Thursday, December 29, 2011

Praise Yahweh, the results of Our 2011 Earnings Analysis - at America In Prophecy - are now in.

Gospel Of Greed - went mainstream.
While Those Other Guys have been out enjoying ' The Fruits Of Your Own Labor ' - after having: Lied To You, Told You Smooth Things, and [ even ] Risked Your Own Spiritual Salvation - I have been steadily pushing forward in revealing Yahweh's Own Scriptures... and, while they've: Begged, Borrowed, Needled, Cajoled, Whined, and [ even ] Threatened - I have very patiently just written ' The Truth ',  as He Himself has so graciously provided it to me. After all, The Greatest Compensation Of All has always been Entirely Eternal.

Besides, I know something, that they don't... and, All The Money In The World won't help them - one single bit - from What's Now Coming Upon Those Evil Shepherds. Indeed, The Mighty One is extremely zealous for His: " Little Ones "... and, they [ these: Self-Centered Ones ] have not, previously, given them very much thought! However, this will begin changing - quite dramatically - in 2012.... In fact, I highly suspect, that many of them will soon stop utilizing Their Common Religious Designations of: Elder, Pastor, Reverend, Preacher, Priest, Clergyman, Evangelist, etc... at least: Openly and Publicly - within a very short period of time.

Oxen Threshing out the grain.
As The True Watchman Over Israel, I have ' Never Asked Anyone For Their Money '; and I am, most certainly, ' Not Going To Begin Now '! If you offer it, then I'll quite-happily take it; and utilize it appropriately... but, You Must Personally Decide whether, or not, you've received anything of: " True And Lasting Spiritual Value " - from My Own Personal Efforts upon your behalf. That's the way, it is supposed to be.

According to The Scripture: " The Oxen treads out the grain, and he is entitled to eat whatever falls to the ground. " Isn't, that what it [ truthfully ] says? Let's face it folks, if The Ox had to honestly ask for his own necessary feed, then he'd factually starve. Because, Oxen have never been known as: Truly Brilliant Orators, or Charismatic Conversationalists! Fortunately, however, an oxen can factually subsist upon: " The Grass Of The Field " - if need be; since some owners are far less conscientious than others.

America In Prophecy - 2011 Monthly Stats.
As for myself, Yahweh shall always meet my own physical needs... after all, He has clearly promised to, All Throughout His Word... and, I have grown to fully trust In All Of His Promises. Unlike: Our Human Governments, Elected Politicians, and Babylon's Evil Shepherds - The Mighty One never fails In Truthfully Keeping His Promises!

While I could certainly utilize far greater resources in providing you These Much-Needed Spiritual Messages, if you feel them to be of little intrinsic value, then so be it... I'm not the one going to suffer for it. I truthfully have Yahweh Himself to: Teach, Instruct, and Lead Me. I don't need anyone else! Nor, can I be held personally accountable for the actions of still others.

Meanwhile, in the interest of honest disclosure, I thought that, I might provide you all with The 2011 Earnings Analysis - for America In Prophecy. It includes All Streams Of Revenue having been actually generated by this singular and remarkable site. This currently includes both: Advertising and Donation Revenues - since, its inception in April of 2011 to The Present [ December 30th, 2011 ]. Bear in mind, also, that: " I Have [ Actually ] Only Begun " - in the much greater scheme of things....

In 2012, The Economy Will Factually Be Much Worse!
As you can see, I earned $14.25 from Adsense Advertising; and $0.00 through voluntarily offered PayPal Donations... for, A Sum Total of: $14.25. This has occurred with: 33,104 Pageviews, Approx. 3700 Articles Read, and Approx. 120 Regular Readers - now relying upon us, for their own information, so far....

And while, this may [ indeed ] seem A Very Humble Beginning, for such an important spiritual undertaking, the events that are Now Coming This Summer should openly assist many other More Spiritually-Minded Americans in truthfully finding us. I haven't been lying about what is now coming... and, very soon now, You'll All Truly Understand This!

{ *** NOTE: While, I have indeed expended a considerable amount of My Own Personal Money in getting out this message to you, I haven't bothered to openly disclose any of it. In case you're, honestly, wondering: You Didn't Contribute Anything At All To It - so, it isn't [ rightly ] any of your own business. Why should I waste my own time creating A Graphic - for expenses, that others didn't factually assist me in covering? }

I Have An Entirely Different Focus:

Unlike Those Rapture Oriented Scaremongers, such as Harold Egbert Camping - who are so busily applying Different Variations Of Numerology to their own: " Untempered Mortars " - I've been factually Listening To Yahweh... and then, Double Checking Everything That He Tells Me - from the scriptures for myself. I Don't Trust Anyone - without scripture - verifying everything, that they'll factually tell me... and from my own personal experience, The Mighty One would [ honestly ] have me, No Other Way!

