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Why are Christians being singled out as Potential Domestic Terrorists - by their own governments?

True Spirit Of Love and Compassion.
We've heard a lot lately in the mainstream news media about True Believing Christians being labeled by our own political leaders as: " Potential Domestic Terrorists ". And, why is that? What is it about The People Of The Book - whether: Self-Professed Christians, or Fundamental Jews - that constantly gets them into all of this hot water? Throughout our entire world history, they have been: Persecuted, Hunted Down, Imprisoned, and [ yes ] even Murdered - whenever they actually begin to Study The Bible For Themselves... but, whenever they follow: " Spiritual Babylon "  - like Ignorant and Helpless Little Sheep - no one ever seems to bother them....

While this has only been A Recent Re-Occurrence within The Western Nations of: The United States of America, The British Isles, The Nations Of The Commonwealth, and The European Union [ which has a long history of such state sponsored persecution ] - it has been The Historical Norm for the entire rest of the planet, over hundreds of centuries. True Believers and Devout Christians have always been treated like: " Domestic Terrorists ". What is it about Believers In This Particular Book, that gets them into trouble elsewhere on our planet... and, why are things Now Changing Here, as well?

An H.S.A. Tactical Command Center.
Bear in mind, that When Our Governments Label Christians as: " Potential Domestic Terrorists " - they aren't talking about The Traditional Sun-Worshipers Of Spiritual Babylon... since, those people are entirely harmless with respect to their own nefarious: Religious and Political Agenda! In fact, they have expended a great deal of effort in spiritually cultivating them throughout all of The Western Nations. For centuries, These Spiritually-Blinded Individuals have been merely viewed as a highly-valuable and sorely-prized commodity; since their: Readily Indoctrinated and Highly Obedient Children - have provided the physical backbone of Their Own Well Equipped Armies.

Yahweh's Own Battle Plans.
No, brothers and sisters, they are talking about YOU... The True Believers... the ones, who have: " Studied The Scriptures Daily; To See Whether, Or Not, It Is So ". Because, Your Eyes Are Now Spiritually Opening - to what they've been [ honestly ] up to! After all, every single thing that they've been doing - for numerous historical centuries - has been openly revealed from within These Verses Of The Scripture. Moreover, they have already known this, since the actual beginning. Absolutely no one has studied those very same scriptures more than The True Terrorists: Lucifer and His Very Own Followers....

Think about it quite logically. If you had access to ' Your Own Enemy's War Strategies ' thousands of years in advance, wouldn't You [ yourself ]: Read Them, Study Them, Speculate Over Them, and even Prepare For Them - to the very best of your own: Mental and Physical Abilities? And, why therefore would: Lucifer and/or His Actual Servants - be, in anywise, different? Remember, the scriptures, themselves, have already warned us of these things:
" For we do not wrestle against Flesh And Blood [ The People Surrounding Us ], but against Principalities [ The Nations Of Earth ] and Powers [ The Secret Societies And Hidden Organizations That Actually Control Them ], against The Rulers Of Darkness Of This Age [ The Religious Leaders That Are Above Those ], against Spiritual Hosts Of Wickedness [ And The Fallen Angels That Are Even Above Them ] that are in The Heavenly Places [ Where We, Ourselves, Cannot Possibly Perceive Them ]. " - Ephesians 6:12.

This Particular Paragraph from within The Scriptures is describing: " A Political, Conspiratorial, Religious, And Spiritual Pyramid "... or, A Multi-Layered Bureaucratic Structure of extremely great: Spiritual and Political Darkness!

Who Are The True Domestic Terrorists?

The Illuminati Pyramid.
Doesn't that sound somewhat familiar? Well, it should... You've already seen it before... in many of its highly-numerous forms: The Illuminati Pyramid, Masonic Organizational Charts, Papal Church Structures, Religious Governing Bodies, World Corporate Hierarchies, and [ even ] Our Bureaucratic Governmental Structures.  Whether we refer to our nations as: Monarchies, Democracies, Republics, Confederacies, Oligarchies, or [ even ] Totalitarian Centralized Systems - there is absolutely No True Difference between any of them... they are all controlled from the very top of This One Solitary Pyramid - their most basic political power-structure! 

