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Why are the other nations of Earth becoming increasingly Anti-American?

Jeremiah Wright and The World's Perspective.
So, why does Yahweh proclaim that, ' The Nations Of Earth will greatly despise Edom [The United States of America] ' - in The Book of Obadiah [ verse 2 ]? According to the scriptures, America was created - in: " The Wilderness Of Canaan [ The New World ] " - for only one purpose; To provide: " Babylon The Great ", and " The Mother Of Harlots "A False Prophet and Political Scapegoat - at ' The Time Of The End '. Lest, their: True Spiritual Nature, and Necessary Political Purposes - be readily-discerned and revealed!

Occupy Wall Street is just one of the symptoms.
At the appropriate time, when the worldwide pressures are at their greatest and the entire world is groaning under their new yoke, the blame for what's been happening shall be totally shifted onto: Their False Prophet and Political Scapegoat. Thus, dissipating all of these pressures; by providing the entire world A Suitable Villain And Enemy. Not, that America's Own Leadership has the prerequisite brains to fully figure it out. They honestly believe that: The Leaders Of The European Union are their own magnanimous friends!

That's Why, Isaiah 23, Clearly Says:
" Behold [ The Wilderness Of Canaan ], the land of The Chaldeans [ The Land Of: The Babylonians, Romans, And Aryans ], This people which was not [ Until They Were Brought Together By Others ]; Assyria [ The Aryan People ] founded it for wild beasts of the desert  [ The Nations Of: Tyre, Edom, Moab, Canaan, And Israel ]. They set up its towers [ The Aryans Built Its Cities ], They raised up its palaces [ The Aryans Controlled All Of Its Governments ], And brought it to ruin [ And, The Aryans Destroyed It - Right Upon Schedule ]. Wail, you ships of Tarshish [ Latter Day: Sidon And Tyre ]! For your strength is laid waste. " - Isaiah 23:13-14.

And, Continues, With:
" Now it shall come to pass, In That Day [ The Time Of The End ], that Tyre will be forgotten for 70 [ Prophetic ] Years [ Or, 2520 Days ], according to the days of One King [ King Nebuchadnezzar - 573 BC ]. At The End Of 70 [ Prophetic ] Years [ 573 BC + 2520 ], it will happen to Tyre as in The Song Of The Harlot:
' Take a harp, go about the city, You Forgotten Harlot [ You Latter Day Descendants Of Tyre ]; Make sweet melody, sing many songs, That You May Be Remembered. '
And It Shall Be [ At The Time Of The End ], at The End Of Seventy [ Prophetic ] Years [ In 1945 AD ], that The Mighty One will visit Tyre. She Will Return To Her Pay [ In Serving Babylon The Great ], and Commit Fornication [ Political Adultery ] With All The kingdoms Of The World Upon The Face Of The Earth [ The: United Nations, NATO, Marshall Plan, Breton-Woods, SEATO, etc.... ]. " - Isaiah 23:15-17.

Or As, Revelation 13, Says:
" Then I Saw Another Beast [ An Entirely Different Nation ] Coming Up Out Of The Earth [ Arising From The Wilderness ], and He Had Two Horns Like A Lamb [ A Separation Of Church and State Authorities ] and Spoke Like A Dragon [ For It Was Exceedingly Powerful ].
And He Exercises All The Authority [ As The False Prophet ] Of The First Beast [ Of The First Nation ] In His Presence [ Thus, Shielding The First Beast From The World's Eyes ], and Causes The Earth [ The Entire Planet ] and Those Who Dwell In It [ The World's Entire Population ] To Worship The First Beast [ Babylon The Great ], Whose Deadly Wound Was Healed [ By The Maastricht Treaty].
He Performs Great Signs [ Modern Technological Wonders ], So That He Even Makes Fire Come Down From Heaven [ At: Hiroshima And Nagasaki ] Upon The Earth [ During World War II ] In The Sight Of Men [ Witnessed By All Other Nations ].
And He Deceives Those Who Dwell Upon The Earth [ Into Following Babylon The Great's Own Diabolical Plan ] By Those Signs Which He Was Granted To Do [ His Own Authority Was Subject To Babylon ] In The Sight Of The Beast [ The European Union ], Telling Those Who Dwell Upon The Earth [ All Of The World's Numerous Citizens ] To Make An Image To The Beast [ Their Own Continental Unions ] Who Was Wounded By The Sword [ 4000 years Ago, At Ancient Babylon ] And Yet [ Once Again ] Lived [ At The Time Of The End ]. " - Revelation 13:11-14.

The European Union - knows what it is!
Even now, The False Message of: " America Is Babylon The Great! " - is being spread virulently throughout the entire Earth, in preparation for her long preplanned sacrifice to The Satanists Of Babylon. Just do a search of: " America - Babylon The Great " - on Youtube.com - and you'll soon see what's already brewing... meanwhile: The Results Of Her Harlotries, and The Ongoing Efforts Of Her Carefully-Placed Freemasons - have virtually assured the inevitable success of that long expected outcome.

Consider The Following, Strikes Against America:
  • America Is Now Perceived As: " The Most Militaristic Nation On Earth ".
  • Her People Are The Most Arrogant And Prideful.
  • She Has Broken Every Promise That She Made - including, Breton-Woods.
  • Her Corporations Are Perceived As The Globalist Aggressors.
  • The United States Is Clearly Part Of: " The New World Order ".
  • She Has Been The Cause Of Two Worldwide Collapses.
  • She Thwarts The Expressed Will Of The United Nations.
  • She Holds The World Hostage To Her Currency Devaluations.
  • And, She Has Yet To Enter Her Own Continental Union.

It won't [ honestly ] take much, to turn the political tides against The United States of America... since The Majority Of Earth's Inhabitants continually refuse to read The Scriptures; relying, instead, upon The Shepherds Of Babylon itself. More importantly, however: The Verifiable Judgments Of Yahweh, and Our Own Impending Civil War - are rapidly clearing the way for just such an eventual invasion from both: Europe and Asia! Everything is now coming into place, for: " The Greatest Deception Of All Time "....

If America is wrongly perceived as being Babylon The Great, then after we're eventually destroyed, The European Union will be free to take their Fully-Intended Reigns Of World Leadership - without any political resistance! After all, The Real Danger is now past... and Papal Control can be swiftly assured. The world has already received its: " Sacrificial Pound Of Flesh " - from those: Monstrous, Treacherous, and Militaristic Americans.

{ *** NOTE: Of course, it doesn't help any that America is now heading down The Very Same Path As NAZI Germany - with regards to its own citizenry - at the political behest of Babylon itself.... Hey, The Truth hurts!}

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!

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  1. Yes as in the fall of the Roman Empire, I am seeing the same for America. I believe we have inside people who will make sure of it.


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