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Isaiah Chapter 18: United States End Time Prophecy.

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The Book of Isaiah.
Isaiah is one of the most prolific and well-respected of The Biblical Prophets, ever mentioned, within The Sacred Scriptures. Not only, have his prophesies always come true; but the depth of his historically accurate detail - consistently provided throughout them - has been simply incredible. For instance, he didn't just predict The Destruction Of Ancient Babylon [ over 150 years ] prior to the exact date. But, He Also Described: The Circumstances Surrounding Its Siege, The Name Of The General In Charge, and How He Would Overcome The City.

Consequently, The Prophesies of Isaiah are considered, by many, to be exacting proclamations and judgments. More importantly, however, The Prophet Isaiah wrote numerous highly-specific prophecies regarding The End Time Period. And the one found in Isaiah chapter 18, regarding: ' The Latter Day Descendents of Tyre ' - is [ undoubtedly ] United States End Time Prophecy!

America - The Confederation Of: Tyre, Edom, Moab, Ammon, and Israel

United States of America - the land of Isaiah 18.
How can I say this definitively? The United States of America is unique among all of the earth's other nations. Its: Geographic Location, Topographical Features, and Domestic Population - are only the simplest beginning of these very real differences. It is equally unique in other highly-important areas as well. But, first, let's examine the scriptures found in Isaiah Chapter 18. After all, its always good to know what you're talking about!

Isaiah Chapter 18:
" Woe to the land shadowed with buzzing wings, Which is beyond the rivers of Ethiopia, Which sends its ambassadors by sea, Even in vessels of reed upon the waters, saying, ' Go swift messengers, to a nation tall and smooth of skin, To a people terrible from their beginning onward, A nation powerful and treading down, Whose land the rivers divide. ' " - Isaiah 18:1-2.

Across The Sea - from Africa?
It is important to note that, The Subtitles [ or, Headings ] Between The Scriptures were added - at a much later date - by entirely different people than the authors of these particular books. I bring this up, because in my copy, The New King James, the actual heading reads: " A Proclamation Against Ethiopia. " Which makes one, thoughtfully, ask: " Did they even [ truthfully ] read The Scriptures, that they were writing about? "

Let's Face It:
  • If Ethiopia Is A Land Hedged In By Its Own Rivers
  • The Nation In Question Is Beyond The Rivers Of Ethiopia
  • Then, How Can They Both Be The Same Nation?

" The Tallest People Upon The Earth "?
Although it may seem quite tedious, this is [ actually ] a very important question to clear up; before we even get started scrutinizing over these scriptures... so please indulge me, in this seeming digression! The fact that: " It sends its ambassadors by sea " - in man made vessels - clearly indicates that this nation is across the ocean from Ethiopia. Does it, not? Moreover, are Modern Day Ethiopians: a Physically Tall, and Clean Shaven people? Could we [ honestly ] describe Ethiopia as: " A people terrible from their beginning onward " or as, " A nation powerful and treading down "?

" A Land Terrible From Its Beginning Onward "?
But, aside from these Important Historical Facts, it is textually obvious that Ethiopia is merely a reference point - being utilized in locating An Entirely Different Physical Nation. One outside of its own borders; and located across the ocean from it. And since, Ethiopia borders upon The Atlantic; we can narrow down our search considerably. This nation is located, somewhere, in The New World! But where?
{ ***Note: We'll get into why someone might have intentionally added such an egregiously incorrect heading, at a later date. }

Who Is This Nation?
  • Overshadowed By Buzzing Wings
  • Across The Atlantic From Ethiopia
  • Who Controls The World's Oceans
  • Has Ambassadors To Other Nations
  • Whose People Are Physically Taller
  • Are Terrible From Their Beginning Onward
  • Which Treads Down Other Nations
  • A Land Divided By A Network Of Rivers

" A Land Overshadowed By Buzzing Wings "?
Could this nation be: Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, or Panama? I don't think so! The United States of America built its military exploits and political fortunes upon the numerous variety and technological proficiency of its aircraft. In fact, no other airspace upon earth is busier and noisier than America... and no other reference to: " Buzzing Wings " - makes any sense to those now reading these prophecies! With the exception of The North American Hummingbird, of course.... But, then again, how often do we [ honestly ] see ' A Hummingbird ' - unless you maintain a hummingbird feeder?

