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The Third Seal Of Revelation is already here; and The International Currency Collapse is now rapidly approaching!

The Black Horse of The Apocalypse.
While The Third Seal Of Revelation isn't a world war, like the first two occurring before it, The Final Result will be ' Just As Devastating ' for the majority of all human beings... and, contrary to what The World's Keynesian Economists have been largely telling us, ' The Worst Of It Isn't Even Over '. In fact, the next stage in This Current Economic Crisis will invariably result in the death of millions... while, setting the political stage for The Next World War!

Since The Mortgage Crisis Of 2008 - when: The Black Horse Of The Apocalypse and Its Nameless Rider Sprang Forth - the entire world has been experiencing: An Unparalleled and Ever-Expanding Series of: Financial, Economic, Banking, and Governmental Failures - that threatens their Ongoing Political Survival. As the scriptures have, so truthfully, declared:
" The Axe [ An Angered Humanity ] lies at the base of The Trees [ The Nations Of Earth ]; and The Woodsman [ The Angel Of Death ] shall come forth from His own habitation [ After A Very Long Absence ] ".
{ *** NOTE: For more upon that particular subject, then please read the article entitled: " Why do The Scriptures declare: ' The Axe Lies At The Base Of The Trees '? " }

While the majority of people currently envision Our Worldwide Financial Crisis as merely: " A Mild And Transitional Economic Disruption " - that's far from ' The Truth ' of what's factually happening. In fact, its inescapable result will be An Economic And Currency Collapse beyond all conceivable imagining; and the price of food will very soon be skyrocketing beyond our own meager abilities to pay for it. The Third Seal Of Revelation will prove to be just as bad as the first two! Let's read about it, for ourselves, in Revelation Chapter 6.

In Revelation 6, We Read:
" When He [ The Lamb Of Yahweh ] opened The Third Seal, I [ John, The Prophet ] heard the third living creature saying, ' Come and see. '
And I [ John ] looked [ At What He Showed Me ], and behold [ This Is What I Saw ], A Black Horse [ The Symbol For Economic Destruction ], and he who sat upon it [ The One Who Caused This Event ] had a pair of scales in his hand [ For This Destruction Will Effect All Of The World's Prices ].
And I [ John ] heard a voice [ Speaking To Me ] in the midst of the four living creatures saying, ' A Quart Of Wheat [ One Loaf Of Bread ] For A Denarius [ One Day's Wages ], and Three Quarts Of Barley [ Three Loaves Of Barley Bread ] For A Denarius [ That Same Day's Wages ]; and do not harm the oil and the wine. ' " - Revelation 6:5-6.

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke.
The very fact that this ' Black Horse ', like the previous two, has An Actual Rider: " holding the merchant's scales within his hand " - is highly informative... because, it tells us that: The Third Seal Of Revelation has [ also ] been ' Intentionally Inflicted '; just like the previous seals of: World War I and World War II. And, more importantly, that ' One Particular Man ' has brought it about - based upon the direct orders of still others, who have been operating from behind the world's political background! Obviously, therefore, An Unknown Agenda is clearly involved....

But, what kind of Worldwide Agenda could [ honestly ] warrant such Unwise and [ even ] Malevolent Actions... and, what kind of person truly believes so strongly that: " The End Justifies The Means " - no matter how substantially destructive that those ' Truly Horrific Means ' may effectually be? Indeed, these are all very good questions! Could that incessantly repeated: " New World Order " - have something honestly to do with it? In fact, what is the New World Order; and exactly who is truthfully behind it all? According to The Sciptures, That ' Fully Restored ' Nation Of Babylon is.

A Quart Of Wheat For A Denarius:

There are Two Key Factors at play within The Third Seal Of Revelation. First, there's The World's Agricultural Food Supply - which for some reason is being substantially directed towards The Manufacture Of Artificial Fuels - when it is now sorely needed to feed The Earth's Human Population... and, Second, there's The World's International Currencies - that are now being rapidly devalued, in order to effectively centralize all of our planetary sources of wealth! After all, The Financial Crisis has been Intentionally Inflicted; is being Carefully and Calculatingly Expanded through their Ongoing Economic Policies; and is, therefore, Theoretically Reversible - if they [ honestly ] desired to....

