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What are the: "Birds Of Prey", and the: "Beasts Of The Earth" - found in Isaiah Chapter 18?

The Old Testament Prophecy - as written.
The Books Of Old Testament Biblical Prophecy contain some of the most beautiful and descriptive imagery that one is likely to ever read within their own lifetime. However, it is the: Extremely Accurate, Highly Relevant, and Timely Meaning - of these Prophetical Terms - that astounds us today! Such is the case, for example, with the writings of the prophet Isaiah in Chapter 18, which clearly describes: " The End Time Destruction of Latter Day Canaan [ or Tyre ] " - by those ' Mountain Birds Of Prey ' and the ' Beasts Of The Earth '.

So what do: " The Mountain Birds of Prey " - actually refer to... and what is the actual meaning of: " The Beasts Of The Earth "? In The Book of Obadiah, we can read another prophecy against ' The Wilderness Of Canaan ', which references The Nation Of Edomites - who also dwell there. Meanwhile, it offers us a very clear Biblical Definition of what those: " Mountain Birds Of Prey " - actually refer to.

The Prophet Obadiah, Says:
" Thus says Yahweh, The Mighty One, concerning Edom [ The Centralized Government of The Wilderness Of Canaan ]
- We [ The Prophets ] Have Heard [ Have Received ] A Report [ A Vision ] From The Mighty One [ from Yahweh ], And A Messenger [ This Witness ] Has Been Sent [ Proclaimed By Us ] Among The Nations [ Out Into The World ], Saying, ' Arise [ Wake Up, You Nations Of Earth ], and Let Us Rise Up Against Her [ The Wilderness Of Canaan ] For Battle [ To Make War ] ':
Behold [ Pay Attention ]I Will Make You Small Among The Nations [ I Shall Humble The Pride Of Edom ]; You Shall Be Greatly Despised [ The Other Nations Of Earth Shall Hate You ].
The Pride Of Your Heart Has Deceived You [ O Nation Of Edom ], You Who Dwell In The Clefts Of The Rock [ On The Mountain Cliffs ], Whose Habitation Is High [ Looking Down And Over The Valleys ]; You Who Say In Your Heart, ' Who Will Bring Me Down To The Ground [ Believing, That You Alone Are Safe ]? '
Though You Exalt Yourself As High As The Eagle [ Claiming The Bald Eagle As Your Own National Symbol ], And Though You Set Your Nest Among The Stars [ Building Space Stations For Yourself ], From There I Will Bring You Down [ Removing This Great Military Advantage ], Says The Mighty One. " - Obadiah 1-4.

As you can see, from this very short passage, ' The Mountain Bird Of Prey ' is specifically being referred to as: " The American Bald Eagle "... and The United States of America, is a nation which both utilizes: The Eagle [ as its own National Symbol ], and Bird Of Prey [ when referring to its own Jet Fighter Aircraft ]! Consequently, the term ' Mountain Birds Of Prey ' is: Extremely Accurate, Highly Relevant, and filled with Timely Meaning... just, as I initially described it!

And what are: " The Beasts Of The Earth " - also described in Isaiah Chapter 18? They are ' The World's Trampling Armies ' that shall very soon invade her; and: " Tear Down All Her High Towers [ The Skyscrapers Within Her Major Cities ] ". Will it happen? Most Certainly... for, Yahweh has already spoken it. The time for ' True Repentance ' is now!

Thus, when Isaiah Chapter 18 says: " The Birds Of Prey Will Summer Upon Them " - it is clearly referring to ' A Civil War ' - being fought between them - in The Skies Over America! Clearly, Our Next Civil War will be fought from the air....

{ *** NOTE: For Further Prophetical Confirmation of America's True Scriptural Identity, see:

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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