" Its Navies Control The World's Oceans "?
It's well documented, of course, that Americans are physically taller than any other people on earth; and the vast majority of them [ do ] shave daily. We have been a powerful nation from our early beginnings; and as The World's Reining Superpower, we do [ seemingly ]: " Tread Down Other Nations " - with an alarmingly greater frequency than in our own historical past. And let's not forget The Mississippi River System, which our entire national economy truthfully revolves around.

But, Let's Continue:
" All the inhabitants of the world and the dwellers upon the earth: When he [ That Nation's Leader ] lifts up a banner upon the mountains [ Holds A News Conference ], you see it; And when he [ That Nation's Leader ] blows a trumpet [ Orders His Troops Into War ], you hear it. " - Isaiah 18:3.

United Nations is in New York City.
The fact is, that The United States of America virtually holds the entire planet's media hostage to its own political actions. Thanks to: The United Nations [ located in New York ], NATO [ controlling The Atlantic Ocean ], and The Breton-Woods' Treaties [ controlling The World's Currencies ] - America is always the number one topic of world conversation! How could it, honestly, be otherwise? And what other nation, garners so much attention to itself, from The International Media? I can't think of any... can you? In fact, according the next several verses, even Yahweh Himself has taken notice of us.

Let's Read What It Says.... 
" For so Yahweh said to me, ' I will take My rest, And I will look down from My dwelling place, Like clear heat in sunshine, Or like a cloud of dew in the heat of harvest. ' For Before The Harvest [ His Day Of Judgment Upon All Of The Nations ], when the bud is perfect [ Israel Has Spiritually Blossomed ] And the sour grape is ripening in the flower [ The Wickedness Of: Tyre And Edom - Is Being Completed ], He will both: Cut off the sprigs [ His Chosen Ones From Israel ] with pruning hooks [ Careful, Precise, And Exacting Instruments Of His Own Choosing ], And take away and cut down [ Tear Apart And Separate ] the branches [ The States Comprising Its Union ].
They will be left together [ They Shall Continue To Coexist Separately Upon The Same Continent ] for the mountain birds of prey [ The Air War Among Its Separate Members ] and for the beasts of the earth [ The Nations That Shall Invade Them ]; The birds of prey will Summer upon them [ The Air War Will Begin In The Summer ], And all the beasts of the earth will Winter upon them [ The Invasion Will Begin In The Winter ]. " - Isaiah 18:3-6.

" A Covenant Of Brotherhood "?
See what I mean, about, ' The Exacting Detail ' of Isaiah's scriptural prophesies? But, of course, this is only one of several biblical chapters regarding US End Time Prophecy! The rest may be found in [among others]: Isaiah 23Joel 3, Obadiah, Amos 1, Ezekiel 26-28, Micah 2, Zechariah 9, Zephaniah 2, Habakkuk 2, and [even] Revelation 13. In the coming weeks, I'll be writing upon all of them - in order to show both: The Incredible Detail which they collectively portray, and Their Amazing Consistency in describing this very same End Time Nation.

" Sets Its Nest Among The Stars "?
Believe me, I take no pleasure in explaining These Future Events... after all, I [ myself ] live here! But as much as ' The Truth ' hurts, finding it out the hard way - will hurt a whole lot more. Don't, you think? In any case, it isn't all bad news. Remember, that: " Perfect Bud " - being mentioned? And, those: " Sprigs Being Cut Off " - from among all of that nation's separated branches? Well, this prophecy addresses them as well....

Who Are The: " Sprigs "?

The Ten Tribes Of Israel are in The Bible Belt.
Wow... be prepared to get blown completely away! While the Educated and Scholarly World has been searching the entire planet for The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, they've been living in plain sight for a great number of human generations. Have you ever noticed something very different about Those Southernors living within America's Bible Belt? Well, you should have... because, that's Israel, my friends. Or, at least, the vast majority of them... and, in my future postings, I'll prove just that - irrefutably!

