "When The Report comes to Egypt, They also will be in agony at The Report Over Tyre [ The Conditions Surrounding America ]." - Isaiah 23:5.

    And What Conditions Are Those?

    America In Prophecy

    The 9.3 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami - RT News.

    • Tyre's Military Evacuation To Its Mainland - Isaiah 23:11.
    America In Prophecy

    US Armed Forces Evacuating From Their Japanese Military Bases - Ch 7 News.

    America In Prophecy

    The Greatest Mississippi Flood on record - Euronews.

    • Tornado Damage Within Israel - Isaiah 27:7-9.
    America In Prophecy

    Unprecedented Storms Afflicting The Bible Belt!

    • Devastation Throughout Tyre - Isaiah 27:10-11.
    America In Prophecy

    Devastating Tornadoes Now All Across America's Heartland.

    • And Anger Over A Broken Covenant Of Brotherhood - Amos 1:9-10.
    America In Prophecy

    The rapidly approaching ' Second American Civil War '.

    How Accurate Is That? Seven Separate Prophecies were given by one solitary man [ Isaiah ]... Over 2500 Years In Advance... and all of them, happened at The Very Same Time; and in The Very Same Sequence - as the prophet had given! And The Prophet Amos, even, added another one.... I know, "It's just even more coincidences..." - Right????

    Wake Up, people... Yahweh is exactly who He claims to be!

    Ahava and Shalom.

    Monday, June 6, 2011

    The True Meaning of December 21st, 2012 in The Pagan Calendars

    Tower of BabelImage via Wikipedia
    The Tower Of Babel - in Babylon.
    While my focus at America In Prophecy is upon: Yahweh and His Scriptures  - as it should always be - It can often be equally important to understand, The: Goals, Intentions, and Motivations of His enemies. After all, it was truly written:
    " For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore, take up the whole armor of Yahweh, that you may be able to withstand In That Evil Day, and having done all, to stand. " - Ephesians 6:12-13.

    In this passage of scripture, all the elements of ' The True Battle ' are fully explained! The: " Principalities " - are human governments, or kingdoms... " Powers " - are man-made authorities and their intentionally created physical organizations... " The Rulers Of Darkness " - are those people who ostensibly control all of them... and those, " Spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places " - are the great puppet-masters, who pull at their emotional led strings, to wholly accomplish their own nefarious objectives!

    In essence, these: " Angels Of Darkness " - are the guiding intelligence, behind All Of These [ interconnected ]: Secret Societies, Unholy Brotherhoods, and Satanic Movements... and they are all working upon The Very Same Timeline. Meanwhile, " December 21st, 2012 " is their own foreordained date of completion. Consequently, The Pagan Calendars all commemorate this date: " As The End Of Our Human Led Era ", and ultimately, " The Beginning Of Their Own Luciferian Control ".

    Saturday, June 4, 2011

    Who are The Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel

    Portrait Robert E. LeeImage via Wikipedia
    Confederate General Robert E. Lee
    Who are ' The Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel '? Where do they [ The Israelites ] currently live? And when will they [ These Genetic Seeds ] finally awaken? These are all Very Important Questions to ask... and particularly, for those living inside of America!

    How so? Because, The United States of America is ' Babylon's False Prophet ' - The Latter Day Nation of Tyre. You see, Babylon The Great has concealed herself - by using another nation: "The Beast From The Land" - as her: ' End Time Spokesperson ' and/or ' Latter Day Political Champion ' [ *** Read: Revelation chapter 13 ] - just as long prophesied that she would. That Yahweh's Prophecy might be fulfilled:
    " The Beast [ Babylon The Great ] that you saw: Was [ In The Very Beginning At Babel ], And Is Not [ Throughout Most Of Earth's History ] and Will Ascend Out Of The Bottomless Pit [ At The Time Of The End ] and Will Go To Perdition [ In Yahweh's Day Of Destruction ]. And those who dwell upon the earth will marvel, whose names are not written in The Book Of Life from the foundation of the world, when they see The Beast [ That Most Powerful Nation ] That Was, And Is Not, And Yet Is. " - Revelation 17:8.