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Isaiah Chapter 8 warns us to heed The Very Real Warnings of those so-called: " Conspiracy Theories. "

The Rock Of Offense and Of Stumbling.
While the majority of Earth's Planetary Citizens consider such topics as: " The New World Order ", " One World Government ", and those [ so-called ]: " FEMA Death Camps " - to be Mere Conspiracy Theories, I myself don't! After all, The Scriptures themselves declare it, to be, Completely True.... In Isaiah Chapter 8, verses 11-18, we read the following:
" Do not say, ' A Conspiracy Theory ', Concerning all that this people call a conspiracy theory, Nor be afraid of their threats, nor be troubled. The Mighty One of Heaven, Him [ Yahweh ] you shall hallow; Let Him be your fear, And let Him be your dread.
He will be as A Sanctuary [ to those who place their trust in Him ], But A Stone Of Stumbling [ which causes them to stumble ] and A Rock Of Offense [ that trips them up ] To Both The Houses Of Israel [ those self-proclaimed Christians and Jews ], As A Trap [ which they shall fall into ] and A Snare [ that shall grab at them and hold them securely ] To The Inhabitants Of Jerusalem [ those Freemasons and Kabbalists who are now dwelling there ].
And Many Among Them [ all of these groups ] shall Stumble [ because, they do not know Me ]; They shall Fall [ from their dizzying heights ] and Be Broken [ because, they ignore My words ], Be Snared [ by the events of their own creation ] and Taken [ by the circumstances, which they themselves have created ].
Bind up The Testimony [ Seal This Word, until The Time Of The End ], Seal The Law [ My: Commandments, Judgments, and Statutes ] Among My Disciples [ those sheep, who will actively listen ].
And I Will Wait [ as my fathers did before me ] Upon The Mighty One [ Yahweh Himself ], Who Hides His face [ until That Appointed Time ] from The House Of Jacob [ Both: Judah and Israel ]; And I Will Hope In Him [ firmly believing in His Promises ].
[ Then I Shall Say ] Here am I [ Isaiah, the prophet ] and The Children [ His True Believers ] whom The Mighty One [ Yahweh ] has given me [ through the sharing of these words ]! We [ the servants of Yahweh ] are for Signs and Wonders In Israel [ An Ever Living Testimony To All Of The Nations ] From The Mighty One of Heaven - Who dwells in Mount Zion. " - Isaiah 8:12-18.

I know, you probably think that ' This Particular Scripture ' is talking about certain Conspiratorial Events within the historical past. That Judah and Israel suffered some form of Conspiracy Against Them - way, way back - in the historical record.... Isn't that so? And even I, myself, could admit to just such a possibility... were it not, for the verses that honestly follow!

In Isaiah 8:19-22, It Says:
" And when the say to you, ' Seek those who are Mediums [ Psychics and Clairvoyants ] and Wizards [ Scientists and Men Of Craftiness ], who Whisper [ speak softly ] and Mutter [ and talk to themselves ] ' should not a people seek Their Own Creator? Should they seek The Dead [ ones who know not anything ] upon behalf of The Living [ those who currently do exist ]?
To The Law [ My: Commandments, Judgments, and Statutes ] and To The Testimony [ The Promises That I Have Given ]! If They [ the ones whom you are consulting ] do not speak According To This Word [ That I Have Now Given You ], It is because There Is No Light In Them [ They Have Nothing To Honestly Offer You ].
And They [ All Those Who Reject This Proper Spiritual Understanding ] Will Pass Through It [ The Baptism By Fire ] Hard Pressed [ With Troubles From All Sides ] and Hungry [ Without Food To Eat ]; And it shall happen, when they are hungry, that They Will Be Enraged [ Will Be Furious With Their Own Personal Predicament ] and Curse The King [ Rise Up Against Their Own Governments ] and Their God [ The Churches Of Spiritual Babylon ], and Look Upward [ In Hopeful Expectation ].
Then They Will Look To The Earth [ To See My Answer ], And See Trouble [ Even More Afflictions ] and Darkness [ No Safe Pathway Through It ], Gloom Of Anguish [ Distress Shall Settle Upon Them ]; and They [ These Disobedient Ones ] will be Driven Into Darkness [ Because They Have Rejected The Truth, Until It Was Far Too Late, To Help Them ]. " - Isaiah 8:19-22.

While I - A True Watchman Of Israel - take no personal pleasure in telling you this message:  " The Doors Of Spiritual Salvation Are Beginning To Close... " and: " There Is Very Little Time Left, To Make Your Own Personal Decisions! " We are now living within: ' The Third Seal of Revelation '; and rapidly heading toward: ' The Fourth Seal '.... Since, These Very Real Events are even now speeding up - it will soon be closing time; and at the opening of ' The Sixth Seal ' - as clearly described In Revelation Chapter 6 - The Spiritual Doorway Is Already Closed!

As Revelation Chapter 6, Says:

" I [ The Prophet John ] Looked [ through The Vision, that He provided me ] when He [ The Lamb Of Yahweh ] Opened The Sixth Seal [ The Close Of Humanity's Probation ], and behold, there was A Great Earthquake [ like none ever before it ]; and The Sun became black as a sackcloth of hair [ it offered very little light ], and The Moon became like blood [ so utterly red was its dim coloration ].
And The Stars Of Heaven fell to the earth [ Asteroids and Meteors Pounded It ], as A Fig Tree drops its late figs [ Its Final Bounty ] when it is shaken by A Mighty Wind [ Scattering Them Everywhere ].
Then The Sky receded as A Scroll when it is rolled up [ The Earth's Atmosphere Was Shrunken To Virtually Nothing ], and Every Mountain and Island was moved out of its place [ The Earth's Stable Foundations Were Ripped Apart ].
And The Kings Of The Earth [ Its Rulers ], The Great Men [ Its Wisest Scientists ], The Rich Men [ Those Who Held The True Power ], The Commanders [ The Generals Of The Nations ], Every Slave [ All Of Earth's Servants ], and Every Free Man [ The People Of Substance ], Hid Themselves [ Out Of Terrified Fearfulness Of Yahweh's Wrath ] In The Caves [ Their Underground Cities ] and In The Rocks Of The Mountains [ Their Own Personal Bomb Shelters ],
And said to The Mountains and The Rocks, ' Fall Upon Us and Hide Us from the face of Him [ Yahweh ] who sits upon The Throne [ The Mighty One ] and from the wrath of The Lamb [ Yahshua, His Chosen One ]! For The Great Day Of His Wrath Has Come, and who [ Among Us ] is able to stand [ Now, Against Him ]? ' " - Revelation 6:12-17.

 Now, brothers and Sisters, I must [ honestly ] ask you: " Why are they all ' Hiding Themselves ' within The Mountains and The Rocks? " There's still ' One More Seal ' - The Seventh One - yet, to be opened! Doesn't this seem to be somewhat premature? But, of course, The Seventh Seal is only The Prelude To ' The Seven Trumpets ' - which Herald His Return... and as The Scripture says: " He Brings, To Each Of Us, Our Rewards With Him! "

Remember, those so-called: " Conspiracy Theories "? The ones, that the prophet Isaiah said, ' Were Factually True '. Well, Those Hiding Under The Mountains are the ongoing perpetrators of All Those Conspiracies... and Those Hiding Amidst The Rocks are the ones who wouldn't listen - to what we were all were telling them... meanwhile, The Rest Of Us - " His Holy Remnant " - have, wisely, prepared ourselves: ' To Finally Meet Our Creator '!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!

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