But, Let's Continue....
" In that time, A Present [ The Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel ] will be brought to Yahweh The Mighty One - From a people tall and smooth of skin, And from a people terrible from their beginning onward, A nation powerful and treading down, Whose land the rivers divide [ America, aka, Latter Day Canaan ] - To the place of the name of Yahweh The Mighty One, To Mount Zion. " - Isaiah 18:7.

Gandolf - just, knows these things!
Amazingly, they have been hidden in plain sight the entire time. The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel are those self-proclaimed Southern Christian Conservatives, that the rest of America detests so very much... and Hallelu-iah [ which means, " Praise Be Unto - Yahweh " ], I'm Factually One Of Them - albeit, not genetically! In fact, My Own Personal Ancestry is [ actually ] both: Jewish and Aryan... but, indeed, I Shall, One Day Soon, Be Leading Them!

{ *** By The Way, You might also want to explore:
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Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


  1. Are you a false prophet?

    You are saying Isaiah 18 is definitively about the USA and your words are given as truth & fact.
    South Africa could make be a better match for Isaiah 18 than the USA.

    Verse 1
    "land shadowed with buzzing wings" many bibles say “Insects” or “locusts”
    Buzzing wings refer more to flying insects than airplanes or helicopters. Helicopters do not have wings and modern jet airplanes do not buzz. There are more flying insects in SA.

    "beyond the rivers of Ethiopia" or "Cush"
    When you draw a line from Israel through Cush or the rivers beyond Cush the line will aim straight for SA.

    A German bible refers to the country on the other side of the "Mohrenlandes".
    Mohr is a German name referring to the black people of Africa. The white people of SA are beyond the black nations of Central Africa.

    1. First, you stated: " Are You A False Prophet? "

      My Answer Is: ' No ' - I am not....

      You then stated: " You are saying Isaiah 18 is definitively about the USA and your words are given as truth & fact. "

      My Answer Is: ' Yes ' - you are correct!

      You have obviously assumed - quite incorrectly - that I only have ' My Own Understanding Of Isaiah Chapter 18 To Actually Go On '; however, there are factually dozens of other: Highly Inter-Related and Clearly Connected Prophecies to factually consider... in: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Zechariah, etc... and, The Overwhelming Weight Of Scriptural Evidence bears out my own Accurate Assertions....

      Moreover, The 2011 Prophetical Fulfillments have already established this particular understanding As A Blatantly Obvious Fact!

      According To The Scriptures: " The prophecies of scripture Are Of No Private Interpretation " - since, The Various Prophets Have All Attested To Them! That's why it [ also ] clearly tells us in Isaiah Chapter 28 [ Verses, 9-10 ]:

      " Whom shall He
      [ The Mighty One ] teach knowledge? And whom will He [ Yahweh ] make to understand the message? Those just weaned from milk? Those just drawn from the breasts?

      For precept
      [ Idea, Concept, Or Teaching ] must be upon precept, precept upon precept [ Repeatedly From Numerous Scriptural Sources ], Line upon Line [ Studied From The Given Context ], Line upon line [ Over And Over Again Repeatedly ], Here a little [ From This Passage ], There a little [ And From That Passage Also ][ To Properly Receive The Whole Picture ]. " Otherwise, you cannot possibly hope to obtain such Highly-Valuable Knowledge!

      In Fact, The Scriptures weren't written for: The Occasional and Disinterested Reader... Nor, for The Overly Zealous Scholar - who can strain gnats from the solitary passages... It was written for: The Highly Diligent and True Believer!

  2. Verse 2
    "which sends ambassadors by sea"
    It is about what this nation does and not where it relocated. Many white people mostly Boers from South Africa have been emigrating across the world since the black government in SA took power. The ratio is more than the Southernors or any group of people in the USA can claim.

    "Go, swift messengers..."
    Tells me that the people who emigrated will be rushing back to assist their loved ones and families in their country of origin.

