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Rather than: "Re-inventing the wheel" - by rewriting numerous articles for all of my different blogs - I have provided this tab to list other Articles Of Interest - which may be currently found at some of my other blog sites. There are also links to even more articles which I provided in the past for Helium.com. Hopefully, you'll [for the most part] find them: Educational, Useful, and Entertaining. Feel free to comment, either way, upon them....

Abbeville Journal and Review:
{ This is a local forum for residents of Abbeville, South Carolina; and [ alas ] is updated somewhat sporadically and infrequently. }

{ Helium is a large Online Internet Magazine and content resource provider with thousands of writers and millions of published articles. I have written over 40 freelance articles for them over the past year - upon various topics. }

    Real American Truth:
    { The Real American Truth was my third, and arguably best designed, blog site. It is a non-biased contemporary American political site - which covers current events from Political, Historical, and Religious Perspectives. }

    The Truth About America:
    { The Truth About America was my very first blog site online; and it has undergone several changes - since its creation over 2 years ago. It is [literally] 'The Truth About America' - without any 'Left' or 'Right' Bias. Mainly, because both political parties are propagandists and liars; perpetuating their own 'Political Half-Truths' to the public. }

     The Truth About God:
    { The Truth About God was my second attempt at blog creation; and it was created to provide a truthful and scripturally based information source - regardless of any errant human traditions to the contrary. It currently covers a great deal of information, but I still have a long way to go. }

    The All-Seeing Eye:
    { The All-Seeing Eye is the most recent of all my blogs; and was created for the express purpose of explaining all of those Interesting Prophetical Allegories. And, as such, it contains all of my own newest material! }

    As you can see, I have many different personal interests; and I write upon a whole host of topics - besides just United States End Time Prophecy. In fact, my greatest interest has always been focused within the fields of: History, Law, Politics, Religion, and Science. Why these particular five? Because, all of them are based upon the very same: Universal Principles and Fundamental Laws - which govern our continual existence as human beings... they are all subject to the unchanging rules of: "Cause And Effect"... and, they are all, Thoroughly Interconnected Fields Of Study.

    For instance:
    • History either: confirms, or disproves, Biblical Prophecy.
    • Law and Religion are inextricably interconnected.
    • Politics either: works, or it doesn't; but History confirms all of these things for all time.
    • The Bible contains many Scientific Truths, which have only recently been properly understood.
    • While Science, increasingly confirms The Scriptures.
    • Etc....

    Consequently, my thought processes often operate upon multiple layers [or threads of thought] at the very same time. A breakthrough in one specific area will often lead to equivalent understandings and applications in yet many others. And I find it incredibly easy, to shift gears between all of them - at any one time. Thus, my writings may seem somewhat sporadic, when following only one blog; and yet amazingly consistent, when watching all of them for relevant new material.

    In essence, I write what's on my own mind at that particular time... and the blog that I'll choose to write to, will be the closest fit - based upon the specific material being covered! If this is somewhat confusing, then just subscribe to any of my blogs [which might hold your interest] through Feedburner.com. Then you can receive the latest material, as it becomes available, without having to check in at my blog everyday.

    And please, by all means, leave your comments.... Bloggers, such as myself, are overjoyed to receive any and all pertinent comments. It's how we know that you're actually listening. lol

    Ahava and Shalom.