Thursday, August 11, 2011

The meaning of: " Babylon " - is confusion.

Pope John XXIII wearing The Papal Tiara.
Before I start digging more-deeply into The Scriptures surrounding The Various Manifestations of: " Babylon ", I feel that it's appropriate to explain some [ seemingly difficult ] terminology. After all, there seems to be considerable confusion regarding the concept that almost every single word ever created possesses: Multiple Meanings, Divergent Applications, and Differing Connotations - depending solely upon The Proper Context of how it is used.

Some Very Simple Examples:
  1. He entered The House [ A Dwelling, or An Abode ].
  2. The Whole House of Israel [ The Entire Tribe, including every single human descendant ].
  3. He is called House [ The Proper Name of a doctor on tv ].

As amazing as this sounds, many people cannot seem to distinguish between: The Physical Nation Of Babylon [ The European Union ], The Nations Who Are Collectively Called Babylon [ The Illuminati and Masonically Controlled Western Nations ], The Churches Of Babylon [ Sun-Worshiping Christianity ], The Numerous Competing Religious Systems Of Babylon [ Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc....], and The Mother Of Harlots - who: Politically, Financially, and [ even ] Spiritually controls all of them, by pulling their strings and manipulating them at her will.

The Tower Of Babel in Babylon.
Let's start with something simple. The word " Babel " - means to speak: incoherently, confusingly, or with an entirely different language. Its meaning comes from The Tower Of Babel - which was built by King Nimrod in The Original Nation Of Babylon around 4000 years ago. This is the nation mentioned in Revelation 17:8 - where it says:

" The Beast [or Nation ] that you saw: Was [ In The Beginning ], and Is Not [ during most of earth's history ], and Will Ascend Out Of The Bottomless Pit [ will come up from its own historical grave ] and Go To Perdition [ and be destroyed at the appointed time ].
And those who dwell upon the earth [ all of humanity ] will marvel [ will be taken by surprise ], whose names are not written in The Book Of Life [ those who are perishing, due to their own ignorance of Yahweh and His Scriptures ] from the foundation of the world [ for Yahweh knew every personal choice that we'd make, from the very beginning of time ], when they see The Beast that: Was, Is Not, and Yet Is." - Revelation 17:8.

Consequently, " The Original Nation Of Babylon ", or " Babylon The Great " was one specific and physical entity among numerous others - such as: Egypt, Media, Persia, etc... - which ceased to exist when The Mighty One confused all of their languages at ' The Tower Of Babel '. At that time, the tribes which comprised it were scattered and began warring amongst each other. They quickly broke into The Nations of: Babylon [ The Lesser ], Chaldea, Assyria, Phoenicia, Sumer, Sidon, Phillistia, Canaan, and Tyre.

New World Order Logo.
Thus, " Babylon The Great " went into its grave - like all other empires. But, the exciting prospect of: " A One World Empire [ or New World Order ] " - still inspired all of the physical descendants of ' Babylon The Great '... and quietly, behind the scenes, they began conspiring, and once again working towards it! Sometimes, they achieved this through Military Conquest... but, at other times, they did it through: Colonial Expansion, International Trade, Institutional Banking, Intermarriage, and [ even ] Political Intrigue.

Meanwhile The Masses had to be kept ignorant of these ongoing activities, lest they honestly attempt to stop them. After all, there's only a few million of them and billions of us. It wouldn't take much effort on our part to stop them dead in their tracks! Consequently, they began politically scripting our world history in advance - by: Intentionally Creating Problems, Generating The Appropriate Reactions, and Presenting Their Own Pre-Planned Solutions.

Freemasons with Roman Cardinal.
This was ' The Original Purpose ' behind their creation of: " The Freemasons " and every other so-called: " Secret Society [ or Mystical Brotherhood ] ". The Mystical Trinity of: Nimrod, Semiramis, and Horus - under " Babylon The Great " - soon became: The Illuminated-Families Of Europe, The Mithraic-Priesthood Of The Jesuits, and The Wise-Men Of Freemasonry.