The Compartmentalized Structure.
Meanwhile, The Biblical Prophecies - if: Fully Studied and Properly Understood - are ' The Only True Key ' [ or, at least, the only reliable one ] into unlocking these: " Spiritually Discerned Mysteries "... and Yahweh's Own Enemies are fully aware of this truly ongoing dilemma! In fact, it is their One And Only: " Achilles Heel " - when it comes to their Final Power Grab Over All Of Humanity. You see, ' The Truth ' - as revealed within The Biblical Scriptures -  is extremely dangerous to The Real Terrorists. After all, it was [ also ] clearly written:
" And you shall know The Truth [ That My Own Personal Enemies Don't Want You To Know ]; and The Truth [ Which Reveals All Of Their Numerous Deceptions ] shall set you Free [ From All Of Their Ongoing: Political And Spiritual Manipulations ]. " - John 8:32.

The World Religious Conferences.
Consequently, All Of Their Combined Organizations have continually: Conspired and Fought Against - every single movement that has earnestly sought to unlock These Biblical Truths throughout our own world history! This has only happened more-frequently in the Catholic countries, than the Protestant ones, because: The Protestant Nations have always been significant bastions of The More Spiritually-Minded... and, thus, such: Religious and Political Purges were far more politically problematical. Besides, in their eyes, even The Protestants [ themselves ] were a very long way off from The Truth... and, thus, very easily: Misled, Misdirected, and Spiritually Manipulated - by Their Own Greedy Shepherds - until [ honestly ] quite recently!

After all, they didn't [ yet ] have Jeshurun to contend with... and, with respect to whom, it was written: 
" Thus says Yahweh, Your Redeemer [ Indeed, Yahweh-Hushua, Himself ], and He who has formed You [ My Servant Jeshurun - Isaiah 44:2 ] from The Matrix Of Your Own Mother's Womb [ For My Own Spiritual Purposes ];
I am The Mighty One [ There Is No Other ], Who makes all things, Who stretches out the heavens all alone, Who spreads abroad the earth by Myself;
Who frustrates The Signs Of The Babblers [ The False Prophets ], And drives Diviners [ Those Empty Oracles ] mad;
Who turns Wise Men [ The Freemasons ] backward [ At The Time Of The End ], And makes Their Own Knowledge [ That So-Called Modern Technology ] foolishness [ Upon My Own Timely Reappearance ];
Who confirms The Word Of His Servant The Praiseworthy One, Now Living Among You ], And performs the counsel of His Messengers [ The Ones, Who Continually Came Before Him ];
Who says to Jerusalem [ That Holy City Of Mine ], ' You shall be inhabited [ When I Have Completed My Work ] ', And to The Cities Of Judah, ' You shall be built [ Atop The Ruins Of Those Unrepentant Kabbalists ] ', And I [ Yahweh, The True Mighty One ] will [ Indeed ] raise up her waste places [ When That Day Comes ]; " - Isaiah 44:24-26.

Destroy All That Is Holy? Some Church....
While it is true that those: Paganized Sun-Worshipers Of Rome, and Her Numerous Spiritual Daughters - have indeed murdered millions for the sake of their own: " Ancient Babylonian Religion " - The True Believers In Yahweh have never participated in such things! They are - and, indeed, always have been - as the scriptures so truthfully declare: " As Wise As Serpents, And As Harmless As Doves.... " But, it is that ' Potential Book Of Spiritually Discerned Knowledge ' that The Illuminated Ones have always feared... in fact, they are quite-honestly Terrified of: " You, finally, waking up " - and openly telling what you know to all of those others!

So, Why Are Christians Domestic Terrorists?

Maybe, Because:
  1. You Live Inside Their Own Countries...
  2. You Possess ' The Specific Knowledge ' That Will Eventually Destroy Them...
  3. You Won't Settle For Their: Numerous Deceptions, Outright Lies, And Atheistic Fairy Tales...
  4. And, You Will Honestly Never Just Shut Your Own Mouths!
And, once These Magnificent Spiritual Truths become common and everyday knowledge, they'll [ truthfully ] have Billions Of Very Angry Enemies to deal with.... Now, that's [ indeed ] Terrifying! Or, at least, It Is For Them... it doesn't seem to bother me, personally, in the least bit.
{ *** NOTE: This article was not written, to: " Toot My Own Horn " - for I, too, am just Another Human Being... but rather, to: " Open Your Own Eyes, To What's Now Going On All Around You. " May, Yahweh [ ALONE ], receive all of the praise! }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


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