    "... to a nation tall and smooth of skin”. Many translations say "shiny skin".
    Shiny could refer to Aryan. It could distinguish between the white people mostly Boers and the remaining darker skinned people of SA. The Boers are on average taller than the other African nations.

    The King James translation says "to a nation scattered and peeled"
    Like I stated many Boers already emigrated. Also the word peeled means completely unclothed. The Boers are suffering under heavy crime and murder statistics. It is not nearly the same situation for people living in the USA.

  3. Verse 2 continued
    "people terrible from their beginning onward" and "A nation powerful".
    This could fit the USA, but the Boers also fought many wars. Almost all the wars were won and most were against overwhelming odds. South Africa also has the largest economy in Africa.

    Some bibles including the King James translation says this nation are being "trodden down"
    It could refer to how the world discriminates against SA and also punished Apartheid SA with sanctions. The USA does not match this description.

    "Whose land the rivers divide" and another translation "whose land the rivers have spoiled"
    The Colorado river basin covers most of the USA and runs south, but SA has rivers running parallel to each other in both western and eastern directions. Most South African rivers are dirty. They have names like Vaal and Modder which means gray, pale and mud. Some rivers occasionally run dry.

    The New Int. Version says "an aggressive nation of strange speech"
    Afrikaans is not understood in most parts of the world, but English is.

  4. Verse 3
    "when a banner is raised on the mountains, you will see it"
    Yes, the USA is often in the news and controls most of the news, but this event which Isaiah foretells is significant. And Isaiah says "you will see it". In other words it does not matter where it happens.

    Verse 4
    “Like clear heat in sunshine” & “cloud of dew in the heat of harvest”
    It is more applicable to the climate of SA than of the USA.

    Verse 7
    Many people say Zebulon and Issachar are the Dutch and Frisian people today. The Boer nation mostly originated from these nations. It could be the Boers who will be bringing tribute to the Lord. Deut 33:19 says “They shall call the people unto the mountain; there they shall offer sacrifices of righteousness: for they shall suck of the abundance of the seas, and of treasures hid in the sand”. The Netherlands and SA have oceans rich in fish, oil and natural gas. Also SA is the world's largest producer of chrome, manganese, platinum, vanadium and vermiculite. 2nd in the world with Gold...the list goes on.

    1. My First Answer Stands Resolutely! Before speculating further, and totally embarrassing yourself, why not read my other prophetical writings? Then, at least, you might be able to respond intelligently with any further concerns....

      Each Article That I Have Written, indeed, stands alone... however, taken as a whole, The Factual Evidence Is Truly Monumental!

      I have proven it from: The Old And New Testament Scriptures, Our Own Historical Context, World History In General, Ongoing And Current Prophetical Fulfillments, and [ even ] The Satanists Own Writings Upon The Subject!

      Moreover, you shall have ' All Of The Factual Proof That You Could Possibly Need ' - by the end of this year [ 2012 ]... after, The Upcoming Civil War Begins!

      Ahava and Shalom.

    2. I would like to thank you for addressing my concerns.
      Unfortunately I cannot say that I studied or know everything in the Bible by heart.

      But then most people will also only read this page or only read one of your other writings and some people will accept it as the truth. Therefore I would prefer if you can explain on this page how words like “peeled”, “scattered”, “trodden under foot”, “strange speech” gives reference to a group of people in the USA. Or can you explain why these words have been incorrectly translated from Hebrew?

      God has given Joseph the gift to interpret the Pharaoh’s dreams and nobody else could understand what the seven cattle or wheat meant. In those days someone else could have made connections to related things and come up with an incorrect interpretation. I must assume you also received the gift from God or that you are 100% sure by studying and interconnecting text in the bible that you can publish the truth for everyone to see. If not are you not misleading people?

    3. I have never, anywhere, asked you [ or anyone else, for that matter ] to trust and/or rely upon my own personal understandings or judgments! In fact, I have repeatedly, throughout my own writings, told everyone to: " Study The Scriptures; And See Whether It Is So. ", " Test All Things; Whether, Or Not, They Be From The Mighty One. ", and to: " Study All Things; While Holding Fast To That Which Is Good."

