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I Saw The Sign is actually a perfect example of Hip Hop Prophecy in our modern day and age.

I Saw The Sign - musical cd cover.
While I usually focus most of my own writings upon The Biblical Scriptures themselves, The Holy Spirit [ or, Ruache HaKodesh ] is actually utilizing every human resource available at Yahweh's Own Personal Disposal! Take for instance, The Popular Hip Hop Song: " I Saw The Sign " - by Ace Of Base from the early 1990's. Whether it was factually intended, or not, These Highly-Popular Musical Artists were doing Yahweh's Own Work.

If you don't believe me, then just take a moment to watch Their Following 3 Minute Music Video: " I Saw The Sign " - and then, let's seriously examine those non-traditional lyrics....

America In Prophecy

I Saw The Sign - by: Ace Of Base.

I Saw The Sign - Lyrics By Ace Of Base:

I got a new life [ A Spiritual Oriented One ]
You would hardly recognize me [ I've Changed My Own Personal Direction ]
I'm so glad [ And, Now, I'm Much Happier ]
How can a person like me [ That Is Spiritually Minded ] care for you [ Who Are Trapped By The World ]?
Why do I bother [ You Never, Actually, Listen To Me Anyway ]
When you're not the one for me [ Because, We Are Far Too Different ]?
Oo-oo oo oo-oo [ Decisions, Decisions ]
Is enough, enough [ Shouldn't, I Just Go Now ]?

I Saw The Sign [ The Unfurled Banner ] and It Opened Up My Eyes [ To All Of His Scriptures ]
I saw the sign [ Just Like, He Said, That I Would ]
Life is so demanding [ Its Very Hard To Cope ] without understanding [ Without Such Spiritual Knowledge ]
I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes [ And, Praise Yahweh That I Did ]
I saw the sign [ Indeed, He Is Real! ]
No-one's gonna drag you up [ Yahweh Doesn't Force Anyone ]
To get into the light where you belong [ You Must Do It Yourself ]
But where do you belong [ Only You Can Decide That ]?

Under the pale moon [ In Almost Complete Darkness ]
For so many years, I've wondered [ I've Pondered These All-Important Issues ]
Who you are [ And Your Own Animalistic Nature Really Bothered Me ]
How could a person like you [ Who Is Blind To Everything Around You ] bring me joy [ I'm Not Like That ]?
Under the pale moon [ In Almost Complete Darkness ]
Where I see a lot of stars [ I Became Fully Aware Of Him ]
Oo-oo oo oo-oo [ Decisions, Decisions ]
Is enough, enough [ Is It Time To Finally Give Up And Leave ]?

Oh, oh, oh-oh [ I Just Don't Know What To Do ]

I Saw The Sign and It Opened Up My Mind [ I Shall Now Serve Yahweh ]
And I am happy now livin' without you [ I Feel Much Better Having Made My Decision ]
I've left you [ I've Chosen The Mighty One ]
Oh, oh, oh-oh [ Now, That Choice Is Yours ]

I Saw The Sign and It Opened Up My Eyes [ Praise Yahweh ]
I Saw The Sign [ YHWH - Behold His Hands, Behold The Nails ]
No-one's gonna drag you up [ Love Doesn't Use Force ]
To get into the light where you belong [ You Must Decide For Yourself ]

I saw the sign, I saw the sign
I saw the sign
I saw the sign, I saw the sign
I saw the sign, I saw the sign
I Saw The Sign and It Opened Up My Eyes
I saw the sign
Lyrics, courtesy of:

Indeed, ' There Have Been Many Of These Signs ' - that have been given by Yahweh Himself - in order to, Finally Wake Us Up! But, have we been [ truthfully ] watching for them... or, have we been out - In The World - living like complete strangers to Him? Here are, Just A Few Of Those Signs....

Personally, I Saw All Of These Signs... Did You?:

In fact, there is now very little time left To Actually Make A Decision... you, just might, want to Wake Up - before it's too late! As you younger folks, so dearly love to, say: " You've Been Served.... " [ Ka... Ching - Oh, Yeah! ] ;@)

{ *** NOTE: Is this what Ace Of Base fully intended, when they themselves created I Saw The Sign, in the 1990's? Probably, not... but, who - truly - knows? Undoubtedly, The Satanically Controlled Music Industry wouldn't have actually produced it - if they [ honestly ] knew that others might grow in their own Spiritual Understanding, from privately listening to it. }

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be upon you!


  1. Ka-ching : D I love it. Good work!

  2. Their song "Living In Danger" also seems to have the same message. "I see lies, in the eyes of the stranger, whoa, youll be living in danger."

  3. It seems more people see this song as pro-Satan / pro-Illuminati. Which is understandable, as it is easy to take something this ambiguous and invert its meaning to suit whichever side one wants.(Also, there's occult imagery featured in the music video.)

    By the way, I don't know what kind of crazy world you live in where this song is considered hip-hop. Maybe kinda sort of a little bit in a way...but there's about of dozen more appropriate genres to file it in first.


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