Food for Fuel - political insanity!
The Artificial Scarcity Of Food was intentionally created to bolster their persistent arguments of: " Worldwide Overpopulation ", " Scarcity Of Natural Resources ", and " Environmental Degradation "; while politically justifying Their Own Pre-Planned Genocidal Policies that shall soon be deemed necessary to alleviate all of the politically generated suffering! After all, every single projection that they've attempted to pass off upon us in the past has resulted in drastic situational improvements across the entire board. The Environment is significantly cleaner... Our Food Sources have vastly improved... and, The World's Oil Supply has continually increased, etc....

Even while they have been Intentionally Devising Governmental Policies to create Artificial Roadblocks to our continued success - in all of these highly important areas - The World's Markets have steadily overcome the majority of them quite successfully... and, consequently, Newer and More Ambitious Strategies had to be effectually devised by The World's Ruling Elite. Therefore, in the name of: " Pro-Active Environmentalism " - the world's Highly-Precious Food Supply has become The New Fuel... while, the world's Equally-Abundant Fuel Supply has become The New Political Football!

Six proposed Continental Unions.
In essence, The Worldwide Economic Collapse was intentionally created to substantially bolster their own cases for: " A One World Currency ", " A One World Financial System ", " Their Six Proposed Continental Unions [ The Images To The First Beast - The European Union ] ", and " The One World Political Government [ A Federalized United Nations Under Papal Control ] "! Let's face it, when people are hungry and desperate they'll accept absolutely anything... even, Totalitarian Political Control... and, that's [ precisely ] where we're currently headed - thanks to The Black Horse Of The Apocalypse.

Babylon knows who it is....
Meanwhile, like The First Two Seals Of Revelation [ known collectively, as: " The Beginning Of Sorrows " ] this seal is being carefully and painstakingly orchestrated by the enemies of Yahweh Himself... and they know, precisely, what they're doing! However, this Third Seal Of Revelation isn't going according to their own plans... because, around the entire world, the Earth's inhabitants are Beginning To Spiritually Awaken... and, far too much attention is now being focused upon their own personal actions.

The Real Power Brokers upon Earth.
Like The Devil himself, they prefer to operate from within: " The Cloak Of Darkness [ And Anonymity ] "; and they absolutely abhor ' The Political Spotlight ' now currently shining upon them! So much so, that their own Survival Instincts are [ in fact ] now screaming at them to draw us all back from the brink. However, they can't do so, without first providing: " A Highly-Necessary Scapegoat ". Consequently, they'll soon be sacrificing Their Own False Prophet [ The United States Of America ] - in The Fourth Seal Of Revelation - to cover their own political tracks. The Scriptures have already declared it!

The Resentment is now building.
In the meantime, however, America has to face its own spiritual demons from within... and, around the country, the kettle is beginning to boil. In a nation with: Stagnant Wages For The Past 30 Years, Ever Increasing Taxation Upon The Working Classes, and Over 20 Percent Unemployment - " One Day's Wages For A Single Loaf Of Bread " will [ effectually ] be the straw that broke the camel's back! Thus, the prophesied: " Birds Of Prey " - shall come first, during Her Own Civil War... and: " The Beasts Of The Earth " - will come a couple of years later, during Her Highly-Destructive Invasion.

The Impending Currency Collapse:

Meanwhile, thanks to the efforts of The World's Central Bankers, and those extremely foolish politicians who have been openly assisting them, An International Currency Collapse is currently imminent... and, indeed, now completely unavoidable! The Universal Laws Of Economics were set in place by Yahweh Himself; to ensure that Financial Wickedness would not go without punishment - any more, than any other kind of Moral and Ethical Transgression. There's a very good reason that: " History Repeats Itself " - people keep attempting the very same sort of wickedness....

Just watch The Following 3 Minute Video.

America In Prophecy

The ' Truth ' About All Fiat Currencies.

In 2012, The Third Seal Of Revelation will have begun to accomplish its task; and a great many of The International Currencies will fail... exactly which ones, I can't honestly tell you... but: The United States Dollar and The Euro - will only be ' The Tip Of The Iceberg '! However, the use of: " Real Money " - such as: Silver, Platinum, and Gold - will once again be widespread. Remember, the Denarius wasn't just: " One Day's Human Wages " - it was [ also ]: " One Solid Ounce Of Gold "....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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