      You see, Dear Anonymous, I'm not looking for ' My Own Charismatic Followers ', at all... I am merely trying, very stubbornly, to wake you all up - before it's too late!

      If you don't want to do the necessary research for yourselves, then As A Watchman I am not required to spoon feed you, that which you truthfully don't desire to know. Meanwhile, if The Holy Spirit were truly in you, then you would have at least made an honest effort to examine more of these amply provided messages - from all of The Biblical Prophets!

      Your Own Words Fully Assure Me, that no amount of answers could ever [ factually ] satisfy you, since you're not even open to the message. Therefore, I must assume that: " This Message Wasn't Actually Meant For You! " In fact, it was meant, only, for those who are spiritually discerning....

      But, of course, what can I expect from someone truthfully named: " Anonymous "? That, in itself, shows a lack of any true conviction.

    4. I am sorry you cose such a response to anonymous. At least he was tryimg to be respectful. I will look up the scriptures you have mentioned. God knows our hearts. There is really no good thing to come out of putting others down for stating their feelings. I hope God guides you to rethink your responses. God lead us all into His truth. I, too, out of the chioces provided to pick a reply under, respond as another . . .

  5. Ethiopia in the bible isn't present day republic of ethiopia. You must be very ignorant to think so. stupid American! Ethiopia in the bible is the translation of the world Cush form hebrew, which mean the land of the blacks. In the bible ethiopia or cush may refer to both parts of africa or parts of arabia where black lived at the time it was written. In this particular case, the cush (ethiopia) refers to Soudan (nubia), not any kinddom south of Mereo. Abyssinia is a kingdom located in the horn of africa; it may be related to the land of Punt but not the land of cush. It 's true that the name of the country was changed form abyssinia to ethiopia but that doesn't make it ancient ethiopia. Ghana and mauritania are also in the same case, their names are not related to their geographic locations.
    You have to study Hebrew and Greek first before exposing your ignorance on the face of the earth. Wings in Hebrew means protection not a any geometric form. "Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings" this a prayer in psalm 17:8. The author is asking for protection. Again, my stupid american, wings mean protection in Hebrew; it is a style proper to the language. Remember that black africa has never been conquered until the invention of firearms. Persians, greeks, romans and even arab jihadist in the 7th century where all vanquished by Sudanese. Let me tell this again, black africa was feared far and wide. Every king knew that the limit is egypt. There is no way in to intrior africa: Nubian archers would stop you at dongola. Let ne tell you again, stupid american, blacks were feard by the greeks, the romans, the persians and even the arabs. In the 7th century arabs jihadists swept troough the byzantine empire, defeated the Greeks in egypt but they where vanquished by the Sudanese archers. Soudan and abyssinia where able to remain christian thanks to the forces of Sudan.. America is never mentioned in the bible because it not a nation. It is a land but not a nation old enough to be taken into account. Your fathers went there in the middle ages while Africa was well known 6000 years ago.

    1. Obviously, this particular response wasn't written by An American - stupid, or otherwise....

      And yet, it is equally obvious, that they didn't honestly pay any real attention!

      For instance, there is the picture of a globe with an arrow from America to Africa with the actual caption: " Across The Sea - from Africa " - because, even A Stupid American knows that biblical Ethiopia refers to the entire continent of Africa [ the land hedged in by its rivers ].

      Nor, does he even stop to consider that all human words are context sensitive; and wholly dependent upon how they have been logically utilized within the overall structure of the sentence. For instance:

      The Entire House Of Israel - means everyone who can claim a physical descendance.

      The House On The Corner - refers to the specified human dwelling of which I am speaking.

      My Favorite TV Show Is House - which means Doctor House is an excellent television character.

      Burning Down The House - speaks of destroying the entire physical structure.

      Bringing Down The House - refers to providing enjoyment to everyone within that particular forum.

      And, so it is with ' Wings '.... A word that has been scripturally utilized in numerous ways; and can mean:

      Cover You Under My Wings - to protect you like a hen who has gathered her own chicks.

      Carried Her With The Wings Of An Eagle - brought someone away very swiftly from her own troubles.


