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Isaiah Chapter 18: United States End Time Prophecy.

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The Book of Isaiah.
Isaiah is one of the most prolific and well-respected of The Biblical Prophets, ever mentioned, within The Sacred Scriptures. Not only, have his prophesies always come true; but the depth of his historically accurate detail - consistently provided throughout them - has been simply incredible. For instance, he didn't just predict The Destruction Of Ancient Babylon [ over 150 years ] prior to the exact date. But, He Also Described: The Circumstances Surrounding Its Siege, The Name Of The General In Charge, and How He Would Overcome The City.

Consequently, The Prophesies of Isaiah are considered, by many, to be exacting proclamations and judgments. More importantly, however, The Prophet Isaiah wrote numerous highly-specific prophecies regarding The End Time Period. And the one found in Isaiah chapter 18, regarding: ' The Latter Day Descendents of Tyre ' - is [ undoubtedly ] United States End Time Prophecy!

America - The Confederation Of: Tyre, Edom, Moab, Ammon, and Israel

United States of America - the land of Isaiah 18.
How can I say this definitively? The United States of America is unique among all of the earth's other nations. Its: Geographic Location, Topographical Features, and Domestic Population - are only the simplest beginning of these very real differences. It is equally unique in other highly-important areas as well. But, first, let's examine the scriptures found in Isaiah Chapter 18. After all, its always good to know what you're talking about!

Isaiah Chapter 18:
" Woe to the land shadowed with buzzing wings, Which is beyond the rivers of Ethiopia, Which sends its ambassadors by sea, Even in vessels of reed upon the waters, saying, ' Go swift messengers, to a nation tall and smooth of skin, To a people terrible from their beginning onward, A nation powerful and treading down, Whose land the rivers divide. ' " - Isaiah 18:1-2.

Across The Sea - from Africa?
It is important to note that, The Subtitles [ or, Headings ] Between The Scriptures were added - at a much later date - by entirely different people than the authors of these particular books. I bring this up, because in my copy, The New King James, the actual heading reads: " A Proclamation Against Ethiopia. " Which makes one, thoughtfully, ask: " Did they even [ truthfully ] read The Scriptures, that they were writing about? "

Let's Face It:
  • If Ethiopia Is A Land Hedged In By Its Own Rivers
  • The Nation In Question Is Beyond The Rivers Of Ethiopia
  • Then, How Can They Both Be The Same Nation?

" The Tallest People Upon The Earth "?
Although it may seem quite tedious, this is [ actually ] a very important question to clear up; before we even get started scrutinizing over these scriptures... so please indulge me, in this seeming digression! The fact that: " It sends its ambassadors by sea " - in man made vessels - clearly indicates that this nation is across the ocean from Ethiopia. Does it, not? Moreover, are Modern Day Ethiopians: a Physically Tall, and Clean Shaven people? Could we [ honestly ] describe Ethiopia as: " A people terrible from their beginning onward " or as, " A nation powerful and treading down "?

" A Land Terrible From Its Beginning Onward "?
But, aside from these Important Historical Facts, it is textually obvious that Ethiopia is merely a reference point - being utilized in locating An Entirely Different Physical Nation. One outside of its own borders; and located across the ocean from it. And since, Ethiopia borders upon The Atlantic; we can narrow down our search considerably. This nation is located, somewhere, in The New World! But where?
{ ***Note: We'll get into why someone might have intentionally added such an egregiously incorrect heading, at a later date. }

Who Is This Nation?
  • Overshadowed By Buzzing Wings
  • Across The Atlantic From Ethiopia
  • Who Controls The World's Oceans
  • Has Ambassadors To Other Nations
  • Whose People Are Physically Taller
  • Are Terrible From Their Beginning Onward
  • Which Treads Down Other Nations
  • A Land Divided By A Network Of Rivers

" A Land Overshadowed By Buzzing Wings "?
Could this nation be: Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, or Panama? I don't think so! The United States of America built its military exploits and political fortunes upon the numerous variety and technological proficiency of its aircraft. In fact, no other airspace upon earth is busier and noisier than America... and no other reference to: " Buzzing Wings " - makes any sense to those now reading these prophecies! With the exception of The North American Hummingbird, of course.... But, then again, how often do we [ honestly ] see ' A Hummingbird ' - unless you maintain a hummingbird feeder?

" Its Navies Control The World's Oceans "?
It's well documented, of course, that Americans are physically taller than any other people on earth; and the vast majority of them [ do ] shave daily. We have been a powerful nation from our early beginnings; and as The World's Reining Superpower, we do [ seemingly ]: " Tread Down Other Nations " - with an alarmingly greater frequency than in our own historical past. And let's not forget The Mississippi River System, which our entire national economy truthfully revolves around.

