Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Many people have claimed to have had Visions; but, China Will Indeed Invade America!

Chinese Stealth Fighters.
While numerous people have claimed to have had Prophetical Visions, of ' The United States Being Invaded ' by its numerous enemies, many of them simply don't stand up to ' The Truth ' - as given from within The Prophetical Scriptures. Recently, however, I stumbled across this one particular video by BookU4, that indeed is attesting to The Truth - as I have both: Seen It For Myself, and [ also ] Verified It From The Scriptures! While her own Perceived Symbology was largely different from my own, each of Our Prophetical Visions were exactly the same in their overall substance. China Will Invade The United States Of America!

A Modern Chinese Tank Column.
Please watch her own short video upon The Chinese Invasion... it, definitely, bears hearing out. Please understand, however, that her own Prophetical Vision - if it actually is one - will be deeply disturbing to listen to. Follow The Link Below, since she currently has embedding disabled; and it will then open, in an entirely new tab.

China's Invasion Of America - As Described By BookU4!

{ *** NOTE: Bear in mind, that I cannot vouch for any of her other: Personal Videos, Associated Materials, or [ even ] Doctrinal Beliefs. As always: Be Wary and Check Everything From Scripture - before placing your own trust in it! }

Chinese Mechanized Infantry Units.
As you know, if you've been following this blog, I've been warning that The United States Of America is now headed for This Very Same Disaster - among numerous others. America Will Be Invaded, by both: China and Europe! And, from: My Own Personal Visions and The Prophetical Scriptures - I have [ consistently ] predicted The Following Events....

My Predictions For 2011:
 { *** NOTE: While the links above are to: The Latest and Most Informative Postings - at America In Prophecy; a relatively quick check of my other [ now static ] blogs will reveal The Truth of my own consistent statements regarding these ongoing predictions... with, The Lone Exception of: " The Japanese Earthquake " - which I, somehow, truthfully missed until afterwards. }

The 2011 Devastation In Alabama.
The reason that, I have accurately predicted These Ongoing Events, is simple: I Know Who Most Of The World's Nations Now Are [ within these biblical prophecies ], and The Scriptures Are 100 Percent Accurate! Meanwhile, 2011 Truthfully Confirmed all of my long-held prophetical suspicions regarding The United States Of America.

The 2011 Texas Drought and Wildfires.
While I myself have had Several Personal Visions, I would never dare to proclaim them - as such - until I could ' Confirm Them Entirely From The Scriptures '! After all, who [ honestly ] knows Where A Vision Has Come From - before verifying it from The Scriptures... and I, personally, take nothing for granted. Nor, ever, should you.

My Predictions For 2012:

Five True Nations live within America.
Meanwhile, these are all just ' The Preparatory Judgments ' for what's, indeed, already now coming... Yahweh is going to completely eradicate The United States Of America... and, it shall never be rebuilt. Moreover, This Judgment Is Final! According to The Scriptures: " They Are A People Without Any True Understanding " - they do not even care for their own young [ like, the animals do ]... and, Such An Ignorant People are wholly unfit to govern themselves. With The Exception Of His Own Israelite People, they shall either be: Killed During These Invasions, or Taken Into Physical Slavery

My Predictions For 2014/2015? [ Not Sure, Yet  ]:
  • America's Invasion From: Europe [ Babylon The Great ] And China [ With Its Allies ].
{ *** NOTE: While I, personally, lean more heavily towards The Winter Of 2015, it could very well happen in The Winter Of 2014. In either case, your own preparations should be: Spiritual, rather than [ just merely ] Physical - since Yahweh shall be: " Threshing His Own Vineyard ". }

China's PLA - Motorized Division.
My own vision of America's Impending Invasion was terrifying to truthfully behold; and left me with An Intense Desire To Flee; however, I was fully re-assured by The Spirit Of Yahweh - through The Scriptures, that He also [ then ] provided to me. While His Israelite People shall go through many of these things with the rest of America; it is meant for Their Own Spiritual Benefit! This shall be their long-prophesied: " Baptism By Fire "; and He Himself shall help them get through it - if they'll [ just ]: Fully Trust In Him and Obey Him Completely.

However, they must Totally Separate Themselves from: " Spiritual Babylon " - or, they too shall be completely destroyed. That's why, The Scriptures actually declare:
" Come Out Of Babylon, My People, Lest You Share In Her Plagues.... " - Revelation 18:4.

America's Invasion, Results In Something Far Better For His Own People:

Israel's Two Sticks.
The final result of America's Impending Destruction, will be: An Honestly Humbled and Spiritually Purified People - fit to serve Yahweh's Own Purposes! Moreover, The Houses Of: Judah [ In The Nation Of Israel ] and Joseph [ Within The Kingdom Of Egypt ] - shall be going through very similar experiences as well, in their own respectively occupied nations. However, China will have nothing to do with their own problems... but rather, it shall be: The European Union [ " Babylon The Great " ], and Its Military Allies - who will actually invade them.

The Israelites Coming From America [ After: Europe and China's Invasion ] and The Remnant Of Judah & Joseph are: " The Two Sticks " - spoken of by Ezekiel The Prophet [ in Ezekiel 37:15-28 ] - that will eventually be joined together, to form: " The New Kingdom Of Israel "... and, Yahweh-Hushua shall be their ' One And Only True King '!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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