In fact, I find it A Magnificent Privilege to factually test His own leading - from within these Biblical Scriptures. I [ now ] know far more, than Any Clergyman within Spiritual Babylon... and, I fully intend to learn everything, that I truthfully can!

After all, King Solomon, Wrote: 
" Wisdom calls aloud outside [ She Doesn't Hide Herself From Mankind ]; She raises her voice in the open squares [ Attempting To Draw Your Own Spiritually Discerned Attention ].
She cries out [ At The Top Of Her Lungs ] in the chief concourses [ Where Everyone Already Gathers ], at the openings of the gates in the city [ As Each New Day Dawns ] She speaks her words [ But, For Some Unexplained Reason You Never Listen To Her ]:
' How long, You Simple Ones, will you love simplicity [ How Much Punishment Must Be Meted Out Before You'll Finally Wake Up ]? For scorners delight in their scorning [ Until The Mighty One Finally Destroys Them ], and fools hate knowledge [ Until They Suffer Appropriately ].
Turn at My Reproof [ Says The Spirit Of Yahweh ]; Surely [ I Faithfully Promise ], I will pour out My Own Holy Spirit upon you [ Because, I Have Always Loved You ]; I will make My Own Words known to you [ Like I Have Also Done For The Prophets ].
[ However ] Because I have called and you refused [ To Heed My Own Loving Voice ], I have stretched out My Hand and no one regarded [ And, You Have Ignored My Long Promised Chastening ],
Because you disdained all of My counsel [ Considering It Of No Significant Value ], And would have none of My reproof [ After Three Centuries Of My Own Personal Efforts ]
I also will laugh at your calamity [ When The Forces Of Darkness Are Finally Unleashed ]; I will mock when your terror comes [ Just As You Have Openly Mocked Me ],
When your terror comes like a storm [ Unexpectedly, Out Of Nowhere ], And your destruction comes like a whirlwind [ A Brutal, Overpowering, And Unstoppable Force ], When distress and anguish come upon you [ Because, You Wouldn't Listen To Me ].
Then they will call upon Me [ Because, They Have No Other Available Resources ], But I will not answer [ Since, I Am Not Their Puppet ]; They will seek Me diligently [ Because, Their Destruction Shall Be Truly Monumental ], but they will not find Me [ They Don't Even Know Where To Look ].
Because, they hated knowledge [ In A Time, When It Was Freely Offered To Everyone Equally ] And did not choose The Fear Of The Mighty One [ Rather, Turning Aside To Those Evil Ones Instead ],
They would have none of My counsel [ As I Continually Provided It To Everyone ], and despised all My reproofs [ As I Attempted To Teach Them, How To Properly Conduct Themselves, By Righteous Principles Of Cause And Effect ],
Therefore [ Because Of These Things ], they shall eat The Fruit Of Their Own Way [ When The Time Of Jacob's Trouble Comes Upon Them ], And be filled to the full with their own fancies [ They Won't Know My Own Prophet When He Comes ].
For The Turning Away Of The Simple will slay them [ In The Day, That This Factually Happens ], and The Complacency Of Fools will destroy them [ After All, They Were Far Too Busy To Study My Scriptures, For Themselves ];
But [ This Doesn't Apply To Everyone ], whoever listens to Me will dwell safely [ I Have Given Orders To Protect Them, No Matter What Comes ], And will be secure [ In Their: Own Persons, Physical Property, And Material Possessions ], without fear of evil [ While Everyone Else Is Horrifically Suffering ]. ' " - Proverbs 1:20-33.  

You see, brothers and sisters: True Scriptural Knowledge and Spiritually Obtained Wisdom - is of ' Far Greater Value ', than either: Food, Clothing, Shelter, Possessions, or [ even ] Money! None of those physical things can truly guarantee you: Length Of Life, Personal Liberty, or A Successful Outcome. But: The Knowledge Of Yahweh, and His Own Sacred Scriptures - will [ within due time ] provide you All Of These Wonderful Things; and you, honestly, need never ask for them! He already knows what you factually need, even better than you do.... 

{ *** NOTE: If this posting sounds something like: " Boasting " - that's because it [ quite honestly ] is... however, I have not boasted beyond my own proper measure. It has always been Yahweh that reveals Anything Of Significant Importance... and [ equally as important ], when you've got ' The Truth ' that everyone else needs, The Watchman Is Required To Truthfully Proclaim It. }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Peace and Love - be upon you!


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