But, Let's Continue:
" All the inhabitants of the world and the dwellers upon the earth: When he [ That Nation's Leader ] lifts up a banner upon the mountains [ Holds A News Conference ], you see it; And when he [ That Nation's Leader ] blows a trumpet [ Orders His Troops Into War ], you hear it. " - Isaiah 18:3.

United Nations is in New York City.
The fact is, that The United States of America virtually holds the entire planet's media hostage to its own political actions. Thanks to: The United Nations [ located in New York ], NATO [ controlling The Atlantic Ocean ], and The Breton-Woods' Treaties [ controlling The World's Currencies ] - America is always the number one topic of world conversation! How could it, honestly, be otherwise? And what other nation, garners so much attention to itself, from The International Media? I can't think of any... can you? In fact, according the next several verses, even Yahweh Himself has taken notice of us.

Let's Read What It Says.... 
" For so Yahweh said to me, ' I will take My rest, And I will look down from My dwelling place, Like clear heat in sunshine, Or like a cloud of dew in the heat of harvest. ' For Before The Harvest [ His Day Of Judgment Upon All Of The Nations ], when the bud is perfect [ Israel Has Spiritually Blossomed ] And the sour grape is ripening in the flower [ The Wickedness Of: Tyre And Edom - Is Being Completed ], He will both: Cut off the sprigs [ His Chosen Ones From Israel ] with pruning hooks [ Careful, Precise, And Exacting Instruments Of His Own Choosing ], And take away and cut down [ Tear Apart And Separate ] the branches [ The States Comprising Its Union ].
They will be left together [ They Shall Continue To Coexist Separately Upon The Same Continent ] for the mountain birds of prey [ The Air War Among Its Separate Members ] and for the beasts of the earth [ The Nations That Shall Invade Them ]; The birds of prey will Summer upon them [ The Air War Will Begin In The Summer ], And all the beasts of the earth will Winter upon them [ The Invasion Will Begin In The Winter ]. " - Isaiah 18:3-6.

" A Covenant Of Brotherhood "?
See what I mean, about, ' The Exacting Detail ' of Isaiah's scriptural prophesies? But, of course, this is only one of several biblical chapters regarding US End Time Prophecy! The rest may be found in [among others]: Isaiah 23Joel 3, Obadiah, Amos 1, Ezekiel 26-28, Micah 2, Zechariah 9, Zephaniah 2, Habakkuk 2, and [even] Revelation 13. In the coming weeks, I'll be writing upon all of them - in order to show both: The Incredible Detail which they collectively portray, and Their Amazing Consistency in describing this very same End Time Nation.

" Sets Its Nest Among The Stars "?
Believe me, I take no pleasure in explaining These Future Events... after all, I [ myself ] live here! But as much as ' The Truth ' hurts, finding it out the hard way - will hurt a whole lot more. Don't, you think? In any case, it isn't all bad news. Remember, that: " Perfect Bud " - being mentioned? And, those: " Sprigs Being Cut Off " - from among all of that nation's separated branches? Well, this prophecy addresses them as well....

Who Are The: " Sprigs "?

The Ten Tribes Of Israel are in The Bible Belt.
Wow... be prepared to get blown completely away! While the Educated and Scholarly World has been searching the entire planet for The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, they've been living in plain sight for a great number of human generations. Have you ever noticed something very different about Those Southernors living within America's Bible Belt? Well, you should have... because, that's Israel, my friends. Or, at least, the vast majority of them... and, in my future postings, I'll prove just that - irrefutably!

But, Let's Continue....
" In that time, A Present [ The Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel ] will be brought to Yahweh The Mighty One - From a people tall and smooth of skin, And from a people terrible from their beginning onward, A nation powerful and treading down, Whose land the rivers divide [ America, aka, Latter Day Canaan ] - To the place of the name of Yahweh The Mighty One, To Mount Zion. " - Isaiah 18:7.

Gandolf - just, knows these things!
Amazingly, they have been hidden in plain sight the entire time. The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel are those self-proclaimed Southern Christian Conservatives, that the rest of America detests so very much... and Hallelu-iah [ which means, " Praise Be Unto - Yahweh " ], I'm Factually One Of Them - albeit, not genetically! In fact, My Own Personal Ancestry is [ actually ] both: Jewish and Aryan... but, indeed, I Shall, One Day Soon, Be Leading Them!

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Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!