Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What is a Biblical Signpost and Mile-Marker?

A Biblical Signpost or Mile Marker.
A Biblical Signpost or Mile-Marker is a God-given and Pre-determined ' Spiritual Rest Area ', which has been provided so that those involved in the journey may: Stop, Rest Up, and Catch Their Bearings - before proceeding onward - to ' The Finish Line '. Prophetically it serves as a rock solid reference point - against which, all other relevant prophecies may be carefully and calculatingly measured.

The ' Parable of The Fig Tree ' - as given by Yahshua - is the perfect example of A Biblical Signpost. By telling us that it shall occur at: " The Beginning Of Summer " - in these ' End Time Events ' - we can be equally assured that: " The Beginning Of Sorrows [ or, Spring Time Events ] " have already occurred as prophesied. Then, by looking backward, we can more readily understand these prophetical events - which have already happened! For instance, those 'Wars' being mentioned in The First Two Seals of Revelation chapter 6.

Aha! How did we miss that? World War I and World War II were: The First and Second Seals prophesied within The Scriptures... and if that's truly the case, then Those Rumored War(s) must have been: The Cold War and The War On Terror... and, that would obviously make The Third Seal: " A Worldwide Economic And Currency Collapse " - hey, I'm just saying... if, the shoe fits?

Ahava and Shalom.


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