      And, as for America not being a nation at the particular time, that This Prophecy Was Written... what does that matter to God? If the prophecy is An End Time Prophecy, then the nation being referred to must exist at that prophesied time!

      Moreover, to believe that God only knows of the nations at the time the prophecy is actually being written is to believe that God cannot possibly be aware of the prophecy to which He is ( so honestly ) referring!

      Are Africans the tallest human beings?

      Are they historically: Fair Skinned, Clean Shaven, and Dependent Upon Horses?

      Do their navies control the world's oceans?

      Are they powerful and treading down today?

      Have they placed their own nest among the stars?

      Are they A Confederacy Of Nations?

      Do They Exist Outside Of The Own Borders... and Across The Sea From Themselves?

      Does The Entire World Take Notice Of When She Engages In Military Battle... or, Hang Upon The Reports From Her Own Massive Economy?

      You dear friend may not be American... but, lets just say You Should Re-Examine Your Own Well-Defended Facts!

  6. Dear Francis and anonymous,
    I have read your argument and Francis for the most part agree with you until you became Haugty. Your delivery was off-putting. Christ says, “They will know us by our love.” Do you recall Paul’s 2nd letter to the Corinthians when he addresses what Love is? I would encourage you ever so gently to practice it and as you discerned earlier that his understanding is not that of yours and to communicate you may need to bridge the ocean mentioned in ch 18! Anon, she is using the 1611 edition which refers to the “shadowing with wings”. The first edition of the Bible printed did not say “buzzing”. Anon, I urge you to keep searching and ask any questions you may have as long as I have the right to ask question for question? My real name is Mary and I am a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, Saviour and Redeemer of the Lost. The purpose of me writing was to provoke thought on this by everyone without name calling. Thanks, mary, Daughter of the Most High God

  7. There is nothing haughty about the above article in question, or my own response to that anonymous comment. I was merely pointing out that this particular spiritual passage [ Isaiah Chapter 18 ] was not referring to: " The Continent Of Africa Prior To The Invention Of Gunpowder "... but rather, to: ' An End Time Nation Far Down Into The Future From It And Directly Across From It Physically '.

    After all, the fact that: " It Has Already Set Its Nest Among The Stars " - according to, The Book Of Obadiah - puts it in the historical era known commonly as: " The Space Age ".

    In Fact, what is there for anyone to ( quite honestly ) be haughty about with respect to this prophecy?

    Since, it is actually speaking about a nation that is soon to be physically destroyed for its own ongoing spiritual wickedness, I would think that most sane people might not want to claim such a disturbing prophecy.

    On the other hand, if it is true, then the people living there should want to know both it and all of those passages with any respect to it... since, their own lives might just depend upon such an all important knowledge that is relevant specifically to them.

    Meanwhile, I am just attempting to open some spiritual eyes before it is far too late for many of those who are living there... and, I will do whatever it takes to accomplish it!

    As Paul, himself, said:
    " For though I am free from all men, I have made myself a servant to all, that I might win the more; and to the Jews I became as a Jew, that I might win Jews; to those who are under the law, as under the law, that I might win those who are under the law; to those who are without law, as without law (not being without law toward God, but under law toward Christ), that I might win those who are without law; to the weak I became as weak, that I might win the weak. I have become all things to all men, that I might by all means save some. Now this I do for the gospel’s sake, that I may be partaker of it with you. " - 1st Corinthians 9:19-23.

  8. Oh, and Mary... if, indeed: " Your Own Purpose On This Was To Provoke Thought Upon This By Everyone Without Name Calling " - then, you ( actually ) failed....

    You see, by actually declaring me: " Haughty " - in your very first sentence; as you quite honestly did; you falsely labeled me before even considering My Own True Motivation.

    Perhaps, next time, you might say: " I Feel That You Are Coming Across As Haughty To Me Because [ Fill In The Blank ] " - rather than, definitively declaring it so based upon your own emotional feeling ( for whatever reason ) at that time.

    You see, words are just words, without the context of a human voice to make such subtle judgments of significant spiritual intent....


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