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End Times Bible Prophecy [ .com ] - our own prophetical review.

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While out exploring The Internet, I stumbled across ' End Times Bible Prophecy [ .com ] '... another End Times Prophecy Site, that has positioned itself as a purported biblical information source upon America In Prophecy. While this End Time Prophecy site isn't as slickly designed as some of the others that I have recently reviewed, it actually lists A Whole Host Of Articles upon numerous important topics. Sadly, however, the majority of them are just parroting the rest of: " Spiritual Babylon " - without any added or personal insight into anything scriptural.

Among other things, End Times Biblical Prophecy [ .com ] dangerously teaches The False Doctrine of: " The Pre-Tribulational Rapture " - even as: " Our Baptism By Fire " is now already almost upon us. They know absolutely nothing about: " The Ten Sleeping Brides ", " The Time Of Jacob's Trouble ", or " The Midnight Cry " - which has [ even now ] begun to awaken His Own Spiritual Children... and, undoubtedly, they shall awaken far too late: " To Obtain The Necessary Oil For Their Own Lamps ".

However, in all honest fairness, let us once again utilize our own scriptural yardstick of America In Prophecy. Have they even figured out, yet, where to find it?

At End Times Bible Prophecy [ .com ], we find the following statement:


As students of bible prophecy diligently search the scriptures, the question continually pops up...
Why isn't America in bible prophecy?
In all likelihood, some of us will not know the answer in this life, but in hindsight, it will most likely be plain and obvious to the people of the Tribulation.
The need to see America in bible prophecy stems from a common mistake in the study of bible prophecy - trying to fit bible prophecy into the current headlines, rather than reading current headlines in the context of bible prophecy.
We can see the many signs of the end times, knowing the hour is late and His coming is near.
 And with America still holding a position of strength and power in the world, it's difficult to reconcile our belief that the end is near with the Bible's silence regarding America's role.
Nevertheless, we can be confident that bible prophecy will come to pass with 100% accuracy, and the United States will not be a significant player in end time events.

One of the most interesting statements within this particular article is this one:
" The need to see America in bible prophecy stems from A Common Mistake in the study of bible prophecy - trying to fit bible prophecy into the current headlines, rather than reading current headlines in the context of bible prophecy. "

The Point Being, that we should actually: " Read Current Headlines In The Context Of Bible Prophecy ". Just, think about that statement, for a moment....  With the exception of Judah's Own Regathering, they have clearly missed All Of These Historical Events:

And, amazingly, These Are All [ actually ]: Current and Properly Sequential Headlines - within the very real Context Of Bible Prophecy!
 { *** NOTE: I plan on adding the remaining links, as soon as I complete these other highly-necessary articles. So, please come back periodically to recheck this article.... }

Not so amazingly, it is actually the sites like ' End Times Bible Prophecy [ .com ] ' that have consistently offered us their own far fetched speculations by: " Trying To Fit Bible Prophecy Into The Current Headlines " - for instance we may factually read at their own site [ Concerning Gog And Magog ]:
According to God, Russia will mobilize a coalition that includes these nations in the last days.
"Get ready; be prepared! Keep all the armies around you mobilized, and take command of them. A long time from now you will be called into action. In the distant future you will swoop down on the land of Israel, which will be lying in peace after her recovery from war and after the return of her people from many lands. You and all your allies - a vast and awesome horde - will roll down on them like a storm and cover the land like a cloud." Ezekiel 38:7-9 (NLT)
The Russian Coalition, "a vast and awesome horde" will attack the land of Israel. This will happen at a time when Israel is recovering from a recent war and residing in a relatively peaceful state.

- while, just a few lines later, we find out which particular ' God ' identified these nations - for the writers of End Times Bible Prophecy [ .com ]:
" Long before Russia became a world power, Biblical Scholars Identified Magog As The Nation Of Russia and Gog As The Ruler Of Russia. "
Obviously, they must worship those ' Biblical Scholars ' at End Times Bible Prophecy [ .com ]; and not, The Mighty One Of Heaven. In fact, according to the biblical scriptures, Yahweh Himself has never chosen: " A Man Of Letters [ or, Those Humanly Educated ] " - to speak for Him! Meanwhile, these very same Biblical Scholars have obviously filled them with a whole lot of other: " Strong Delusions " - that they themselves might believe ' The Lie ' that's [ even now ] coming upon us....

But, What About America In Prophecy:

America In Prophecy - thumbnail image.
America In Prophecy doesn't suffer from any of their own: " Untempered Mortars "... it possesses The True Spirit Of Yahweh and [ continually ] Verifies Everything From The Scriptures... and moreover, it benefits greatly from The Ongoing Scriptural Proofs Of Current Prophetical Fulfillment! Nor, do we just offer you A Few Disjointed Prophecies - based upon loosely cobbled together speculations - like: End Times Bible Prophecy [ .com ], America In Prophecy [ .com ], Rapture Ready, Prophecy News Watch, The Biblicist, or a whole host of others....

At America In Prophecy, We Freely Offer You:

I hope that you have thoroughly enjoyed this particular review of End Times Bible Prophecy [ .com ] - the self-proclaimed online prophetical information source. In the meantime, we can only pray that ' These Twice-Blinded Servants Of Babylon ' shall one day, also, wake up - before its too late!

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!

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