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Prophecy News Watch - In Review: How well do they 'Really' stack up against America In Prophecy?

A slightly modified graphic from ' Prophecy News Watch '.
While searching The Internet for other online information sources about ' America In Prophecy ', I stumbled across Prophecy News Watch - directly below our own listing - at Always interested in the scholarly opinion of others, I decided to check it out, and see: " What New Information They Offered? " The Following Exact Quotation is just a snippet, from their own available information....
" Where is the United States in Bible Prophecy?
One of the most common questions regarding Bible prophecy is where is the United States in scripture?   Many nations of the world are not mentioned in scripture, however it is hard to understand how the world's most powerful nation would not be.  At least not in a way that we recognize it clearly.
There are many theories and ideas as to why this is but here are three of the most common:
  • The United States is no longer relevant
  • The United States is destroyed
  • The United States is no longer its own country - but part of a larger union of nations - possibly controlled by the Antichrist.
All of these responses are based on speculation.  We simply do not know the answer but it is very possible there may be some symbolism that the United States may fit into.  We must simply watch and wait to see what God's plan for America is. "
- A Direct Quotation, from Prophecy News Watch - one of many Highly-Ranked Online Information Sources
Now, I didn't post this particular quotation just: " To Pick On " - the well-ranked content providers at Prophecy News Watch... because, Prophecy News Watch is actually quite typical of All My Online Informational Competitors.... Just like The Scripture says, in Isaiah 8:20, " They have nothing at all to offer you! " The Exact Scriptural Quotation:
" To The Law and To The Testimony! If they do not speak according to This Word, it is because There Is No Light In Them. " - Isaiah 8:20.
A comparison with America In Prophecy.
What's the difference between: All of those other Scriptural Based Information Sources and America In Prophecy? They don't: " Teach Yahweh's Law ", nor " Truly Understand The Whole Testimony From His Scriptures "! After all, as their current thinking goes: The Law was done away with, by the providence of His Ongoing Grace; and The need for His Testimony has been superceded, by their ongoing theological concept of The Rapture....

Meanwhile, America In Prophecy fully realizes that: " The Law has always included Grace within the very heart of it [ *** SEE: Exodus 20:6 ] ", and that: " The Rapture is a wholly non-scriptural concept [ ***SEE: Jeremiah 31:2 ] ". Then just consider what the scripture says, only two verses above that last referenced verse:
" In The Latter Days you will consider it. " - Jeremiah 30:24.
- and, the one directly above it:
" At The Same Time.... " - Jeremiah 31:1.
 - You see, folks, Jeremiah Chapters 30 and 31 are talking about ' The Very Same End Time Events '. The very same: " Latter Day Events "... that, all of us are going to experience equally together!

While the teachings at America In Prophecy may be very difficult for many of us to readily accept, they are in fact ' The Truth ' - from Yahweh's Scriptures. I absolutely refuse to prophesy either: " Those Smooth Things ", or: " A False Message Of Peace And Safety " - like my [ oh, so numerous ] competitors... since, that isn't Yahweh's True Words.  

Another comparison with America In Prophecy.
The Real Question, in my mind, is that: " If they don't know The Answer to whether, or not, America Is Found Within The Biblical Prophecies; then why are they wasting everyone's time: ' In Writing About Them ' and ' Muddying Up The Waters '? " Do they not realize that others: " Must Fight Tooth And Nail " - to climb above them, in Those Internet Search Rankings... in the gargantuan effort at ' Getting His Truth Out To The Rest Of The World '? Or, do they [ merely ] not care?
Our Own Personal Disclaimer:
" Meanwhile, All Of These Questions are just based upon speculation. We simply do not know The Answer; but it is very possible that Prophecy News Watch is just working for the other side - unknowingly to themselves. We must simply watch and wait to see what Yahweh's own plan for: Prophecy News Watch, and Those Other Scriptural Based Information Sources actually is.... "

The Real Problem being faced, by All Of Our So-Called Competitors, is that none of them ' Truly Understand The Scriptures '. One cannot: " Watch For Prophecy In The News " - until you, also: " Understand The Prophecies Themselves! " You see, one must ' Absolutely ' follow the other.... In the meantime, however, we'll continue to pray for their Own Personal Enlightenment!

Meanwhile, America In Prophecy Offers You This:

I hope, that you thoroughly enjoyed The Review.
{ *** Note: If and when, any of our competitors write something truly: Accurate, Timely, and Scriptural - about: America In Prophecy, or Any Other Nation - we'll gladly add them to Our Own Personal Blogroll... but, until then, it shall remain totally spam free.}
Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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