While The Illuminati grew their physical kingdoms through: Intrigue, Intermarriage, Colonial Expansion, and Outright Warfare... The Jesuits accumulated their power by: Founding New Religions, Infiltrated Existing Ones, and Controlling All Of Its Money [ that it ultimately generated ]... and The Freemasons operated their own magnificent schemes by: Controlling Physical Resources, Monopolized Manufacturing, and Manipulating The World Markets [ to their own personal advantages ].

Tower Of Babel and The New EU Poster.
The result has been ' The Physical Rebirth ' of: " Babylon The Great " - in the form of The European Union and Several New Babylons [ The African Union, The Asian Union, The South American Union, and very soon, The North American Union ].  All of which, would eventually form: " Babylon Earth " - if Yahweh The Mighty One wasn't directly interfering!

So who is: " Babylon The Great " - The European Union... who is just: " Babylon " - All Of The Manipulated Nations Of Earth... what is: " Spiritual Babylon " - All Of The Trinitarian and Sun-Worshiping Religions of Earth... and who is: " The Mother Of Harlots [ Over All Of Our Fallen Churches ] and of all the abominations [ and Over All Of The Other False Religious Systems ] of the earth " - The Roman Catholic Church.

" Mother Of Harlots " revealed - pic1.
By the way, just so you know, the word " Catholic " means ' Universal ' - in Latin. Just like VISA - " It's everywhere you want to be. " So why is all of this important? There are certain passages within The Scriptures, where it describes the destruction of both: The Mother Of Harlots and Spiritual Babylon by The Political Nations Of Babylon... and those passages won't make any sense, until you understand this one simple fact!

For Instance, In Revelation 17, It Says:
" And he [ The Angel ] said to me, " The Waters which you saw, where The Harlot Sits [ The Mother Of Harlots ], are: Peoples [ Different Families or Tribes ], Multitudes [ Millions Of Individual Citizens ], Nations [ Many Different Nations ], and Tongues [ Diverse Languages ].
And The Ten Horns [ The Individual Kingdoms ] which you saw on The Beast [ Babylon The Great ], these [ those ten individual kingdoms ] will hate The Harlot [ The Mother Of Harlots who controls them ], make her desolate [ flee her Churches and Fellowships ] and lay her naked [ openly reveal her spiritual duplicity ], consume her flesh [ kill her Priests and Clergymen ] and burn her with fire [ and burn down all of her buildings ].
" For Yahweh has put it into their hearts to fulfill His purpose, to be of one mind, and to give their kingdom to the beast, until the words of Yahweh are fulfilled. And The Woman [ The Harlot ] whom you saw is That Great City [ The Vatican in Rome ] which reigns over the kings of the earth. " - Revelation 17:15-18.

" Mother Of Harlots " revealed - pic 2.
Which city reigns over the kings of the earth? The Mother Of Harlots... and she's been around a very, very, long time! That's why The Pope was given: " His Title Of Pontiff ", and: " Symbols Of Office " - by The Mithraic Cult - which long preceded him, in Rome....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's: Love and Peace - be upon you!


  1. Wow! those are some great photoshopped pics. Ehhhhh! Whatever! Nice try....But do you realize you are speaking against Christ's church and ONLY TRUE Church and Faith, The Roman Catholic Church. Oh, you wouldn't know that. Will be praying for you and I do forgive you for this junk. All these laws you can't understand come straight from God the Blessed Trinity. It's why we TRUE Christians believe it and follow it. I hope that you will see this very soon and shut this site down ASAP. May God have mercy on you.

    1. I often wonder, why so many of you: " Deep Thinking Ones " - always respond to these postings anonymously?

      As you can obviously see, ' I Am Totally Unafraid To Admit Who I Am '... and, I have continually produced The Factual Evidences to back up my own glaringly truthful assertions.

      You are: " Sun Worshipers "... who follow: " The Teachings Of Luci [ Sun ] - fer [ Belief, Faith, and/or Credo ] "... or, Those Ba'al Worshipers Of Ancient Babylon.

      Meanwhile, of course, you aren't fooling anyone who has actually taken the time to study The True Issues. You're only fooling yourself!


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